Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 122: ****** ***** *** *****

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Chapter 122: ****** ***** *** *****

As he reached the ground at an astonishing speed, Long Hao Chen’s breath clearly became heavier; his lack of internal spiritual energy was what made this feeble sensation appear.

If this was a life or death battle, he wouldn’t have any hesitation in using a Restoring Spiritual Pill, but he was not willing to waste precious resources in a competition match. More importantly, he wished as before for his potential to come out with these matches.

After a short pause, [Faith Ring] was set free as he suddenly stepped on the ground, launching [Charge] once again. At this moment, he was only roughly 20 meters away from Huang Yi. As long as he could reduce the range between them in a short instant, he would obtain victory.

However, at the same time, Huang Yi displayed a faint smile.

Grasping his magical staff, he unceasingly chanted an incantation, and a shining ring suddenly appeared on the ground. That ring surprisingly started to move on the ground, arriving under Long Hao Chen’s feet. At this very moment, ten spikes suddenly rose from the ground, taking the shape of a cage that trapped Long Hao Chen in it.

The earth elemental fairy also started to chant at this very moment, displaying a synchronization with Huang Yi that could be called perfect. In the air, a yellow color suddenly appeared and, immediately, ten stones the size of millstones dropped from the sky, about to smash Long Hao Chen who was still in this cage.

If Long Hao Chen still had his Radiant Shield, it wouldn’t be hard for him to block these falling stones. But the Radiant Shield had already been destroyed and he didn’t have another shield to defend himself.

As he took a deep breath, Long Hao Chen concentrated his attention on the combat. When he saw the cage surrounding him, he became aware of the fact this match would unfortunately be extremely hard to win. However, until the last moment, he was resolute to never declare the words ‘I give up’.

Holding the hilt of his Flame Sword with both hands, he took a little step forward with his left foot, maintaining his feet close to each other, lowering his waist and started to jump. Full of resolution and perseverance, he gazed upon the stones falling on the ground as he completed this jumping motion.

At this time, Long Hao Chen’s combat skills and his strong mental capacity were undoubtedly manifesting. He didn’t utilize any spiritual energy, completely relying on the power of his body to jump to a height of 100 meters and clash against these falling rocks.

During this time of crisis, the Flame Sword hit the stones on their sides, which was their most vulnerable area, borrowing power from the jump, rather than attacking recklessly. This method was best at conserving spiritual energy while fighting at the highest level.

On the other side, Huang Yi and his Earth Elemental Fairy started a long chant. This time, the chanting time was even longer than for the previous summoning spell.

The thing that was even stranger in this joint chant with his Earth Elemental Fairy was that it was very slow in speed; he finished chanting a musical scale before letting his elemental fairy start the next one, and so on. This was the quintessence of mages’ joint chanting. The spell that was going to be launched with such an elaborated chant could only be a secret spell, requiring a high coordination between the spell casters. Making use of an elemental fairy was by far the easiest method to perform this kind of joint chant.

The eight other competitors of the third group could currently clearly see that the match was already settled. No matter what kind of spell Huang Yi and his Earth Elemental Fairy were chanting, Long Hao Chen had no way to interrupt it. And, naturally, the longer a magical chant was, the more formidable its power would be.

Dozens of falling stones were sent flying by Long Hao Chen, as he discovered to his astonishment that his body’s power had indeed made great progress. Continuously shattering these falling stones was making his hands feel a bit numb, but at least he could conserve his internal spiritual energy, this way.


A gold-red radiance shone once more. Once again, it was [Shining Solar Strike]. Long Hao Chen used two of them in a row to create a gap in the cage surrounding him and made it out, dashing out from inside.

“You won’t make it in time; you can only concede.” Huang Yi’s indifferent voice resounded as he revealed a confident smile. His gentle face was filled with some hidden hints of pride and arrogance.

Long Hao Chen didn’t launch a charge; he discovered that the ground had become completely different. Above the original sandy soil was now a faint amount of yellow radiance. This radiance was not intense at all, but it was still there.

Huang Yi faintly smiled, “Is it not okay? Then please see for yourself.” After he lightly shook the staff in his hand, a strange scene occurred. The soil below him suddenly swelled, pushing his body three meters high in the air, and immediately following, that swelling soil retreated, arriving at his back, even faster than the speed of Long Hao Chen’s charge. It seemed that in a split second, the distance separating Huang Yi and Long Hao Chen was increased by 100 meters.

Whether for warriors or knights, the most important point when facing a mage was the distance. Seeing the distance separating them increase so suddenly, Long Hao Chen was at a loss. Immediately, he felt the ground below him shaking as an enormous pile of earth suddenly welled up and shook out. His body was instantly thrown by it.

