Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 103: Cai’Er’S Wrath (2)

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Chapter 103: Cai’er’s Wrath (2)

“Coma due to serious wounds, he is really in a coma because of serious wounds.” The temperature in the room dropped down once again and astonishingly, the cane in Cai’er’s hand pierced the floor of the room.

“Yang… Wen… Zhao. ” A pitch-black ring appeared and twinkled from Cai’er’s chest, and in the next instant, she, who was previously seated on the chair, started to disappear, little by little. More precisely, it was her afterimage that was gradually fading away.

Yang Wenzhao was just having dinner; after having beaten Long Hao Chen, he had already entered the top five, and he was now one step closer to his final goal. Only, this fight left him with a feeling of unease. It was the kind of feeling that hadn’t arisen in him for several years.

How old is he exactly? After the match, Yang Wenzhao investigated on this matter, but didn’t get any answer. One should know that even though some matters have kept him from coming, he still had an important position within the Temple.

“He’s at least four or five years younger than me.” Yang Wenzhao murmured to himself, “Only, I don’t know whether it is his innate talents that are better than mine or his efforts. Perhaps, in a couple months at most, he will break through to the fifth step. And I am currently only at the third rank of the fifth step. If he keeps improving at such a rate, he will most likely be my greatest rival in the future.”

At this point, Yang Wenzhao revealed a faint smile, “It’s good like that, having this kind of rival will be a source of motivation for me, it will have beneficial effects on my future progression. This kind of person finally appeared in the Knight Temple; only, I hope that his mount won’t disappoint me.”

During his spar with Long Hao Chen, he was greatly shocked, especially when Long Hao Chen used the skill [Sacrifice]. Even though the consequences were unknown to him, after he used it, Long Hao Chen became an extremely hard opponent to deal with. If not for his Spiritual Stove’s ability, even though he could normally hold out for the duration of [Sacrifice], he would definitely have ended up wounded.

“Saint Spiritual Stove? There’s still a wide gap between it and my Starsea Spiritual Stove.”

The Starsea Spiritual Stove was ranked 18th among the spiritual stove that knights could fuse with. It surpassed by far the Saint Spiritual Stove in terms of ranking, and could evolve up to three times. Yang Wenzhao had currently already completed the first evolution: it was what he had mostly relied on during his previous match.

“Ga… ap?” Suddenly, these two words echoed in Yang Wenzhao’s room. What made him turn pale with fright was that this voice could be heard from all directions, he could basically not determine its source at all. And even with his good senses, he didn’t feel this person’s arrival at all.

The window trembled, and in the next instant, a slim silhouette quietly emerged in front of Yang Wenzhao.

Yang Wenzhao swiftly took a step back. As one of his hands glittered, two claymores appeared in his hands and a strong radiance erupted from his body, instantly lighting the whole house. In such a crisis, he calmly reacted to the situation, but inwardly, his fear was far from having disappeared. If not for the fact the person before his eyes had revealed herself voluntarily, there was no way he would have detected her arrival, so if she had mounted a sneak attack…

Yang Wenzhao didn’t dare think any longer about that, and focused on the perilous situation he was currently facing.

“An assassin?” He calmly voiced out, while carefully observing the person he was facing.

A black long skirt, a part of her face was hidden by a black veil, her right hand was grasping a blue cane, and her feeble body was blowing like a gust of wind. Her purple hair hung behind her body, but the thing that astonished Yang Wenzhao the most was that her eyes, which were not hidden by the veil, didn’t contain the slightest emotion.

“You shouldn’t have wounded him.” Each word Cai’er let out was causing Yang Wenzhao’s heart to palpitate.

“Magic sound waves going through the mind?” Yang Wenzhao instantly became careful, the radiance surrounding his body materialized, forming after condensing a faint armor covering his whole body and from his chest, drops of blue shining rings were released. Facing this girl he never saw before but who was about to threaten his life, he could only go all out.

“Pf–” Cai’er’s hand was still gripping her cane at the same place, as she stood there, completely motionless.

