Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 127: Gigantic Divine Soul Shield (Ii)

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Chapter 127: Gigantic Divine Soul Shield (II)

The green color was for wind, the red color for fire, and the golden color for light. On these three elemental shields, there was additionally the holy attribute coming from [Angel Blessings].

Long Hao Chen held his two swords before him as his figure instantly congealed, it was [Divine Obstruction].

Wang Yuanyuan was currently extremely fast, and Hao Yue had absolutely no way to dodge her attack. But Long Hao Chen still chose to meet her head-on, because he wanted to try out the offensive power of this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield that had reached such a level.


These four successive explosive sounds shook the whole audience.

Unexpectedly, these three elemental shields could only stop this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield for a bit, before shattering to pieces. In the final moment, it fiercely struck the two intersected swords positioned at the top of Long Hao Chen’s head.

Long Hao Chen’s whole body was completely shaken by the impact, as a golden radiance covered his body, it was [Bright Vengeance]. Below him, Hao Yue took a few steps back, leaving deep footprints.

The fine iron heavy sword was completely shattered to pieces, and although the Fire Sword didn’t break down, from the bending, looking at its current state, it looked like it wouldn’t be very effective any more.

Long Hao Chen’s hands turned into a sort of blur. His blood was rolling over and over, as he narrowly avoided being injured. It could be said that even with his perfect coordination with Hao Yue, this blow was extremely hard to block.

So powerful! With such a power, it should exceed 500 kg!

When colliding with this blow, Long Hao Chen was undoubtedly at a disadvantage. However this disadvantage came with a compensation. Through this collision of the most direct type possible, he started to gain some understanding in regard to Wang Yuanyuan’s Gigantic Divine Soul Shield.

First, these vibrations were coming from a supplementary ability coming together with the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield. Without this ability, it wouldn’t have been easy for it to break through those three elemental shields. Secondly, the greatest characteristic of this shield was its power. If he were to only compare his external spiritual energy with Wang Yuanyuan’s, he would be the winner without the slightest doubt. This was just how mighty this weapon of hers was.

However, from the looks of it, it wasn’t a walk in the park for Wang Yuanyuan to handle this shield either. In the instant they collided, her face was clearly somewhat flushed. And afterwards, when that huge shield repelled Long Hao Chen back, directly smashing him on the ground, and without leaving any traces on it, the power she had to exert was far from something as light as previously, when she just moved and attacked mechanically. Clearly, with her actual level of cultivation, to plan to use this shield would not be easy.

At this moment, the dominance of a knight appeared clearly. Long Hao Chen’s arms both turned numb, and his weapons were damaged, but Hao Yue wasn’t the slightest bit wounded. And when Long Hao Chen used [Divine Obstruction] to block this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, Hao Yue’s body was still standing straight, reinforcing Long Hao Chen by dispelling a part of the power of her attack.

Compelled to draw a few steps back, Hao Yue took advantage of the fact that Wang Yuanyuan had just launched an attack with her shield, and with a shake of his body, he immediately arrived beside Wang Yuanyuan. As his robust tail swept, aiming straight for Wang Yuanyuan’s legs, he simultaneously launched a large amount of [Fireballs] and [Wind Blades] straight at Wang Yuanyuan.

In particular, he aimed for her two hands that held the shield. Little Light immediately followed up with an incantation, it was the spiritual replenishment technique [Radiant World] that he released once again, replenishing Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy.

Wang Yuanyuan’s consumption wasn’t small. It was not the first time she used this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, but what she forgot was that in the past, when she used it, her internal spiritual energy was a lot more abundant from the beginning. And after her repeated clashes with Long Hao Chen, her consumption was already enormous. After she just relied on this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield to launch this previous attack, she discovered that she did not have enough internal spiritual energy left in her current state to remain in complete control of the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield. And when facing Hao Yue’s extremely rapid attacks, it went to the extent that she was already in a flurry.

Holding horizontally this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, Wang Yuanyuan tried to hide herself behind her shield, and as expected, before this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s might, these ordinary spells were all repealed.

She indeed managed to do so. Little Flame and Little Green’s powerful magic spells were all obliterated by these high frequency vibrations of the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield. However, Hao Yue was extremely sly; these spells were only launched for the sake of distracting Wang Yuanyuan. Below, his large tail was rolled up around Wang Yuanyuan’s leg, suddenly pulling her backwards.

Although Wang Yuanyuan was under the amplification effect of her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, Hao Yue was in no way weak either in terms of strength. More importantly, he used his full power to drag her, who was in comparison in an extremely panicked state. The result immediately appeared out of this.

Wang Yuanyuan’s soft body was trained extremely well: even with this pull flipping her back with an extremely flexible splitting movement, she still wanted to drag her shield and to use it to strike Hao Yue’s tail. However, Long Hao Chen didn’t give her this opportunity.

At the same moment Hao Yue launched his move, Long Hao Chen had received the effects of Little Light’s skill, [Radiant World], and as his spiritual energy was being replenished at an astonishing speed, the numbness in his arms also disappeared gradually. Little Flame and Little Green had released this magic not only to hide the attack with their tail, but also to conceal Long Hao Chen’s soaring figure.


Long Hao Chen appeared behind Wang Yuanyuan, and as a little blade was stuck at her neck, she only felt as though the scene had turned dark, and immediately passed out. Naturally, she had no way to pull this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield together with her.

