Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 113: Abnormal Combat(S) (I)

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Chapter 113: Abnormal Combat(s) (I)

Knight skill of the sixth step, [Lock on].

Even Yang Wenzhao, with his strength that reached the fifth step, found this [Lock on] skill quite threatening, let alone this Xing Xuan whose cultivation level was quite inferior to Long Hao Chen. No matter how great his dodging abilities were, [Lock on] was completed in an instant, and [Holy Sword Strike] instantly twisted the air, aiming to strike him as Long Hao Chen pursued him.

To assassins, “What one should be the most afraid of is the skill [Lock on] used by knights. When an assassin trains to the sixth step, gaining the possibility of learning the skill [Invisibility], he will still be countered by the skill [Lock on].”

However, just like this red-colored [Lock on] was fast to appear, it was also fast to disappear. After twinkling for an instant, this red light dissipated. Because Xing Xuan kept flying away, [Holy Light Strike] didn’t have a target to reach, and could only scatter on the ground.


The yellow dirt suddenly brightened, making an astonishing sight appear in the eyes of the other competitors. On the ground, a 15 meters high and 10 meters large immense ravine appeared, and all the surrounding yellow dirt turned brown, clearly from the effect of the light-elemental luminous scorching attack. An intense aura of the light attribute rapidly surged out from the ground.

As Xing Xuan’s both feet touched the ground, his eyes twinkled with an infinitely bewildered look. In a split second, he felt as if he had risen to heaven. Looking around, as soon as he saw this immense ravine, his clothes started to be soaked in cold sweat. If such a tyrannical attack had hit his body, he was afraid that there wouldn’t even be bones left of him. Without the slightest hesitation, Long Hao Chen had voluntarily removed [Lock on] so that this attack wouldn’t really fall on his body.

Completely terrified and extremely nervous, he let these words slip, “I admit my defeat, thank you for having been lenient, big sister’s man.”

As expected, he conceded to Long Hao Chen but this appellation astonished him completely, “Big sister’s man? What’s a big sister’s man?”

“Victor, Long Hao Chen.” The referee declared Long Hao Chen the winner of this match, as he sent astonished looks to him. This powerhouse of the seventh step had no idea what ability Long Hao Chen had relied on to find Xing Xuan’s location.

Of course, what they didn’t know was that Long Hao Chen’s mental capacity was completely different from ordinary people, who would be completely unable to immediately find an assassin using [Holding Back Breath]. Previously, when Xing Xuan had been dodging and concealing himself from him, Long Hao Chen relied on his powerful perception, and mental capacity to follow Xing Xuan’s moves, He shut his two eyes to focus on using his mental capacity to determine his accurate position. It was for the same reason that he was calmly using [Storing Power].

Knight of the fifth step, this was enough to make all the other competitors of this third group alert . They clearly saw that Long Hao Chen hadn’t released his mount at all! If this kind of knight of the fifth step also had a powerful mount, his strength was bound to be on the height of an enormous tower.

The most gloomy were these few assassins. [Lock on]; this man of big sister surprisingly had such a skill normally used by knights of the sixth step. How could they be a match for him? Without the slightest hesitation, all they could aim for was the possibility of ending up second of this group.

At the moment Long Hao Chen obtained the victory of this first match, the second group’s competition was also extremely fierce and bitterly ongoing.

“Second match, Lin Xin, Sima Xian, you may go on stage.”

Lin Xin didn’t know this bald priest at all, and he walked over to the stadium while looking up to his opponent.

This was a priest gown, but this guy was extremely robust. Weren’t priests’ bodies supposed to be extremely feeble?

Head full of doubts, Lin Xin was heading to the stadium.

Sima Xian wasn’t nervous at all. The word ‘fear’ didn’t exist in this bald priest’s vocabulary. Grabbing his thick staff, he walked forward with large strides, heading to the stadium.

The referee calmly said, “Because priests aren’t good at attacking, as long as a priest manages to hold out for ten minutes, the match will be considered as his victory. The match may start.”

The most important thing for a priest in a teamfight is actually his ability to heal and to support, and as a result, a pure combat is absolutely unfair to a priest. Thus, the Demon Hunt Selection designed these rules.

Facing Sima Xian, Lin Xin showed his most handsome smile, “Hello brother Sima. I am the mage bearing the number 1 and also the one who ended up ranked first of the preliminaries. Let me give you a piece of advice: it would be better for you to concede now; if I were to injure you, wouldn’t it affect the rest of your competition?”

Mages were publicly known as the most powerful among the six temples in terms of offensive power. What priests were the weakest against were assassin, and then mages. Lin Xin told Sima Xian that his attacks were extremely powerful and that he had no way to bear them, and so, the best for him to avoid losing face was to concede.

If it was another priest who was about to face the first ranked mage of the preliminaries, he would probably be completely intimidated. But was it like that for Sima Xian? This fellow was a priest, but there was only violence in his mind.

“Concede my ass. The great I has also ended up first in the Priests Preliminaries. I am coming.” As he spoke, Sima Xian took big strides forward, directly charging toward Lin Xin. His dark-colored staff with a faint gold-colored gem atop suddenly shone, spreading a rich sacred light all around, proper to priests.

