Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 115: Abnormal Combat(S) (Iii)

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Chapter 115: Abnormal Combat(s) (III)

However, what came out from such a formidable spell of the eight step was unexpectedly being held in this young lady’s hand. How couldn’t that astonish everyone? The ultimate result left everyone between laughter and tears. To everyone’s surprise, what she summoned was nothing more than a little lamb.

Without the slightest hesitation, this was another abnormal match, and a fairly abnormal one at that…

Long Hao Chen’s gaze was focused on Chen Ying’er who walked forward, the corners of her mouth twitching around. He suddenly thought that it seemed that he had heard his teacher say that a genius appeared the Spiritual Temple, and he went as far as to summon a magical beast of the eighth step! It should be her. However, if she could summon a magical beast of the eighth step, what was up with this little lamb that she had just summoned?

Wang Yuanyuan was also baffled. Stealthily stowing the gem in her hand, she moved away from the stadium, remaining completely puzzled.

Thinking about Cai’er, Long Hao Chen didn’t remain any longer, and walked away from the stadium at a fast speed, directly heading to their usual place.

Because in the second group, Lin Xin and Sima Xian’s match lasted ten minutes, when Long Hao Chen arrived, Cai’er wasn’t here yet.

Finally having arrived earlier than her, Long Hao Chen relaxed. He calmly stood there, waiting for her.

He never knew that waiting like that could leave people so full of expectations.

“Du, Deng, Du.” Light sounds came out from a fairly distant place. Long Hao Chen’s hearing was pretty good, so he immediately recognized this familiar sound. Lifting up his head, he immediately saw Cai’er coming from there, together with Li Xin, supported by an arm of hers. Seeing Long Hao Chen at the side, Li Xin immediately waved her other hand.

“Hao Chen.”

Long Hao Chen revealed a knowing smile, before intending to meet them, but suddenly, a blazing scene occurred. From his forehead, Long Hao Chen felt as if an enormous furnace coming from heaven was enveloping him. In the next instant, his brain was completely blank.

From a distance, Li Xin who was supporting Cai’er was about to walk over, when suddenly, she discovered to her astonishment that Long Hao Chen’s forehead had lightened with a purple light. From this purple light, nine branches could vaguely be seen. This purple light suddenly flashed, and instantly, Long Hao Chen disappeared without any basis.

“How did that happen? Hao Chen!” Li Xin anxiously called out, and Cai’er by his side, instantly feeling that something was not right, hastily asked, “Big Sis Xin’er, did something happen? ”

“Hao Chen… Hao Chen disappeared!” Li Xin pulled Cai’er’s arm and dashed toward the place where Long Hao Chen formerly disappeared. They weren’t the only ones astonished, but each of the surrounding passants in the street, shocked by the sight of such a scene, cried out in astonishment.

“How… How could he suddenly disappear?“ Li Xin reacted, her expression filled with disbelief.

In comparison, Cai’er was fairly calm. Grabbing Li Xin’s hand, she said, “Big Sis shouldn’t worry. Just tell me what happened in the end.” Regardless of how sharp her five other senses were, since she couldn’t see, all she could previously feel was a fantastic fluctuation of spiritual energy that disappeared in a flash, before Li Xin cried out in alarm.

Li Xin cautiously narrated everything she saw a moment ago, and hearing her words, Cai’er face suddenly became serious. From her knowledge, she had no idea what could have happened.

“Big sis, let’s do like this, you go back first, and try to wait for Hao Chen’s return. I will look for my teacher and inquire about this subject, there has to be an explanation. Something must have happened.”

“Okay, please inform me whenever you get some information.” From the path she took previously, she already knew where Cai’er lived.

Cai’er looked currently calm, but deep inside, she wasn’t any less anxious than Li Xin. Long Hao CHen’s disappearance was just too odd a phenomenon. It had completely bypassed common sense.

Without returning to her dwelling place, she rushed with the use of her blue bamboo cane, directly heading to the Alliance’s office palace.

After ten minutes, Cai’er was finally standing before Ying Suifeng.

Ying Suifeng wrinkled his brows, “Based on your description, it seems that this fellow was transported by a magical array. Furthermore, it was a transfer initiated by someone else. From there, there are in total three possibilities. First possibility: he was summoned by another living creature that concluded a master-servant agreement with him, making him become his subordinate, and this master needed his help, so he summoned him. Second possibility: he received a powerful curse that forced him back to another space. Third possibility: the life of his companion, with whom he completed a pact of equals, has been threatened, so he went to help him. There are other possibilities, but for the time being, the only ones I can think about are these three. And based on the previous situation, he should have been waiting for you, so it is impossible that he used a scroll or something like that to teleport. In addition, he isn’t a mage, so it is impossible for him to use spatial magic, so as a result, from my estimate, the most likely explanation is that he was taken away by his companion linked to him through a pact of equals. Do you happen to know what kind of mount companion it is?”

Cai’er shook her head, looking at a loss, and immediately followed up with another question, “Grandpa Yingzi, could it be dangerous?”

