Secrets of His Royal Highness: Pampered Consort Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Let you be my empress (3)

With light steps, Ming Luo enters the room. It was still hot before she entered here but it seems it's the peak of winter here! Ming Luo looked down and walks ahead, a maid came up and bowed.

"Lady Yi, please you." The maid came up to the side of the bed and bow towards Ming Luo. Ming Luo heart was alarmed! God, please, please! I just hope I could hurry up and diagnosed this illness and go away from this place soon.

Now I really know, what is the feeling of going inside the Lion's den? The crown prince stood leisurely leaning against the bed. Ming Luo secretly swept her gaze at the crown princes. Today the crown prince wore a black robe with White flowery patterns, with his evildoer face. The whole person seems like a beautiful painting.

The crown princes seem like he felt someone gaze on him, he sweep his cold gaze at Ming Luo. Thump….!! Thump! Ming Luo quickly removed her gaze and look down. Too evil! He's so scary my heart is beating so fast!

She turned and look at the bed, Ming Luo started being uneasy. On the bed, Yu Ji Wu face was very pale and lips drain of colour, with sweat all over his forehead. Ming Luo knelt down to take his pulse.

The surroundings were all quiet. No one dared to make any sound. Everyone was anxious for the seven princes. Ming Luo hands were trembling, this pressure is too great! The room flowed a cooling incense, Ming Luo adjust her mind properly and took a deep breathe.

Ming Luo took his pulse, she twisted her brows. His body temperature is just too high but the thing is there is no pulse! Ming Luo held her breathed and looked at the person lying on the bed. His eyes are tightly if there is no up and down movement of the chest, Ming Luo would have thought that this person is death. Just…, this is the first time witnessing this kind of thing.

How can there be no pulse, even if it's a weak pulse there should be one! Ming Luo bit her lower lip. just don't know how to diagnosed this thing! She took a glance at the crown prince who was leisurely leaning against the bed. It just so happened he was also looking at her with his lips slightly hook up in an interesting smile.

He caught her eyed. He raised his eyebrow at her. The crown prince looked at Ming Luo, just feel it was somewhat interesting to see her little face twisted and tense but also feel her pitiful expression appeared a little cute. He looked at the side of the bed standing Dong Xuang. Dong Xuang nodded his head and turned towards Ming Luo.

Right now, Ming Luo was filled with cold-sweat all over her body. Dong Xuang approached Ming Luo, "Lady Yi, How is his highness body?" But Ming Luo didn't heard him just feel dizzy. She turned to look at Dong Xuang "I…" Before she could say anything she just feel her world is spinning and suddenly blacked, she felt unconscious.

From behind the corner of the room, a shadow gradually came out. Chen Yi heavily fanning himself looks exhausted. "I was wondering when she will lose consciousness!" He bitterly looked at the room of people. He had to fan the incense so that it could take its effect faster, who would have thought she would last so long? Chen Yi almost felt his wrist dislocated.

The seven princes, Yu Ji Wu gradually opened his eyes. He slowly sat up. Dong Xuang quickly came by his side. "Your highness you still need to rest." His slid down to his elbow revealing a deep fresh scarred. He looked at his bedside lying girl and his gaze finally felt on Ji wen. "Second brother…"

"You did well, you still need to rest." Then the crown prince picked up the unconscious girl. Yi Xu came up "His highness, I could carry…"

His word didn't finish the crown prince eyes cold down. He quickly closed his mouth. "His highness, I'll lead the way." Yi Xu quickly ran out to clear the way.

Ji wu look at the two figures gradually disappeared. Chen Yi appeared by his side, "What are you thinking?" Ji Wu removed his gaze and look down at his own body. "Nothing, just think her life is quite pitiful to have encounter us." He touched his wound and was lose in thought.

next episode will be a showdown between our Crown prince and Ming Luo….Muhahahaha

Secrets of His Royal Highness: Pampered Consort Chapter 17

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