Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 105 - Help-Seeking

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Chapter 105        Help-Seeking

“I bet you’re gonna save your compatriots anyway.”

“I’m not gonna save those people who only feel pity for themselves and are afraid of dying. Even if they are my compatriots.”

“But you saved the people who were trapped in the subway. They were the same kind of people.”

“It was because of a beautiful lady like you and the little pretty Angie. I’ve always been a gentleman to beautiful ladies.”

“Tsk tsk tsk…. Victor Hugo, you’re such a playboy!”

Every time the tough lady said his full name, Zhou Qingfeng would instantly dodge away as a long and powerful leg was sure to come after him with lightning speed.

“B*stard, stop running!”

“I’m not an idiot. There's no way I wouldn't escape from it!”

Both of them ran on the street filled with rubbish and abandoned vehicles. As they were running extremely fast, a lot of the guards did not even see clearly who they were as they passed.

The process of searching for emergency equipment was much easier than expected. Indeed, there was a force gathered in Broome Street. However, they were not strong as the force was formed for the purpose of self-defense. As they encountered two of the ‘Fierce Gods’, Zhou Qingfeng and Katrina, they were particularly friendly and even took the initiative to ask for materials to trade.

“My name’s Chavez. Unfortunately, we don’t accept cash. But we’re willing to trade for any resources. You guys want that fire truck? No problem, but what can you give us?”

It was an old man who came out to greet Zhou Qingfeng. The old man seemed like one of the residents from that area. They only have around a hundred people and thirty to forty rifles. They were considered weak in the chaotic world as most of them were old.

If the enemies were not being friendly, Zhou Qingfeng and Katrina would not hesitate to kill them. However, they felt awkward because the old man was very friendly. Katrina was a badass, yet she was still kind at heart, and Zhou Qingfeng was evil, though he obeyed rules. Both of them were not the kind of people who would simply kill.

“Sorry, we don’t have anything with us,” Zhou Qingfeng said. He turned and looked at Katrina. The tough lady shrugged her shoulders too, expressing that she would not let go of her weapons and equipment.

The old man Chavez smiled. “If you guys can do me a favor, I can give you the fire truck.”

Katrina frowned and asked, “What do you want?”

“The people here are the families who lived in this area. Unfortunately, a few days ago, there was a gang of thugs who occupied one of the buildings here. They hold the people in the building as their hostages, and they want us to provide them food and drinks. They even… ask for women. If you guys can chase them away, it’d be much appreciated.”

Chavez thought the man and the lady in front of him looked tough. Full of expectations, he put forward his request. Zhou Qingfeng and Katrina looked at each other for a second and asked, “How many of them are there?”

“Around ten-ish? I’m not too sure. But all of them are armed and especially brutal.” As the old man Chavez said the word ‘brutal’, he kept signing the cross on his chest and praying to God.

“Alright, bring me there. I like people who are brutal, and I especially like to hear their screams,” Katrina agreed it immediately. Zhou Qingfeng had no choice. He stared at her with wide eyes and could only follow.

The building occupied by the thugs was a five-story brick townhouse. It was very quiet inside, but occasionally, people could be seen passing by the windows. The old man Chavez led them to a building across the townhouse and pointed at the shadows of people through the glass window. “There they are. We can’t deal with them.

“Please be careful. The people who got locked up in there are mostly children. Please don’t hurt them.”

There were quite a few women who followed behind Chavez, perhaps the mothers of the children. They looked pale and distressed. Obviously, they have been very worried for the past few days.

Zhou Qingfeng looking at the shadows of people through the glass window and spoke in a low voice, “I’m pretty sure they put the hostages in separate rooms. It wouldn’t be difficult for us to just rush in and kill them all. But technically, it’s impossible to save all the hostages before they retaliate.”

As the mothers heard what Zhou Qingfeng said, they started to cry. Nobody would like to see their children being killed. Katrina said, “Victor, I’ll go in and take a look. You think of a way to get to the rooftop and attack from there.”

Zhou Qingfeng was surprised and asked, “How are you going to get in there?”

“I thought those thugs want women? I’m a woman.” As Katrina talked, she began taking off her armor and equipment. She even took off her combat vest and dropped all her weapons. As she removed her heavy, thick armor, her shapely body was exposed.

“When did you become so great?” Zhou Qingfeng looked at the sexy tough lady and felt dryness in his throat.

“I’m hot, right?” Katrina raised an eyebrow and said.

“Not bad.” Zhou Qingfeng tried to turn his head away.

Katrina borrowed a set of normal clothes from a mother and made herself look ordinary. She put her hair down and became extraordinarily sexy. “Do I look pretty?”

“I dare not look.” Zhou Qingfeng looked upward.

“I allow you to see now.”

“Hmm… if you put on a belt, it’d make your busty boobs look even bigger.”

As Katrina heard Zhou Qingfeng’s advice, her face sank as expected. “You pervert, I would have definitely sued you for sexual harassment in the past.”

“No, you won’t sue me. You’ll just kick me to death,” Zhou Qingfeng teased her, but shouted shortly after, “Ouch! Are you for real?”

As they finished their discussion, Katrina got a cart filled with food and drinks. She then walked toward the townhouse the thugs occupied.

As the thugs heard the sound of a rolling cart, they opened the door. A laughing white man holding a pistol came out. He shook his body and leered indecently, “Hey girl, have you come to serve us today? You’re gonna suck my d*ck.”

With a stiff face, Katrina said resentfully, “I want to make sure the hostages are safe.”

“Oh, no problem. Those brats are fine. Our boss even shared marijuana with them. They were extremely happy after they took marijuana.” The man with the pistol extended his hand and aimed to grab Katrina’s leg as he said, “Baby, your legs are so sexy. I love them so much.”

Katrina’s eyes flashed with anger. She moved to avoid his hand and said coldly, “Really? Do you like them? Great, I’ll make you feel so good to an extent that you’ll feel as if you’re in heaven!”

Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 105 - Help-Seeking

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