Holding Wang Yuanyuan who had fainted, Long Hao Chen still felt some lingering fear towards this huge shield beside him. He knew that if Wang Yuanyuan released more of the power of this shield, the one who would have lost would perhaps have been him. After all, he wouldn’t possibly let Hao Yue stake his life in a fight against this shield.

However, in the end, an unanimated item remained an unanimated item. Even though this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was currently close to the level of equipment at the Legendary Tier, it needed someone to wield it. And for these reasons, the assistance Hao Yue brought to Long Hao Chen was a lot greater.

The advantages of their contract of equals in addition to their blood contract appeared even more clearly here. The connection between their minds was a lot greater, and each of them could feel everything, even a single thought, coming from the other party. This brought them an extreme advantage in regard to their coordination and matching in the middle of fights.

Although he had beaten Wang Yuanyuan, Long Hao Chen didn’t look so good. In this match, all the equipment he possessed had been completely destroyed. There wasn’t a single piece of it left. Surely, in the higher stage of the competition, other items at the level of this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield were going to appear; this was the level of the formidable pieces of equipments Long Hao Chen was going to confront during his upcoming fights. However, he didn’t have any money! How could he possibly purchase equipment? After entering the competition between the top 16, with such a disadvantage in regard to equipment, how would he confront the other competitors?

Hao Yue had grown a third head, and Long Hao Chen himself had broken through to the fifth step. This gave him enough confidence to aim for the top three.

“Victor, Long Hao Chen.”

Long Hao Chen applied a [Holy Mantle] that illuminated Wang Yuanyuan’s body. He hadn’t attacked too seriously, so after a little rest, Wang Yuanyuan had already come back to her senses.

Leaping up, she looked at Long Hao Chen, still seemingly unconvinced, and with a snort, said, “If I had used my Gigantic Divine Soul Shield from the beginning, you would not have been a match for me!” As she said this, she retrieved the three gems in her shield.

Long Hao Chen nodded with an understanding look, “You are right, however, victory or defeat isn’t something that can be predicted. Looking at you, it seems that you cannot completely control this shield. It just has a too great consumption for you. As long as I can last for some time, it will still be very hard for you to win.”

As Wang Yuanyuan knew that he was entirely right, she nodded in return, and said, “You are right. But just wait, I will definitely enter the top 16 together with you!”

While speaking, this intrepid lady supported herself with the help of her huge shield, as she headed back to the lounge, directly looking at the mage inside.

Huang Yi’s current face was quite an ugly sight to behold. His last opponent was precisely this Wang Yuanyuan, and the winner would be ranked second of this group. Although the third place also had the possibility of staying in the competition, who would be okay with leaving his fate under someone else’s control?! Wang Yuanyuan’s previous display of might was proof that she wouldn’t. Huang Yi, full of grief and indignation, thought Can’t you be a bit less ferocious?! The fact that a piece of equipment at the Glorious Tier came out had just made the rest more complicated for him. Can I really make it? The might of this huge shield was enough to cancel out the advantage and dominance his spiritual stove brought him. After all, his Earth Elemental Fairy had yet to have its first evolution.

At the end of this fight, Long Hao Chen was already officially qualified. And he finished in first place of his group, taking the lead over the others while entering the top 16.

After sending Hao Yue back to his hotel room, Long Hao Chen left the stadium, completely depressed. I don’t have any more weapons, what can I do about it, now?

However, this worry quickly disappeared from his heart.

“Cai’er, today, it’s once again you who arrived first!” Long Hao Chen met her with a smiling face: everytime he saw her, he immediately forgot everything else. Although Cai’er had always been wearing her veil after that time, and didn’t let him see her appearance again, Long Hao Chen never raised the issue by requesting her to let him see it once again after that.

Taking fast steps and arriving at Cai’er’s side, Long Hao Chen took her small hand very naturally.

Hearing his voice, Cai’er’s look, particularly the shape of her eyebrows, became immediately and clearly very gentle, as she said quietly, “Has today’s match gone smoothly once again?”

Long Hao Chen gently laughed, and replied, “It was okay, but the opponent I faced today was very powerful!”

“It was a female warrior. Her shield was extremely hard to deal with. She used it as an offensive weapon, and could even use some gems to increase her power, and said it was some Gigantic Divine Soul heirloom.” This previous fight brought a lot of experience to Long Hao Chen, so it was somewhat excitedly that he talked to her about how the fight against Wang Yuanyuan took place. But he didn’t bring up the issue of the damaging of his weapons. It was for the single reason that he didn’t want to make her worry about him.

“As long as you won, it’s okay. Then you are already the first ranked of your group.” Cai’er said with a smile.

Long Hao Chen nodded, and said, “That’s right! Only, I don’t know what kind of opponents I’ll fight in the knockout competition. Right, we got to know each other for so long a time already, but except from taking you home, I have done almost nothing else with you, how about…”

At that point, he made a pause and stopped holding Cai’er’s hand, as he leaned close enough to Cai’er to see her facial expression. If Cai’er was in a hurry to go back home, he wouldn’t bring up the issue about inviting her for a meal.

However, Cai’er misunderstood him. With a soft whoosh sound, her face, still covered by a veil, was dyed deeply in red, as her heartbeat suddenly sped up! Even in her capacity as an assassin, she had never felt in such a panic as right now.

Yes, they were young, but in regard to matters between males and females, girls tended to be quite more precocious than boys.

refers likely to the day she took it off/didn’t bring it after wrecking the hell out of Yang Wenzhao.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 127: Gigantic Divine Soul Shield (Ii)

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