This fellow really was a wooden club. Lin Xin was sighing to himself as he lifted up his right hand, making a fire cloud crystal that served as his staff immediately appear in his hand. The fire attribute was immediately amplified around him; a thick fire essence filled the air surrounding his whole body with a thin red color.

Looking at this scene, without needing to mention that Li Xin was startled, even Cai’er wrinkled her brows as she felt the intensity of the fire essence that was filling the air around them.

The fire cloud crystal was pointed forward, making an immense blazing shield appear before Lin Xin. This was the skill [Fire Shield] of the second step, but used by Lin Xin, this [Fire Shield] was a foot long, and half a foot wide. His body was entirely behind it, making the atmosphere of the whole stadium blazing.

Sima Xian was also shivering, but it didn’t affect his charge. With a shout, the staff in his hand directly smashed against the [Fire Shield].

Is… Is this a priest?

Lin Xin opened his eyes wide, and all the other competitors of the second group did the same.

With a Puff sound, the [Fire Shield] violently swayed, and countless cracks appeared at the place against which the rod collided.

Sima Xian didn’t stop moving, his enormous rod hitting the ground, Bang bang bang bang.

Repeated series of blows fell on the [Fire Shield], fire scattered in all direction, and the the [Fire Shield] couldn’t stand the attack anymore.

Lin Xin’s immediate reaction was to curse him secretly: Damn!

Once again raising his fire cloud crystal, he didn’t omit chanting another incantation. A rich flame blossomed from him, it was [Repelling Ring of Fire]. Just like his [Fire Shield] this [Repelling Ring of Fire] was at least twice the size of usual ones.

But at this moment, the gem in Sima Xian’s staff brightened, creating a white vibrating ring, fiercely striking against [Repelling Fire Ring].

[Sacred Knock].

[Repelling Ring of Fire] and [Sacred Knock] met each other. Sima Xian’s magical staff swept away, Bang, [Fire Shield] was dispersed.

Lin Xin was a mage of the fifth step. When compared to Sima Xian who was only at the fourth step, there was a big gap between both sides. In particular, Lin Xin’s control over the fire element was especially formidable. In the instant the [Fire Shield] was dispersed, another [Fire Shield] immediately appeared, and another [Repelling Fire Ring] was released. These ones struck Sima Xian, pushing him back.

Is there a mistake? Isn’t this guy closer to a warrior? A warrior draped in priest clothes.

Lin Xin was completely speechless. Murmuring the verses of another incantation, he shot a reddish-gold-colored fireball. As everyone thought that he was about to attack, this reddish-gold-colored fireball divided into more little fireballs, aimed at the six directions around him.

“Pure Element [Fire Shield], let me see how you will break through this.” Lin Xin shouted in anger.

Sima Xian disdainfully twitched his mouth, “Pure Element [Fire Shield] my ass, I’ll break it the same way.” Right after speaking, he bellowed a warcry, before charging once again. Lifting the magical staff in his hand, he concentrated a lot of power. Simultaneously, an enormous [Sacred Hammer] ferociously hit his [Pure Element Fire Shield].

For a moment, on the stadium, a fire-red-colored light and a gold-colored light simultaneously appeared. A concentrated spiritual energy unceasingly surged out on the battlefield.

“Big sis Li Xin, how is it that I can’t really make sense of what I’m hearing?” Cai’er asked Li Xin, looking at a loss and uncomprehending.

A bitter smile was drawn on Li Xin’s face as she replied, “Don’t say you can’t make sense of what you’re hearing… I cannot even make sense of what I’m seeing. A mage is fighting against a priest, but the priest is the main attacker, and the mage is the main defender. It’s really…”

Abnormal, this was abnormal combat. The bald priest Sima Xian was charging while lifting up his magical staff, just like a dragon about to sail out, unceasingly bombarding Lin Xin’s defense.

Lin Xin was quite firm, constantly releasing his defense. Letting Sima Xian constantly attack, like rain, he didn’t move the slightest bit. But he didn’t use any offensive abilities.

Lin Xin’s fire cloud crystal occasionally repaired the defense, and with a proud look, he said, “Baldie, it won’t do. Do you think you will break through my defense one day? Let me see how you will manage to, hmpf.”

Sima Xian let out a cold snort, “What is there to be proud of? The great I is only using his physical strength to attack you. You are using up your internal spiritual energy, so sooner or later, it will end up completely depleted. At this moment, let me see how you will block my attacks.” Actually, he was completely baffled by the power of Lin Xin’s spiritual energy. If he used some tyrannical offensive magic, he was afraid that there would be no way for him to resist them, since he could use none of the defensive abilities normally used by priests. However, from beginning to end, this guy had never attacked. Why?

Lin Xin, full of disdain, curled up his lips, extending his left hand. With a sparkle, a crystal bottle appeared in it.

“For you to want to use up my spiritual energy, I’m afraid that it will be nothing more than daydreams. Big bro has drugs. Do you see, each of the pills in this battle can restore 200 units of spiritual energy. Let me see for how long your body will be able to hold out.”

Sima Xian opened his eyes wide, “This is clearly a shameless act.”

Lin Xin, with an air of complacency, spoke back, “What are you calling shameless act? The great competition doesn’t forbid taking medicine. Big bro has drugs, big bro has drugs, do you have some? Let alone this, for such a little amount of spiritual energy, who would contest the fact big bro is taking medicines?”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 113: Abnormal Combat(S) (I)

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