Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 108: Evolve, Saint Spiritual Stove! (Ii)

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Chapter 108: Evolve, Saint Spiritual Stove! (II)

However, Ye Hua had a lot of experience in cultivation methods, so even with his very weak innate talent, he had still managed to break through to the step of Earth Knight, and had researched countless cultivation methods. As a result, he carefully pondered over the matter, before telling him that it was the Saint Spiritual Stove that helped him produce spiritual energy. ‘Nurtured’ spiritual energy.

Long Hao Chen’s cultivation obviously hadn’t reached the fifth step, so in these circumstances, making liquid spiritual energy appear was supposed to be impossible. Even if these drops of liquid spiritual energy had appeared by pure coincidence, Ye Hua was completely sure that if it was anyone other than Long Hao Chen, even if he could manage to use [Sacrifice] at his level, he would never be able to do the same.

The only explanation to this phenomenon was the effect of the Saint Spiritual Stove. Inside of the Saint Spiritual Stove, a special space was produced, helping Long Hao Chen to compress his spiritual energy, liquefying it. When Long Hao Chen relied on [Sacrifice], it used up his own spiritual energy while igniting his blood.

Spiritual Stoves were the most mysterious objects in heaven and earth, protecting their users quite well. The Saint Spiritual Stove is very likely to be what prevented the last drop of Long Hao Chen’s internal spiritual energy from being consumed, before provoking this internal phenomenon of internal compression. Long Hao Chen already had the comprehension of the liquid spiritual energy in itself, the greatest characteristic of the threshold of the fifth step. It was also through the means of his cultivation, the method that used the skill [Storing Power], that he managed to gradually find out the compression method. Only, he was unable to directly launch this process of compression. Relying on the skill [Storing Power] only helped him to find his senses.

But now, the situation was different. With the existence of the Saint Spiritual Stove, his problem of compression was already solved, as it produced genuine liquid spiritual energy. As long as he could find a way to extract this liquid spiritual energy from the Saint Spiritual Stove and train his spiritual energy above the 2000th level, the daunting bottleneck of the fifth step would be no problem to him.

With this news, Ye Hua was naturally delighted as well. He urged Long Hao Chen repeatedly to go to his room to firmly cultivate; after all, even delaying the Demon Hunt Competition wasn’t a big deal. He was still young, so in the future, he would have the opportunity to participate in this great competition again. In comparison to this competition, to grasp the opportunity to break through the stage of Earth Knight was far more important.

The Saint Spiritual Stove was far from being huge: its body was approximately like that of a little cup worth three coins. The quantity of spiritual energy such a small Spiritual Stove could contain was something anyone could easily imagine.

After three days of bitter practice, Long Hao Chen had completely used up his stock of Spiritual Gathering Pills, and the Saint Spiritual Stove was almost at its peak condition. Its interior was filled with a thick liquid spiritual energy.

These three days of cultivation were actually quite painful. Because no internal spiritual energy was left in his body, Long Hao Chen had to absorb external light essence; this was quite a slow process. If not for the aid provided by the Spiritual Gathering Pills, perhaps even within 10 days or half a month, he wouldn’t have filled the Saint Spiritual Stove. In that case, he would really have ended up unable to participate in the competition.

What Long Hao Chen didn’t know was that originally, when Long Xing Yu gave him this Saint Spiritual Stove, he already knew that it would have other uses besides just combat. Only, he didn’t tell this to his son.

Long Xing Yu was a Divine Knight, and as such, he had experienced the cultivation process from the first to the ninth step. As a result, he understood pretty well how important the cultivation process was. For his training, he wanted Long Hao Chen to break through the fifth step at the earliest time possible, but didn’t want to help him too much, making him become a powerhouse with an exaggerated ease. If he really did so, even if Long Hao Chen was a Scion of Light, he would have no way to break through the threshold of the ninth step in his whole life! Thus, he chose to let Long Hao Chen do things at his own pace, slowly and continuously strengthening himself, to experience by himself the difficulties of the cultivation process.

Long Xing Yu had absolute confidence in Long Hao Chen. If a Scion of Light didn’t have enough perception, who would?

This particular ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove was called nurturance. It wasn’t only a Spiritual Stove that helped in battles, but it was also also a training assisting tool. This was one of the greatest secrets of the Knight Temple.

Because the Saint Spiritual Stove was only really useful to Knights and Warriors in combat, the other vocations didn’t have much interest in this Spiritual Stove. And a Warrior’s self-recovery ability was far beyond comparison with Guardian Knights’, so at this point, this Saint Spiritual Stove could be pretty much considered a spiritual stove exclusive to knights.

Saint Spiritual Stoves were quite rare, so when the other Great Temples found a Saint Spiritual Stove, they would choose to exchange it with the Knight Temple.

Only the Knight Temple, after countless trials, had some suppositions. It was that as long as the first spiritual stove of a human was the Saint Spiritual Stove, and he got it below the fourth step of cultivation, this special effect of nurturance of the Saint Spiritual Stove would be stimulated.

