Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 120: Three-Headed Hao Yue (Ii)

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Chapter 120: Three-Headed Hao Yue (II)

At the same time, Long Hao Chen received a message conveyed by Hao Yue. The next time he would evolve, it would be a lot harder than this one. Indeed, he would once again undergo qualitative changes, but the degree of evolution wouldn’t be as great as this time. After all, it was a lot harder for a magical beast to evolve from the sixth step to the seventh than to evolve from the fourth step to the sixth. In regard to the circumstances of this evolution, Hao Yue didn’t say anything further, but from the message he previously conveyed, Long Hao Chen could feel that he was also trying to say that no matter how much he would change in the future, he would forever be his relative, companion, elder brother, or even his father.

It was deep at night. As Long Hao Chen was about to enter the state of cultivation after having taken a bath, Hao Yue was still sleeping deeply. As he had just completed his evolution, his body was currently feeling extremely weak. Clearly, all his energy was used up during this process, and to return to his optimal state, he still needed more time.

Hao Yue also told Long Hao Chen that the attribute of this newborn head was the wind, so Long Hao Chen gave him the name Little Green, just like the color of his eyes.

Next day, morning.

The sunlight coming from the outside of the window was still entering the room as Long Hao Chen, who was in the middle of cultivation, slowly awoke. Bathing in the warm sunshine, he couldn’t help but reveal disappointment and frustration in his eyes. The ocean of his soul was still unconsciously recalling that world filled with dark and fire.

Compared to that place, Shengmo Dalu was simply like a heaven!

Through the window, as he looked at the gentle morning sun, Long Hao Chen really felt blessed from the bottom of his heart.

Hao Yue had seized Long Hao Chen’s bed, so he could not sleep there, because it wasn’t wide enough. In the end, Hao Yue’s body ended up curled up there, as his tail was held in Little Light’s mouth. From the look of other people, this appearance would perhaps look fierce and fearsome, but to Long Hao Chen it was simply Hao Yue and nothing more.

Groping the place above the three heads, Long Hao Chen didn’t awake them. Calmly walking away from the bedroom, he took his breakfast. Today, he was going to take part in another match.

But when Long Hao Chen walked away from his bedroom, Hao Yue’s three heads eyes simultaneously opened. Looking face to face at each other, the three different colored pairs of eyes were displaying a faintly warm look, as the corner of his mouths rose, and his eyes shut once again. His breathing resumed as well, smoothly.

Exerting his strength to stretch his body, he felt that his internal spiritual energy was still feeling weak, from the previous day. Last night, after coming back, it was already deep night. The brief period of cultivation didn’t give enough time for Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy to be restored to its peak condition. But he could clearly feel that his own physical body had grown a lot sturdier, and that there was a tremendous increase to his physical strength.

It appeared that he had to find the occasion to test his external spiritual energy.

He took his breakfast together with Li Xin and Ye Hua. Because Ye Hua couldn’t watch him, he stayed here, as before. At least, he would wait for all Long Hao Chen’s matches to be over before leaving. Only when he would genuinely be a Demon Hunt Squad member would Ye Hua go back to Hao Yue City.

“Xin’er said that Hao Yue was back, and he evolved once again?” Ye Hua asked Long Hao Chen in a low voice.

Long Hao Chen nodded.

Ye Hua who looked quite curious, immediately asked, “And what level did he reach with this evolution? Could it be what you spoke about last time?”

Long Hao Chen answered, “It should be the case. Otherwise, I can’t think of a reason why he could evolve once again in such a short time. Teacher, I think Hao Yue is really quite abnormal. With this evolution, he should be considered as a magical beast of the sixth step. In addition, he can use another elemental attribute.”

Ye Hua showed a faint smile and said, “For you, this is good news. The stronger Hao Yue is, the more assistance he will be able to provide you with. In this final stage of the competition, his appearance will be of an extremely great help for you. You will be able to take it a lot easier for the rest of the competition.”

Long Hao Chen chucked, “Hao Yue is still feeling weak right now; before he completely recovers, I will not let him battle together with me. Teacher, it’s getting late, big sis and I will be leaving for now.”

Ye Hua nodded, “You can go.”

Long Hao Chen and Li XIn bade farewell to Ye Hua, and headed to the Alliance’s Great Stadium. Looking at their leaving figures, Ye Hua lightly nodded, “Hao Chen, this kid is really good at everything. Only, he’s just treating everyone around him too well. He’s paying too much attention to his entourage.”

Warrior Stadium.

When Long Hao Chen entered the stadium, he remembered about the circumstances of the matches of the round-robin tournament that had already taken place the day before. Today, it looked like the opponent he was going to face was this second competitor coming from the Mage Temple, a Magic Leader of the fifth step. Without a doubt, this was going to be a tough fight.

On the previous day, he had left early, so he naturally didn’t know about the results of the rest of the matches. After entering, he heard that his opponent of today had also obtained victory yesterday. Just like Long Hao Chen, he fought an assassin.

In the lounge, he looked for a place to sit. Long Hao Chen’s eyes swept through his surrounding, and what attracted his attention the most was once again the two girls of the day before.

The loli summoner looked quite depressed; it seemed that she still recalled her awkward summon of a little lamb on the day before.

