Rise Of Humanity Chapter 12 - The Roaring Thunderous Sword Qi

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Chapter 12        The Roaring Thunderous Sword Qi

He’s the one Elder Pu was referring to!, thought the stunned Ting Lanyue. She looked blankly at the figure that rode on the lightning in the skies and wielded it in his hands as if he was the legendary god of thunder.

In the Knowledge Teaching Pavilion, Elder Pu said only one pupil perceived his true teachings and everyone thought Elder Pu was talking about themselves until Ting Lanyue defeated everyone. After her victory, everyone was then led to believe that Elder Pu was talking about her.

However, she did not fight with Zhong Yue at all.

While practicing【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】, Zhong Yue appeared to be very slow and stubborn. At that time, Ting Lanyue failed to realize the ingenuity of Zhong Yue’s swordsmanship and so naturally thought she was the one Elder Pu was talking about.

But now, as Ting Lanyue saw Zhong Yue in the skies, controlling the elements of thunder and lightning, she became cognizant of that fact that this could only have been achieved by truly understanding the quintessence of the【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】!

The spring thunderbolt that struck away winter, the radiance of the lightning that shined upon the nine provinces!

Zhong Yue’s【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】was very different to Elder Pu’s. The branches that extended from the lightning tree and spread across the skies were in fact the precipitation of thunderous lightning Sword Qi. Although there were no such moves in the【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】, Ting Lanyue saw the same spirit as Elder Pu’s.

What was the true form of【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】?

This is the true form!

Even if one managed to learn all the moves in the【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】, they would never be considered as having mastered the skill entirely. The criterion for mastering a skill was through the distillation of the knowledge and understanding of the teacher into one’s very own unique insights! 

What stunned Ting Lanyue the most was not Zhong Yue’s【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】, but the huge Sui Sovereign behind him, the Sui Sovereign formed by his very own psyche.

Even though she looked at the Sui Sovereign from far away, she could still feel the immense majestic aura that felt like it could crush the heavens and conquer everything.

But, isn’t he a bit too daring?

Ting Lanyue’s heart pumped quickly, He can’t possibly think that he could kill that mutated demon with natural totem markings so easily?

She was still quite a distance away from Zhong Yue, she could see the mutated demon brandish its arm-scythes; the totem markings on its skin glimmered brighter and with a ferocious countenance, the mutated demon leaped into the air withstanding the thunder lightnings and dashed towards Zhong Yue who was in mid-air, having no intentions of evading the thunderous lightning at all, its attacks were dreadful and dominating!


The lightning tree landed on the mutated mantis demon. It split its flesh into halves and burnt them to ashes!

Ting Lanyue felt worried in her heart as she thought that the【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】was only effective against ordinary ones among the mantis demons. 

Things would be completely different when it comes to the mutated mantis demons. Their bone structures were replaced by pure darksteel when they reached adulthood, which would channel the thunderbolt released by the【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】to the metallic bones of these mutated demons instead of their hearts!

Not only would【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】be incapable of reaching the hearts of these mutated mantis demons, it would also not be able to harm their brains at all. Similarly with their hearts, the brains of these demons were also insulated from the destructive effects of the Sword Skill due to a layer of darksteel bones, rendering the【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】ineffectual.

Although the power of Zhong Yue’s【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】was a few times stronger than Ting Lanyue’s, it would still be unable to threaten the life of this mutated demon.

Besides, through the abnormal heteromorphic existence behind Zhong Yue and the thunderbolt tree Sword Qi created by Zhong Yue, Ting Lanyue was very sure that it would cost him a great deal of psyche!

At this rate, Zhong Yue’s psyche would be depleted in a very short period of time!

Once he depleted his psyche, the mutated mantis demon would be able to kill Zhong Yue easily!

It is very dangerous for Junior Martial Brother Zhong to use the【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】on this mutated demon!

Ting Lanyue’s prediction came to fruition not long after. After being struck numerous times by Zhong Yue, the mutated demon’s charging momentum did not slow down at all. It got close the distance with Zhong Yue in a blink of an eye and launched an attack at him with his metallic scythe-hands!