Completely sensing his surrounding, Yang Wenzhao suddenly lifted up the claymore in his right hand.

With a Danglang sound, a gold-colored radiance appeared, it was [Divine Obstruction]. A black silhouette instantly leaned forward, it was the Cai’er who still stood at the same location; she started to progressively disappear.

[Shadow Doppelganger].

Yang Wenzhao was completely astonished, thrusting the claymore in his left hand into the ground, he immediately made [Heavenly Battle Array] break out, and simultaneously, ten minuscule blue-colored balls of light came out from his chest.

These minuscule blue-colored balls of light didn’t need his command to instantly head towards the direction of the enemy and explode.

Cai’er appeared by Yang Wenzhao’s side; [Divine Obstruction] blocked her first blow, and Yang Wenzhao’s reaction speed was extremely fast, the blue-colored balls of light released by his Starsea Spiritual Stove immediately exploded, covering her in their range.

But without even letting Yang Wenzhao the time to take a breath, an unimaginable scene took place.

Cai’er’s right hand that was put aside from beginning to end still didn’t move the slightest bit, and on her right hand, a gold-colored dagger appeared, brutally creating sparkles. Then, Yang Wenzhao could clearly see that each of the Starsea Strikes launched by his Starsea Spiritual Stove were unexpectedly shattered.

Cai’er’s speed was so fast that Yang Wenzhao had completely lost sight of her. Each swing of the dagger in her right hand destroyed a ball of light completely scattering it as if they were clouds. In the next instant, all these minuscule blue balls had completely vanished.

After everything that was said, Yang Wenzhao was still a true genius who had beaten Long Hao Chen, and in addition, a Retribution Knight; as such, he had already calmed down. When facing an assassin, a knight had a natural advantage, because knights’ defensive capabilities were high, and their offensive power wasn’t lacking either. In addition, they had a lot of powerful abilities that could restrain assassins. Assassins had powerful offensive capabilities, but their defense was their fatal weakness: as long as they could be hit once or twice by the knight, they were very likely to lose the ability to keep fighting.

Simultaneously shaking his two hands, he launched a pair of [Light Thorns]. A great amount of light energy surged out from the two claymores, turning into numerous sword shadows aiming at all directions. Considering the speed of this assasin, this attacking pattern was the most effective possible.

Cai’er let out a cold snort as her frail body started to move according to a peculiar tempo. It appeared that her body only moved slightly and with simple movements, but she avoided all these gold-colored sword shadows aimed at her that had basically no way at all to hit her.

From Yang Wenzhao’s point of view, the current Cai’er was like a ghost’s shadow, as she easily avoided all his attacks. But wasn’t this… the secret skill that could be used by assassins of the fifth step, [Spectral Dodging]?

Yang Wenzhao didn’t manage to hit the enemy at all. A strong gold shine suddenly erupted from within his body, and a dragon cry could be heard, it was [Ascending Dragon Strike]. Only, this time, [Ascending Dragon Strike] wasn’t directed upward, but forward.

[Ascending Dragon Strike] wasn’t only a skill with an extremely powerful firepower: it was an ability that combined both attack and defense in one. With the help of the [Light Thorns] aimed forward, he took the opportunity to launch [Ascending Dragon Strike]. At that moment, his Starsea Spiritual Stove glittered once again, and another dozen of minuscule blue-colored balls of light rushed forth, aiming this time to defend him, rather than attacking. They revolved around his body at a great speed.

Yang Wenzhao’s aim was to take advantage of [Ascending Dragon Strike]’s momentum to break out of the room, because in this narrow space, he had no way to bring out the most of his capabilities. Once he was outside, he could at least summon his companion mount. At that moment, he would not be forced to stay so passive anymore.

Cai’er’s sparkling figure suddenly froze; she suddenly stopped to dodge and stood right in the middle of the path of [Ascending Dragon Strike]. Her delicate figure slightly stretched forward, and in a split second, a pitch-black shadow appeared. This shadow was shapeless and looked like a reflection of Cai’er.


