Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 121: Three Headed Hao Yue (Iii)

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Chapter 121: Three Headed Hao Yue (III)

Huang Yi’s crisp incantation and the low pitched sounds maintained the same rhythm, but the contents of their chants were completely different.

Hearing these two chants at the same time, Long Hao Chen got distracted. Dodging past two large [Earth Walls], he was able to catch a glimpse of the scene on the other side.

An Earth Elemental Spiritual Stove? After seeing the little figure on Huang Yi’s shoulder, Long Hao Chen was immediately flabbergasted.

The most practical type of spiritual stove for a mage was an elemental spiritual stove. Every magic element could create a spiritual stove. Once an elemental spiritual stove was obtained, this type of spiritual stove could actually turn into a small fairy which could assist their partner in battle. Elemental spiritual stoves could normally evolve up to three times, and first rate elemental spiritual stoves could evolve four times.

The only type of elemental spiritual stove that was useful to a knight was the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove.

An elemental fairy’s power was closely related to the owner’s strength. Having one was basically like having another person to do incantations for you, but it also consumed the owner’s spiritual energy. Simply put, an elemental fairy could consume the owner’s spiritual energy to use magic, assisting its master in either offense or defense. With the evolution of elemental fairies, their greatest asset is amplifying their master’s magic strength and reducing spiritual energy consumption.

A mage having an elemental spiritual stove was basically like a Guardian Knight having a Saint Spiritual Stove: welcomed by any team. Although Huang Yi’s Elemental Spiritual Stove was at the lowest level, its practicality in battle was already immense. All the magic he knew, this elemental fairy also knew.

There was no time to procrastinate, because once both magical strengths came out, he would have no more chances of winning.

Long Hao Chen rushed forward, no longer moving around the earthen walls, brazenly activating [Charge]. With Flame Sword in his right hand, a reddish-gold colour that resembled the sun shone.

[Shining Solar Strike].


An [Earth Wall] fell in the face of the mighty [Shining Solar Strike], and [Charge] hadn’t shown the slightest sign of stopping, accelerating straight towards the opponent.

Liquid spiritual energy made [Shining Solar Strike] far superior to what it had been in the past. [Earth Wall] is a spell at the fourth step, and [Shining Solar Strike] is a knight’s strongest fourth step offensive ability, so the attack and defense just counteracted each other.

Facing Long Hao Chen’s sudden acceleration, Huang Yi did not waver in the slightest. One [Earth Wall] after another was erected in front of Long Hao Chen, slowing down his advance.

[Shining Solar Strikes] were incessantly activated by Long Hao Chen. According to his current body strength, if Huang Yi and his earth elemental fairy’s strength were completely unleashed, defeat was certain.

Violent explosions sounded as one [Earth Wall] after another shattered. Long Hao Chen firmly advanced, always creeping forward to close the gap.

Feeling the might of these [Shining Solar Strikes], all of the competitors from the third group, including Huang Yi, were completely astonished. This [Shining Solar Strike], was it really being used by a Guardian Knight? He was the only knight of this group, so naturally, no one else here knew that he was both a Guardian and a Retribution Knight.

In a moment, their distance had already closed to twenty meters; just a bit more and Long Hao Chen’s long ranged attacks would have a target.

However, at this moment, the earth elemental fairy’s quiet incantation came to a halt and a huge yellow halo appeared beside Huang Yi.

Elemental magic-type summon?

Long Hao Chen was surprised and suddenly stopped his charge.

The sandy soil that was surrounding the ground advanced at an astonishing speed towards that golden halo as an enormous four meters tall body rose from the ground. This thick body threw itself directly at Long Hao Chen.

It was [Earth Giant], an elemental summoning spell. Within the control spells of the fifth step, it could be called the peak existence. It was no wonder that the required chanting time was so long.

At the very moment this spell was completed, Huang Yi’s face became somewhat paler. Clearly, the consumption of his spiritual energy was great. The elemental fairy on his shoulder stopped chanting, and its body released a browny-yellow radiance, enveloping Huang Yi inside, aiming to help him recover his used-up spiritual energy.

[Spiritual Polymerization], an innate ability belonging to elemental fairies. Relying on its important elemental affinity and assistance capabilities, it helped replenish its master’s spiritual energy by increasing his absorption speed of the surrounding magical essence.

The Earth Giant that Long Hao Chen was facing was honestly nowhere near as terrifying or hard to handle as the Skeleton King of the previous night. However, its defensive power was actually even greater than that of the Skeleton King, and in addition, it wasn’t weak against the light attribute. Also, the current Long Hao Chen was far from being at his peak condition.


Placing his shield horizontally, he used [Divine Obstruction]. Just like that, the giant was repelled, and Long Hao Chen’s body became covered by the light of [Bright Vengeance]. His left foot striding forward, his Flame Sword instantly erupted.

[Light Thorn]. Filled with a rich gold-red-colored radiance, an enormous blade of light was formed, ferociously clashing against the body of this Earth Giant.

Long Hao Chen moved extremely quickly, and with a halo appearing under his feet, he suddenly jumped up. This [Light Thorn] wasn’t only powerful, its edge was also extremely sharp.


A clean cut instantly appeared on the Earth Giant’s body. However, Long Hao Chen’s face showed some change, seeing this effect.