Ying Suifeng revealed a bitter smile and answered, “It’s hard to say. If he was really called out by his contracted mount, then it depends on how strong this contracted mount is. The more formidable the contracted mount, the more likely he’ll be to encounter dangers. Conversely, the weaker his mount, the smaller the danger will be. However, this is difficult to predict. Not speaking of you, even a powerhouse with such a cultivation level as me cannot accurately tell this, and it is impossible for me to find him. He has likely been teleported to another space. As a result, there’s no use for you to be anxious right now, all you can do is to wait, wait for his return.”

“Then, what if he doesn’t come back?” Cai’er’s hands gradually tightened.

Ying Fengsui took a deep breath, and calmly said, “Then, it will be proof that he died.”

Cai’er’s body shook before she turned around to leave.

“Girl, where are you going to go?” Ying Suifeng eagerly asked.

Cai’er answered without turning the head, “I will be waiting for him at the place where he disappeared. It’s because when he comes back, it will definitely be in the place where he disappeared.”

Was Long Hao Chen really teleported away? This question didn’t even need to be asked. Just like Ying Suifeng predicted, the cause was that he was summoned through his contract with his companion mount.

Gradually coming back to his senses, a feel of worry quickly spread to his whole body, and Long Hao Chen looked around.

“Ke, ke.” As soon as he appeared there, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but cough. It was because a single mouthful of the air that filled the atmosphere was already extremely muddy. This air contained a great amount of dirt, in addition to numerous magical essence that spread in it. A single breath of it was what made Long Hao Chen repeatedly cough. He unconsciously released [Divine Light Mantle] with haste, disconnecting himself from the external world. Relying on the use of [Divine Light Mantle] to act as a filter, he breathed in succession some purified air, feeling relaxed again.

Where are we? With a radiance from the forget-me-not ring in Long Hao Chen’s finger, the Light Sword and the Radiant Shield immediately appeared in his hands. The first thing he had to do when facing a dangerous situation was to stay calm. He immediately made the right move to protect himself.

After stabilizing his breath, he discovered that he was located halfway in a mountain, and the next sight he had completely shocked him.

This world was completely black and red. The sky was pitch-black, and there was no star in it. The atmosphere was full of dark elemental essence and fire elemental essence. There were also other elemental essence, but they were extremely heterogeneous and without equal to the abundant dark and fire elemental essence.

As far as his eye could see, on the ground, countless crackles were left, letting an impressive amount of magma intertwine, forming a river.

No wonder the temperature was so high. Although Long Hao Chen was still in shock, he was also completely alert. How did I arrive there? Unconsciously, he felt a scorching heat coming from his forehead

At this very moment, a familiar shout was resounding in his heart. Long Hao Chen was completely shaken, and involuntarily let these words slip out, “Hao Yue.”

He suddenly turned around. From there, he saw at his back a cave that didn’t seem very wide. Inside, a faint brilliance was emitted, faintly discernible from his point of view.

That’s right, it was Hao Yue’s aura. Long Hao Chen was finally sober after having been so suddenly teleported, and after covering himself once again in [Divine Light Mantle], he quickly headed to the cave.

This cave wasn’t deep at all, and quickly, he found Hao Yue. But Hao Yue’s current appearance left Long Hao Chen flabbergasted.

Hao Yue had crept inside; his breath appeared to be very feeble. Little Light and Little Fire were bent down on the ground, and his body had grown a lot larger than when they parted. On his neck, the bulge that was previously there had grown a lot larger.

However, the scales on Hao Yue’s body had at least ten crackles, and vague purple-colored bloodstains were left. The most mysterious thing was that on his body, from the outside to the inside, layer after layer of blue light was uninterruptedly flashing. It seemed that once every three breaths he took, this light would twinkle once.

“Hao Yue, how are you doing?” Without the slightest hesitation, Long Hao Chen released a [Holy Mantle] to cover Hao Yue’s body. The gold light brought by [Holy Mantle] continuously healed the wounds on Hao Yue’s body.

Hao Yue recovered his consciousness, and Little Light as well as Little Fire lifted up their heads with difficulty, looking at Long Hao Chen, transmitting a series of informations to him through his thoughts

Hao Yue didn’t explain how he became in this state, but only told Long Hao Chen that this was his original world, that he was currently evolving and that he was on the edge of accomplishing the last breakthrough. And at this moment, he was at his weakest state, and needed Long Hao Chen’s protection. As long as he could complete his evolution, he could return together with Long Hao Chen to Shengmo Dalu.

“Hao Yue, evolve at ease. I will be your protector.” Long Hao Chen said this without the slightest hesitation, before releasing another [Holy Mantle] to keep healing him, before turning around and leaving the cave, about to guard the cave mouth.

This was another world, and there was nothing he knew about it. It was impossible to say that there wasn’t the slightest fear in his heart, but to Long Hao Chen, the most important was Hao Yue’s safety. After all, Hao Yue was his little brother; each of them had the blood of the other one flowing in them. If this wasn’t an extremely dangerous situation, why would Hao Yue have forcefully summoned him?

more precisely “don’t know whether to laugh or to cry”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 115: Abnormal Combat(S) (Iii)

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