Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 145: Battle Transcending The Heavens (I)

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Chapter 145: Battle Transcending the Heavens (I)

Huang Yi had prepared beforehand: during the semifinals, if he were to encounter Long Haochen or Yang Wenzhao, he would directly surrender, and would rather fight this assassin for the third position. As long as he could enter the top three, without regard to his ranking, he would obtain a spiritual stove, in addition to the possibility of choosing the youth he had the most expectations in for his Demon Hunt Squad.

If he was lucky and directly encountered that assassin in the match of tomorrow, hehe, then it would be even simplier. After having entered the top 2, he would just put everything in stake to aim for the first position.

All this time, Huang Yi thought that his own luck during this competition was really good, especially in regard to the previous group he was associated to. If Wang Yuanyuan’s display was just a little better, perhaps he would not even have entered in the top 16. Till now, his luck during the knock-out competition was also very good. All along, he didn’t run up against an extremely powerful opponent; he wished that this luck of his could persist.

Just as Huang Yi was in deep thought, developing the possible scenarios according to his plans, Cai’er moved suddenly, looking like a black bolt of lightning, directly charging toward Huang Yi’s location.

This sprint of hers was accomplished at an extremely great speed, making her image blurry.

Huang Yi instantly felt cold sweat at his back. If not for the fact that he immediately moved to another location, this charge would probably have already ended the match.

However, without even letting him the time to rejoice, Cai’er immediately arrived to the location where he was previously standing. However, she didn’t launch her attack as Huang Yi expected it, not in the slightest. As her bamboo cane tapped the ground softly, she borrowed its force to charge once again. That extremely tough cane seemed just like a bowstring, pushing out Cai’er’s body.

Huang Yi was shaken, She disappeared?

That’s right, from his eyes, in the next instant after Cai’er rushed out, the remnants of her silhouette scattered as she just disappeared.


With a sensation on his neck, a heavy blow instantly made Huang Yi lose his consciousness, losing all force. That Earth Elementary Fairy also seemed horrified, as it hastily turned itself into a yellow glow, disappearing into his chest.

Huang Yi fell just like that, as behind him, Cai’er’s silhouette could be seen, making use of her bamboo cane, slowly tapping on the ground, to return back to the lounge.

From afar…

The competitors who could see this scene all gasped in astonishment, especially this Yang Wenzhao. He really wanted to ask whether this girl was really blind.

Clearly, Huang Yi had been deceived. Cai’er had actually not been affected in the slightest by the [Falling Stones]. Previously, when she stopped, or threw herself at the wrong direction, this was all to puzzle him.

Her last charge, directly in the air, was accomplished with the use of [Shadow Doppelganger].

“Assassin Temple, victor: Cai’er.”

Cai’er directly returned to Long Haochen’s side and sat down. Seeing her, Long Haochen couldn’t help but stare blankly at her. He still remembered clearly how hard his previous fight with Huang Yi was. If not for the fact he summoned Haoyue, he would probably not even have won against him. However, in the front of Cai’er, Huang Yi seemed so weak. To the extent that Cai’er didn’t even use any of her skills, and crushed him without any difficulty.

“Cai’er, you can stay uninfluenced by the sound effects?” Long Haochen asked at low voice.

Cai’er replied, “Although I am blind, my five other senses are a lot sharper than ordinary people’s. How could I possibly be fooled when it relates to sound? The magic undulations surrounding him, as well as the scent he let out all enable me to tell out his location.”

Long Haochen said in a flash, “So it was like that. No wonder, the other day, you promised me…”

“Mh?” Cai’er, somewhat puzzled, turned her head at a crooked angle.

Long Haochen chucked, and said, “I’m saying, even Yang Wenzhao is probably no match for you. How about reversing our promise? If you can get the first place, I will be the one to let you hug me.”

Hearing his words, Cai’er’s pretty face instantly turned red, as she approached him without a single sound.

It was no wonder that Long Haochen felt so unconfident when it pertains to her. It wasn’t only a question of strength, but if he were to encounter Cai’er, there was no way he could possibly attack her, let alone going all out against her. As for ranks in this competition, Long Haochen gave them no importance at all. Just like Huang Yi, as long as he could enter the top three and get the spiritual stove as a reward, it would be sufficient to him.

The eight-to-four matches all ended, and the participants of the Demon Hunt Selection who were in the top four were: Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao, Mu Ning, and Cai’er.

Among these, Mu Ning was the other competitor from the Assassin Temple who came out.

When the competition entered this stage, among the Six Great Temples, there were only people left from the Knight Temple and the Assassin Temple. 2 versus 2. From the looks of it, in general, the most powerful ones should be the ones from the Knight Temple. However, Cai’er was an existence no one here dared to neglect. In the end, the strength of this girl was something that only the people from the Assassin Temple could know of.

Even if in the end, Mu Ning were to lose, as long as Cai’er could become the final champion, the Knight Temple’s glory would be snatched by the Assassin Temple.