This special effect called ‘nurturance’ required the user of the Saint Spiritual Stove to discover it by himself and ordinarily, its manifestation wouldn’t be obvious to notice. It only gave an extremely weak boost to cultivation and nothing more.

However, in critical moments, the Saint Spiritual Stove’s ‘nurturance’ would have immense effects. For instance, it would have the greatest effect when Long Hao Chen would come to the liquefaction of his spiritual energy, as well as when the time would come for his spiritual orifices to condense when breaking through the step of Radiant Knight. With the assistance of the Saint Spiritual Stove, it could be said that he was bound to break through.

Everyone does some self-study, and Temples aren’t exceptions. If the other temples discovered the assistance effect provided by the Saint Spiritual Stove to the process of cultivation, there would probably be no one willing to sell this kind of stove to the Knight Temple. As a result, this mystery was kept secret all along. At least up until now, no one from the other Temples had discovered it.

Actually, even if Long Hao Chen hadn’t used the skill [Sacrifice], he would still have quickly figured out this use of the Saint Spiritual Stove. Because as long as he completed the first evolution of his Saint Spiritual Stove, the effect of ‘nurturance’ would automatically help him break through the fifth step. Actually, Long Hao Chen previously saw the fifth step as an opportunity to make his Saint Spiritual Stove evolve.

So it’s finally full? Teacher said that the essence should start to spill over at this moment, so since it seems to be finally full, it should start spilling over to some extent.

Regardless of the calm attitude Long Hao Chen ordinarily, when breaking through the fifth step, he couldn’t help but feel nervous, deep inside.

His cultivation was ongoing, and as it was going on, the liquid state of his spiritual energy started to become richer and richer. Drop after drop was being accumulated, visibly spilling over.

Finally, the Saint Spiritual Stove stopped accumulating more liquid spiritual energy, and a drop of gold-colored liquid after another started to flow down from the edge of the Saint Spiritual Stove.


At this very moment, Long Hao Chen felt his body shaking as it started to be emit a dense holy aura. A golden ring of light rose at the top of his head, vaguely being condensed to form a lump of golden light essence. This was the sign of an advanced Ascending Spiritual Cloud. Only when breaking through a high step would this Ascending Spiritual Cloud appear.

The droplets of liquid spiritual energy were few, but they illuminated all the meridians in Long Hao Chen’s body. A familiar holy light was rapidly spreading through his meridians, quickly spreading to every corner of his body.

Compared to the previous thin gold color of the internal spiritual energy, this color was a lot deeper, its splendor was already approaching that of the bright gold color.

Even though, up till now, only a single drop of liquid spiritual energy had spilled on Long Hao Chen’s body, the light essence was being absorbed at a phenomenal speed.

Meanwhile, the Saint Spiritual Stove was emitting an intense and bright light. What could clearly be seen was that on Long Hao Chen’s chest, a rich brilliant ring had formed, spreading all around. enveloping his whole body in it. The Saint Spiritual Stove slowly rotated around his chest, causing the drops of liquid spiritual energy, one after another, to spill out. Having taken a golden color after welcoming all this liquid internal spiritual energy inside, it finally came back to its former milky-white color. After these trivial struggles, mystical patterns had started to appear on the surface of the Saint Spiritual Stove.

It evolved, the Saint Spiritual Stove evolved! Long Hao Chen immediately discovered something. It wasn’t only the Saint Spiritual Stove that evolved, but he could also clearly see that a soft gold-colored liquid was revolving around this Saint Spiritual Stove. As surprising as it could seem, it was liquid spiritual energy.

In the past, when he used [Storing Power] for his cultivation training, liquid spiritual energy had also appeared, but at that time, as long as he let [Storing Power] fade, this spiritual energy would immediately regain its original state.

But now, things were different. In his body, around the Saint Spiritual Stove, what appeared was genuine liquid spiritual energy. Despite the fact that there were only something like a total of a hundred of these drops of liquid spiritual energy, with so many drops, wouldn’t he be back to his peak condition soon?

2000. My spiritual energy has definitely already broken through the 2000th level! The fifth step! I am now an Earth Knight!

A dim-witted smile appeared on Long Hao Chen’s face. How could he not be excited? He reached the fifth step at 14 years old! This was something completely inconceivable! What he needed now was to recover completely his spiritual energy. Recovering the 2000 units of liquid spiritual energy will make him be at a totally different level.

Yang Wenzhao, the next time we meet, I will really have the strength to challenge you.

On the following days, Long Hao Chen was deeply immersed in his cultivation, transforming like a sort of chrysalis. These short few days were enough to make astonishing changes take place within him.

Alliance’s government palace.

Just like Holy City, the Alliance’s government palace was a building that belonged to the Six Great Temples, the core location for making important decisions.

The Demon Hunt Selection was of the utmost importance for the Temple Alliance. Three days later, the qualifiers would end. The sixty most outstanding youths were about to compete together. It signified that the Temple Alliance would have ten new Demon Hunt Squads, pouring fresh blood into the Demon Hunt Squads.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 108: Evolve, Saint Spiritual Stove! (Ii)

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