Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 104: Saint Daughter Of Samsara (I)

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Chapter 104: Saint Daughter of Samsara (I)

It started to become hard to breath for Yang Wenzhao; his voice also started to become rougher. He had never felt so close to death before that moment.

She had come for his sake, for Long Hao Chen’s sake.

Cai’er’s last attack pierced through the right side of his chest and left him a shred of hope because she didn’t aim for the middle of his chest. If she did so, she would definitely have completely destroyed the Starsea Spiritual Stove, and if it was instead the left side of his chest that was penetrated, it would simply have led to his death.

How could such a skilled assassin miss her target? She was actually just being lenient towards her opponent.

Feeling her blatant killing intent, Yang Wenzhao revealed a bitter smile, “The Six Temples are originally a whole entity, and yet… you…”

Cai’er turned the dagger in her hand around, and instantly, Yang Wenzhao became speechless.

“So you know that the Six Great Temples are originally a whole entity? Then as someone who’s from the same Temple as yours, why did you still seriously injure him?”

Everyone feared death, especially geniuses.

Yang Wenzhao tried, with difficulty, to explain himself, “He started it, by using the ability [Sacrifice], and anyway, it’s just a competition.”

Cai’er coldly answered, “I don’t care; anyway, you’re the one who hurt him. If not for this competition, you would already be a corpse right now.”

At this very moment, her ear moved slightly, and she retreated back, retracting her dagger. Immediately, blood surged out from Yang Wenzhao’s chest, but with her astonishing speed, Cai’er didn’t even come in contact with his blood.

Her shadow twinkled, and in the next instant, she disappeared into the night, together with her blue cane.

Yang Wenzhao tried to force himself to treat his wound. He currently looked extremely dull, and his body was still leaning against the wall, slowly slipping down. Deep inside, he wasn’t really resenting her, but he mainly felt powerless. He couldn’t help but feel that he had just avoided an even worse calamity. Perhaps, even with his mount, he wouldn’t have been a match for this female assassin.

By chance, the [Starry Spiritual Armor] had blocked the overwhelming majority of her attacks, but still, her Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove had left dozens of wounds, each one of them being an inch long deep cut, and in addition, he was severely wounded on his chest. He felt already dizzy because of the huge amount of blood he had lost.

Gradually coming back to his senses, Long Hao Chen opened his eyes with difficulty. He felt that his throat was completely dried up, as if he was currently inside of a smelting furnace. He was, from the head to toe, filled with a scorching hot feeling.

After struggling for a little while, Long Hao Chen finally felt that all the pain in his body had disappeared. Looking around with difficulty, he found out to his astonishment that there wasn’t even a drop of his internal spiritual energy left, and as before, the Saint Spiritual Stove was motionlessly hovering in his chest. However, its brilliance had dimmed.

What an overbearing skill this [Sacrifice] is! It only has a duration of 10 seconds, but it weakened him to such an extent. Fortunately, there wasn’t any harm done to his internal organs, and he could feel that a gentle holy aura was uninterruptedly moistening his body.

He didn’t know it, but it was the effect of [Holy Healing], a healing ability used by powerhouses of the seventh step that acted on his internal organs, preventing heavy sequelae. Even though he was currently weakened, there weren’t any injuries left on his body!

It was also because of his Scion of Light physique, possessing the most pure spiritual energy made of holy light possible. Even though [Sacrifice]’s consumption was frightening, because of the purity of his internal spiritual energy, this consumption only had the effect of arousing his potential and igniting his senses. It was also one of the reasons why Long Xing Yu dared include this ability to those that were unsealed at the fifth step. He originally prepared it for him to use it in case he was in an extremely dangerous situation. But he didn’t expect that as Long Hao Chen was on the verge of having his spiritual energy liquefied, during the fight against Yang Wenzhao, he would make such an all-out effort. Actually, in the Inheritance Ring, the seal for the abilities unlocked at the fifth step, were unlocked during the time of breakthrough, so he managed to use this ability even though he was only at the fourth cultivation step. If not for [Holy Healing]’s effects, he would have had to stay lying in bed for a whole month.

As he recovered his consciousness, the pain Long Hao Chen was feeling gradually weakened. He could vaguely feel that within his Saint Spiritual Stove, a sort of autonomous spiritual energy had been accumulated. He had no idea about how to control this spiritual energy, but he could feel that it hadn’t completely disappeared from his own body. His spiritual energy’s recovery was only a question of time now.

A smile was being drawn in the corners of Long Hao Chen’s mouth; even though he lost his match against Yang Wenzhao, he was still quite carefree. Long Hao Chen was convinced that after this struggle, by the time his spiritual energy was recovered, he would really break through to the fifth step.

This Yang Wenzhao was an extremely tough opponent; he even had a spiritual stove, and furthermore, an offensive one. In this situation of a 1v1 fight, his Starsea Spiritual Stove obviously had a lot more utility than Long Hao Chen’s Saint Spiritual Stove.

