Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 168 - Suicide Charge

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Chapter 168        Suicide Charge

The entire battle line was alerted after the explosion. Skull and Bones had stored a large number of heavy-duty weapons behind their main battle tank. These weapons and equipment will be spread across several streets to form a cross firepower in the effort to cope with possible assaults from the Brotherhood of Steel.

Although the smoke from the explosion had obscured the soldiers’ sight, many armored vehicles were equipped with infrared vision devices. These devices can penetrate through even the thickest smoke to see the attacking enemy. Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng was still driving his Cougar into the center of the battlefield

All I need now is an explosion and the mission will be completed!


“F*ck!” Zhou Qingfeng swayed inside his Cougar due to the bumpy roads. As both the cross-firing sides had used heavy-duty firepower when battling each other, most of the buildings from the frontline areas have been destroyed and piles of bricks were scattered everywhere across the streets. One will find crossing the damn road extremely difficult even if he were to drive a tank!

“Please don’t shoot me! Please don’t!” Zhou Qingfeng was taking on a massive risk. He was required to drive another two hundred meters, but this short distance had already been filled with various heavy firearms from Skull and Bones.

Even a Bradley fighting armored vehicle or a bullet from the Stryker interim armored vehicle would be able to eliminate Cougar completely, no need to mention Abrams, the main battle tank. Zhou Qingfeng will get to meet the Grim Reaper if an infantry were to show himself and shoot a missile at him

However, the explosion made by DogMeat was indeed, a surprisingly good diversion. The people from Skull and Bones had never expected that a dog would actually carry five kilograms of blasting charge and dig its way to their territory. A dog that was able to cause serious damage to them was completely beyond their expectations.

When Zhou Qingfeng tried his best to charge forwards, Dogmeat was responsible for protecting its master and preventing any enemy from firing at its master.

After the explosion, Richard, who had witnessed Dogmeat’s ambush, stumbled in the smoke and fled. All of a sudden, he bumped into someone. He turned around and stopped escaping.

The one who stopped Richard from escaping was Commander Sergey, the commander of Skull and Bones from the frontline. He was still putting on his pants when he came out of a woman’s room. He held a gun in one of his hands, grabbed Richard's neck with his other hand, and shouted, “You shall not pass. Now, return to your post and shoot anyone who dares to escape.”

The best way to defend during a chaotic warfare was to hold still and shoot the people who ran around like a headless fly. However, Richard cried, "I’m not a soldier. I’m from the Central Intelligence Agency."

“You’ll be a soldier from now onwards then,” Sergey kept forcing his subordinates to return to the battle line. He even found a Bradley parked on the corner of the street. He then shouted at the weapon operator inside the vehicle, “Just stare at that street and fire at will if you notice any strange movements.”

The atmosphere on the battlefield became extremely tense. Bradley’s weapon operator was trembling in fear as well due to the sudden explosion and smoke. After receiving Sergey's order, he began to ignore his superior’s instruction regarding movement on the streets. Instead, he began to fire the bullets using a twenty-five-millimeter automatic cannon.

The automatic cannon was firing at random directions, but it just so happened that the direction of its attack had blocked the path for Cougar’s charge. In addition, the cannon had a powerful projectile that could easily penetrate through buildings and light armor.

The morale of the opposing side had risen, even though the weapon operator was just shooting randomly. After watching his own team begin to fire, Sergey loudly praised, “Yes, yes, yes. That's it. Don't be afraid and don't even worry about ammunition. Just calm down and we shall defeat our enemies.."

After restoring a firing point, Sergey then immediately rushed towards the other side of the battlefield. He knew that his men’s quality was poor. However, once his men experienced a few wars, he was confident that his team will soon possess fighting strength.

All he needed to do was to make sure that his men were not terrified!

"Get up now and stop stuffing your head into the ground like an ostrich. Bring your weapons, go to the top of the building and just shoot if you notice anything strange." After scolding and even shooting the few men who only knew how to run around mindlessly, Sergey was finally able to stabilize his battle line.

However, when Sergey got off the Bradley, he did not hear any sound from the twenty-five-millimeter automatic cannon. All he heard was the terrifying scream from its weapon operator. Nothing else could be heard after that.

“What’s going on?” Sergey turned his head around, but the smoke had blocked his sight and he could not see anything from more than five meters away.

“It seems like there’s a dog,” someone replied Sergey. At that instant, Richard was lying prone on the ground and holding a gun which he picked up from somewhere else. He then clenched his teeth and said, “I saw a dog going under the armored vehicle too. The dog seems to be the one that should be responsible for the explosion from earlier as well.”

“A dog……?” Sergey suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng was still struggling with all the obstacles on the road. He had spent two to three minutes, but he was still only on half of his way. What was even worse was that he was actually driving a Cougar which supposedly had powerful horsepower and strong off-road performance. If he were to drive just an ordinary vehicle, it would have broken down already.

On the other hand, even though the Cougar was still in the middle of its charging operation, the snipers from the top of the building were paying full attention to the scene. Although the surrounding air was already filled with dust, they had a much clearer vision from above thirty meters. Most importantly, they had a clear vision of the Cougar, which was still charging in like a turtle.

One of the sniper team clearly saw the intruders who were trying to enter their core position. The observer immediately reported via the wireless radio, “Commander Sergey, we have a heavy-duty armored vehicle charging towards us over here.”

Sergey’s impetuous voice can be heard instantly from the wireless radio, “Stop talking nonsense… Just shoot the target once you have a clear vision of it.

The sniper fired two consecutive shots at the Cougar after having a steady aim of it. However, the armored vehicle did not receive any damage at all. The sniper turned his head around and told his spotter, “Use the rocket launcher.”

The spotter was carrying a sixty-six-millimeter LAW light rocket launcher. This kind of weapon, which did not even weigh over three kilograms, was designed specifically to deal with armored vehicles and tanks. After realizing that the sniper could not inflict any damage on the armored vehicle, the spotter immediately untied the rocket launcher from his back. He then leaned against the sidewall on the top of the building and got ready to fire a missile at the Cougar.

After loading up the rocket launcher, the spotter aimed at his target and pulled the trigger.

In the instant when the missile was released from the rocket launcher, the whistle of supersonic projectiles came from afar. When the actual sound finally arrived the sniper team, its spotter’s head had already been exploded by several EC ammunition used specifically for the two-millimeter electromagnetic rifles!

As the corpse collapsed to the ground, the projected missile did not go out in its intended direction. Instead, it landed on the other side of the Cougar. The Cougar, which weighed more than twenty tons, got blasted off by the explosion’s air blast and hit the other side of the building before landing on the ground once again. Nonetheless… Zhou Qingfeng decided to continue driving his sturdy anti-landmine fighting vehicle!

However, Zhou Qingfeng cursed through the wireless radio, “Katrina, are you trying to kill me? Even if I’m not dead by the explosion, I’ll be scared to death.”

Katrina was worried about Zhou Qingfeng at first. However, once she heard him curse, she replied, “Shut up. Just focus on driving your suicide vehicle.”

“This is a fighting vehicle, not a shocked vehicle,” Zhou Qingfeng was about to go crazy after being tortured by the various obstacles. He was indeed risking his life as he will be dead at any time.

Meanwhile, on the top of the distant building, the dead spotter collapsed right in front of the sniper. The sniper, on the other hand, was hiding behind a guardrail wall. He breathed intensely while staring at yet another missile from the LAW light rocket launcher, which was lying on the corpse of the spotter.

Should I take the risk and fire another missile?

Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 168 - Suicide Charge

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