Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 149: Decisive Battle Against Yang Wenzhao! (Ii)

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Chapter 149: Decisive battle against Yang Wenzhao! (II)

However, although the Demon Hunt Squad members in the making and other contestants had guessed Yang Wenzhao’s strength, they didn’t guess this final outcome.

Even if at the moment, from their point of view, Long Haochen’s entire power ought to have been inferior compared to Yang Wenzhao’s, when all was said and done, he had accomplished a complete victory. Long Haochen was the complete victor of this match.

Unexpectedly, he had completely suppressed Yang Wenzhao from beginning to end leaving him no opportunity at all. With this battle accomplishment, he became the ultimate victor.

A few breaths earlier.

Yang Wenzhao’s fighting strategy could be said to be quite inaccurate, but his biggest mistake was his estimation of Haoyue.

Long Haochen and Haoyue shared a blood contract. It completely linked their blood pulses: even in different locations, they would still remain connected. Each of them could feel the danger the other one was in, and would be the first to rush to the other one’s side.

Under these circumstances, Long Haochen didn’t need any summoning incantations or drawing symbols and could easily summon Haoyue. Furthermore, he could rely on their soul connection to tell Haoyue which abilities he should prepare beforehand. For this reason, as soon as Haoyue appeared, he instantly released three spells: they were precisely the three abilities that enabled Long Haochen to accomplish his one-blow-kill, prevailing against Yang Wenzhao before the arrival of his Starlight Unicorn.

The first spell was Little Green’s [Float], that instantly made Long Haochen a lot lighter. In fact, as an only 14 years-old kid, Long Haochen didn’t have much weight, but his armor, plus his two swords were very heavy. After reducing his weight, Haoyue’s tail became his best weapon, giving him an enormous boost of speed to pursue Yang Wenzhao who was in the middle of [Assault].

The second spell was Little Flame’s [Super Bursting Fireball]. This thing was precisely what enabled him to break Yang Wenzhao’s defense, exceeding it by a hair’s breadth, making a crack appear in his Star Spiritual Armor.

The third ability Little Light used was the light system spell [Buff], quite similar to [Radiant World], with the difference being that it enhances and increases Long Haochen’s light element. Because of Long Haochen’s blood pact with Haoyue that interlinked his blood vessels with Haoyue, this portion of light element was transferred to him, immediately turning into two [Holy Swords].

These two [Holy Swords] erupted, turning into an [Instant Blast Cross Cut], the ultimate blow aimed at Yang Wenzhao.

Still, Long Haochen showed mercy with this move, as he didn’t use [Holy Sword] with its full might. Otherwise, Yang Wenzhao’s body would have already been cut in four.

To ultimately defeat Yang Wenzhao, he then simply launched the ability [Pull] of his Saint Spiritual Stove once again, throwing Yang Wenzhao, who lost all balance, at Haoyue. Under this threat to Yang Wenzhao’s life, even if his Starlight Unicorn was even more formidable, there would still be no way for him to turn the tides.

Yang Wenzhao’s judgement wasn’t wrong: in terms of fighting power, the Starlight Unicorn was stronger than Haoyue, and in the aspect of light system’s enhancement, Haoyue had no way to compare. However, what he miscalculated was in regard to his estimate of his companion agreement pact. How could Long Haochen’s blood contract with Hao Yue possibly compare with his pact of equals with his Starlight Unicorn?

If both parties had summoned their mount from the very beginning of the battle, the ultimate result would have very likely been both sides suffering. In his capacity of an Airbone Knight, Yang Wenzhao’s odds of victory would be somewhat greater, but with the assistance of the triple-attribute Haoyue, Long Haochen would have some chance.

The pity is that strength is not the absolute factor for determining victory or defeat; fighting spirit is very likely to influence the results a lot. Also, tactics are another factor that can very possibly change the outcome.

“Victor, Long Haochen.”

The referee announced this, and in the next instant, he arrived before Yang Wenzhao.

With a sign waved by Long Hoachen, Little Green opened his mouth, doing something to Yang Wenzhao.

White radiances of sacred light twinkled one after another, falling on Yang Wenzhao’s body and treating his numerous injuries. While the referee was doing his announcement, the Starlight Unicorn, which was let loose, rushed to Yang Wenzhao’s side, and looked at the nearby Haoyue with obvious hostility.

Long Haochen also used his first use of [Holy Mantle] from his wrist guard, and at the same time, in his hands, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light released a blue radiance all around; this was [Sweet Powder] technique of the water attribute.

Under the healing effects of light and water magic, he recovered with the light stimulation while water system eased up his wounds and gave some vitality back to him. When both were used together, complementing each other, the healing effect was greatly increased.

During this battle, it had looked like Long Haochen had completely overpowered and suppressed Yang Wenzhao, but in reality, the pressure he had received was also extremely great. From beginning to end, his attacks were uninterrupted. Otherwise, how could Yang Wenzhao, considering his cultivation level, possibly be left with no way to summon his Starlight Unicorn? In such circumstances, he would obviously be subject to a great pressure himself. And in this instant, Long Haochen had a superiority that spectators couldn’t see; it was precisely about his external spiritual energy.