Father was right, the best method for a Retribution Knight to progress is to go through unceasing battles, to feel and comprehend everything in the middle of them. By the start of the next stage of the Demon Hunt Selection, I should have completely recovered. According to the days count, the Six Great Temples should have at least three days of preliminaries left, because there should be a lot of people left on the side of the Warrior Temple.

After the preliminaries, there will be three days of rest, so it will make a total of six days of rest. It should be enough for me to recover completely. The best would be if I can break through the fifth step by then. Even though Hao Yue is not here at the moment, it doesn’t mean I cannot get a good ranking during the main stage of the competition.

This contest will have a lot of benefits for me, but why is it that I feel that I am forgetting something even more important?

Suddenly, the smile in Long Hao Chen’s face became frozen. Opening his eyes wide, he suddenly became pale and his complexion changed completely.

Cai’er, Cai’er…

Long Hao Chen felt as if he received a heavy blow on his chest, and he suddenly tried to force himself to enter a sitting posture.

This change of posture caused a significant pain in his body, and he did not manage to change his posture.

Damn it, damn it, I missed our appointment. I was excessively focused on the match and my opponent. I missed our appointment, I missed it…

Long Hao Chen, completely filled with anxiety, forced himself to get up. He had a troubled expression and completely lost his previous calm state. In his mind, there was only this blue cane, softly hitting the ground, and accompanying her petite figure.

She’s definitely waiting for me and has definitely waited for a long time, for so long. I should, hic…

Long Hao Chen ferociously gave himself a slap, making his body spasm with an intense pain. Standing with difficulty, he had to support himself by leaning on the wall, as he headed towards the door.

I have to find her, I have to find her. At this very moment, his mind was entirely filled with this thought.

It was already deep night. As Long Hao Chen left the hotel, unsteadily walking out, he could feel a nip in the air, that violently blew on his face. His internal spiritual energy was completely dried up so it couldn’t protect him at all. By chance, the cultivation of his external spiritual energy made his body robust, so even though a weakening feeling constantly attacked his senses, in his innermost being, a strong determination drove each of the steps he took forward as he walked away from the hotel, advancing towards the place where they met up everyday.

The aftereffects of “Sacrifice” were really overbearing: Long Hao Chen was currently experiencing intense pain, reaching from head to toe. Almost each step he took caused his body to sweat profusely, almost losing his balance. There were even several times when he was on the verge of falling down.

Fortunately, the hotel where he resided and the place where they met up were quite close. While stumbling, he slowly advanced. The current Long Hao Chen felt extremely ashamed; yes, the competition was an important matter, but still, how could he miss his appointment with Cai’er? She was going to be extremely disappointed!

Taking one step after another, Long Hao Chen’s sight was still fuzzy, as the cold of the deep night gradually attacked his very body.

Finally arrived, finally arrived! This extremely short road still took him half an hour to cover. And finally, he could see the place where he used to meet up everyday with Cai’er. Only, Cai’er wasn’t there; the location was entirely empty and quiet.

Pong, Long Hao finally couldn’t keep standing firm, and tumbled down on the ground. He could see countless stars revolving around him.

Of course! Cai’er has already left… The sky was already so dark, so how could she have not left yet?

Long Hao Chen’s lips twisted into a bitter grimace. As he fell on the ground, his heart was filled with regrets. If he could do it all over again, he wouldn’t have tried so hard in his match against Yang Wenzhao. He didn’t know since when it was the case, but he discovered to his astonishment that to him, sending Cai’er back had already become more important than his training.

I have to go to the hotel to look for her and to apologize. But will she forgive me? She cannot see the road and waited for so long before finally leaving by herself, how painful was this experience… Will she still be willing to forgive me?

That won’t do, I cannot look for her. It’s already so late at night, so she is definitely sleeping after her tiring day, by now. How can I disturb her?

She must have been waiting for a long, long time. Since it’s this way, I will be waiting there for her. I must wait for a longer time than her, if I want to seek her forgiveness.

At this point, Long Hao Chen gasped for breath before slowly standing up. An intense dizzy feeling filled his head; he had never felt so weak before. This feeling was absolutely horrible. He felt like he could lose consciousness at anytime.

No, I cannot faint, I must be waiting for her there, it is the road she takes everyday.

As he thought that, Long Hao Chen used his hands to support himself and slowly got up. After standing up, he tried his best to stay up. He was afraid that if he sat there, he would soon either lose consciousness or fall asleep.

Time passed, a minute after another, a second after another, but Long Hao Chen stood there, at the same dizzy state from beginning to end. Every time he couldn’t support his body anymore, he would fall down, and temporarily manage to stay awake because of the shock. And then, he would once again crawl down to stand up once again.

Cai’er blankly stood before Long Hao Chen’s bed; she was at a loss about what to do: Why is he not here anymore? Where has he gone?

After inflicting serious damage to Yang Wenzhao, Cai’er came back to that place. She was blind, but her five other senses were extremely sharp. As soon as she entered, she discovered that Long Hao Chen wasn’t there anymore.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 104: Saint Daughter Of Samsara (I)

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