Rolling love Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

Wasn’t she the woman the media had photographed? The one who entered the private club with Jiang Yu Nan ?
Yan Liang took a step back.
Fortunately, Lu Zheng caught her in time.
Looking at her, Lu Zheng saw her perturbed. " What’s the matter ?"
"……" “…”

“Are you feeling ill?”

Yan Liang looked up to him, reluctantly shook her head and smiled .

The villa on the first floor was connected to the garden and swimming pool and the banquet was arranged around the pool. The house was full of guests. Yan Liang waited till Liang Ruiqiang toasted everyone with his wife. Half an hour later, Yan Liang was chatting with Mrs Liang. They were both of a similar age . While they chatted, Lu Zheng was slightly worried, but when he saw her face was relaxed, he was assured enough to leave and moved towards his own friends.

Mrs Liang was actually interested in cosmetics. She spoke about ther intention to participate in J'appelle in the future. Liang Ruiqiang looked on indulgently as the two women chatted. Such an all powerful figure like him, stood to the side, quietly holding his glass, listening to them and nodding his head from time to time.

Till his servant found him and told him," Miss is looking for you."
He hugged his wife and said " I’ll go and check."
And finally there was just Yan Liang and Mrs Liang. The waiter carried in a tray, Mrs Liang took two wine glasses from the tray and gave one to Yan Liang. " What were we talking about ?"
Yan Liang smiled and took the glass, then suddenly changed the topic, " Mrs Liang, do you know Jiang Yu Nan ?"

Mrs Liang was clearly surprised.

She was silent for a few seconds, then took a sip and immediately coughed. She replied, " I have heard the name but haven’t seen this person, why do you ask suddenly ?"

"Oh nothing !" Yan Liang said as she sipped her drink. She had no idea what the drink tasted like. " You just said that you were working in a cosmetics company before you met your husband . You also mentioned that you worked on the full-win sales model. As far as I know, the CGCM company was the one that first implemented that model."

"……" “…”

“Haven’t I remembered it correctly?”

“Yes,” Mrs. Liang said, still smiling, but this smile had stiffened.

Yan Liang nodded and continued : “I just suddenly recalled that Jiang Yu Nan was the executive president of CGCM before he joined Xu. He was promoted very fast and even became the first Chinese president of that company since its inception. He won that post because he was the one that proposed the implementation of the full win sales model to increase profits."

" This person is so outstanding ? Unfortunately , I was only in CGCM for a few months , I don’t think Mr Jiang was around at that time."

The woman hid her emotions very well. Yan Liang was about to push her a little bit more when she suddenly interrupted , " A friend is calling me. I’ll leave . We should talk again later."
Yan Liang followed her line of sight and looked back to see a white man waving at her.
She quietly straightened, looked up and took a sip from the glass.

Yan Liang left before the reception was over and returned to the hotel. She had yet to change her dress, she had just taken off her high heels and was pacing up and down the room.
She could not figure out anything, she dared not think about some likely conclusions, her mind was going numb from all those thoughts.

After hesitating for nearly half an hour, she decided to dial a number.

Why has my lawyer still not heard from you ? After thinking for half an hour, this is what she decided to start the conversation with. But unfortunately she felt very anxious as the phone rang.

The phone connected and she immediately started, " Jiang…"
" The number you have dialled has been switched off."
A cold and mechanical voice answered her.
She was stunned, and couldn’t think of what to do next. She only recovered from her daze when the prompt was repeated a third time and she finally hung up the phone.

At this point, she suddenly heard the door bell.
“Ding dong -”

The crisp sound of the bell sent a chill through her heart. In the next second, it rang again. Yan Liang looked at her cell phone and then at the door..

She rushed to open the door. What she was anticipating, even she didn’t know clearly. Until she opened the door and saw the person standing outside - not that person, but Lu Zheng. At this time, her inner voice faintly told her : she had finally lost all connection with him completely…

Lu Zheng looked at the woman at the door," Why haven’t you changed yet ?"
Yan Liang kept standing at the door without any expression. It seemed she was reluctant to allow him into the room. Lu Zheng only smiled ," Are you ill?"
Yan Liang did not answer him, she was silent. Suddenly she called him, " Lu Zheng !"
Although her voice was neutral, lu Zheng felt something was amiss.

" “I booked my return ticket for tomorrow.”

“Weren’t you planning to stay for two more days?”

