Rise Of Humanity Chapter 42 - Escape

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Chapter 42        Escape

The two Shui Tu Clan Qi Practitioners are back on me again!

Zhong Yue looked towards them and he couldn't help but grind his teeth as he dashed forward even quicker. In these ten over days, he had lived his life embroiled in hardship as he had to tame and absorb the excess beast god essence while shaking off the pursuit of the two Shui Tu Clan Qi Practitioners.

Although he became a Xiang Dragon with incredibly fast movement speed and he could even control the element of lightning to enhance his speed, it was impossible to keep on running for a long time. As he stopped to rest, it was clear that it would not take long for the two Shui Tu Clan Qi Practitioners to catch up with him.

Moreover, the most threatening part is not the two Shui Tu Clan Qi Practitioner but the essence of the Beast God released by the Beast God’s inner core. This forced him to keep on visualizing Sui Sovereign without a break or he would eventually turn into a real Xiang Dragon because of the largely accumulated essence of Beast God.

This is even more insufferable than the time he jumped and climbed up the cliffs. He had to keep on training, avoid the pursuit and even keep on visualizing during his sleep. All of these imposed a significant burden on his body and perseverance! 

He could still persist for the first two days but he was on the verge of breaking down on the third day. As a result, he could not control himself and slept in a cave while disregarding the thoughts of visualizing and his two Shui Tu Clan pursuers.

Luckily, he had Xin Huo’s guidance. Xin Huo woke him up from his sleep and kept on badgering him to not forget to visualize. With his guidance, Zhong Yue managed to prevent himself from really turning into a Xiang Dragon and also continue to circumvent his pursuers.

After these ten plus days of suffering, Zhong Yue could basically enter the state of “subconscious visualization”.

This so-called state of “subconscious visualization” is where one would subconsciously visualize without the intention of doing so, which is also the level achieved by Li Xiuniang. 

However, Li Xiuniang only achieve this state after years and years of practicing but Zhong Yue had forcefully achieved this level from these over ten days of suffering.

However, in order to maintain the visualization even during sleep, one would have to have achieved the state of “unconscious visualization”, of which the difficulty cannot be overstated.

The state of “unconscious visualization” was much more complicated than the state of “subconscious visualization”. Even after constantly being reminded by Xin Huo, Zhong Yue could only intermittently enter the state of “unconscious visualizing” but he could only maintain the state for fleeting period as he would naturally stop visualizing when he entered a deep level of sleep.

These over ten days were a total nightmare for him but he managed to keep it up with great will. Besides, his psyche prowess had increased rapidly under the pressure and stress!

Now, his psyche ocean had expanded to almost three thousand mus and he had purified his psyche immeasurably!

The two Shui Tu Clan Qi Practitioners are really annoying!

Zhong Yue clenched his teeth as he thought. Currently, as he improved, the rate at which he absorbed the essence that was leaked from the Beast God’s inner core in his inner mind approached the rate of discharge!

At this rate, after a few days, he would finally be able to absorb the remaining essence and become a human again!

The two Qi Practitioners split up?

Zhong Yue sensed that the two Qi Practitioners had split, one continued to pursue him while the other one moved further and further away towards another direction.

Strange, why did they split?

Zhong Yue squinted and he felt very curious, These two have been chasing after me for a long time, it would be even harder to catch me with only one person … Not good, there’s water vapor in front …  I see!

As he continued running, a huge river with ravaging currents appeared.

The river was wide and water was flowing very fast!

The river flowed from one place and along the hill where Zhong Yue was standing now to the other side. This meant that the other Shui Tu Clan Qi Practitioner did not go away but instead, planned to intercept Zhong Yue at the other side of the river!

Whereas the other one would continue to chase after him from the back in order to corner him at the river!

Zhong Yue squinted and looked at the downstream of the river and saw tribes after tribes with many boats docked at the side.

Not good, this is Wei river and the Shui Tu Clan’s tribes! There should be more Qi Practitioners over here and if I am cornered here today, there might be no more chance of escaping anymore!

Zhong Yue lamented, Downstream is the direction Shui Tu Clan’s tribe whereas upstream and my back has two Shui Tu Clan Qi Practitioners chasing me. The only way for me to escape is to fight my way through the opposite before the two Qi Practitioner corners me!

On top of the vigorous waves of the Wei River, a Qi Practitioner dashed towards Zhong Yue while surfing the waves of the Wei River!

At the same moment, the Qi Practitioner behind Zhong Yue also increased his speed and approached quickly.

Zhong Yue did not hesitate and he dashed across the river towards the opposite. The Xiang Dragon speed was naturally fast and he threaded on the water while running quickly! 

“Wei River is the main base of us Shui Tu Clan, you are still thinking of escaping after stepping into this place?”

A laughter could be heard and the Qi Practitioner on the river sped quickly towards Zhong Yue while splitting the strong waves apart! He then said: “We, the Shui Tu Clan are the king of this river!”

