Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 119: Three-Headed Hao Yue (I)

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Chapter 119: Three-Headed Hao Yue (I)

Inside the eye sockets of the bone dragon, brilliant blue flames were lit. Just by its tyrannical aura, this dragon could comparably be of the ninth step. On the back of the bone dragon, there was a male clad in black armor. The figure was over 2.5 metres tall and it sat patiently at the base of the dragon’s neck. On its right hand, there was a lance that might be longer than its wielder, covered in dazzling purple.

The boundless grey sky suddenly split open, and a graceful figure appeared, its body was shrouded inside a black mantle. Although the figure was barely visible, two scarlet flames were moving on its head.

That’s right, we are late. Although we came as soon as we obtained information from that lich, in the end, we are still late. The one this sharp voice belonged to was precisely that ‘master’.

“A year ago, when we discovered Austin Griffin, he had just been reincarnated. To hide from our attempts to kill him, he used an innate ability enabling him to become extremely weak, lowering to a great extent his evolving speed. However, after such a small duration, how could his third head already be born? According to this terrifying evolution speed, I am afraid that before a hundred years pass, the calamity that occurred at that time will descend once again. Undead Abdicator Knight, do you have a method to find him?”

The Undead Abdicator Knight coldly answered, “If you, in your capacity as the Lich King, are unable to find him, how can I? Austin Griffin has already changed locations. But every time he wants to evolve, he will be bound to return to this world where he was born. We can only wait for the next opportunity now.”

The Lich King coldly spoke back, “What are the others doing? Can it be that they believe that this Austin Griffin will be as easy for us to deal with as its six previous reincarnations? His third head has already grown, he is already becoming harder and harder to deal with. We will have to convene the Undead Monarch’s General Assembly. After combining our forces, I believe that we’ll come up with a solution.”

“All right. About this matter, you and I hold the same point of view. In those days, at the moment Austin Griffin broke the seal pillars, calamity fell upon mother earth, the skies collapsed, and everything died. Relying on his strength at the heavenly step, he can at most reincarnate nine times. As long as we can destroy him this time, and persist for 2000 years, he will be left with no means to descend to this world ever again.”

The Lich King said, somewhat astonished, “I didn’t expect the cold and indifferent you to be also afraid of desolation.”

“Can it be that you’re not afraid?” The Undead Abdicator Knight snorted coldly, as the enormous bone dragon he was riding turned around. Then, a rich black-color was released all around it, and in the next instant, he disappeared completely.

The Lich King was currently in the cave where Hao Yue had previously been, coldly looking around. In the next instant, an enormous purple blister appeared there, and instantly, the whole mountain peak melted. The Lich King’s body also disappeared in the air, fading away and leaving only gray ashes behind.
The steady and determined Long Hao Chen had his body completely shaken. Unconsciously looking forward, he discovered that the purple color under his skin suddenly disappeared, leaving no traces in his body. And the aftereffects of the Bursting Spiritual Pill seemed to have completely disappeared with it, even though 12 hours were far from having passed from the time he took it.

The surrounding purple color quietly weakened, as Long Hao Chen discovered, to his astonishment, that around him was a pitch black landscape, seemingly familiar. What was this place?

“Hao Chen.” A familiar voice shouted his name, and immediately, Long Hao Chen recognized two familiar silhouettes.

“Du, du, du.” Li Xin and Cai’er, who was moving with Li Xin’s support, ran to his side from a nearby place.

Long Hao Chen immediately reacted. He had already come back to Holy City, and as he lowered his head, he could instantly see a huge fellow that was crawling under him, looking at Cai’er somewhat vigilantly.

This… This is Hao Yue?

Instantly, Long Hao Chen felt a bit listless.

What was crawling below Long Hao Chen could only be called a huge fellow. With its four thick and sturdy limbs, a height that exceeded 4 meters, it could only be categorized as a lot more robust than the former Hao Yue. If the former Hao Yue could only be called a huge lizard, then, this one could be called a huge crocodile. Furthermore, he had a third head.

That’s right, it’s precisely a third head. Aside from Little Light and Little Flame, Long Hao Chen could also see another head that was green-colored. Just like Little Light and Little Flame, his look when gazing at Long Hao Chen was brimming with affection. Seeing that Long Hao Chen was looking at them, the three huge heads immediately gathered together, rubbing against Long Hao Chen’s body.

“Hao Yue, it’s all right. Cai’er is my friend.” Long Hao Chen couldn’t fail to discern the change in Hao Yue’s expression. As he hurried to take two steps forward, he gave an ashamed look to Cai’er who was standing before him.

“Cai’er, I’m sorry. I… I missed our appointment once again.” He didn’t try to come up with an excuse. It was already late, so clearly, Cai’er and Li Xin had been waiting for his return in this place all along.

Long Hao Chen felt comfortably warm in his heart. His look was quite cordial, and these feelings of concern were undoubtedly something he longed for.