Long Hao Chen huddled his body in midair, changing his direction toward the ground, but another pile of earth was stimulated, ruthlessly knocking against him.

He waved his sword, chopping below. Bang–

The great power tossed Long Hao Chen once again into the air. Giving up all hope, he could clearly see the scene; it seemed as if the whole stadium had been given life as countless piles of earth rolled over and over just like waves. Huang Yi was calmly standing in a distant place, exerting his control. Wearing a smile, he went as far as to look at him with ridicule.

Earth control spell of the sixth step, [Earth Waves].

This was the best self-defense spell for a mage who controlled earth. Not only could it be of assistance to shift the direction of his own body or to move quickly, it could also be used to block attacks or to attack enemies, so it was a formidable control technique that could both attack and defend. So long as the enemy was on the ground, he had almost no way to escape the control of this spell, unless the opponent’s strength was so formidable that he could smash the spell to oblivion.

Long Hao Chen didn’t even have the time to fall down as he was once again thrown in air, just like a little boat on a wave. From all directions, countless earth waves were unceasingly aiming at his body. Even if Long Hao Chen’s body was very tough, it didn’t prevent a surge of blood from coming out from his body.

The referee stood at the same place, far away from this battlefield, as he closely watched this scene, waiting for Long Hao Chen to concede.

Seeing Long Hao Chen’s struggles with the earth waves, Huang Yi couldn’t help but feel some admiration. This young knight was for sure younger than him, but he had already trained to the fifth step. Additionally, his willpower and his resolution were for real. Only, in the end, he was just a knight. And on top of that, he was an expert at area control. Yes, he faced a Knight, and so what? His sensation of complete control was just extremely marvellous, especially against this kind of opponent.

At this very moment, Long Hao Chen’s body that had been suddenly thrown into the air suddenly stopped in its flight. Huang Yi could only vaguely see a purple glow that came from an unknown place on Long Hao Chen’s body. Immediately, a detailed purple mark appeared without foundation, surprisingly forcibly supporting his body so that he didn’t continue to fall down.

“*RAWR*–” An angry, howling shout outrageously resounded, astonishing everyone present around the stadium as an aura was instantly spread around the purple-colored light.

Nine purple lights were sparkling, coiling around the peculiar symbol on the mark in the air, as an enormous body appeared below Long Hao Chen, catching him.

“Hao Yue.” Hao Chen called out his name, somewhat astonished as he leaned over Hao Yue’s broad back and violently gasped for air. His internal spiritual energy was almost completely exhausted, which gave him an extremely unpleasant feeling. If he was tossed once again by an earth wave, he would perhaps really end up wounded.

That’s right, Hao Yue came. Feeling that Long Hao Chen was in danger, he chose to be transported to his side.

A bright bluish-green radiance appeared under Hao Yue’s body, bearing the weight of his body with a length of four meters. When he was by the side of Long Hao Chen, he was only acting like a spoiled child, full of affection and seeking love. But at this very moment, the six eyes on Hao Yue’s three heads were completely ice-cold. Floating in midair, he coldly fixed his eyes on Huang Yi from afar.

“A mount? So he finally decided to summon his mount. What kind of mount is it? [Float]?” Looking at Hao Yue, Huang Yi was completely astonished. Wasn’t it a kind of three-headed lizard? But with such a huge size, this magical beast gave almost an immaterial feel. However, he still knew the wind-control spell [Float] he was currently using. As a result, he secretly sneered to himself. [Float] isn’t [Soar]; for how long will your huge body be capable of floating in the air? As soon as you fall down, you will be identically under the effect of my [Earth Wave]. And my [Earth Wave] can last for ten more minutes.

Huang Yi didn’t dare be careless. In the instant Hao Yue appeared, with his Earth Elemental Fairy, he started to chant another incantation. His chant was for the spell [Meteorite], whereas his Earth Elemental Fairy’s chant was for the spell [Falling Stones]. [Meteorite] was an extremely powerful offensive spell, but it launched a single meteorite that moved according to the mage’s control. It was an extremely good match with the area effect of [Falling Stones], naturally incredibly increasing his attack potential.

As this side was chanting two incantations, on the other side, Hao Yue was chanting three incantations. And furthermore, their three attributes were completely different.

Little Light, Little Flame, and Little Green’s low-pitched voices rose at the same time. Their chant was in a language Long Hao Chen didn’t understand. It was completely different from humans’ chants; it lasted an extremely short time and was vigorous.

