Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 106: Saint Daughter Of Samsara (Iii)

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Chapter 106: Saint Daughter of Samsara (III)

The Six Great Temples were closely linked to each other. Just like how the Mage Temple and the Warrior Temple have an extremely close relation between them, the Knight Temple and the Assassin Temple’s relationship is among the best. An Assassin is after all the best partner possible for a Knight. The knight is the one who can defend the assassin the best and the assassin is the one who can provide the best offensive power to support him. A stable holy light, a wandering dim shadow, complementing each other while countering each other.

Because of the incident, the higher-ups of the Knight Temple were furious, but they didn’t immediately send punitive forces against them, and instead, they announced the facts of the night before to the Assassin Temple, letting them investigate thoroughly. And on this day, on the early morning, Han Qian was facing Ying Suifeng.

Ying Suifeng who had kept a serene face all along was suddenly shocked, calmly replying, “After examining the events of last night, I have a rough idea of the sequence of events. It was certainly a member of our Assassin Temple that intervened. For this reason, I apologize to the Knight Temple on behalf of our Assassin Temple.”

As he spoke, he calmly straightened himself, slightly stooping and performing a salute towards Han Qian.

Hearing that, Han Qian immediately glared at him. He had dealt with military matters throughout all his life, and on numerous times, he had risked his life when fighting against the army forces of the demon race.

“Suifeng, was it really someone from your Assassin Temple who did this?” This time, Han Qian became a lot colder, the way he addressed him changed as well, and his face became an extremely ugly sight to look at.

His relation with Suifeng was pretty good; sixty years ago, they were fighting alongside each other as comrades-in-arms, belonging to the same Demon Hunt Squad. And it was thirty years ago that their status started to rise within their respective temples. They had started to age, and came to the decision of disbanding their Demon Hunt Squad, to start their careers as people working in the affairs of their respective Temples.

Upon hearing Ying Suifeng’s acknowledgement, how could he not feel anxious? This kind of act akin to internal struggle could be seen as an act of jealousy from one of the Temples. This kind of act could obviously arise complaints or riots within the Alliance, and obviously affect its prestige and harmony.

Ying Suifeng let out a sigh and said, “Since we are the culprits, why would I not recognize this act? Please calm down, and listen calmly to me. Actually, this matter has been caused by you, Knight Temple. Let me ask you, the one Yang Wenzhao injured during yesterday’s match was a knight competitor right? And Yang Wenzhao caused him to be heavily wounded.”

Listening to him, Han Qian suddenly realized something, and his complexion changed completely, “Are you saying that Long Hao Chen hired an assassin from your Assassin Temple?”

If it was the truth, then things would be even worse! Without a doubt, to the Knight Temple, Yang Wenzhao was among the most outstanding youths of their generation. But in Han Qian’s heart, Long Hao Chen had more value. Although Long Hao Chen lost yesterday, he displayed an incredible talent, greatly shocking, once again, this Saint Knight Head. He discovered even more facets of this child; it was simply a genius destroyer! His appearance was something that could simply cause all the other geniuses to be ashamed of their talents.

Besides, his grandson Han Yu was arranged to accompany Long Hao Chen as his retainer knight. If Long Hao Chen had really hired an assassin to deal with Yang Wenzhao, then even he wouldn’t be able to defend Long Hao Chen. Such a demonic character could only be punished severely.

By just thinking about that, Han Qian turned pale with fright.

This time, it was Ying Suifeng’s turn to frown, “What kind of person is this Long Hao Chen? How could he cause such concern? Brother Han, you seem to treat him favorably as well, right?”

Han Qian snorted once, replying impatiently, “Please don’t care about this first, and hurry up to tell me: after all, was it Long Hao Chen who hired him?” Long Hao Chen could be called the Knight Temple’s secret weapon; especially since he’s so young, his information was already classified as a major secret. His relation with Ying Suifeng was good, but for the sake of the Knight Temple’s status among the six Great Temples, he couldn’t lightly reveal this information.

Ying Suifeng shook his head, and replied, “Of course it’s not the case, How could a little guy who had already lost consciousness hire an assassin? Actually, things are like this: this Long Hao Chen has a good relationship with a member of our Temple, and the information on how he was wounded came to our Temple. Right after this member of our Temple learned this information, she was in a state of total wrath and acted personally, without notice, to raid this Yang Wenzhao. Only, she was quite lenient and didn’t kill him for real.”

Upon hearing that Long Hao Chen didn’t hire this assassin, Han Qian immediately relaxed, but was exasperated by his light tone. Pissed off, he said, “You are speaking so lightly. Do you know who the hell Yang Wenzhao is? He’s old Yang’s grandson. Without mentioning his importance to our Knight Temple, considering his status, who will you send to explain this to old Yang?”

Ying Suifeng let out a light sigh and said, “His identity is already something we are looking into. Only, now that this affair has already taken place, what we must do right now is to settle it. After all, his spiritual stove hasn’t been damaged, although he has been lightly injured. With your Knight Temple’s healing capabilities, he should be able to recover rapidly, and there shouldn’t be relapses. If the injuries are really serious, we are willing to request a priest at the rank of red-clad sect master or above, from the Priest Temple to treat him. This should partly compensate your Knight Temple; how about it?”

