Rise Of Humanity Chapter 245 - The Moon That Shines On The River

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Chapter 245 - The Moon That Shines on The River

Finally, the border of Gu Xia City!

Zhong Yue opened his divine third eye and was overjoyed when he saw the boundary stone stele of Gu Xia City. All of a sudden, dozens of auras entered his senses. He quickly looked over and saw a five hundred- foot long ship coming over in an oblique angle, with dozens of Xiao Mang experts standing on the deck!

These Xiao Mang experts were incredibly strong; the weakest of them were at the Atman Body level, while the strongest one was nearly as strong as Lian Xin, a Heavenly Dharma cultivator!


Zhong Yue was shocked, the ship with the Xiao Mang experts were coming from his right. By the looks of it, they would be able to stop him down before he entered the territorial lands of Gu Xia City!

While behind him, was the thousand-foot long python Lian Xin!

Immediately, he conjectured out the entire process of development, it must be Lang Qingyun who had notified the Xiao Mang Celestial Race that “Long Yue” was the one who killed Xiao Chuqing, and also the one who had ascended to the moon. The Xiao Mang Celestial Race had sent out these experts to kill him!

With my current speed, the Xiao Mang experts will be faster than me! I’m left with no choice then, Yuan Shen’s second form!

Zhong Yue let out a ferocious roar. He was initially traveling in the third form of the moon spirit, the six-eyed celestial being, along with the aid of the psyche-visualized Golden Crow wings to fly.

But now, his mortal body started to morph, changing from the six-eyed celestial being into the moon spirit’s second form, the six-eyed Star Toad!

Zhong Yue’s mortal body changed. In a split second, his body structures had changed drastically into a two hundred-foot tall creature, the six-eyed Star Toad, plummeting down to the ground!


The mountainous six-eyed Star Toad crashed into the woods. He then leapt and traveled another dozen miles, jumping like a mountain was flying in the sky, he traveled at a great speed!

Before this, he was using half arcane energy and half mortal body while traveling. Now, he was relied solely on his mortal body, straining his mortal body into a whole new level of action. The Star Toad was a creature of strength naturally, and in addition to the fullest power of the Wan Xiang Secret Realm, his speed was even slightly faster than flying!

“It’s really the moon spirit!”

On the huge ship, the Xiao Mang experts saw Zhong Yue morphing into the form of the Star Toad, they were all shocked and sneered in anger. Their leader, an old Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioner, sneered coldly and all of a sudden, a huge hand emerged behind him as it lunged forward, reaching for Zhong Yue! As it traveled toward Zhong Yue, the hand got bigger and larger, clawing down at him like a sky net!

The hand was formed by totem patterns. There was a vague bright white sun in the middle of the palm; it was the Avatar of the Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioner!

On the ship, the other Xiao Mang experts stood steadfast. There was no point in casting their skills as Zhong Yue was too fast and they were still quite a distance away, their skills wouldn’t be able to reach him.

At a distance of fifty miles, only the Heavenly Dharma cultivators’ skills could catch up to Zhong Yue’s speed and take him down.

The Heavenly Dharma cultivator had launched his attack, and just when the gigantic hand was about to take down the two hundred foot Star Toad that was Zhong Yue, the ship was suddenly shaken violently!

Krong…! A loud burst of noise erupted in their ears as a huge hole was smashed through the ship!

A thousand foot white lotus python rammed through the vessel, its giant body crashing right through the bottom of the ship, breaking the wooden ship apart and tossing the Xiao Mang experts on the deck off-balance.

“Xiao Mang Celestial Race, how dare you try to steal my food away from me!”

The lotus python slithered out from the huge hole she created on the ship, she gave a shrieking cry and lashed out her tail like a huge pillar, slashing away the ship’s sailing mast. Following a loud creaking sound, the sailing mast broke away and the experts were shaken off the ship!

The old Heavenly Dharma Xiao Mang Celestial’s face turned solemn, he was as steady as if he had nailed his feet to the deck, continuing to control his totem patterned-hand and grabbing at Zhong Yue. Clearly, he didn’t want to give up such a great chance and allow Zhong Yue to escape once again.