Zhong Yue gritted his teeth and unleashed all his strength to run even faster. At that moment, his speed had once again broken through the sound barrier but the waves grew even more tumultuous. As Zhong Yue reached the center of the river, the Qi Practitioner was already in front of him!

“【Ice Crystal Mountain Sword】!”

The Qi Practitioner stood on the waves and stomped, the next moment, innumerous wisps of Ice Crystal Sword Qi shot out from the waves and flew towards Zhong Yue at high speed.  

Zhong Yue evaded the attacks with a jump and the Qi Practitioner laughed and said, “Beast! You dare to fight with me on the Wei River?”

As he spoke, the other Qi Practitioner also landed on the Wei River and he increased his speed while running towards Zhong Yue.

At the same time, the Qi Practitioners in the Wei River tribes also noticed the situation upstream and they looked towards the direction of the commotion.

“They’re Brother Jianshu and Brother Jianping!”

A few Shui Tu Clan Qi Practitioners said shockingly, “They’re trying to capture a beast, let’s go help them!”

They then quickly rushed upstream while Zhong Yue who was in mid-air visualized the Jiao Dragon and launched it at Shui Jianping without hesitation. As a result, he was forced to land on the ground again due to the momentum of the Jiao Dragon.

Xin Huo said listlessly, “Brat Yue, why don’t you visualize yourself instead of the Jiao Dragon?”

“Visualizing myself?”

Zhong Yue felt confused by Xin Huo’s words but a water dragon created by Shui Jianping’s technique thrust up into the skies from the river suddenly. The water dragon swung its claws and opened up its jaw, preparing to devour Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue was too inexperienced when it came to fighting with a Qi Practitioner. Although Shui Jianping was just an average Qi Practitioner, his strength was on a whole other plane from those upper house disciples.

With Zhong Yue current strength, he couldn't even resist him in the slightest.

“Of course. Jiao Dragon is nothing when compared with the Xiang Dragon.”

Xin Huo said happily, “You are now a Xiang Dragon and you must have become accustomed to the body structure of a Xiang Dragon by now. Visualizing a Xiang Dragon and creating a Xiang Dragon totem carving should not be hard for you now. If you visualized a Xiang Dragon and merged it into you, your strength will increase by almost twofold! With that strength, why should you still be worried about escaping?”

Zhong Yue was stunned and he quickly visualized the Xiang Dragon, which was also himself. As he started visualizing, he could feel the incredible psyche and strength surging all over his body, filling it with power beyond imagination!


Zhong Yue let out a loud dragon roar that created ripples in the air and his psyche exploded with thunderous energy. The lightning then wrapped around his body and Zhong Yue could suddenly start running in the air. Krong – a water dragon that rushed right at him was shattered into mist and the water poured down into the river. 

Boom boom boom!

As Zhong Yue started running, he rammed into the water dragons with incredible force and severed them in half. Upstream, Shui Jianping received a rude awakening and he controlled his body of Hebo to catch Zhong Yue. However, he failed as Zhong Yue slipped through his palms with high speed!

So fast!

Shui Jianping was stunned and he controlled the water waves, forming large amounts of Ice Crystal Sword Qi and thrust towards Zhong Yue. As the Sword Qi landed on Zhong Yue, they all broke and exploded on his body but they could not even manage to pierce through his dragon scales!

【Water Locking Mist】!

Shui Jianping shouted angrily and with his shout, one after another, water pillars raised from the water and formed a cage. White mist then started flowing out from the water pillars and locked the entire Wei River. But then, before the cage could lock the entire river, a huge noise could be heard and a Xiang Dragon could be seen ramming down a water pillar as it dashed out of the mist and ran far away.

Shui Jianping was shocked by Zhong Yue and those Qi Practitioners from the Shui Tu Clan Tribes along with Shui Jianshu were also stunned by the scene.

“This Xiang Dragon is growing too fast, we can’t catch up with it anymore….” The few Qi Practitioners looked at each other and shook their heads.

Shui Jianshu said, “You guys continue the pursuit, I’ll notify the elders in Swords Gate and ask for some assistance from the other Qi Practitioners to capture the Xiang Dragon. With just only the few of us….”

He shook his head and turned around to leave.

With all the advantages they had, especially compounded by the fact that they were even in the area of their home base, the failure to capture Zhong Yue was a really huge blow to their confidence.

At the same time, while running in the air, Zhong Yue felt happy and he let out a protracted roar. His body then rapidly morphed, turning back into a human from a Xiang Dragon, but he still remained running in the air regardless.

“Finally, I have reverted back to a human. I don’t have to worry about being mistaken as a monster beast and I can finally go back to the Swords Gate!”

He couldn't help it and he let out a shout again, the Xiang Dragon he visualized had completely merged into his psyche and assimilated throughout his whole body. With that, he could still stand in the air without the body of a Xiang Dragon.

“Brat Yue….”

Xin Huo couldn't hold back and said, “I have to tell you… You are naked now, your clothes have been torn into pieces when you transformed into the Xiang Dragon….”

In the air, the shout of a male youth reverberated throughout the entire Beast God Ridge.

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Rise Of Humanity Chapter 42 - Escape

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