Rolling love Chapter 73

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Finally the flashes stopped. As her eyes adapted to the light, Yan Liang hurried and looked around the crowd – where was he ?
She looked at the sea of strange faces, her expression gradually turned to disappointment- was it just her illusion ?
People noticed her still standing motionless, they all looked at each other in askance, till her assistant came up to her side and whispered in her ears, “ Ms Yan?”
Yan Liang recovered her composure, turned around and walked back to the room.

Just as she was about to step through the door, she was suddenly curious, stopped and looked back again.
In the distance she could see a figure at the periphery of the crowd, evidently moving in the direction of a black car parked by the side of the road.
The man was dressed in a simple T-shirt and jeans, his back was to the crowd, but his height and carriage made him stand out in the melee so that Yan Liang could see him immediately

Someone came down from the car, walked around and opened the door for him. Seeing that this person was about a to get into the car, suddenly an idea flashed in Yan Liang’s brain, she rushed out of the store, surrounded by journalists and countless spectators, straight towards the car
“ Jiang Yu Nan!”
The noise around nearly overwhelmed the shout, but the figure froze.
However, after a second, he quickly got into the car, closed the door and the car accelerated away immediately.
The reporters all looked  at this woman in surprise as she chased the car for some distance. Finally, she had to stop.
Yan Liang stood in the middle of the road, staring in the direction of the car, her eyes soulless.
The black Bentley quickly merged with the traffic. The side mirror still reflected the lonely figure of the woman. The driver looked at the mirror, and then at Jiang Yu Nan sitting in the backseat. He was just quietly sitting there , the driver didn’t know why he thought Jiang Yu Nan looked both depressed and pained.
Finally, he couldn’t help but tentatively ask, “ Mr Jiang, should I ..stop?”

Jiang Yu Nan raised his face, the looked at his own image in the rearview mirror. How can he meet her now?
Finally, he just smiled, shook his head and looked at the small card in his hand.
The organisers had distributed these cards just before the opening ceremony as a small gimmick. People were supposed to write their wishes on this card, and a lucky draw would’ve determine the winner who would get his wish.
Jiang Yu Nan’s wish was only four words: I wish you success
The opening of the flag ship store was the first step of success. Jiang Yu Nan chose to witness this. This should just have  been a simple blessing, but ultimately he had no courage, he didn’t feel he was in any position to send this to her…
The car moved farther and farther and the lonely figure reflected in the mirror  became smaller and smaller till it disappeared completely.
Before leaving the hospital, the injection he had taken was now showing its potent effects. At home, he changed his clothes and looked at himself in the mirror .. he still looked like the cool Jiang Yu Nan, no flaws were visible.
…… This home …
Jiang Yu Nan didn’t even know if this place could be called ‘home’. He hasn’t been living here for a long time, but the staff still cleaned the rooms everyday, watered the gardens everyday, the dressing room still had that unique fragrance, as if everything was unchanged, as if she had never lived here..
As he wore his watch, he came downstairs. Secretary lee had arrived and was was waiting for him in the living room on the first floor.
As he saw Jiang Yu Nan, he worriedly asked him , “ How did you get discharged ?”

Jiang Yu Nan only faintly said, “ Lets go back to Li.” The secretary closely followed Jiang Yu Nan as he walked towards the door.
Secretary Li frowned as he saw Jiang Yu Nan’s resolute back. He knew he was in no condition to be discharged, but he gritted his teeth to stop himself from saying anything.
As he drove , Secretary Lee updated Jiang Yu Nan about the details of the situation.” This month, Li Bo’s turnover fell by 30%. Jiang Shi Jun had actually sold Xu to alleviate the pressure on capital due to the acquisitions by Li Bo and to lay the groundwork for expansion in foreign markets, but now…”
“ How does he intend to deal with J’appelle?” Jiang Yu Nan asked as he continued to look down and scan the documents the secretary had given him.
“ Jiang Shi Jun now intends to change the strategy, so that they focus on the domestic industry. If Li focusses in the domestic industry, they are the big boss, and j’appelle will lose market share and dealers. But he has another problem. After all , he was the one that proposed the sale of Xu to Liang Ruiqiang and that turned out to be a huge mistake. Now whatever proposal he will bring , the board will carefully consider. Now his most distressing problem is how to to get the consent of the board. “

“……” “…”