Still, the relation between Cai’er and Long Haochen was something everyone could see. In History, they were most likely the youngest lovers that belonged to Demon Hunt Squads, and also probably the ones with the most potential.

After sending Cai’er back, Long Haochen went back to his own hotel and headed to Ye Hua’s room.


Seeing Long Haochen, Ye Hua revealed a faint smile, “Today’s match went without a hitch once more?”

Long Haochen replied with a smile, “I’m already in the top four!”

And he detailed how the matches of todat went in detail.

Ye Hua’s eyes shone, as he gently laughed, “Your results are already far exceeding my expectations. It looks like there is no need for you to participate in the competition a second time.”

After some time of hesitation, Long Haochen told him, “Teacher, there’s something I need to consult with you about.”

Ye Hua said, “Tell me.”

Long Haochen continued, “Cai’er also entered the top four, and she’s really strong. I needed to rely on Haoyue’s power to prevail over Huang Yi, but in front of her, he could not even resist the slightest bit. Tomorrow, the semifinals are going to take place. If I draw Cai’er as my opponent, I am thinking about giving up this match, and aim for third place. Then, I will just have to defeat the other assassin, and as long as I can enter the top three, I will have the opportunity to get a spiritual stove. If tomorrow, my opponent for the semifinals is not Cai’er, I will definitely go all out.”

“Is it because there is no way you can go against her that you chose to give up?” Ye Hua understood this disciple of his the best. Although Long Haochen was naturally kind-hearted, he was determined to win, and would never give up just because his opponent is powerful.

Long Haochen slowly nodded his head.

After an instant of silence, Ye Hua finally spoke, “This is your competition, so it is okay for you to make this choice by yourself.”

Long Haochen was startled. Considering his character, he originally expected his teacher to scold him with curses.

Ye Hua laughed humbly, “Don’t think too much, a lot of things are decreed by fate. During this competition, you already came out above average. After the great competition ends, you will enter a Demon Hunt Squad, and starting from there, you will have to make a lot of choices by yourself. Teacher cannot eternally be by your side to help you to make these decisions. However, you have to bear in mind that you must not regret the choice you will make. No matter what’s right and what’s wrong, you have to make this choice for yourself, and to assume the responsibilities that it implies.”

“Yes.” Having gotten Ye Hua’s agreement, Long Haochen loosened his breath, and said goodbye, before returning to his room to cultivate.

The door of his room closed, and Ye Hua silently stood seated there, before softly sighing, “Foolish kid, how could it be so simple!? If you both enter the top three, then, according to the rules of Demon Hunt Squads, you will not be able to be in the same squad.”

He didn’t tell this to Long Haochen, because deep inside, he had selfish envies. Why would he let his disciple abandon so much for the sake of a girl? All should be left for the heavens to decide.

What Ye Hua didn’t know at all, was that the fact that he didn’t explain these regulations of the Demon Hunt Squads to Long Haochen at all would lead him to encounter great complications.

As before, in the Knight Stadium, and after a total of half a month of fierce contest, today, the semifinals were finally going to take place.

When Long Haochen took Cai’er’s hand to head to the stadium together with her, the whole audience was completely silent.

The semifinals was the stage of knights and assassins, and also a fierce contest between these two Great Temples. Today, who was the one going to grab this decisive opportunity? The first thing it was going to depend on was the drawing.

Compared to the drawings of the other days, Yang Wenzhao was a lot more serene today. Having reached the semifinals, he didn’t have excessive expectations in regard to the quality of his drawing. Although his look was peaceful, it was also very firm. No matter who he would end up against, he was going to go all out to prevail over the opponent. At this moment, he was instead full of expectation to fight Long Haochen or Cai’er. He knew that if he ended up against Long Haochen, his chances of victory would be higher, but if his opponent was Cai’er, he wouldn’t lack confidence either. It is for the simple reason that according to the rules of the Demon Hunt Selection, if an Airbone Knight was up against an assassin, the Airbone Knight would not be permitted to fly. But similarly, the assassin would not get the cover of the large pillars.

Han Qian, Ying Suifeng and the rest of the auxiliary hall masters all came to the podium once again.

Although the auxiliary hall masters of the other four great Temples were not in a great mood, they were still relatively relaxed. After all, the competitors from their respective Temples were already knocked out.

Clearly, Han Qian and Ying Suifeng had complicated expressions; no one here could guess what they were currently thinking of.

A half halo separated the six auxiliary hall masters and the four competitors.

Han Qian took a deep breath, silently saying, “The drawing is about to start.”

Four heads were simultaneously lifted, falling under the halo. At this moment, among these four competitors, the sole serene one was Cai’er.

The six auxiliary hall masters’ looks were extremely focused, and their perceptions were heightened to their utmost.

A historic moment was going to take place. Luck was an important factor of the previous stages of this competition, but at the current stage, luck wasn’t going to have much use.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 145: Battle Transcending The Heavens (I)

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