Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 140: Tyrannical Beyond Compare, Assassin Queen (Iii)

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Chapter 140: Tyrannical Beyond Compare, Assassin Queen (III)

Without a doubt, the best method to handle an assassin was to use a solid defense combined with a more brutal power than the assassin can withstand. For this reason, Fang Zhu’s choice could be said to be extremely wise.

The Gigantic Bear Vajra extended his arms, taking Fang Zhu and putting him on his shoulder. Then, his huge figure stood upright.

This fellow had a robust build, and after standing upright, its height was close to 4 meters; its majestic body appeared just like a little mountain. He slowly approached Cai’er, who appeared extremely small in comparison.

The Gigantic Bear Vajra was a magical beast of the sixth step that had a unique innate ability known as Earthly Roar, capable of producing seismic waves to launch attacks in any direction. Its greatest features were the thick skin covering it, its defensive power and its immense physical power.

Taking large steps, it rushed madly at Cai’er’s.

With a glow of Fang Zhu’s staff, a soft yellow-colored brilliance enveloped him and the Gigantic Bear Vajra, making his body seem stuck to the Gigantic Bear Vajra’s shoulder. No matter how the Gigantic Bear Vajra moved, he wouldn’t be thrown off.

And at this very moment, Cai’er suddenly moved.

The so-called maiden moved just like a rabbit, disappearing in a split second.her speed was just too fast, it went as far as to leave afterimages. The distance that used to separate her from the Gigantic Bear Vajra was only ten meters, but in a flash, she arrived before it.

Under Fang Zhu’s control, its enormous foot stamped on the ground, and with a loud bang, [Earthly Waves] was launched and yellow-colored seismic waves were scattered in all directions.

However, Cai’er astonished everyone once again with the overwhelming power she displayed. Without dodging, without leaping, and without retreating, she advanced with her bamboo cane, making a chopping motion.

As a shadow glittered, a scene that left all spectators speechless occurred. The seismic waves all around were unexpectedly nullified in front of Cai’er, just as if they were struck open by a sharp blade, having no effect on her advance. In the next instant, Fang Zhu couldn’t see Cai’er’s figure anymore.

The resting competitors could only see two dark-gold-colored glows before that astonishing defensive power of the Gigantic Bear Vajra was unexpectedly pierced. A pu-tong sound was let out, as it fell to its knees with a mournful cry.

Two trails of blood appeared on its knees, coming from the rupture of its joints, and immediately, a quiet figure appeared at its back, leaving blue smoke behind.

With her feet on the head of this Gigantic Bear Vajra, the tip of her bamboo cane was pointed at Fang Zhu’s neck. No one doubted the fact that she only needed a little movement to instantly end Fang Zhu’s life.

Lifeless, Fang Zhu appeared already completely lifeless. He had never thought that he would be defeated so easily. The Gigantic Bear Vajra was so dominating that there was no one up till now who had the slightest chance to resist it.

The Gigantic Bear Vajra unwillingly moved its palms, aiming at the top of his own head, but Cai’er’s response was nothing more than a slight shaking of her tiptoes.

In a split second, everyone saw that Cai’er’s body lit up with a dark-gold-colored luster as the body of the Gigantic Bear Vajra froze, and its pair of thick paws dropped as blood madly poured from its mouth and nose. Clearly, it has was now heavily wounded.

“I… I concede.” Fang Zhu, listless, let go of his staff. He lost, and in addition, very miserably. From beginning to end, he could basically not resist in the slightest.

From the platform, the Spiritual Emperor Sanshui said, somewhat sluggishly, “What’s that spiritual energy, why is it dark-gold-colored?”

Ying Suifeng gave her a glance, before indifferently smiling and answering, “I don’t know either.”

Swiftly landing on the ground, Cai’er didn’t say anything as her bamboo cane tapped on the ground, and she unhurriedly walked over to the lounge.

“Victor, Cai’er.” The referee bitterly gulped his own saliva. This battle seemed simple and straightforward. In front of Cai’er, both Fang Zhu and his summoned beast looked extremely pitiful.

The lounge fell in complete silence for a short moment. It seemed that everyone could feel his own neck tighten. As they followed with their eyes Cai’er, who was going back to the lounge, even the breaths of these competing youths became very heavy.

Speed, attack, and extremely cold and powerful killing intent. None of these aspects missed to put a great pressure on them. Even if they didn’t participate in the previous battle, their hearts could hardly calm down.

Too formidable. So the Assassin Temple had such a formidable existence in it.

Yang Wenzhao’s neck similarly tightened, and a pain appeared on his chest. And doubts appeared in him. Even if he used his mount, would he really be able to resist in front of this girl?

Cai’er used her actions to show them her graceful appearance as an assassin.

Long Haochen gave a dull look to Cai’er who was returning to his side, before calmly sitting down. Although he didn’t have this tight feeling on his neck, his view of Cai’er changed completely. Slowly lowering his head, he didn’t look at her but silently thought over something.

A soft little hand quietly approached his own hand, as Cai’er didn’t say anything, but nimbly touched his palm with her forefinger.

Long Haochen, who originally felt gloomy deep inside was stirred by the ripples that stirred his attention. She was writing words with her fingers.