The bright light disappeared and Yang Wenzhao’s soaring figure was forcibly pushed back. His [Ascending Dragon Strike] technique that gave Long Hao Chen a lot of trouble had simply been blocked off by the overwhelming effect of this black shadow.

Yang Wenzhao stumbled back, he had never encountered a force such as the one that had just appeared in front of his very eyes. It was so imposing that it left a dozen of marks on his two swords.

[Despotic Stab] was another assassin skill of the fifth step, but more importantly, Cai’er’s body emitted a sort of cold air that seemed as if it contained death itself, making her opponent feel as if he was about to be stabbed by a sharp blade. This frightening sensation was extremely hard to take.

However, at that time, Yang Wenzhao didn’t even have the time to analyze the situation. By chance, he had his Starsea Spiritual Stove to partly protect him. Even this tyrannical Starsea Spiritual Stove could not even display its mighty power, and could only be suppressed under the influence of Cai’er’s dagger.

Suddenly, Yang Wenzhao woke up to reality. This is the particular assassin skill known as [Sly Stab], if I remember well. I think it is aimed at countering magic effects, including the effect of the opponent’s spiritual stove. This female assassin is clearly extremely young, but she was an incredible threat to him.

It would be so great if he could use the skill [Lock]. If it was the case, he could at least deal with her [Spectral Dodging] with it.

As he was thinking to himself, Yang Wenzhao didn’t stay idle: [Assault], [Thorny Charge], [Shining Solar Strike], these three abilities were launched at one go, and a blue radiance was emitted from the Starsea Spiritual Stove in his chest, turning into a blue topaz armor covering his whole body. This was the ability his spiritual stove gained after its first evolution, [Starry Spiritual Armor].

Yang Wenzhao clearly understood that if he kept fighting in such a narrow space, he would have to fight more and more passively. He would rather let himself be hit by the opponent’s attack if it enabled him to rush out. Although this assassin was quite formidable, as long as he could summon his mount, he should be able to match her.

Cai’er was blind, but her attacks were even more tyrannical than those launched by assassins who could see. Her dominance was absolute. Actually, she had a lot of ways to attack him and achieve better results, but she remembered what her subordinate told her about the way Long Hao Chen’s match took place, and the fact Yang Wenzhao’s and Long Hao Chen fought head on from beginning to end.

Head on? Then let’s go head on too.

“Dang.” The black glow amplified, taking the [Shining Solar Strike] head on. Her strategy was completely un-assassin-like, but rather warrior-like.

Yang Wenzhao felt that his [Shining Solar Strike]’s piercing power was completely taken away as this radiance as dazzling as the sun disappeared.

In terms of spiritual energy level, Yang Wenzhao could feel that his opponent wasn’t a lot stronger than him, but her spiritual energy was compressed to a frightening extent. It felt as if she had completely fused with her deathly aura.


Yang Wenzhao’s body ruthlessly collided with the wall, shaking the whole hotel. In the next instant, thousands of hundreds of white lights suddenly appeared before his eyes.

Block them? He had no way to block, and in a split second, Yang Wenzhao’s mind became completely blank.

If Long Hao Chen was there, he would definitely have recognized that the white light that came out from Cai’er’s chest was corresponding to the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stoves.

Tut, tut, tut, tut, tut, tut…

A series of meat cutting noises resounded, as countless blue rays splashed down from the air.

An ice-cold voice directly echoed in Yang Wenzhao’s ear, “You used your spiritual stove to wound him, so I will use my spiritual stove to break yours.”


All these dots of lights suddenly stopped in midair; Cai’er stood extremely close to Yang Wenzhao, sticking her sharp knife into the middle of his chest. As the direct victim, Yang Wenzhao felt as if the spiritual energy in his body was completely depleted. And from beginning to end, Cai’er had only used her right hand.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 103: Cai’Er’S Wrath (2)

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