At the same time, thunderbolt exploded under Zhong Yue’s feet and with the explosion, he managed to side-step away from the scythes of the mutated demon.


Another lightning tree was launched by Zhong Yue, striking onto the body of the falling mutated demon. As he was struck heavily by the lightning tree, the mutated demon could only helplessly plummet to the ground from the skies.

However, Zhong Yue was also unable to fly in the skies, using the power of lightning or otherwise, and he too slowly fell to the ground. While falling, he continued launching one lightning tree after another, each landing fearsomely on the body of that mutated demon.

Ting Lanyue dashed forward and said in her heart, Junior Martial Brother Zhong just entered the upper house recently and he is lacking real-life combat experience so his fighting skill is still too weak., At the rate that he is using his strongest attack like that, he should not have much psyche left, please let me save him in time….

Dong, dong.

The human and the demon fell to the ground together. They both let out a demonic roaring and thunderous sound when they got up and charged at each other. A loud noise could then be heard as they collided and the earth trembled heavily!

The place they landed was a col. Due to that, Ting Lanyue could not see the actual situation but only the large Sui Sovereign moving at lightning speed. It must be Zhong Yue moving very fast while fighting with the mutated demon. 

If Junior Martial Brother Zhong landed on the ground, he would be put at a disadvantage. Mantis demons were not able to fly so he could suppress it in the air, but when they touch the ground, mutated demons will be able to move at incredibly fast speeds – with Junior Martial Brother Zhong’s speed, he will not be able to dodge its attacks….

When she thought of this, the Sui Sovereign formed by Zhong Yue’s psyche was launched into the skies and Zhong Yue could be seen following after, both landing on the mountains violently.

Seeing how things turned out, her heart sank deeply. Zhong Yue flew out of the col, it was clear that he was hurled out of the col by the strong impact from the mutated demon!

A mutated demon possesses the strength of tens of thousands pounds, he could easily smash Zhong Yue into minced meat!

She rushed towards the scene only to find a staggered Zhong Yue moving backward rapidly trying to counter the force he received from the mutated demon, quite unlike the situation where Zhong Yue suffered extreme injuries as she initially thought.

Instead, thunderous totem markings emerged around Zhong Yue and the markings merged with his own psyche and transformed into a Jiao Dragon with roaring thunderbolts around his body.

【Jiao Dragon Winding Body Totem Art】?

Ting Lanyue approached quickly and received another shock of her life.

He combined the physique-refining technique and Elder Pu’s【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】together, leveraging the power of thunderbolts to amplify his bodily strength! No wonder he survived that mutated demon’s fierce blow….

Only up until now had she realized the weight and value contained within Elder Pu’s words. Zhong Yue had not only mastered the essence of the【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】, he also ingeniously merged the sword skill with another physique-refining technique!

At the same time, the mutated demon jumped out from the stone piles and pounced towards Zhong Yue while roaring angrily.

In Ting Lanyue’s point of view, the mutated demon was covered in blood, his speed and strength severely weakened; it had lost half of its power due to the injuries, no longer giving the impression that he was unstoppable.

Its skin was completely peeled off by Zhong Yue’s lightning tree, exposing its flesh and the destroyed mantis demon totem markings!

That’s right! The attacks delivered by Junior Martial Brother Zhong without holding back were aimed to destroy the mutated demon’s totem markings!

Ting Lanyue felt her emotions undulating up and down so many times in this very short period, Zhong Yue had brought her a lot of shock and happiness.

Till now, she finally understood that Zhong Yue did not attack recklessly by using up all he had left, instead, he was aiming at destroying the mutated demon’s totem markings in order to impair its strength!

At this point, he doesn't even seem like a newbie that just entered the upper house, his combat awareness is terrifyingly acute!

As she approached quickly, the battle between Zhong Yue and that mutated demon continued. In the battle between the human and the demon, the muscular and tall mutated demon pressed on his attacks crazily, swinging his huge scythe-like arms quickly and with his huge bodily figure composed of pure darksteel, it emitted a terrifying aura!

