Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 150: Decisive Battle Against Yang Wenzhao(Iii)

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Chapter 150: Decisive Battle Against Yang Wenzhao(III)

At the same time, a gentle mantle of light was released in the air, wrapping Long Haochen and the two other youths in it, and transporting them onto the platform, beside the terrace where the roulette was.

Han Qian said in a low voice, “In your capacity as the first three competitors, you will have the privilege of being able to choose one teammate in priority for your own squad. However, everything will be taking place accordingly to the rules: from beginning to end, you are not to communicate in any way with external people, until the teams are formed.”

Feeling greatly anxious, Long Haochen said with haste, “Elder Saint Knight, can I just say a little something to a friend of mine, just a few words?”

Sanshui, the Spirit Emperor from the Spiritual Temple immediately gave her reply, “Haven’t you heard the words of the elder Saint Knight? These are the rules of the Alliance, how could we let you bypass them?”

Originally, the other Temples felt somewhat gloomy about the fact the Knight Temple got the first two places, so naturally, in regards to the rules, they wouldn’t be flexible with Long Haochen.

Long Haochen turned was again his head around, looking at Cai’er. He had something he really wanted to tell her, however Cai’er couldn’t see! Even if his glance could express twice as much, would it even be of use?

Under the urgings of the staff members, Long Haochen was finally left with no other choice but to head up to the circular desk together with Yang Wenzhao and Mu Ning.

Han Qian gave a puzzled look to Long Haochen, but at this moment, he couldn’t say anything about that, due to his capacity as Alliance representative. In accordance with the procedures, he said in a deep voice, “You three obtained the first three places. For this feat, you will each have a chance to directly choose one person as your teammate in your future Demon Hunt Squad. As long as the other party agrees, he will directly become part of your Demon Hunting Squad. Long Haochen, you got the first place, so you will be the first one to choose.”

That mantle of light released on the platform isolated it from all foreign influence, but it didn’t mean that the sound inside of it could not be perceived. But Long Haochen couldn’t possibly know of this! Otherwise, even if he had to shout it loudly, he would definitely let the extremely important matter he had in heart come out.

Long Haochen looked at the somewhat dull Han Qian, whose face appeared to have turned paler than before, before looking at Cai’er, who was standing on the first row, as his body slightly swayed.

No matter whether it was the six auxiliary hall masters, or Yang Wenzhao and Mu Ning standing by his side, everyone couldn’t help but have doubts. What is he hesitating about? Could it be that, aside from that girl, there could be another possible choice?

However, how could that be possible? Even the most perspicacious people were unable to guess what he could be thinking about. It was precisely for his sake that this girl surrendered two matches in a row. Otherwise, today’s ranking couldn’t possibly be like that.

Everyone’s gaze was sticked at Long Haochen. But to him, all of this was too sudden! He had no way to tell Cai’er his idea.

Outside from the mantle of light, Cai’er silently stood up. She was also feeling somewhat sluggish, Hasn’t he already let you make his choice? Why doesn’t he say it? What is he waiting for?

Li Xin was currently standing behind Cai’er, while Lin Xin was also standing nearby. At this very moment, all of them felt extremely nervous.

Li Xin understood Long Haochen only too well; although he’s very young, he had qualities that a lot of adults would never have: modesty, honesty, compassion, courage, fairness, sacrifice, honor, perseverance, love, justice; the Ten Standards of a Knight could almost all be seen in him.

He… He will not choose this useless mage, will he? If it’s really the case, what about Cai’er? Lil’ bro! You are not going to become a villain, are you? Seeing this frail silhouette, Li Xin secretly prayed to herself, unknowingly becoming completely soaked in sweat.

Lin Xin’s current state of mind was also complex. All along, he had been looking at these days of competition. When, at that time, he staked everything on Long Haochen, it was as a tentative plan for five years later, for the sake of realizing his dream.

However, he absolutely didn’t expect that during this competition, Long Haochen would actually come out as one of the stars, obtaining the ultimate place of champion.

Naturally, he also knew of the two matches Cai’er surrendered, and was able to notice their intimate relationship. In this instant, would Long Haochen still choose him? If it was instead him, which choice would he make?

Lin Xin didn’t know, he couldn’t give himself a straight answer. In his current state, his mind was almost blank, and looking at Long Haochen standing afar on the platform, his five senses were completely mixed up.

On a side was his close female friend, and the most outstanding person of the Assassin Temple as well as the number one of her generation, and called the ‘Assassin Empress’ by all other assassins participating in the competition, Cai’er.

On the other side, a mage who cannot use offensive magic who relied on luck and scheming to come out successful during the preliminaries.

On one side was the one he had to protect for his whole life, the girl who surrendered all glory for his sake.

On the other side, a promise forced upon him.

Lin Xin secretly pondered to himself: in such circumstances, which choice would he make?

On stage, Ying Suifeng felt extreme anger, still unsatisfied from the choice Cai’er made today. Although this girl wasn’t anything he could possibly control, she represented the glory of the Assassin Temple. For the sake of another, she abandoned all glory. If it was someone else, Ying Suifeng would definitely severely punish him.

