Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 148: Decisive Battle Against Yang Wenzhao! (I)

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Chapter 148: Decisive battle against Yang Wenzhao! (I)

At this moment, a lot of people had already forgotten the matter with Cai’er. No matter whether it was Long Haochen or Yang Wenzhao, the two finalist displayed absolute power exceeding the vast majority of the other competitors’. Furthermore, from the beginning of the fight, they hadn’t even taken out their personal mounts.

A great amount of golden, white, blue dazzling light was breaking out in the sky. At last, two figures fell from the skies, one after another.

On Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Armor, at least six holes appeared. In fact, they were the result of the Starsea Spiritual Stove, which finally pierced through his defense.

On the other side, Yang Wenzhao appeared in a much worse shape. Today, what he was wearing was a golden armor. This golden armor clearly had at least a dozen sword marks on it, especially on its left side. A large hole was split open in the middle, fresh blood dripping out from it.

With a Wa sound, Long Haochen spat out a mouthful of blood. His injuries weren’t any lighter than Yang Wenzhao; the Starsea Spiritual Stove’s might was something that gave Yang Wenzhao a significant advantage. However, as he spat out this blood, he had already launched a charge at Yang Wenzhao.

This guy is simply mad! Could it be that he doesn’t even need to take a breather? Seeing Long Haochen charge once again, Yang Wenzhao was filled with a completely unwilling feeling.

Long Haochen’s eyes displayed an enormous fighting spirit. However, they also appeared extremely calm. To be able to combine these two splendid qualities together… What a frightening existence!

Actually, Yang Wenzhao didn’t know in the slightest bit that with the external stimulation, Long Haochen’s constitution of a Scion of Light was gradually influencing his fighting spirit. His physique of a Scion of Light gave him the natural talent called ‘Heart of Light’. Under the effect of Heart of Light, in whichever situation he faced, his decision-making power would not get affected by his feelings. And the most formidable innate talent that could be possessed by knights was gradually coming out from Long Haochen, in his capacity as the Scion of Light.

Fiercely gritting his teeth, Yang Wenzhao chose to not clash head-on with Long Haochen again. This kid was just insane! If this kept up, it would very possibly end up with the two of them being wounded. Furthermore, with the comparison between his opponent’s momentum and his own, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was to come out as the loser.

As a result, at this moment, Yang Wenzhao did the best he could to calm himself down, going for a defensive strategy, and slowly retreating while unfolding both arms and rapidly drawing the outline of his summoning command.

As long as he could summon his Starlight Unicorn, he would be very likely to win this battle.

Yang Wenzhao’s retreat was naturally not done by walking backwards as this would not give him any way to keep up with Long Haochen’s charging speed. His choice was to use [Assault] as well, charging at the opposite direction, swiftly heading to the side while launching his summon incantation. It could be said that he was going for the side of Long Haochen.

At the same time, a starry light glittered from his chest, gradually coming out and rapidly covering his whole body. An armor covered his whole body just like a huge mountain; this was the ability of his evolved Starsea Spiritual Stove, Starry Spiritual Armor.

With this defense, even if he received several long-ranged attacks from Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao wouldn’t be much harmed.

But at this very moment, alarmed shouts resounded from the lounge.

It was a pity that Yang Wenzhao didn’t hear these cries of alarm coming from the periphery of the stadium. Actually, the stadium was not only sound-isolated from its periphery, but also simultaneously from the whole rest of the world.

From the lounge, the competitors only saw a purple light twinkling, before three giant heads appeared below Long Haochen, standing proudly. It was precisely Haoyue.

He… He didn’t use any incantation or draw any magic figures to complete this incantation? How is it possible? The most confused people over this scene were the summoners from the Spiritual Temple. However, no matter what their guesses could be, Long Haochen had completed this summon in an instant.

In the instant Haoyue appeared, three spells instantly came out simultaneously.

In a flash, a lump of green light fell on Long Haochen’s body, covering it entirely with its drizzling luster. A lump of red light was puffed from Little Flame’s mouth. And finally, a golden light illuminated Long Haochen, on this blue Hibiscus of Light in his right hand.

Three abilities were simultaneously used, accomplished without a hitch. The place where Haoyue appeared was slightly in front of Long Haochen, so Long Haochen was actually on his tail.

As a result, at the same time Little Green, Little Flame and Little Light used his abilities, Haoyue, with his figure appearing more than 4 meters high swiftly waved his tail, taking Long Haochen and throwing him at Yang Wenzhao.

An enormous fireball with a meter diameter flew before Long Haochen, completely concealing his body. It was the flaming light that Little Flame had just created.

[Super Bursting Fireball], spell of the fifth step. Originally, it is a spell creating a single fireball, but when exploding, it can display the power of several spells used at once. And among fire spells of the fifth step, it is one of the best ones in terms of offensive power.
In the middle of his summon, Yang Wenzhao suddenly felt a scorching hot feeling at his back.