The very first to complete his chant was Little Light. A golden halo appeared and surrounded his huge head. Little Light raised his head, spouting a gaudy bright light in the air. Immediately, a golden cloud appeared in the air, and instantly, a light beam fell from the cloud, aimed at Long Hao Chen’s body.

A warm current suddenly spread throughout his whole body. Long Hao Chen could only feel that the liquid spiritual energy in his body was in a sort of total agitation, leaping up and down at an astonishing speed, recovering its power.

[Radiant World], a skill of a Guardian Knight of the fifth step. Also known as [Spiritual Replenishment], this skill had a very great restriction: it was only useable between light element users. It was a spell used to transfer spiritual energy, a spell that was a lot more obscure than the skill [Storing Power] within Knights’ secret skills. Regardless of whether they were Guardian Knights or Retribution Knights, very few learned to use this skill. Just ask yourself: who would be willing to transfer his spiritual energy to someone else?

However, Little Light could use this spell and he directly used it on Long Hao Chen’s body. Long Hao Chen could only feel that in almost a split second, more than 50% of his internal spiritual energy had recovered as he immediately straightened his posture, still seated on Hao Yue.

Because Huang Yi and his Earth Elemental Fairy cast their spells first, [Falling Stone] and [Meteorite] were immediately simultaneously completed. In the sky, countless millstone-sized rocks fell. Simultaneously, a sparkle of yellow radiance appeared together with a circular stone that seemed to emit a whizzing sound, aiming straight towards Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen, still seated on Hao Yue’s back, stood straight and motionless. He naturally knew Hao Yue’s intentions through their connection. Inclining below the Flame Sword in his hand, a golden shine rose around, [Storing Power]!

Little Flame roared in the air, as a blazing red hexagon rose above his head and his two blazing red-colored little eyes shone in a dazzling red color.


A column of flame suddenly rose around Hao Yue’s body, rising into the air and turning most of the falling stones instantly into ashes. When it collided against that meteorite that was shot against him, the effect wasn’t any different. As the meteorite approached Long Hao Chen, Little Flame moved his huge head, simply colliding against this meteorite that had already had its momentum greatly reduced.

Little Green’s spell was completed in this moment. A rich green light shone on his back instantly, forming a green-colored hexagon, as a hurricane was produced and sprayed from Hao Yue’s back.

The appearance of this hurricane was quite inelegant; it seemed like some fart, but its results were stunning.

Hao Yue’s massive body was propelled by this [Wind Pillar]. As swiftly as a meteor catching up with the moon, he flew straight towards Huang Yi.

Exactly! [Float] didn’t enable flight, but further adding the supplementary assistance of [Wind Pillar], it could make him slide in the air for a short duration.

Hao Yue’s three heads had a perfect matching: Little Light took care of restoring Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy, Little Flame took care of defense, and Little Green took care of flying.

Triple attribute magical beast? Huang Yi stared blankly; his meteorite had just fallen after being broken as Hao Yue drew closer and closer.

Not good! Huang Yi hastingly controlled the earth waves with the intent of running away. This [Earth Wave] technique also consumed some of his spiritual energy and, in addition, from the previous series of fights with Long Hao Chen, his spiritual energy consumption was already very huge. He already had no way to launch other attacks. All he could do was to increase their distance and wait for Long Hao Chen to fall on the ground.

But would Long Hao Chen give him this opportunity?

Long Hao Chen jumped out from Hao Yue’s back, shooting forward like an arrow. Little Green spouted out a smaller wind pillar and, by aiming it below Long Hao Chen’s feet, made his speed reach its extreme limit.

[Earth Wave] was really used cleverly as Huang Yi exerted his control below his feet to change direction.

With a white glow, a formidable pulling power dragged Huang Yi, completely astonished, toward him, and in the next instant, Long Hao Chen’s blazing Fire Sword was already in front of him.

Saint Spiritual Stove, [Pull].

Previously, Long Hao Chen wanted to use this skill as soon as he was going to be within 20 meters of his enemy, but was forcibly separated from him by the sudden appearance of the cage. How could he give him another chance at the present time?

Hao Yue, with his four sturdy limbs, fell on the ground, charging in Long Hao Chen’s direction. Little Green opened his mouth for a breath, exerting a great attractive power to pull something, and, immediately, another windball was created, helping Long Hao Chen to gently fall on the ground.

When Huang Yi came back to his senses, three fierce, huge heads were already in front of him, surrounding him from three directions. Breathing loudly, Little Flame licked the corners of his mouth with his tongue, seemingly thinking of him like a delicious meal.

“NOOO! I concede…”

And the title was:

Chapter 122: Hao Yue enters the battle.

I didn’t want to spoil you this surprise.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 122: ****** ***** *** *****

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