Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 129: Innate Talent Sharing! (I)

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Chapter 129: Innate Talent Sharing! (I)

“This… is this the phenomenon of innate talent sharing of the master knight to his retainer knight? Impossible!” Han Qian looked at Long Hao Chen, eyes wide opened, just as if he was looking at a monster. The uncomprehending and astounded look on his face had never been so distinct before.

Taking a deep breath, Han Qian looked at the body of his own grandson, Han Yu, his face becoming very serious. As he waved his right hand toward Han Yu, after a split second, Long Hao Chen saw that Han Qian’s finger was emitting a sparkling, translucent and penetrating gold color. It was [Brilliant Body], a skill of knights of the seventh step.

Han Qian’s hand was shivering; his five fingers moved rhythmically, mystical bright symbols moving in a mysterious trajectory, undulating around his hand. Immediately, it turned into complicated patterns, directly marked on Han Yu’s chest.

Immediately, Han Yu’s body shivered and, on his chest, a golden glow appeared, slowly rising in the air and turning into a pillar of light that kept rising and rising.

Han Qian’s gaze was still firmly focused on this pillar of light, his look becoming even more and more excited.

Ye Hua and Long Hao Chen looked at a loss, not understanding at all the scene before their eyes. They did not understand this ability Han Qian had just used, nor did they comprehend what was happening before them.

After a short period of time, the golden pillar of light finally stopped rising. And Han Yu’s two hands were still unconsciously clenched.

“Really, so it’s really this way. 80, 80th level!”

Finally turning back, Han Qian looked one more time at Long Hao Chen, with an incredulous look. Sizing him up and down, he looked at him as if he was a sort of rare treasure.

Long Hao Chen felt a bit uncomfortable under this gaze and couldn’t help but ask, “Senior Saint Knight Head, did something happen?”

Han Qian took a deep breath, and with a wave of his right hand, a golden mantle immediately covered the whole room and everything within it, including them. His next words left both master and disciple, Ye Hua and Long Hao Chen, completely shocked.

“Little Hao Chen, ah, Little Hao Chen, you are really unceasingly shocking me to the extreme limit! Innate internal spiritual energy, 97! Scion of Light! I didn’t expect that after the start of this Dark Age that occurred 6000 years ago, our Knight Temple would finally produce a Scion of Light. Haha! Hahaha!”

Long Hao Chen and Ye Hua were completely shocked and they looked at each other without exchanging a single word, seemingly simultaneously being prepared for a fight. However, the one before them was precisely the senior Saint Knight Head from their Knight Temple! It meant that he was an enormous powerhouse that could cope with the both of them effortlessly. Furthermore, they didn’t believe that this Han Qian would have bad intentions towards them.

“You… How do you know about this?” Long Hao Chen, still completely blank, asked. The other party had already spoke out the exact amount, so there was no use to try concealing it further; he might as well ask an explanation.

Han Qian could already not calm down at all and his eyes carried an excited raging flame in them as he said, “It is precisely the retainer knight contract that exposed this. A retainer knight and his master knight are very intimately related. To make an agreement, there’s a need for both parties’ blood vessels to share a connection. As a result, a drop of your blood is needed and, during the completion of the retainer knight contract, if the master knight’s innate talent outstrips that of the retainer knight by a wide margin, the retainer knight’s innate talent will increase to some extent. And after the end of this contract, this increase of innate talent will accordingly disappear.”

“This so called ‘outstrip’ applies if there’s a certain difference between them; it is this innate talent sharing I mentioned previously. This difference is represented by a gap between the innate internal spiritual energies exceeding 30. In other words, as long as the master knight’s innate internal spiritual energy is more than 30 levels higher than his retainer knight’s, the retainer knight’s innate talent will accordingly be promoted. The degree of this promotion equals half the gap between the innate internal spiritual energies.”

“Little Yu’s innate internal spiritual energy is at the 63rd level and, at this level, it’s already not bad at all. However, now, it has increased to the 80th level! It means a difference of 34 compared to his 63rd innate level. From this, your innate level can naturally be deduced. It’s 97, a spiritual energy at the 97th level! I really didn’t expect that, in my lifetime, I would get to see someone with the physique of a Scion of Light appear.”

Long Hao Chen and Ye Hua both laughed foolishly in front of Han Qian.

Ye Hua murmured, “How… How is it that I have never heard about these benefits of a retainer knight contract?”

Han Qian said, “Retainer knight contracts are originally few in number and, in addition, I am the only one capable of producing this innate talent sharing effect that I discovered through my researches in regards to ancient languages. Without need to mention you, even the higher-ups of the Knight Temple have no way to know about this method. Furthermore, this method is so useless to the overwhelming majority of people that there is naturally no necessity to spread it to our Knight Temple. ”

Hearing about this sharing method, Ye Hua could naturally not stop his body from shaking as he asked in a thrilled voice, “Senior Saint Knight Head, how.. how many retainer knights can one master knight possess through this method?”

Han Qian gave his reply without hesitating the slightest bit, “The limit would be two. It is because this method involves a spiritual link; if there are too many retainers, that will naturally influence the mental capacity of the master knight and have unfavorable effects on it. As a result, I’d say that, from our knowledge, the absolute limit would be two retainer knights.”

With a deferential sound, Long Hao Chen immediately kneeled down, “Senior Saint Knight, I beg you, please let Teacher accomplish a contract through your method. Teacher is a real genius!”

