Rise Of Humanity Chapter 175 - Sword Seed

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Chapter 175 - Sword Seed

Noises could be heard again all over the celestial temple as everyone erupted into a furor over Feng Shouzhu’s decision.

Qi Feng and the other two Spirit Nurturing level Qi Practitioners were shocked and the disappointed Qi Feng asked in impulse, “Elder Feng, are we not even trying? I am willing to fight and I may not be weaker than the opponent!”

The high priest of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race laughed and said, “Brother Shouzhu, our little friend is right. Why don’t you give it a try? Who knows ... you might even be able to win?”

Feng Shouzhu shook his head and voiced out softly, “One must be able to know his limit. Qi Feng and the other two may be talented but they are only be able to win against average Qi Practitioners around the same level as them, not those from the celestial race. They might end up dying so we might as well give up.”

The observing Qi Practitioners scoffed in disdain as they mocked, “Giving up before trying. No wonder the humans are such lowly beings.”

Qi Feng and the other two Spirit Nurturing level Qi Practitioners blushed and clasped their fist while Tian Yanzong looked at them as he said, “Don’t put to heart. Winning and losing is just a part of your daily life as Qi Practitioners. Go back and train even harder so that you can surpass the  Xiao Mang Celestial Race in the future.”

Zuo Xiangsheng nodded and said, “The first battle would have a significant role in impacting the morale of both sides – it is of paramount importance. If we really want to stand a fighting chance, then we must fight to the end but Xiao Mang Celestial Race is also taking the first match seriously. Therefore, they will definitely send out a very strong Qi Practitioner! This first battle is directly related to our morale and only Zhong Yue is able to secure sure a win. That is why Elder Feng made the second round battle is the first match by forfeiting the first round.”

Qi Feng and the other two nodded but they were still left slightly unresigned at heart from these turn of events.

The white robed priest was slightly stunned and he summoned back Xiao Shan as he said, “The second round will take place in the jungle and it is the battle between two Rebirth level Qi Practitioners. Candidates from both sides may not enter the secret realm. The both of you have fifteen minutes to prepare.”

“Xiao Chuwen, are you confident that you can defeat Zhong Yue?” asked the high priest.

Xiao Chuwen bowed and said, “I have been observing and researching his skills and techniques. Instead of pursuing a win, I will try my best to ensure that I will not lose to him. Therefore, I have confidence in not losing!”


The high priest showed a happy expression and said, “You are indeed my disciple! Now, go.”

Xiao Chuwen got up and he flew into the secret realm like an eagle.

Feng Shouzhu hesitated and he looked towards Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin’er. He was a little bit hesitant to designate a candidate for the upcoming battle as without his guidance and protection, Zhong Yue would not be able to reverse open the Dao Yi Wheel; hence, failing to enter the Awakening level. If he picked Zhong Yue, then they would definitely win this round.

However, the Swords Gate would instead lose the third match because of Zhong Yue’s participation in the second round. After already losing the first round, if they were to concede another two rounds out of the five that would be fought, the Swords Gate would eventually have to resign its territory and people!

But if he did not pick Zhong Yue, Qiu Jin’er might not be able to win against Xiao Chuwen. After all, this Xiao Chuwen was hand picked to be the disciple of the high priest of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race!

If Qiu Jin’er were to lose, the only one left would be Zuo Xiangsheng who could win the following battle. As a result, Swords Gate will have to swallow a bitter defeat of losing four out of five rounds!

Qiu Jin’er is the disciple of the headmaster and Xiao Chuwen is the disciple of the high priest. The outcome is very hard to predict if the two were to fight….

Feng Shouzhu gritted his teeth and thought, Since we are losing anyway, we might as well gamble and see if we could win!

“Qiu Jin’er, you will be the candidate for this round!” shouted Feng Shouzhu as he stood up.

Once again, Feng Shouzhu’s decision had once again shaken the onlookers. The higher ups of the various celestial races also looked at Feng Shouzhu in disbelief. They had all received news that Zhong Yue immediately extinguished the life of two Xiao Mang celestial race’s disciples as soon as he arrived and Zhong Yue was the publicly acknowledged candidate for the Rebirth level battle!

