Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 100: Clash Of Retribution Knights (Ii)

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Chapter 100: Clash Of Retribution Knights (II)

I’ve been fooled. This was Yang Wenzhao’s first reaction. He immediately understood that these attacks from Long Hao Chen were all out efforts, without any restriction. His main purpose was clearly to overwhelm him.

In the lounge, the Saint Knight Head muttered to himself, “This is Condemning Revolving Sword. As expected, he inherited this skill as well; as expected… What a shame that this Condemning Revolving Sword is far from perfect. Without enough spiritual energy, he cannot display the murderous power of this purely offensive retribution skill.”

Pu– Yang Wenzhao suddenly braced his sword against the ground, and an intense gold-colored glow was emitted by the ground, ruthlessly attacking Long Hao Chen who was in the middle of his Condemning Revolving Sword. It was Heavenly Battle Array.

Heavenly Battle Array couldn’t really shake Long Hao Chen; as he fully used Condemning Revolving Sword, Long Hao Chen’s fighting spirit was already at its peak and bursting out. Under these rotations, his spiritual energy was taking the shape of a frightening whirlpool around him. Even if Yang Wenzhao had a liquid spiritual energy, a mere Heavenly Battle Array had no way to stop Long Hao Chen.

But liquid spiritual energy was after all liquid spiritual energy, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but feel sluggish as his body kept rotating so quickly. Immediately, Yang Wenchao stuck the claymore in his left hand into the ground, as the liquid spiritual energy surrounding his body vibrated with an astonishing frequency broke out with a whistling sound resembling a dragon’s hiss.

Immediately afterwards, in the eyes of the spectators, Yang Wenzhao instantly took the shape of a gold-colored dragon who was soaring in the sky, ferociously striking Long Hao Chen who was still executing his Condemning Revolving Sword.

Ascending Dragon’s Strike, the Retribution Knight skill of the fifth step with the most important offensive potential. In front of the pressure of Condemning Revolving Sword, Yang Wenzhao had no choice but use his most powerful skill to turn the situation around.


The enormous gold-colored dragon disappeared and emitted dusts of bright light. From there, Yang Wenzhao appeared. His both feet fell on the ground, as he drew three steps back, and stood firm.

On the other side, Long Hao Chen who was previously spinning at a fast pace suddenly stopped. After having whirled for such a long time the air, as he reached the ground, he stumbled 7 or 8 steps back and could only stand on his feet with difficulty.

By comparing the changes in their breaths, it could clearly be seen that Long Hao Chen used up more spiritual energy than his opponent. His Condemning Revolving Sword was powerful, but it was also extremely exhausting to him. Furthermore, Yang Wenzhao’s liquid spiritual energy truly had an overwhelming effect.

However, Yang Wenzhao was instantly astonished by the fact that even though he could barely stand on his two feet, Long Hao Chen held his two swords on both sides and a gold-colored fog was emitted around him in a flash, Storing Power.

What an unyielding fighting spirit! Yang Wenzhao felt the blood in his body raising; he naturally understood that Long Hao Chen was in no way better than him, but under such circumstances, he still chose to immediately put to use the same skill as before.

Since a few days ago, Long Hao Chen had been using continuously Storing Power to quicken his own cultivation, while comprehending the profound mystery of the liquid spiritual energy. Unceasingly deepening his understanding of this skill made him master it even more than in the past; Storing Power’s speed had clearly increased.

Assault. Yang Wenzhao made the same choice Han Yu did on the previous day. Seeing him storing power, he immediately launched Assault without the slightest hesitation. His movements were even swifter than Han Yu’s; with his two swords on his two sides, he threw himself at Long Hao Chen, covered by a strong gold-colored light. His body was rushing forward, as this gold-colored light become deeper and deeper, and the rich liquid spiritual energy surrounding his body also became denser.

Without the slightest change of expression, Long Hao Chen calmly stood at the same place, motionless, looking at Yang Wenzhao who was ruthlessly charging.