Jiang Yu Nan did not make any comments. Sitting in the front seat, secretary lee looked back at him in order to figure out what he was thinking, “ You intend to protect J’appelle from harm I presume ?”
It’s his default position, isn’t it ?
Secretary lee continued, “ So as long  as we urge the Board of directors to reject Jiang Shi Jun’s proposal ..”
Jiang Yu Nan interrupted him,” Not so fast..”
That confused Secretary Lee.
Jiang Yu Nan explained, “ We need to think of ways to make the board agree to shift focus from overseas markets to domestic markets. Once Jiang Shi Jun thinks he can recover lost ground in the domestic market, we will create a fiasco so that investments are stopped and the board goes against him.
Miumiu : this guy is so Machiavellian!!
“……” “…”
“ Make a detailed plan that we will submit to each of the directors to persuade them to support Jiang Shi Jun.”
Secretary Li opened his mouth slightly in astonishment. His mind quickly tried to comprehend the plan and finally he was able to understand the words of Jiang Yu Nan. He nodded again and again, “ Ok.”

Secretary lee then called the relevant departments, issued orders. As he spoke on the phone, he couldn’t help but look back .
Jiang Yu Nan’s eyes were closed, he looked tired.
Who would have thought that this capable businessman had been greviously ill for so long…
He shook his head and once again paid attention to the call.
As soon as the car arrived in Li building Jiang Yu Nan walked to his office. He hadn’t been in the office for more than ten minutes when Jiang Shi Jun heard the news and came in, “ I thought that woman hit you so badly, you were planning to hide away for the rest of your life.”
Jiang Yu Nan quickly signed the numerous documents lying on his desk awaiting his signature. Then he raised his head , “ I gave myself a long holiday to adjust and now I’m back at work.”
Jiang Shi Jun nodded, sighed along with Jiang Yu an Nan and then irritably pulled the chair opposite Jiang Yu Nan’s to sit down. “ I warned you many times that to deal with her is like putting your head into the lions’s mouth. It is hard to tame a beast, sooner or later your head will be bitten off.”

Jiang Yu Nan paused while signing, looked up at Jiang Shu Jun and smiled self deprecatingly.
Jiang Shi Jun seemed to gauge the pain behind the simple smile. He actually gently comforted him, “ Don’t worry. You help me take care of Li Bo. Is she trying to build an aircraft carrier from the scraps of Xu ? She is still inexperienced.”
Jiang Yu Nan was noncommittal. In a neutral tone, he asked him, “ I heard you want to turn the focus back to the domestic market? The board of directors must be difficult to convince. “

The old fox immediately suspected something , “ Two years ago, weren’t you willing to help this woman out ?”
Jiang Yu Nan smiled ambiguously, but did not answer the question. He just gave the old fox a satisfactory solution, “ I have people working on a plan that should help you persuade the shareholders.”
Jiang Shi Jun finally breathed a sigh of relief and remarked , “For a long time , I haven’t seen this ruthless side of you. I really missed it. This is what you were before you started worrying about a woman. “
Then he looked at the watch and got up. “ I told Luo Dong to come in half an hour later. Today we are entertaining several directors. Come and join me. I will let your assistant know which nightclub it is.”
Jiang Yu Nan nodded his head with a smile.
As soon as Jiang Shi Jun’s figure disappeared outside the office, his smile disappeared. In this game, no one was better than him.
At 9 pm, Jiang Shi Jun’s assistant called up Secretary Lee from one of the city’s famous nightclubs.” Where is Mr Jiang ? Didn’t you tell me half an hour ago that he is on his way ?”

Secretary Lee silently sighed. As far as possible , he tried not to sound too strange, “ I’m sorry Mr Jiang had some urgent work.”
“Is that so?”

“……” “…”

“……” “…”
After a few more words, he hung up the phone.
At this time , there was a sudden gust of wind in the corridor.
Holding the phone, Secretary Lee was sitting on a bench.From time to time, he looked up anxiously at the operating theatre opposite the bench.
The door was closed and the red light was still on..
What Jiang Yu Nan said in the ambulance still echoed in his ear, “I can’t be sick now, this is the time to attack…”

“……” “…”

” “If … … I don’t survive the operation, please get this CD safely to the police..”

“……” “…”
“ For her, I…I ..can only… do this much…”

Rolling love Chapter 73

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