"……" “…”
Lu Zheng's smile inadvertently disappeared. But he was a gentleman, and he smiled again, " Ok. Which flight did you book yourself in? I will return with you tomorrow as well."

“No, really, its fine .”

In so long, this was the first time that she had explicitly rejected the

" A person once lived here", Yan Liang pointed to her own heart.

“Do not say it…”

Unfortunately , his protests fell on deaf ears. She continued to speak. " Later , I ruthlessly ejected that person from my heart. Even I don’t dare to think back how much pain I had to go through for that. You really think, after all that, someone can live in my heart again ?"

Finally , his smile had completely disappeared.

"You should leave now", Yan Liang said as she prepared to shut the door,

At this moment, the situation was dire. He could see the door gradually shutting, and the woman’s face slowly disappearing from his view. He suddenly raised his hand to stop the door from closing .

He had never been angry with her. But this time there was a sudden surge of anger. He pushed the door back with such force that it banged against the wall with a loud noise.

It seemed Yan Laing had anticipated his reaction , she had anticipated all his actions and even expected him to roar at her.

Assault her ? He would like to be good, but what he did next was completely unexpected…

He smiled. As he looked at her, all his wrath seemed to have vanished instantly and was replaced by a huge sense of loss and helplessness. " Don’t I already know that ? If it were earlier, I would have calmly let you go, telling myself there are many other fishes in the sea . But …"

He seemed to be stymied for words. The first emotional statement in his life was badly articulated, like that of a child.

After a pause, he finally spoke , " I have heard the story of Zhou Cheng and your sister ."

"……" “…”

"”Ninety-nine percent of people would despise her, wouldn’t they ?”

"……" “…”

“I do not know what to say, but I can tell you now that I am your Zhou Cheng.”

"……" “…”

“I love you, there is no reason for that love, no principle. Just love.. … …”

…… …

…… No dignity

She couldn’t speak. She wished she had never heard anything, she wished he wouldn’t be as calm as he was now. Then she wouldn’t be so ….distressed.

Lu Zheng took a step to come closer to her. Now there was only a small distance between them- an invisible line. Should he cross it ?

He raised her chin.
He looked down in the eyes of the woman, his reflection humble in her eyes.
He bent his body slightly

Eventually he just kissed her forehead.

He was humble, and he was careful..
"Good night !"
*** ***
J'appelle managed to survive on its own even under the pressure from Li Bo.
Her last holiday was the five days she spent in New York, after that , she poured herself into work.
She stayed at home very little. No matter how busy, no matter which city she was in, every night she would always wish good night to one man.
“I love you, there is no reason for that love, no principle. Love.. …"

Every word of that sentence still echoed in her ear. Every " Good night " was like a knife to her heart.

Was it a knife that eliminated the scars in her heart, so she would accept a person in her heart ?

Yan Liang would rather die of overwork than think of the answer to this question.
J'appelle's flagship store was inaugurated. Yan Liang was scheduled to be on the field, she had no intentions to rush back and participate in the opening ceremony, so she informed her assistant and the Vice President was to cut the ribbon.

Fortunately, she completed the contract earlier than anticipated. She did not inform her assistant and just bought her own tickets to come back.
She caught the ribbon cutting ceremony of the store in the nick of time.

An MC presided over the opening ceremony, as he announced the name of the guests, the Vice President suddenly saw Yan Liang at tHe door of the lounge.

Everyone was surprised, " Ms Yan !"

The others were very happy. Only the assistant was a bit fearful, but she soon put on a delighted look," How did you make it back ?"
Yan Liang smiled in answer, but she didn’t speak. Then she turned her attention to the spokesperson and the top team downstairs.
The spokespersons were a line up of stars. The store was already surrounded by fans and the media. The scene was very festive . The MC announced the ribbon cutting, Yan Liang was given the scissors and she cut the ribbon. A historic moment.

The media frantically clicked pictures of the smiling faces.

As the shutters flashed, Yan Liang’s eyes swept across the crowd, but because of the continuous flashes, she could not see anything.

When the flash was interrupted for a few seconds, her vision was partially restored. Opposite her, there was a sea of people. In the light and shadow, her eyes suddenly widened..

There was someone in the crowd..

Yan Liang never thought that she would see jiang Yu Nan in this place…

But before she could be sure, the flash went off again and a bright blue light engulfed her line of sight.

…… …

Rolling love Chapter 72

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