Cai’er didn’t rebuke him. Subconsciously holding one of his hands, she transmitted to his body a gentle wave of spiritual energy.

Long Hao Chen didn’t guard the slightest bit against Cai’er, as he simultaneously used his second hand to pat Hao Yue’s big head that had just come out.

Cai’er said in a neutral tone, “Fortunately, you are not wounded. However, how could the consumption of your spiritual energy be so huge, are you alright?” She couldn’t see Long Hao Chen’s current facial expression, but through observing his breath, she could determine that there wasn’t any big problem: he only suffered a few light injuries.

Long Hao Chen answered, “I’m all right. Hao Yue happened to be in a little danger, so I went to help him. Cai’er, I…”

Cai’er lightly shook her head, “It’s nothing, I don’t blame you. The fact you came back safe and sound is enough.” From her point of view, magical beast companions were only beings coming from some random mountain, so in regard to the kind of enemy Long Hao Chen could have run across when being summoned, she didn’t think too much.

But unexpectedly, Li Xin was on the contrary full of doubts, “Hao Chen, is this Hao Yue? How could he become so huge, wah, and there’s another head. What a surprise!”

Long Hao Chen made a silent gesture directed at her,saying in a low voice, “Hao Yue has most likely evolved. Let’s go, it’s already so late, we should go back first before talking about this.”

Long Hao Chen was safe and well, and Cai’er was finally relieved. Li Xin and Long Hao Chen went to see her off before taking Hao Yue to return to their hotel.

The bedroom wasn’t too big, so as soon as Hao Yue, with his tremendously bigger body, crawled in the room, it appeared a lot smaller; but whatever he was told, he was unwilling to sleep outside. The third big head was only nagging Long Hao Chen, his eyes full of appreciation and affection. It was just like a child who was getting close to his own father.

“Okay, okay. Isn’t it natural that I went to your rescue when you faced some dangers? There’s no need for you to be so reserved.” Long Hao Chen gently caressed Hao Yue’s third head, and had a smile on his face.

Despite the fact that he had faced the lich and his skeleton army in the previous fight, and his heart was beating a lot faster all along and until now, he didn’t regret anything in the slightest. He was a Guardian Knight, Hao Yue was a dear person to him, so he naturally had to protect him well.

Long Hao Chen was still sometimes carefully watching Hao Yue’s appearance after his evolution.

It could be said that Hao Yue’s whole body had evolved. His body was two times taller, and had become a lot sturdier. His body only, when sitting straight, was already nearly 1.5 meters tall, with his four robusts limbs, his sharp claws, raising his three huge heads, he looked rather impressive.

The scales covering his body had also evolved. Each of them appeared oval, but on them, there was another bulge, covering these scales that appeared thick and firm. He was still completely black, but under the illumination from the external world, a faint trace of purple color could be discerned. On his back, the protruding bone already had a big volume, and appeared to make him look even larger.

The most evident change on Hao Yue was in his three heads. Clearly, on the two sides of his heads appeared some other bulges that seemed connected to each other. However, these bulges weren’t too distinct, but their eyes changed a lot, the side of their mouth appeared rounder and sharper than in the past. More importantly, his heads had become at least twice as large.

Because of the bonds of the blood contract between them, Long Hao Chen could clearly feel that Hao Yue was a lot more powerful than in the past. If Long Hao Chen were to be up against him, even with his current force, he was afraid that he wouldn’t necessarily win. He had clearly entered the boundary of the sixth step as a magical beast!

Wasn’t this kind of evolution too frightening? From the time of Long Hao Chen’s contract with Hao Yue to now, an entire year had not passed yet. His first evolution was because of Long Hao Chen’s blood and his second evolution was something he provoked himself. It should have a relation with the stone orb he had eaten.

This wasn’t the crucial point. The crucial point was that every time Hao Yue evolved, his strength would grow substantially. Growing a second head made him turn into a beast of the fourth step from the second step, and this third head that had now appeared had made him change from the fourth step to the sixth step. No matter if it was from his father or his teacher, Long Hao Chen had never heard of a kind of magical beast that could evolve in such a way, and so rapidly.

In addition, Long Hao Chen found out to his astonishment that near his neck, next to the green-looking neck, there was, as before, another bulge. From the other side, at Little Fire’s side there was also another bulge. In other words, after this evolution, two bulges had grown on the side of his necks. Could it be that he would sprout out two other heads? If it was the case, what level would he reach at that moment?

In regard to Hao Yue, Long Hao Chen was currently growing more and more curious.

Hao Yue could feel Long Hao Chen’s thoughts, and stared at him with his three heads. Little Light was the first, as he directly stuck out his tongue to lick his face, giving Long Hao Chen a face-washing.

“Haha, stop licking me! It tickles!” Little Flame and the newly born head immediately joined him, and the three heads playfully assaulted Long Hao Chen.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 119: Three-Headed Hao Yue (I)

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