Other than that, Zhong Yue had gained considerable renown around the celestial temple as he was the top individual in the Rebirth level that bore the “Yue” in his name, which was why he was called as the “Rebirth Level Twin Yue”, alongside Long Yue from the East Barren.

The meaning behind their title was referring to the fact that Zhong Yue and Long were the two immovable juggernauts of the Rebirth level, undefeated among those in the Rebirth level!

But Feng Shouzhu’s decision fell completely out of their expectations. Instead of picking Zhong Yue, he actually picked the female disciple on the wheel chair to participate in the battle – something that was quite a departure from what they originally thought would happen.

Although Qiu Jin’er possessed an Innate Wood Spirit Body and commanded exceptional strength in her own right, she was after all confined to a wheelchair and suffering from some disabilities – a significant disadvantage to her. This would result in various unstable factors that could adversely affect her winning rate.

“Brother Shouzhu, I never thought you would not pick Zhong Yue, but let the Innate Wood Spirit Body to take part in the battle. It is really surprising,” a confused high priest remarked.

The high priest then asked, “Why did you make such a decision? Zhong Yue has a higher winning chance than the Innate Wood Spirit Body. Could you please help me what you plan to achieve with this?”

Feng Shouzhu’s eyes twitched and was suddenly struck with a bout of regret and indecisiveness. He wanted to call Qiu Jin’er back and change the candidate back to Zong Yue, but he remained silent and did nothing in the end.

Qiu Jin’er was a little worried as well because she did not have much experience in fighting with other people and this was also the first time she took part in a battle in such a big scenario. Other than that, this was also a battle that could not be lost!

Zhong Yue smiled and comforted her, “Junior martial sister, don’t be afraid. Have you been practicing the【 Sun Moon Prodigious Emanation Art】that I taught you?”

Qiu Jin’er nodded softly and Zhong Yue then said again, “Xiao Chuwen has been researching my fighting pattern and styles but he did not research on yours at all. With that, your chances of victory are high! Junior martial sister, surprise them with all you’ve got!”

“Alright! I will give them the shock of their lives!”

Qiu Jin’er slightly calmed down after Zhong Yue’s reassurances and she ascended into the secret realm after taking a long breath.

Zhong Yue and the others stood on the high ground, which allowed them to have a clear view on the situation in the secret realm. The space in the secret realm was much larger than outside and it could allow the Qi Practitioners to have a fight without much restriction!

Right now, the secret realm has changed the terrain from the desert into the jungle terrain with jungles all over the mountains.

This was all thanks to the amazing Wan Xiang Wheel, which could freely alter its form.

Qiu Jin’er sat on her wheelchair and she flew in the air as she observed the jungles, taking note of the direction of the blowing wind and also checking the toughness of the mountains and the ground.

Xiao Chuwen’s heart thumped as he saw Qiu Jin’er’s actions and he thought ,”The girl seems to be very young and she is at most at the age of thirteen to fourteen but why is she so experienced?”

The battles between Qi Practitioners were completely different from the battles between normal people. Unlike the normal people who fought without much consideration to other factors, Qi Practitioners would oftentimes fight in the air, on the ground, in the water, or even underground. They were required to always be aware of the conditions of their surroundings by knowing the direction of the blowing wind when they fought in the air or understanding the toughness and structures of the ground when they fought underground.

Whereas for close quarter combat, they would have to know the toughness of the mountains to know that if they could just breach through to mountains to evade the attacks of their enemies!

The actions of Qiu Jin’er were completely like that of an experienced pugilist rather than that of a naive little girl – this greatly alarmed Xiao Chuwen!

However, little did he know that the only reason why Qiu Jin’er was acting so experienced was because Zhong Yue had been telling her about the things to be aware of during a battle on their way here. 

As someone who had found himself at the wrong end of a pursuit for a few million miles, Zhong Yue had overwhelming knowledge and experience on the factors that needed to be considered during a fight. With Zhong Yue’s and her own intelligence, the young girl immediately understood and she too, became aware of these things.
Fifteen minutes passed quickly and under the signal of the white robed priest, the battle started!