Wang Yuanyuan, seated beside, was wiping clean her enormous shield. Her eyes seemed to be brimming with affection, just as if she was fondling the body of a lover.

Naturally, Long Hao Chen wouldn’t simply think that this loli summoner could only summon sheep. First of all, she was for sure the summoner bearing the number 1, which was a proof that she had reached the fifth step of cultivation. Secondly, the fact she could get in the final stage of the competition was in itself a proof that she was at least top 10 of the Summoners’ Qualifiers.

On the previous day, when the Creature Summoning Gate had appeared, the vibrations that appeared together with it were something that Long Hao Chen wouldn’t be able to forget. Although in the end, the final result was nothing more than the dramatic appearance of a lamb, still, did it imply that this Creature Summoning Gate could only summon sheep? It couldn’t be so simple, right?

Without thinking deeply over this, right after sitting down, Long Hao Chen immediately shut his eyes, letting himself enter a state of meditation. Last night, a great part of his spiritual energy was depleted, although the sluggishness of his body was due to his disappearance, for Hao Yue’s evolution. However, the internal spiritual energy in itself was overdrafted by his use of the Bursting Spiritual Pill, and there was no way to change this fact. He had to do his utmost to recover some internal spiritual energy. The opponent he would face in a little while was that number #2 from the Mage Temple, undoubtedly another powerhouse at the fifth step.

Ye Hua previously taught Long Hao Chen that as a mage’s cultivation level grew, his personal power would increase by leaps and bounds. As a simple example, a mage of the second step could not contend against a warrior of the second step, but after a mage reached the fifth step, even ten warriors of the same step would not necessarily be able to contend against him.

Mages relied on their great offensive power and control over the battlefield and an outstanding mage was the main element of the offensive power and burst of his team.

The first match of the day was a clash between two assassins, a confrontation of speed and control; it was as if the first to hit was going to win and obtain the final victory. As a result, this match was pretty fast to end, to the extent that almost no one could see clearly how the victor had managed to exert his control over his opponent as the match had already ended.

“Second match, Huang Yi against Long Hao Chen, battle start.”

The referee’s voice awoke Long Hao Chen from his state of cultivation. On the other side, this continuously silent mage slowly stood up. Like Long Hao Chen, he had a quite handsome face, and the lines on it looked as soft as on Long Hao Chen’s. In terms of build, he was a little taller than Long Hao Chen, but was still far from having Lin Xin’s stature. As he advanced, full of confidence, it seemed as if the trajectory he took was already fixed.

Long Hao Chen’s look changed, it looked like this opponent wouldn’t be easy to cope with! From Huang Yi’s body, he could feel a threat similar to the one Yang Wenzhao made him feel, only, it was far from being as intense as the one Yang Wenzhao brought upon him.

“To make the battle between a knight and a mage fair, both parties will start at a distance of 50 meters.” The referee commanded Long Hao Chen and Huang Yi to start at a fair distance between each other, before proclaiming, “Match start!”

This time, Long Hao Chen no longer chose to use [Storing Power]. Against a mage, it was necessary to continuously approach the opponent. Compared to their strong attack power and control over the battlefield, mages generally have a weak body. As soon as a knight closed the gap, the battle was basically decided.

[Charge]. Long Hao Chen sped forward, in his left hand was the Radiant Shield, the right hand was changed into the Flame Sword. His Light Sword was lost last night during the battle with the lich; thus, he only had the choice of using one sword.

The Radiant Shield has the ability of self-protection, but after the battle last night, it had still not recovered its full strength, the split suffered during the battle was still apparent. Long Hao Chen wasn’t even wearing his armor; a single strike from the Skeleton King’s single strike had completely broken this armor of the holy attribute of his.

After looking at the equipment taken out by Long Hao Chen, Huang Yi scowled slightly,but his movements weren’t slow at all. A small staff appeared in his hand.

The entire staff became topaz colored, there was no way to know the material it’s made of, but there were strange patterns on it and a brown spherical gem embedded on top. When Huang Yi took out the staff, yellowish-brown colored circles dispersed.

A quiet incantation with a bizarre rhythm was casted by Huang Yi. As he pointed his staff towards the direction of Long Hao Chen, suddenly, a brilliant yellow light entered the arena, and spread out into yellow rings.

Long Hao Chen’s awareness was extremely high, he immediately felt danger, and instantly stopped his charge and made a horizontal dodging motion on his toes.


A huge [Earth Wall] was suddenly erected from beneath the ground, if Long Hao Chen had continued his forward charge, he would be fiercely ramming the wall right now.

One wall after another appeared from the earth, no matter what direction Long Hao Chen approached from, there was always an [Earth Wall] that blocked his advance. After a while, his entire vision was blocked by these walls.

These walls were 6.5 meters wide, 10 meters tall and two thirds of a meter thick, breaking through wouldn’t be easy.

Right before Long Hao Chen’s sight was completely blocked, Huang Yi suddenly stopped his motions, and a round yellow light appeared from his body. This round yellow light didn’t appear to be attacking or defending, simply floating in midair and dropping on top of Huang Yi’s left shoulder; faintly visible, it was a small person with transparent wings. It was only the size of a palm and appeared very cute, but the sounds it was emitting against Long Hao Chen weren’t cute at all.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 120: Three-Headed Hao Yue (Ii)

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