Han Qian was quite smart, from Ying Suifeng’s words he deduced a few facts, and his complexion changed, “So you are saying that you don’t plan to hand over this assassin to us, right? And you don’t even plan to punish her?”

Ying Suifeng nodded in silence, “Old Han, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry about that.”

Han Qian stood up, completely furious, before hitting the desk once again, “Ying Suifeng, so this is the explanation you are giving me? Do you know what the consequences of your actions will be?”

Ying Suifeng sighed once again, replying, “I know, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Not speaking about me, even our most heroic seniors cannot deal with her.”

Han Qian coldly snorted, “He was greatly wounded, and don’t forget who the one responsible is. If we leave this matter to be handled by the Alliance, there’s no way it stays unpunished. I advise you to let it be treated in private between our two Temples.”

Ying Suifeng’s eyes flashed with a particular sparkle, and he thought to himself, This little girl is really carefree. It looks like the Knight Temple isn’t going to let this go easily. Furthermore, if it was her who was heavily wounded like that, I would have had the same reaction. ARGH!

“Brother Han, please don’t get angry like that. I know this matter is making things difficult for you. I will go find this heroic senior and sincerely apologize to him. We wish to settle this matter behind the scenes. I have a single condition.”

“Behind the scenes?” Han Qian was startled.

Ying Suifeng nodded, and said, “I believe you know what I mean by behind the scenes; we cannot afford to treat this person lightly. I only want Brother Han to pledge me something; after we settle this matter behind the scenes, I want you to inform your seniors divine knights that everyone shall keep their mouth completely shut! To preserve our Temples’ thousand years of relations, we absolutely don’t want this matter to be lightly spread.”

Han Qian stared at him, from Ying Suifeng’s serious tone, it looked like the fact that this matter had to be handled from behind the scenes was extremely important to the Assassin Temple.

“Okay, I give you my promise. Speak, now.” Although he didn’t formally pledge to him, his promise was as valid as an oath. Within the Six Great Temples, knights were the most strict in regard to discipline; if one happened to break his promises, no matter whom he promises to, he would have no way to stand on his honor.

Ying Suifeng silently shook his head, and continued to speak, “From whichever side of the Six Great Temples when fostering a talent, the most important factor to determine his potential of future development is the innate internal spiritual energy. In every Temple, people with different innate talent are treated differently. For instance, in your Knight Temple, an innate internal spiritual energy above the 70th level is known as a physique of angel, and above the 80th level it is known as a physique blessed by gods, right?”

Han Qian seemed to have vaguely understood something, and took a deep breath, “From what you are implying, this fellow who wounded Yang Wenzhao has an innate internal spiritual energy above 70, and is rather young, right?” A young age was something that couldn’t be determined arbitrarily; from Yang Wenzhao’s description of his opponent, she shouldn’t have reached the sixth step yet.

Ying Suifeng revealed a bitter smile, “If it was only that much, for the sake of the relationship between our two Great Temples, we would nevertheless have given her some punishment. But the fact is that over the past 3000 years of our Assassin Temple’s history, a sole and unique person exceeded the 90th level of internal spiritual energy, obtaining a physique of a Scion of Samsara. It is equivalent to the physique of Scion of Light of your Knight Temple. The importance of this girl to our Assassin Temple is exceeding the importance your Knight Temple gives to a Divine Knight. You shouldn’t forget that 3000 years ago, our Assassin Temple was almighty; that Scion of Samsara relied on his formidable strength and innate talent and managed to get rid of seven of the demon gods. At the very end, he even managed to deal with the first demon god, and had been inflicting serious damages to the demon race for thirty years. And yet, that Scion of Samsara only had his innate internal spiritual energy at the 91st level. And back to our era, she’s the one we found to succeed that killing machine of a Scion of Samsara. Her innate internal spiritual energy is even greater compared to his former 91st level; it was originally at the 93rd level, but after she inherited the spiritual stove of the previous Scion of Samsara, it reached the 100th level! According to legends, this level is even given another title: the one known as the Saint Daughter of Samsara, an existence that will in the future be able to challenge the first demon god! If we compare her to the Yang Wenzhao from your noble temple, who’s the unimportant one and who’s the important one?”

Han Qian’s eyes were already wide opened, and completely shocked, he answered, “Innate internal spiritual energy, 100…. Is… is this for real? This… This…”

Ying Suifeng let a bitter laugh, “Do you think I would fool you in this kind of matter? This is the biggest secret of our Assassin Temple. To all our almighty temples, a saint girl of this kind is something that would cause anyone to cry out in dread and fall down out of fear. Furthermore, she started her training at the age of five years old, for a total of 9 years by now. Her formidable innate talents are undoubtedly already manifesting. And she did not only manage to grasp control of the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stoves, she also fused with the main stove this Scion of Samsara used to fight with, the first ranked spiritual stove from our Assassin Temple, the Six Paths of Samsara. You ought to know the might of the Six Paths of Samsara. Therefore, I cannot lightly hand her over to you, because actually….”

Han Qian gave him a somewhat sluggish look, and after a long while, he gently revealed a forced smile, “I understand…”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 106: Saint Daughter Of Samsara (Iii)

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