The lotus python wound around the ship, exerted her strength, and constricted the ship as if it was prey, quickly reducing the ship to bits and pieces.

The old Heavenly Dharma Xiao Mang expert was hurled off-balance and the totem-patterned hand jerked suddenly, missing Zhong Yue between its fingers. Zhong Yue slipped past the gigantic hand and crashed onto the stone stele on the devastated mountain. Along with a few crumbled mountain rocks, he fell down to the bottom of the mountain dozens of miles away!

“Who is this wild snake, what gave you the guts to interfere in the mission of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race!”

The old Heavenly Dharma Xiao Mang expert groaned angrily. Swaying as another two heads emerged from his neck, he reached his hand out and grabbed onto Lian Xin’s snake’s tail, hurling it down heavily as he bellowed, “You are just volunteering to die!”

He didn’t recognize Lian Xin. In fact, only a handful of monsters knew of Lian Xin’s true form. In her true form, how could a celestial possibly recognize her?

Furthermore, even if he knew it was her, the old Heavenly Dharma Xiao Mang expert wouldn’t care much either. He was after all, a proud and conceited celestial; he wouldn’t care if she was Shi Buyi’s disciple, or a young and promising cultivator of East Barren. In his eyes, those who hindered his mission should be killed!

The order he received was to take down Long Yue and bring him back to the Xiao Mang Celestial Temple for judgment, while Lian Xin wanted to eat Long Yue and siphon his draconic Qi so that she could transcend into a Jiao Dragon.

Their goals were different and clashed with one another. Surely, there would be an outbreak between both of them!

The old Heavenly Dharma Xiao Mang expert hurled the thousand foot python in a straight line, slamming her heavily into the woods beneath them. His three heads bellowed with anger and blasted skills out incessantly from their mouths; the skills looked like mountain-shaped stamps, crashing down onto Lian Xin mercilessly!

The trees nearby were pulverized into dust. The old Heavenly Dharma Xiao Mang expert didn’t look at all, he turned and leapt away, chasing after Zhong Yue. Right at that instant, a giant snake lunged into the sky, she wound around the old Xiao Mang expert and dragged him down onto the ground, crushing him into the earth!

The giant python tail moved, pulling the old Xiao Mang expert out from the ground and slamming him down again, dong dong dong...! ,repeating the process dozens of times.

Then, the python tail curled around the old Xiao Mang expert, sending him into her mouth. The old Xiao Mang expert was in a state of dizziness, blood covered his face, but just when he was about to be eaten, he exerted himself and twisted his body violently, morphing into his true form, an eight hundred-foot long Pan Ao, tearing himself away from the python tail.

“【Moonlight Whistle Godly Roar】!”

The three Pan Ao heads roared three times, the impact of the sound wave blasted the giant python and blood trickled out from her apertures. The giant python quickly spurted out a mouth of poisonous gas, and immediately, one of the Pan Ao heads was infected, decomposing into pus and water. The old Xiao Mang expert was piqued, his remaining two heads cast his arcane energy to eliminate the poisons in his body. Enraged, he yelled out deafeningly, “Go and take down Long Yue, I’ll take care of this giant python!”

They were incredibly quick; in such a short while, they had exchanged countless attacks. Meanwhile, the other Xiao Mang experts had barely stabilized their balance, and the broken ship was still falling down in mid-air from the sky.

All of their attacks happened within this period of a few seconds, one could infer how fast the attack speed of a Heavenly Dharma expert was, and how incredibly strong they were!

Those Atman Body and Inner Core Xiao Mang experts heard him and leapt down from the sky, heading toward Zhong Yue’s location. All of a sudden, a snake spear shot over and pierced through the strongest cultivator among them, an Inner Core expert ! It was Lian Xin, the snake spear was actually the forked tongue she had spit out!

The Inner Core expert let out a cry of pain, and morphed back into his true form of a three-headed Pan Ao, casting out his strongest soul weapon to slash at Lian Xin’s head.