How can there be a scorching hot feeling? His magic figures were about to be completed, so if it was interrupted in this instant, he was very likely to be at an even greater disadvantage.

Therefore, Yang Wenzhao gritted his teeth, his armor letting out a brilliant radiance, appearing just like flames in the sun. Except, these solar flames weren’t released by his body, but came from his supplementary armor, and they could only persist for three seconds.

Bang – Pa

The [Super Bursting Fireball] ruthlessly exploded on Yang Wenzhao’s body. This was a spell of the fifth step! How could a supplementary armor coming from the use of an ability possibly stop it? The solar flames instantly scattered, as the heavy explosion was launched in the instant the fireball collided with the Starsea Armor, producing a heavy explosion.

However, in this instant, Yang Wenzhao reacted contrarily to expectations. In the end, he chose to resist this strike, his magic figures taking advantage of this instant to be completed. A rich-gold-colored hexagon glittered before him. He was about to summon immediately his Starlight Unicorn, letting this match start anew.

But, also in this instant, Yang Wenzhao felt an unprecedented feeling of crisis covering his whole body. He didn’t have the time to make any decision at this instant, and turned around desperately, his two swords slashing backwards. Louuu

Two crossed white brilliances formed an [Instant Blast Cross Cut], aiming at Yang Wenzhao’s two swords from above.

A heavy metallic burst sounded in the air, as Yang Wenzhao’s two swords were broken and a white blade of light ruthlessly aimed at him, splitting open his Star Spiritual Armor as well as the body armor he was clad in. This terrifying offensive power directly struck Yang Wenzhao from the air.

As blood frantically spread out, Yang Wenzhao had a single interrogation, How could this happen?

A white radiance twinkled, pulling the heavily wounded Yang Wenzhao, making his body forcefully move backwards.

Xilulu. With a long and hoarse cry, the Starlight Unicorn finally came on stage. Relying on a contract of equals, he could immediately feel Yang Wenzhao’s crisis, and spreading his two wings, rushed towards Yang Wenzhao without the slightest hesitation.

Also at this moment, a white light rose, this time on the Starlight Unicorn’s body. It originally headed towards Yang Wenzhao’s, but it turned without the slightest resistance, heading instead in the direction of Long Haochen.

Using [Divine Obstruction] and with his two swords crossed, Long Haochen simply stopped the Starlight Unicorn’s charge. Although he was pushed a little dozen or so meters back, the Starlight Unicorn was also shaken and receded a few steps back, without the possibility of launching another successive charge.

“Stop! I am not trying to injure him.” Long Haochen shouted out loudly to the Starlight Unicorn.

The Starlight Unicorn was very obedient, and immediately stopping his charge, had its pair of beautiful eyes filled with a worried expression.

It was understandable that he didn’t dare launch another attack, as he was actually afraid of the aftermath if he was to wound this little guy. On the other side, Yang Wenzhao was currently facing Haoyue. Little Green bit into Yang Wenzhao’s neck without any restraint, while this latter didn’t dare move the slightest bit. Still, blood was unceasingly dripping out from his mouth and nose; clearly, his current injuries were extremely heavy.

The whole audience fell silent.

At this moment of the match, the results were already obvious.

Before today’s semifinals began, the other competitors felt that the final victor of the competition could be themselves. From the looks of it, the one who had the higher odds of being the victor ought to be the Assassin Temple that had Cai’er. The strength that Cai’er had displayed was, after all, too overbearing! In front of her, no one had had a chance of even lasting for a quarter of an hour.

And immediately after Cai’er, the other one with great odds of ending up victorious was Yang Wenzhao. He possessed a Starlight Unicorn, and was himself a formidable Retribution Knight of the fifth step. With his overbearing cultivation level, equipment, and the assistance of his Starlight Unicorn, he was supposed to be able to stand against Cai’er. Between, these two, it was hard to guess who the final champion would be.

As for Long Haochen, who was placed third after these two, from a lot of people’s point of view, as a knight, he was still too young. Although he definitely had good talent, there was bound to be a gap between his odd mount and a Starlight Unicorn. And his cultivation level in itself couldn’t match Yang Wenzhao’s. If not for his relationship with Cai’er, there was no way he would have attracted as much attention as these two.

As for Mu Ning, it seemed that no one considered him as someone capable enough to enter the top three.

From the beginning of today’s match to its end, everything that happened had completely overturned everyone’s point of view. Cai’er went as far as to surrender her own match, and despite the fact she was the favorite for numerous people, at last, she only ended fourth. As for Mu Ning, with his luck of dog’s shit, he picked up the third place. However, in this battle between Long Haochen and Yang Wenzhao, this latter was the overwhelming favorite. In fact, it was because the Starlight Unicorn’s existence was just too overbearing.

During this match, Yang Wenzhao proved his formidable strength. Not only did he possess the both offensive and defensive Starsea Spiritual Stove, but furthermore, he had already completed its first evolution!

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 148: Decisive Battle Against Yang Wenzhao! (I)

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