In regard to his internal spiritual energy, Long Haochen was an Earth Knight at the first rank, but in comparison, Yang Wenzhao was, for sure, at least an Airborne Knight at the third rank. However, his external spiritual energy was something that Yang Wenzhao couldn’t possibly match. With Haoyue’s two evolutions, the external spiritual energy circulating in his veins was greatly increased. And the mystical sword Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light brought constant growth to his body. Yang Wenzhao had very likely an external spiritual energy only of 100, that could definitely not reach 200. In comparison, Long Haochen’s external spiritual energy was probably higher than 400. Only, since he didn’t go through the magical test of estimation, he didn’t know how high his external spiritual energy was.

Superiority in terms of external spiritual energy led to Long Haochen prevailing by far over Yang Wenzhao. Although it was also his continuous use of skills that led to his own injuries, it was still within his limit.

Looking at the radiance of the dazzling Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, Long Haochen thought to himself that if a [Holy Sword] combined with [Instant Blast Cross Cut] wasn’t enough to bring him victory, he would really have to use the most powerful supplementary skill of this sword. Only, it would also lead to him being greatly injured in the process.

An enormous white pillar rose from Yang Wenzhao’s body; it was a skill used by the referee to restore his strength.

[Saint Heal], Guardian Knight skill of the eighth step. So the referee of this finals was actually a Saint Knight of the eighth step.

Under the effect of [Saint Heal], the enormous wound on Yang Wenzhao’s back started to heal at an astonishing speed, and he stood up with the help of the referee.

Directing his gaze toward Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao had a complex look. He didn’t expect that he would really lose. Lose against a youth obviously a lot younger than him.

The first time he met him, he was still a knight of the fourth step. At that time, although he was quite impressive, he still had no chance at all in front of him.

However, after a mere month, he managed to beat him like this.

A loss was a loss; Yang Wenzhao wouldn’t go look for an excuse. If the opponent was a demon, he would have already been turned into a corpse.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Wenzhao nodded, looking at the referee and hinting that he could stand by himself. Then, this Saint Knight let his hand loose.

Yang Wenzhao, advanced, taking little strides in Long Haochen’s direction. His face was very pale, but the complex expression in his eyes slowly disappeared.

He has something to tell me? Long Haochen saw Yang Wenzhao approaching him with haste.

“You won.” Yang Wenzhao had a feeble voice.

“I just made use of tricks.” The fighting spirit that was accumulated in Long Haochen’s eyes had already disappeared, and his handsome face had, as before, a pure and childish feel. From his face, he looked embarrassed, and displayed a very bright smile.

Looking at his face, Yang Wenzhao became slightly low spirited: he was defeated by such a young knight!

“This is your victory. But in a near future, when we’ll be competing for the Secret Silver Foundation Seat, I will definitely not lose against you.” As he spoke, Yang Wenzhao extended his right hand toward Long Haochen.

Long Haochen similarly stretched his right arm forward, “It seems that you are forgetting the group formation that is about to take place.”

Yang Wenzhao’s face revealed a bitter smile, as he slowly shook his head.

“We will be continuously moving forward, for the glory of knights.” Yang Wenzhao’s right fist formed a punch, aimed at his left chest.

“For the glory of knights.” Long Haochen was still saluting.

In the direction of the podium, the higher-ups of the Six Great Temples advanced toward the stadium, one after another, heading to their side.

Han Qian’s voice sounded once again in the whole field.

“This Demon Hunt Selection Competition ends. Winner: Long Haochen, Second place: Yang Wenzhao, Third place: Mu Ning. Next, the roulette ceremony is going to take place; all the top 60 competitors of this year are to advance.”

After a total duration of a month, the Demon Hunt Selection finally ended. The ultimate result exceeded everyone’s expectations. The Knight Temple took the top two seats and ended up as the ultimate winner, and Long Haochen made a name for himself after a single match. He won and became champion, at barely 14 years old, and also became the youngest champion of the history of the Demon Hunt Selections. However, deep inside of his heart, this win didn’t belong to him, but to that young girl who supported him in the shadows, unknown to everyone else.

Under the guidance of the staff members, every competitor slowly entered. On the other side, a dozen of staff members moved as well, heading toward an enormous wheel.

It was in a circular terrace that had a diameter above 20 meters, with, on it, a huge roulette.

The competitors stood on two sides, under the guidance of some staff members. Among them, those who entered the top 16 were in the left row, whereas the rest of the people were in the rear.

Long Haochen and Yang Wenzhao stood side by side, gazing at an enormous roulette in front of them. Suddenly, Long Haochen seemed to have thought of something, and the expression on his face changing completely. Quickly turning around, he looked for the silhouette of Cai’er in the crowd.

As he was about to join up with Cai’er, he had something of the utter importance to tell her. At this moment, Han Qian’s voice sounded once again, “Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao, Mu Ning, go up on stage.”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 149: Decisive Battle Against Yang Wenzhao! (Ii)

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