Zheng…! A loud metallic sound could be heard, but his attack failed to leave even a single impression on her tongue.

His three heads turned and gnawed on her tongue, but even when his teeth were broken away, her tongue was still left unscathed; With a sudden jerk of her tongue, Lian Xin cut that Pan Ao in half.

Seeing the death of his people, the old Xiao Mang celestial was shaking with anger, a bright moon flew out from his forehead and cut off her tongue completely. Despite her tongue being cut away, there was no blood dripping out at all.

However, the lacerated forked tongue waltzed in the air like it was dancing, she had cultivated her tongue into a soul weapon! As fast like lightning, it killed the Xiao Mang celestial experts that were chasing after Zhong Yue!

“【Moonlight Upon the River】!”

The old Heavenly Dharma expert was enraged! Beneath the bright moon, a river surged out and pressed down on Lian Xin’s body. The river was actually a soul weapon made from a real river. It looked like it was only a thousand or two feet long, but it was incredibly heavy, equivalent to dozens of mountains. It could even pin a thousand foot giant python like Lian Xin into a straight line.

The bright moon flew to the river, half of it exposed to the air while the other half was immersed into the water. The edge of the moon was incredibly sharp, nearly cutting Chi Liannu’s body in half at the middle, opening the stomach of the giant python!


Another scarlet-red giant snake fell out from Lian Xin’s stomach. It was tattered and half-digested; The old Xiao Mang expert was shocked, but just when he was about to cast the bright moon to kill the lotus python, she heaved a breath of relief, as if she was finally set free. Swaying her body, she repelled the river and morphed into the figure of a charming lady.

The charming lady was stepping on lotuses, carrying herself like a pure and saintly goddess; however, her waist was nearly sliced in two, she was covered in blood and appeared to be in a grievous state.

“Senior martial sister, I’ll digest you later!”

Lian Xin then shifted her gaze away from the scarlet-red snake to the old Xiao Mang expert, she said softly, “Old geezer, how dare you bully me when I’m not in my peak condition. Now, it’s time to send you to the other world!”

She recalled the spear-like forked tongue and clutched it in her hand, looking like a heroine as she held the snake spear that was still dripping blood. The old Xiao Mang expert was shocked; he quickly glanced around, but what met his eyes were only the lifeless bodies of his people. The Xiao Mang Celestial experts that had followed him here were all slain by the snake spear!


In Gu Xia City, a million miles away from them, Gu Hongzi, Lang Qingyun and Xiao Chuyun focused their senses on the border, closely watching the developing fight. There were two appallingly strong auras clashing with one another, while the other dozens of weaker auras disappeared one after another. Following the complete disappearance of the weaker auras, one of the two auras erupted and went all out, engaging in a life and death battle!

My celestial disciples, they were killed by a monster expert! Who, who is it that has such strong prowess?!

Lang Qingyun and Xiao Chuqing’s faces changed drastically. Immediately, Xiao Chuyun stood up. When he was about to leave for the border and reinforce the old Heavenly Dharma expert, Gu Hongzi quietly said, “One goes, and the other dies.”

Lang Qingyun’s face changed drastically, contorting in anger as he asked, “What are you doing, Senior Martial Brother Gu Hongzi?!”

“What am I doing?” Gu Hongzi’s face turned dark and frigid, and he said indifferently, “Then what are you doing? Lang Qinyun, you’ve fraternized with the Xiao Mang Celestial Race in an attempt to slay a lord under my jurisdiction, you have committed a capital crime. I, as the provincial governor of the border, have the right to kill you dead right here, right now! Today, I’ve placed down my words — you can walk away now, and Xiao Chuyun will die here; or, Xiao Chuyun can walk away, and you will take his place in the afterlife. If the two of you decide to walk away together, then both of you will die right outside of my city.”

He shifted his eyes away from the two of them and said coldly, “Please, have a drink. The tea has turned cold.”

Karma strikes real quick! 


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