However, even though Cai’er sacrificed so much for him, for him to be now hesitating in spite of everything, could he still call himself a man of honor?

“What are you still waiting for? Hurry up to make up your mind.” In his anger, Ying Suifeng was completely ice-cold, as he couldn’t help but let out these words, shouting loudly.

Long Haochen felt completely shaken. Coming back to his senses, he finally had to face the reality. At that instant, he was already unable to change his mind anymore.

Tightly clenching both fists, he abruptly lifted up his head, using almost all his strength to say in a deep voice, “I choose Lin Xin from the Mage Temple.”



On stage, everyone was crying out in surprise, and off stage, a huge uproar occurred.

Simultaneously, three people cried out extremely loudly, the Saint Knight Head from the Knight Temple, Han Qian, the Majestic Heroic Assassin Lord from the Assassin Temple, Ying Suifeng, as well as the Magic Regiment Leader from the Mage Temple, Lin Chen.

The other three auxiliary hall masters were also astonished, but in the end, still managed to control themselves.

“What did you say?” Ying Suifeng took a step forward, grabbing Long Haochen from his Holy Spirit Armor and releasing a terrifyingly enormous pressure toward this latter.

Han Qian made haste to take a step forward and grabbed Ying Suifeng’s shoulder, “Don’t be impetuous. Haochen, didn’t you make a mistake? How can it be?”

On the side, the Saint Mage Lin Chen stared at him, anxiously waiting for his answer. He absolutely didn’t expect that the choice of this child, the hope for the future of the Knight Temple and champion of the competition, would be his own grandson.

Long Haochen revealed an agonizing look: “I am not mistaken, my choice is Lin Xin from the Mage Temple. He is also one of the top sixty competitors.”

The first time Long Haochen said he chose Lin Xin, Cai’er, who was originally calmly standing suddenly turned rigid, her face appearing lifeless. Gripping the bamboo cane and tightening her hand, at that moment, all she could feel was that her mind was turning blank, and that her six senses had disappeared completely.

Did… Did I mishear him? In that blank world, Cai’er tried to ask herself.

But how could I mishear his voice? My hearing is at least twice better than ordinary people’s.

He chose Lin Xin? That Lin Xin who cannot use offensive magic? The Lin Xin who was in my subgroup?


This word was currently flowing in Cai’er with matchless presence.

What about his promise? He said said he would protect me for all his lifetime.

But, the one he chose wasn’t me.


So cold, I suddenly feel so cold, so painful. Where does this cold and painful feeling come from? Could it be from… My heart?

It hurts so bad, all because of him. The scenery flashing before my eyes was originally all black, but now it became all grey.


“Cai’er! Cai’er! Listen to me, there’s a reason why Haochen chose Lin Xin, you have to listen to my explanation!” Li Xin anxiously stood at Cai’er’s side, calling out to her. However, at that very moment, Cai’er seemed like she lost her soul.

She was silently standing at the same place as before, but it seemed as if she had discarded everything related to the outside world.

In this very instant, Long Haochen’s second declaration was transmitted from inside of the mantle of light.

“I am not mistaken, my choice is Lin Xin from the Mage Temple. He is also one of the top sixty competitors.”

Hearing his voice once again, Cai’er seemed to sober up. However, in the next instant, an intense chillness instantly burst out from the core of her body.

Li Xin, who was the closest to her, could only feel as if the peaked-leveled chillness was tearing her soul apart, as her body fell back involuntarily.

It wasn’t only her: the other competitors at Cai’er side also retreated extremely quickly and in all directions.


The bamboo cane in Cai’er’s hand sank in the ground, until only its handle could be seen.

Wa–, blood was spat out from her mouth. Little by little, her body turned numb.

“Cai’er.” A slim silhouette appeared suddenly, as if tearing space at the same time. The one holding her soft body in his arms was precisely that thin elder that was previously in the Alliance’s Treasure Vault.

“You, bastard. I’m going to kill you.” Terrifying black colored light suddenly flashed in the sky, as a formidable might in the pinnacle of power wrapped the whole stadium, turning the light rays into dark. The astonishing killing intent made the faces of the elites from the Six Great Temples pale in fright, as they fell back. Like an extremely sharp blade, the black radiance reached the mantle of light covering the platform in a flash.

At this very moment, the golden pillar was abruptly completely destroyed, despite the fact that its diameter exceeded 30 meters, but against all expectation, as soon as the black blade-shaped radiance reached the pillar of light, it disappeared noiselessly.

“Yang Haohan, if you dare try to stop me, I’m going to kill you first.” The thin elder was in complete wrath, his unmatchable killing intent going as far as to take shape in his back. Behind him was condensed an enormous blade with a length of ten meters and a width of three meters, as the extremely cold radiating blade arose abruptly, rippling all around it.

At this very moment, inside of the golden pillar of light, a nearly 33 meters high enormous throne appeared, with a somewhat swollen appearance.

Behind it were erected countless gems, forming the shape of a dazzling shield in the middle of it. Thick and pure aura was scattered from it, with awe as great as a mountain. Under its influence, the slim elder’s formidable killing intent had no way to keep advancing.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 150: Decisive Battle Against Yang Wenzhao(Iii)

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