Thorny Charge. Using a simple skill, Yang Wenzhao simply tried to interrupt Long Hao Chen’s Storing Power. Seeing from his previous Condemning Revolving Sword, Long Hao Chen for sure possessed a lot of secret skills. Condemning Revolving Sword was a kind of skill that made Yang Wenzhao absolutely envious, it wasn’t even something recorded in records of the Temple Alliance, but had to be a skill personally created by a formidable knight.


Raising his Flame Sword, and using Divine Obstruction, Long Hao Chen moved as soon as his opponent was extremely close to him. As he parried his opponent’s attack with his left hand’s sword, the Light Sword in his right hand was already chopping at him.

All spectators could clearly see that when the light sword in Long Hao Chen’s hand approached, the little golden light that wrapped it grew brighter, until ultimately becoming a dazzling glow, it was Shining Solar Strike.

Storing Power was absolutely not ineffective; even if the time of Storing Power was short, it still increased the efficacy of a part of his spiritual energy. This Shining Solar Strike of Long Hao Chen gave a sensation of justice and fairness; this gaudy sunlight seemed quite mild, and the golden core of this Shining Solar Strike seemed frozen.


The two attacks met up, Yang Wenzhao lifted up the sword in his left hand, blocking Long Hao Chen’s Shining Solar Strike with a simple Pure White Edge. But he was completely astounded. It was because from this Shining Solar Strike, he could clearly see that Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy had reached the threshold of the transformation into liquid.

Actually, from the beginning of the battle, Yang Wenzhao hadn’t gone all out. He wanted to see the worth of this youth who seemed a lot younger than himself, to evaluate his level; he had, after all, prevailed over Han Yu. The fact that Long Hao Chen was at the same time a Guardian Knight and a Retribution knight aroused his interest even more. He was absolutely sure that Long Hao Chen was no match for him, so he had held back his attacks up to now, only attaching importance to testing his opponent. But as his test went on, he was more and more shocked, and his previous attack was actually using all his strength. If it wasn’t the case, even with his cultivation level, how could a Pure White Edge be a match for a Shining Solar Strike?

Puh, Long Hao Chen took a step back while Yang Wenzhao didn’t move the slightest bit. However, the intense sunlight shone a second time in the row, it was, as before, a Shining Solar Strike.

Despite his fragile appearance, Long Hao Chen’s current expression was extremely heroic. Tightly gripping his Light Sword, he initiated a Divine Obstruction, together with the Shining Solar Strike with his Flame Sword.

What a fast linking speed! One should know that Shining Solar Strike is actually the most powerful skill at the fourth step.


This time, Yang Wenzhao didn’t dare be careless. Swinging his two claymores, he parried once again Long Hao Chen’s attack. Only, this time, Long Hao Chen didn’t fall back.

His feet seemed to be moving in slow motion, but had a special cadence. While staying on the move, Long Hao Chen brandished his two swords. Under the astonished look of the surrounding observers, he continuously attacked, launching 18 blows of Shining Solar Strike.

Each attack was vigorously executed, but more importantly, each of his blows was even more imposing than the previous one. Full of confidence, he made use of his momentum to oppress Yang Wenzhao who didn’t even have the chance to use all his strength.

However, this Yang Wenzhao was indeed formidable; standing at the same place as before, he didn’t even take a single step back after blocking 18 blows of Shining Solar Strike.

“So satisfying.” Long Hao Chen cried out loudly. With this loud shout, he took a step back. Because as Yang Wenzhao blocked his last attack, he used Divine Obstruction, the gold-colored light forming Bright Vengeance rapidly gathered in his two claymores, launching an Instant Blast Cross Cut.

Long Hao Chen suddenly stopped his retreat and crossed the swords symmetrically in his two hands, Divine Obstruction.

Rumble, rumble. Long Hao Chen stood on his two feet after having retreated a meter back, he completely blocked his opponent’s offense. The Light Sword in his right hand was suddenly lifted up, and a rich holy aura appeared with a white glow; it was Holy Sword.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 100: Clash Of Retribution Knights (Ii)

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