Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 126: Gigantic Divine Soul Shield (I)

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Chapter 126: Gigantic Divine Soul Shield (I)

This was the result Long Hao Chen was aiming for! As his left foot set on the ground, he jumped up and, continuously making audible iron-like sounds, he completed a [Lightning Thrust] with his Fire Sword, immediately followed by [Shining Solar Strike] once again. About to ruthlessly strike her heavy shield, he used jumping power and, to reinforce the power of his blow, aimed at Wang Yuanyuan from above.

No good! Wang Yuanyuan was immediately alarmed. What her heavy shield was the most suited for was attacking the enemy at close quarters, not receiving close quarters attacks. She wasn’t good at all for defense, so when approached such in such a way by Long Hao Chen, her rhythm was completely broken.

Long Hao Chen’s [Shining Solar Strike] was heavy and full of power, leaving her with no other choice but take a step back to retreat. In this instant, Long Hao Chen’s [Condemning Revolving Sword] had already burst out.

For Wang Yuanyuan to have stood out among the numerous warriors, her skills were more than that. This lady’s eyes had a deep and wide expression, and at this very moment, against all expectation, she didn’t passively defend herself with the support of her dominating large shield, but suddenly lifted it upwards. Holding it with both hands instead of a single one, she stood on her tiptoes, starting to revolve around her original place just like an enormous spinning top. An intense silvery light was instantly released all around from her enormous shield.

[Space-Splitting Revolving Shield]!

As the silver-colored radiance rippled all around, Long Hao Chen found out to his astonishment that against this rapidly rotating enormous shield releasing intense silvery light, his [Condemning Revolving Sword] was continuously sliding. Not only was he unable to display the full might of his [Condemning Revolving Sword], but he was also totally unable to borrow power.

Envy appeared in Long Hao Chen’s heart. This shield was a bit big, but it had an extremely good quality.

The scene that appeared before them was extremely beautiful. Long Hao Chen and Wang Yuanyuan were both fighting by rotating their weapons horizontally. Both were resisting their opponent with all their might, standing upright in the ground and revolving. The golden and silver spiritual energy was frantically erupting, counteracting each other. The formidable burst power left the referee with no other choice but to approach, preparing to intervene at any times so as to prevent the competitors from ending up seriously wounded.

Long Hao Chen was in the middle of revolving, his body still releasing light dust all around. Under the effects of [Condemning Revolving Sword], and after having released [Faith Halo] and [Imposing Ring], his attack power was vastly increased. Being able to accomplish such a feat was proof of how high his mental capacity was.

Wang Yuanyuan seemed to be resisting Long Hao Chen’s attack, and her shield didn’t sustain any damage. However, under this pressure, her two revolving feet were gradually subsiding, just like a spinning top that was drilling deeper and deeper in the ground.


Wang Yuanyuan suddenly let out an ear-shrieking sound, as her hands kept hurriedly rotating, forming a silver shining pillar with a diameter of a meter that abruptly exploded.

Long Hao Chen wasn’t caught off guard; his [Condemning Revolving Sword] ruthlessly kept attacking, as it was hit by an impact coming from above.

An extremely great force with extreme pressure was concentrated inside of that silver shining pillar. Fortunately, his body was under the effect of the defensive support skill [Angelic Blessing], further adding the [Divine Light Mantle] that he released just in time to defend himself, enabling him to avoid any serious injuries.

Pu, firmly planting his feet on the ground, Long Hao Chen backstepped four or five times in a row, and stood firm on the ground, though with difficulty.

On the other side, Wang Yuanyuan also just jumped out from the hole she created in the ground.

[Space-Splitting Sauté], a formidable secret warrior skill with the spatial attribute and possessing an extremely tyrannical exploding power. Because Wang Yuanyuan was in an unfavorable defensive position, she couldn’t display the full might of this skill. But even in these circumstances, by relying on this strike and her [Space-Splitting Revolving Shield] she was able to break through Long Hao Chen’s [Condemning Revolving Sword].

However, Wang Yuanyuan’s current state wasn’t so good either, and her face, brimming with heroic spirit, appeared quite pale, as she gasped with difficulty for breath. Simultaneously, her small chest that only started to develop recently was unceasingly moving up and down. Having used her two most formidable skills, the consumption of her spiritual energy was similarly extremely great.

In the aspect of consumption, Long Hao Chen who possessed his physique as a Scion of Light was a lot better off. The fact that he managed to maintain his [Angel Blessing] was a clear proof of it.

“Are you a Retribution Knight?” Wang Yuanyuan looked at Long Hao Chen with an unconvinced face.

Long Hao Chen lightly shook his head and answered, “I can use some skills belonging to both Guardian and Retribution Knights.”

Wang Yuanyuan, still gasping for breath, said, “Apparently, in regular circumstances, there’s no way I can be a match for you. However, I will not concede. I am going all out, so summon your mount as well. With this trashy equipment of yours, you cannot possibly contend against my Gigantic Divine Soul Shield.” In regard to her equipment, it seemed that she was in a great advantage. However, when a moment ago, they collided in succession, she had already consumed more than half of her spiritual energy. In contrast, from Long Hao Chen’s appearance, it looked like he didn’t consume much, if not any, of his. This [Condemning Revolving Sword] of his had as its signature borrowing force, so his own consumption was very small. But the two great offensive skills of his opponent consumed a great amount of spiritual energy

As she spoke, she flipped over her left hand, instantly taking out a huge gem. Filled with spatial spiritual energy, this gem in her hand shone in an intense silver color, producing an intense glitter. Without hesitating the slightest bit, she immediately inserted this gem in the first of the nine cavities on her shield.