As soon as the signal was given, Xiao Chuwen had already stepped foot outside and a split second, he had already shot out towards Qiu Jin’er like a speeding meteor, almost as fast as “Long Yue” during the long pursue of the monsters. His speed was so fast that he covered a distance of few hundred miles in just a blink of an eye!

On the other hand, as soon as Xiao Chuwen dashed out, a huge vine grew out rapidly under Qiu Jin’er’s wheelchair and a huge vine leaf lifted the wheelchair on top of it.


The vine grew at rapid speed and it danced and moved in the air like a jade dragon, lifting QIu Jin’er up to evade Xiao Chuwen’s attack.

Xiao Chuwen’s speed was incredible and as soon as Qiu Jin’er evaded his attack, he immediately turned back and transformed into a coiling Ao. He then roared and emitted soundwaves that greatly shook Qiu Jin’er, causing her face to turn pale.

“【Earthly Star Shatterer】!”

 Behind him, the Yuan Shen of Coiling Ao was formed and it roared so loudly that it caused the ground to tremble and the rock columns to fly out from the ground, shooting towards Qiu Jin’er!

“【Heavenly Star Shocker】!”

The second head of the Coiling Ao Yuan Shen roared and its psyche turned into stars that rained towards Qiu Jin’er!

“【Unlimited Beast Boundary】!”

The third head of the Coiling Ao Yuan Shen roared as its psyche turned into dancing Jiao dragons, hungry tigers, flying foxes and other ferocious animals that pounced towards Qiu Jin’er with indomitable force!

In a split second, his Yuan Shen had cast three completely different offensive skills at Qiu Jin’er. 

Usually, an average Qi Practitioner could only cast a type of skill at once as that particular Qi Practitioner could not multitask during visualizing. Those who are able to do this were often those exceptional Qi Practitioners that had undergone various types of special training.

However, Xiao Chuwen was not one of these Qi Practitioners that could multitask and he managed to execute three types of skills at once because of his unique Coiling Ao Yuan Shen! His coiling Ao Yuan Shen had three heads and each head was able to independently execute a type of skill, meaning that he could cast three types of skills at once! 

This was why the Xiao Mang Celestial Race was so strong. Their visualization speed was three times faster than the others races and they were also a celestial race, which naturally granted them an extremely strong body and a strong psyche cultivation base! 

The green vine carried Qiu Jin’er and danced all over the sky to evade Xiao Chuwen’s attacks. Then, the vine grew rapidly and flowers started forming all over the vine. Qiu Jin’er then launched the flower petals from the flowers and these flower petals turned into Sword Qi that shattered the circling Jiao Dragons, hungry tigers, flying foxes and the other animals.

Countless vine leaves flew into the sky and turned into huge blades that blocked the falling stars before they could reach Qiu Jin’er.

Then, countless vines twisted here and there and these huge vines sealed off the area on top of the ground, cutting off the path of the rock columns that breached out form the ground.

Pa pa pa——-

The pods dangling on the green vines suddenly exploded and millions of green beans fell onto the ground. 

What are these green beans?

Outside of the secret realm, the observing Qi Practitioners thought as they were all very confused. 

“She is seeding swords.”

The high priest from the Shan Shen celestial race said, “The spirit of the Innate Wood Spirit Body is the godly spirit of the woods, which could control the wood elemental Qi easily. With that many seeds being planted, she must have planted a horrifying number of swords into the ground. Brother Shouzhu has made a wise decision as Xiao Chuwen obviously had not studied the ways to deal with the Innate Wood Spirit Body; he know nothing about the true strength of the Innate Wood Spirit Body. Besides, the 【 Sword Seeding Art】 belonged to the ultimate art of the undying old man of Swords Gate….”

Junior Martial Sister Qiu Jin'er unleashing her true prowess for the first time! (Sorta) Guess how strong she is?

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Rise Of Humanity Chapter 175 - Sword Seed

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