[Light Thorn] left on its entire shoulder a large cut. However, this cut that looked like it had completely broken this part of the giant was actually only an inch deep. For a giant with a height of four meters with an incomparably thick body, it was almost nothing! Furthermore, how could the Earth Giant, which is the most formidable earth control spell of the fifth step, be so simple? Above its two feet, a heavy brown yellow-colored radiance appeared, absorbing the surrounding earth essence to supplement its body. Just like that, the cut on its chest was healed at an astonishing speed, and in a flash, it had disappeared almost completely.

Among all elemental giants that could be summoned, the Earth Giant was the best one in terms of defense.

As his pupils suddenly shrank, Long Hao Chen made a firm resolution. He was confident that if he was in top condition, he could use his techniques to gradually destroy this Earth Giant. However, since his internal spiritual energy was in short supply, he didn’t have much time left.

Huang Yi stood on the side, glaring at him like a tiger watching his prey. As long as the Earth Giant could earn him some time, enabling Huang Yi to recover his spiritual energy to its peak condition, there would not be any need for this battle to last any longer. Long Hao Chen could currently feel that his body had less than half of its spiritual energy remaining. Although it was liquid spiritual energy, there was no way it could last too long.

“What a shame.” Long Hao Chen looked at the Radiant Shield on his left hand, and placing it in the middle of his body, he ruthlessly chopped his Flame Sword against the fist of this Earth Giant.

A resounding noise echoed from this Earth Giant’s body. Although its body was almost as thick as steel, Long Hao Chen relied on the force released by the rebound to charge in all-in mode, the Flame Sword ruthlessly chopping against the head of the Earth Giant.

The defensive power of this Earth Giant was great, but its movements were relatively slow. The Flame Sword instantly left a profound mark on its head.

Immediately following, all the competitors could see an astonishing scene appear. Long Hao Chen was still in midair, shield in left hand and sword in right hand as his whole body unceasingly bombarded the Earth Giant with attacks while revolving. A gaudy gold-red-colored brilliance was emitted, as he kept attacking the body of this Earth Giant, just like a meat grinder.

[Condemning Revolving Sword], the most powerful offensive ability created by Long Xing Yu.

[Condemning Revolving Sword]’s essence was in borrowing force to create an opportunity. From one point of view, it was kind of similar to [Storing Power], except for the fact that the amplification was even greater than that of [Storing Power]. A firm and unyielding attack, but unsuited against fast opponents. It was because if it couldn’t keep attacking the opponent, there was no way for the firepower to be accumulated.

Clearly, the Earth Giant didn’t possess the ability to avoid this [Condemning Revolving Sword]. Even with Yang Wenzhao’s strength, when one was touched by this [Condemning Revolving Sword], he wouldn’t have time to get out of the way to avoid being caught in the continuous attacks, and would only be able to meet it head on.

The whole audience was staring at this astonishing scene; Long Hao Chen was revolving in midair, appearing as if he used the sickle of death to unceasingly engulf the body of the Earth Giant. That Earth Giant could only awkwardly attempt to counterattack without success, but it only served as a source of power for Long Hao Chen to amplify his attack.

Rocks flew upwards as the Earth Giant’s body was being unceasingly cut apart, with countless holes. Swept by this [Condemning Revolving Sword], its body was being destroyed from top to bottom at an astonishing speed, surprisingly turning into dust under Long Hao Chen’s killer move.


The last attack completely exploded the whole body of this giant, as a chain-like brilliance was emitted together with the last ounce of power coming from the amplification of this [Condemning Revolving Sword], directly aiming from afar at the faintly lifeless Huang Yu, flying at him.

Huang Yi was a second ranked Magic Leader, and if not for his consideration toward the guy who probably couldn’t attack, the real first ranked of the Mage Qualifiers would have been him. [Earth Giant] was a spell that he had learned recently, but he never expected that an opponent of the fifth step could destroy it so quickly. This was an Earth Giant, not an Earth Wall! Wasn’t the defensive power of an Earth Giant something that could stall for time even against an opponent at the sixth step?

Two yellow lights appeared one after another on Huang Yi; it was [Earth Wall], released by both him and his elemental fairy.

Boom, boom—–

Two successive explosive sounds could be heard, as the flying golden light unexpectedly destroyed these two Earth Walls in a row. This unstoppable power kept advancing and was aimed at Huang Yi’s chest.


A browny yellow-colored film appeared from the staff in Huang Yi’s hand. Upon colliding against it, the bright light was finally shattered, turning into dozens of sparks of light scattering in all directions.

At that time, Huang Yi could clearly see that this surprise attack against him was precisely the thrown Radiant Shield that was in Long Hao Chen’s hand. Unfortunately, this shield was now completely destroyed.

Facing such circumstances, Long Hao Chen was left without means. It was true that his [Condemning Revolving Sword] was an extremely powerful skill, but he had only one sword in his hand, and this ability needed two swords to build momentum appropriately. Thus, because the Radiant Shield didn’t have a sufficient attack power, it had to be used for it to be completed. The original crack on it was enlarged, before finally ending up on the edge of destruction, to a state beyond repair. Left without choice, Long Hao Chen could only use this last attack.

Compared to Long Hao Chen’s equipment, Huang Yi’s equipment was a lot more luxurious. The browny yellow film that appeared at last was the skill included in his magical staff, [Earth Elemental Protective Shield].

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 121: Three Headed Hao Yue (Iii)

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