Then, she took out two other gems at an extremely fast speed, and inserted them in the second and the third cavities.

These gems looked like they were identical. They were entirely faint-gold-colored, but this wasn’t the gold color corresponding to the holy attribute, but a faintly red pure gold color.

After the first gem was inserted, a seemingly endless mighty and arrogant aura seemed to fill that huge shield, spreading a pure-gold-colored light all around. This dignified presence seemed like that of a sovereign king controlling a whole generation. And the aura was so dense that his glory seemed to cover countless years of history.

Far away, the six main supervisors in responsibility for the six great temples simultaneously got up, their eyes taking a shocked expression.

Long Hao Chen was sure that he had no idea what this could be, but how could these elders be unaware? This aura, this aura was clearly coming from 6,000 to 13,000 years in the past, from one of the formidable weapon-type pieces of equipment possessing a magnificent aura retained from the glorious era! From the might of that aura and its undulations, this piece of equipment had at least reached the peak of Glorious Tier, only a step away from the Legendary Tier. And at that moment, Wang Yuanyuan had only inserted three gems out of nine. What would happen if she did so with all nine? Wouldn’t this shield exceed the Legendary Tier, to fall into the Epic Tier?

Together with the embedding of the three gems, a fantastic mask emerged on the immense shield.

That mask looked extremely sinister, enveloped by a pure-gold colored cover. It was formed of five colors: red, yellow, white, blue, and grey. An intense pressure was being scattered all over by this face. Before it, Long Hao Chen felt as if that vigorous face was releasing some sort of immaterial attack at his body unceasingly

Wang Yuanyuan held her immense shield, slowing raising it up, and suddenly, a brilliant pure-gold light surrounded her body.

Wang Yuanyuan did not wear any armor; after being surrounded by the brilliant pure gold light, it didn’t matter whether it was her skin or her clothes, everything was overflowing with this mysterious light. A sort of savage allure broke out from her body.

Long Hao Chen’s awareness far exceeded that of a normal person, so he could clearly sense that Wang Yuanyuan was accumulating incomparable, tyrannical explosive spiritual energy on her body and she could activate a fatal strike at any moment.

Forehead radiating purple light, nine purple glows of light illuminated, and without the need of an incantation, Long Hao Chen pointed forward with his right hand, and the purple light on his forehead expanded, light flashing. At this moment, Hao Yue suddenly appeared in front of him.

Seeing the three-headed Hao Yue, there was a twinkle in Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes. She knew that this was Long Hao Chen’s full power, but she was also at her strongest right now. It was not that she didn’t want to embed more precious gems on her shield, but she only inherited three of these precious gems.

“I am the inheritor of this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield; this shield is a family weapon passed down from my deceased grandfather that he used during his glory days. Although right now I cannot unleash its full strength, my Enormous Soul Shield is close to a piece of equipment at the Legendary Tier in terms of status. Be careful.” After speaking, Wang Yuanyuan repeatedly stomped the ground with her right foot, and with a loud bang, the entire stadium shook violently. Her entire body was already covered in a pure gold flame while dashing straight towards Long Hao Chen.

The first possessor of this so-called family weapon dictated that only direct descendants could inherit it. Regardless of the strength of this type of weapon, it was priceless on the market. After all, no matter how good the equipment is, if you cannot use it, it is nothing more than decoration.

It was clearly visible that the ground Wang Yuanyuan previously stomped caved in a meter and had a diameter of 1.5 meters: her stomp clearly contained a lot of strength.

Against the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s tyrannical force, Hao Yue acted like he didn’t feel anything. Three heads were lifted and simultaneously roared.

Long Hao Chen had extremely deep connections with him; his body flashed, and immediately, he jumped on Hao Yue’s back. Under the effects of [Angelic Blessing], Hao Yue was also covered in a faint golden light. With a wave of the Fire Sword in his right hand, [Light Thorn] went straight for Wang Yuanyuan.

Hao Yue’s four-meter-long body seemed very nimble, because Little Green spewed out a mouthful of green air, [Float]. It had the effect of reducing his own weight, allowing him to bring Long Hao Chen to a height of 6.5 meters in a single leap.

Wang Yuanyuan lifted the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield horizontally with both of her hands. In the instant she met [Light Thorn], a strange scene appeared: [Light Thorn] was instantly broken into specks of gold light, disappearing in the air. In the moment of contact, Long Hao Chen was able to clearly feel the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s incredible speed that was indistinguishable by the naked eye, as it violently vibrated in an extremely small area. It was by these vibrations that [Light Thorn] was broken

Wang Yuanyuan advanced in pursuit of Hao Yue as she hacked down with her heavy shield.

As soon as Hao Yue’s three heads came out, they started to chant, looking at Wang Yuanyuan’s powerful attacks, as three were radiances almost simultaneously spread out from Hao Yue’s body, forming three elemental shields.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 126: Gigantic Divine Soul Shield (I)

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