Hearing this, Han Qian was immediately startled.

To the side, the stirred up Ye Hua looked directly at Long Hao Chen, “Don’t, Hao Chen. If you do this, because of me, you will have no way to obtain another retainer knight ever again.”

Long Hao Chen stubbornly shook his head, “Teacher, the most important thing is for you to become truly powerful. To have Brother Han assisting me is already enough for me. As long as he can help you to raise this innate talent of yours, this disciple will have no regrets.”

“Wait, wait. How is it that I have no idea about what you’re currently speaking of?” Han Qian gave puzzled looks to both master and disciple.

Ye Hua sighed to himself, before reverentially answering, “Senior Saint Knight Head, this subordinate has an innate internal spiritual energy that is only at the eighth level.”

“What?” Han Qian cried out in alarm with a very loud voice, making the ears of both Long Hao Chen and his master dizzy. It was fortunate that this divine light that was covering them was sound-proof, so the sound would not spread to others.

Han Qian’s alarmed state was for real. This reaction was not the slightest bit lower compared to when he learned about Long Hao Chen’s innate internal spiritual energy level of 97. What did an eighth spiritual energy imply? It should imply that there was no way to break through the second step! However… However, he didn’t only break through it, he was furthermore an Earth Knight!

In this instant, Han Qian instantly came to understand why Long Hao Chen said Ye Hua was a real genius. Genius was not all about innate talent. For someone whose innate internal spiritual energy only reached the eighth level to be able to reach the level of Earth Knight, to persevere so much, relying on perseverance and research, would the word ‘genius’ be enough to describe it? Taking a deep breath, Han Qian gave Ye Hua a firm look, “How much effort did you have to exert to make up for this handicap?”

Ye Hua smiled bitterly, “Innate internal spiritual at the eighth level is nothing glorious; it’s only subject to ridicule.”

“Ridicule? Bullshit! Idiot, how many people with an innate internal spiritual energy below you do you think there are among humans? The overwhelming majority, at least! If they could all reach the level of powerhouse of the fifth step through training just like you, do you know what that would imply for humanity?” Han Qian seemed almost to be howling.

In this instant, Ye Hua was immediately shocked. This life of his was only about effort and battles against the heavens. The ridicule he was subject to in this world had developed his reclusive personality. To put it in other words, he had become totally self-centered, living only in his own world.

Hearing Han Qian’s words, he immediately came to understand that these dozens of years of bitter and unceasing training were actually his force. And, although the personal training methods he came up with through researches and struggles weren’t really fitting to a little freak like Long Hao Chen, it could be said to be fitting to the overwhelming majority of people with insufficient innate talents.

With a lift of Han Qian’s hand, a golden light came out from the ground, sticking to Long Hao Chen, “I accept your request. Right now, I look forward, even more than you, to the kind of miracle this teacher of yours will create. Ye Hua, extend your left hand.”

“Yes.” Ye Hua was at that moment very respectful, just as if he was actually Long Hao Chen’s disciple. This matter of innate talent had completely broken his life.. but this was finally going to change!

Ten minutes later, a mark similar to the one on Han Yu’s hand appeared on Ye Hua’s.

Ye Hua and Long Hao Chen did not even need to discuss the matter of retainer knight. They were master and disciple, with a relation akin to that of a father and son. Yes, Ye Hua was going to become Long Hao Chen’s retainer knight, but so what? Would he use this to give Ye Hua orders? With their relation of master and disciple, there was already an absolute confidence between them. Even communication was needless for each of them to make decisions for the sake of each other.

Another drop of blood fell.

Ye Hua’s senses were almost tenfold sharper than this Han Yu’s. As soon as the golden halo surrounded his body, his body convulsed with an excessively comfortable feeling, as if he was on the verge of fainting.

The difference between his spiritual energy and Long Hao Chen’s was 89, so after the innate talent sharing, his innate internal spiritual energy was going to be increased to the 52nd level! Although, as before, it wouldn’t make him a genius in this regard, to Ye Hua, this increase of innate talent was going to cause his fate to change drastically!

Feeling his perception of the light element increasing by leaps and bounds, feeling the changes that occurred in the internal spiritual energy inside of him and the changes in his innate capabilities, Ye Hua couldn’t help but let his tears overflow. While holding Long Hao Chen in his embrace, he unexpectedly burst into tears.

Starting from dozens of years ago, he had to bear the inexhaustible mocking of others, bear the pain of being expelled by his very own teacher, bearing anything and everything. He walked with an unyielding mentality that supported each of his steps. The burdens of this moment had lasted for dozens of years. Over these dozens of years, he was engaged in endless fights against these burdens. And, at this very moment, the dozens of feelings that were repressed in his heart started to flow out like an inexhaustible waterfall breaking out all of a sudden.

Looking at Ye Hua who was crying very loudly, Han Qian stood on the side without intervening the slightest bit. With his professional behaviour and experience, how couldn’t he guess what kind of feelings were repressed inside Ye Hua over so many years? To let him release it all at once was the best choice possible.

Letting everything come out of the depth of his heart, this would have an enormous benefit for his future cultivation. Although he wasn’t young anymore, in regard to cultivation, his future accomplishments were going to be boundless.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 129: Innate Talent Sharing! (I)

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