Whereas for Zhong Yue, he kept on moving backward with the thunderous dragon dancing around his body, augmenting his strength. And while waiting for his chance to counterattack, he parried the attacks of the mutated demon with the strength of the thunderous dragon!

The human and the demon’s attacking speeds were frighteningly fast, during the short period of time when Ting Lanyue drew closer, they had already delivered over hundreds of blows each with Zhong Yue being so close to being struck down a multitude of times!

Suddenly, Zhong Yue failed to evade and he got knocked back by the mutated demon’s kick and the demon pressed forward, swinging its huge scythe arms trying to bisect Zhong Yue in half!

Ting Lanyue almost screamed in fear and at the same time, the human and the demon closed the distance, releasing a blinding wave of thunderous light that saturated the area, shining so brightly that no one could see what was happening inside! After the thunderous light dispersed, both Zhong Yue and the mutated demon fell to the ground, crash landing somewhere not far away from Ting Lanyue.

Ting Lanyue quickly dashed forward, and found a weak and exhausted Zhong Yue getting up trembling, the Sui Sovereign and the thunderous dragon around him began to shatter whereas the mutated demon was lying on the ground in a bath of its own blood as it stopped breathing forever.

Did it die?

She was stunned and looked at the corpse of the mutated demon in disbelief. The layer of bones protecting the mantis demon’s heart now had a small aperture through which Zhong Yue’s thunderous lightning Sword Qi entered and pierced its heart!

The lightnings from the【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】will be conducted to all parts of his body by the darksteel bones of the mantis demons and thus, like a protective cage, keep its heart safe and sound. How did Junior Martial Brother Zhong manage to pierce through the darksteel bone?

Ting Lanyue’s mind flowed quickly and surmised the truth in an instant, The hundreds of blows delivered by him were all aimed at the same position, melting a hole in the layer of bones with the high temperature of lightnings and piercing the heart with a fatal blow!

The innovative usage of the【Spring Thunderbolt Swords Skill】by Junior Martial Brother Zhong to peel off the mutated demon’s totem markings, striking hundreds of times at the same spot to pierce through the demon’s heart … the sagacity of Zhong Yue’s methods had shocked Ting Lanyue greatly and at the same time, changed her view of him.

“This woman has seen your Sui Sovereign, only dead people tells no secret, we must shut her mouth eternally!”

In Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean, Xing Huo whispered, “It would bring unnecessary trouble to you if all of these were known by the others. You are still weak now and you possess an incredible assortment of secret skills and techniques. This will attract the attention of those ill-hearted individuals!”

Zhong Yue was startled by his callousness and said, “You are asking me to kill Senior Martial Sister Ting?”

“There’s another way if you don’t want to kill her.”

Xing Huo proposed, “Just have sex with her and make her fall in love with you, then she will not say a word about all of this.”

“Have sex with her?”

Zhong Yue’s face turned dark and he felt speechless about Xing Huo’s suggestion. He then furtively glanced at Ting Lanyue, she was just a few months older than him,  Although she was at the same age as him, she has developed quite nicely. Curvaceous body, elegant and pretty face, all of these factors made her out to be very alluring.

Ting Lanyue saw him looking towards her with a very strange gaze, immediately understanding what he was thinking, she said seriously, “I know you are worried that I will expose you for learning other techniques that don’t belong to the heritage of Swords Gate. Don’t worry about it as although it is indeed forbidden to learn techniques from the outside, there are still some of the elder Qi Practitioners who learned techniques from the other races as well. There are also quite a lot of the disciples who did the same so you shouldn’t worry about it.”

Upon hearing her words, Zhong Yue felt relieved and laughed, “Senior Martial Sister, I still ask you to not mention about what happened today, thank you.”

Ting Lanyue nodded and said: “I am not one who is known as a tattletale, don’t worry.”

“I still think it is better to kill her or have sex and make her fall in love with you.”

In his psyche ocean, Xin Huo continued on seriously, “I will be on the look-out while you quickly copulate with her!” 

Zhong Yue ignored him.

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