“What is up with you?” Reading these five words with an itchy feeling, Long Haochen’s mood immediately eased up.

Long Haochen pulled her little hand, and on her delicate hand, wrote, “Seeing that you are so strong, will you still need my protection?”

Cai’er’s hand started to slightly shake, as she turned it over and wrote, “Are you regretting your promise?”

“No.” Long Haochen said without even thinking, taking her hand, and writing on this delicate treasure, “I will never regret it.”

Cai’er became silent, tightly holding his hand. After a long time, she started to write once again on his hand, “What you protect is not only my person, but also my heart.”

Long Haochen shivered, and immediately engraved these words in his heart: What you protect is not only my person, but also my heart.

In this instant, he felt as if something was heavily piercing his heart, making everything become clear at once.

That’s right! I have to protect her, does it matter if she’s strong or weak? I am a guardian, just because she’s formidable, does it mean that I cannot do anything to protect her?

Cai’er only held his hand silently, and after hesitating for a little, slowly started to lean on his shoulder.

In that instant of contact, the two youths’ hearts were shivering profusely, as Long Haochen clearly felt Cai’er’s hand warm up.

Li Xin was seated on the other side of Long Haochen, continuously paying attention to their activity. In the instant she saw Cai’er lean on Long Haochen’s shoulder, she could hear a pin drop.

In fact, they were seated in the first row, beside all other competitors. And almost everyone could see what was happening in the front row.

At this moment, almost no one paid attention to the eighth match that was taking place on the stadium, and all eyes were focused on Long Haochen and Cai’er’s figures.

That… Is it that formidable female assassin who displayed such a strength, continuously displaying overwhelming power? She… How is it that she’s acting timidly and lovingly next to this man?

Looking at that beautiful scene of the timid and lovely Cai’er leaning on Long Haochen’s shoulder, a major part of the spectators felt their impression of that tyrannical-beyond-compare Assassin Queen being undermined.

They went from sixteen to eight, as the matches finally ended.

Although the Knight Temple’s drawing wasn’t so good, they still ended with three people in the top eight. The Assassin Temple had two people, and the Mage Temple, the Summoner Temple and the Warrior Temple one person each. On the next day, the matches for the top 4 were going to be even more intense, and was going to be determined, as before, randomly, with a drawing of lots that was going to lower even further the number of competitors. And at the present time, an inevitable dialogue occurred.

This time, Long Haochen and Cai’er didn’t leave in advance. on the contrary, they were the last ones to leave. Li Xin didn’t stay, so as to not bother them, and quietly and sadly left alone.

“I want to invite you for a meal, is it okay?” Long Haochen asked in a low voice to Cai’er who was, as before, leaning on his shoulder. His body was really stiff, and he attempted to hold her in his embrace, to once again feel her slim and tender waist. But in the end, he didn’t dare do so.

Cai’er slowly lifted her head, sitting straight. Her face was covered in a frightening veil, as she lightly shook her head, “No. Go home early. The rest of the competition is more important, you should keep yourself in a good shape.”

“Ah…” Feeling quite disappointed, Long Haochen responded with a single sound.

Cai’er’s small ear lightly shook, as she murmured in a very low voice, “We will have plenty of time to do that later.”

Long Haochen, quite perceptive, turned toward her as soon as he heard her voice, and directly glanced at her with both eyes, “Cai’er, I… I…”

Cai’er, somewhat suspicious, lifted her head, and looked directly at him, “Yeah?”

Long Haochen gulped a mouthful of saliva, before telling her, full of courage, “What I wanted to ask you is… If… If I can obtain the first place… Would you let me hug you?”

“What?” Cai’er’s voice was suddenly raised. This scared Long Haochen to the extent of making him stand up, as he waved his hands repeatedly and said, “Sorry, I just like you too much. Just take it as though I didn’t say anything, don’t get angry!”

Although Cai’er was blind, she could currently clearly feel his current sincere and afraid appearance. With a little laugh, she slowly nodded, letting out a little “mh”.

Standing up, she tapped the ground with her bamboo cane and straightened her posture, moving quickly and gracefully, seemingly almost flying.

“Cai’er, slow down a little.” Long Haochen, fearing that she may slip and fall down, hurriedly pursued her.

In a gloomy corner of the elevated platform.

Han Qian loudly waved his clenched fists, “A good kid! He’s still so young, but his ability is top-notch. Yingzi, did you see? Previously, that little girl was nestling against his body. Wahaha, it looks like this ‘thing’ is ready to occur.”

“Nestling against your freaking sister!” Ying Suifeng felt quite gloomy as he said, “This development is too fast.”

With a smiling expression, Han Qian patted Ying Suifeng’s shoulder, and said, “Brother, thank you! Thank you to your Assassin Temple for having fostered such an incredible talent. I am extremely pleased.”

“But, I’m truly uncomfortable about something. Little Han, you have stayed stuck at the bottleneck of the ninth rank of the eighth step for quite a long time now. What if I help you to rouse your potential? I’m convinced that the old Yang will have no complaint about that.”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 140: Tyrannical Beyond Compare, Assassin Queen (Iii)

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