Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 152: This Is The Hug You Owe Me(Ii)

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Chapter 152: This is the hug you owe me(II)

This situation that emerged from coincidence after coincidence led him to be unable to explain himself to Cai’er. After choosing Lin Xin, he was immediately grabbed by Ying Suifeng and didn’t have the occasion to declare the fact that he wanted to renounce the opportunity to get a spiritual stove.

Restraining the golden light and withdrawing his Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy, Yang Haohan turned around and looked at Long Haochen, who still stood behind the platform. Then, with a groan filled with fury, he lifted his right hand, releasing with his grip the mantle of light. Immediately, the whole stadium shook violently as this mantle of light vanished.

“Alright, the formation of the squads, using the roulette, will be conducted tomorrow. All contestants are to head back and rest. All Hall Masters are to remain, and Long Haochen, you remain.”

Hearing Yang Haohan’s instruction, Long Haochen turned his head around; he didn’t actually look at Yang Haohan, but towards Cai’er.

“Cai’er.” Seeing her outward appearance and her pale face, Long Haochen felt as if he was struck by a blade. Not even taking notice of the extremely mighty elder Yang, he chased after Cai’er.

“Scram!” Sheng Yue bellowed in rage, and with a wave of his hand, an irresistible pressure was applied to Long Haochen’s body, which sent him flying back to the center of the podium.

This time Yang Haohan didn’t intervene to stop the attack. Whatever one may say, Long Haochen was the one who hurt the feelings of Sheng Yue’s great-granddaughter. If this time, he hadn’t let Sheng Yue take out his anger, he would definitely not let this matter go by. Furthermore, he had already told Sheng Yue previously about Long Haochen’s constitution of Scion of Light, so he believed Sheng Yue would act with moderation.

At this moment, a fiery red-colored radiance shone, just like a sort of stove, upon the side, aiming below Long Haochen’s body. The precisely controlled red, circular brilliance, gently applied and released, had the unexpected effect of pushing Long Haochen back with a great momentum, helping Long Haochen fall on the middle of the podium more steadily.

“Noble senior, lady Cai’er, don’t blame him. This is all my fault.”

Everyone’s eyes turned towards the young man with elegant dark green-colored hair. It was Lin Xin, advancing at a great pace toward Long Haochen and the mighty Sheng Yue.

The current him looked a lot less showy than before, appearing a lot more steady and calm.

Facing Sheng Yue, he threw himself on his knee, “Noble senior, if you want to punish someone, please punish me. By the time Long Haochen arrived to Holy City, I had already met him earlier in Aimei City, and deceived him, making him give me his word.”

Sheng Yue’s look eyes had a very cold glint, “Speak.”

The Saint Magic Tutor gave a distressed look to Lin Xin, suddenly having a fright. Still, he didn’t stop this grandson of his. This matter involved powerhouses of the ninth step and made them personally take action, so even with his status, there was no way for him to intervene in this.

Lin Xin knelt there with a very sincere look, “That day, in Aimei City, I gave him three bottles of pills in exchange of the promise that if Long Haochen were in the future to acquire a seat in the top three, he would choose me as his squad teammate. However, when I made him make this promise to me, I concealed from him the fact that I am actually unable to use any offensive magic. As of now, he should already know about this matter, but even after becoming the champion of this competition, he still didn’t come back to his word, and chose me. I think you too hope for your granddaughter’s man to be someone who honors his words. This matter is my own fault, as I am the one who deceived him. I wish to be the one to take responsibility for today’s matter. I want to nullify the promise we made at that time; I’ve no need to join his squad, so please give this honor to lady Cai’er.”

Sheng Yue snorted in fury, “So now your permission is necessary for Cai’er to be in someone else’s squad?”

At that moment, after having gone to Lin Xin’s side, Long Haochen threw himself on his knee. In Sheng Yue’s capacity as Cai’er’s biological great-grandfather, he deserved this act of kneeling.

His eyes were filled with a straightforward look as he said in a deep voice, “Honorable senior, this was a fair exchange and I don’t believe I made a mistake by agreeing to it. My mistake was to leave Cai’er broken-hearted. However, you cannot interfere in this choice of mine, let alone punishing Lin Xin. That’s right, Lin Xin hid the fact he is a mage who cannot use any offensive magic from me. However, he gave me, as a present, three bottles of pills, containing a total of 30 pills of the fourth tier. If not for this fact, how could I be so generous toward him? Since I chose to accept these pills, I also accepted the other, uncertain, part of the deal.

Thus, even if you let me make this choice once again, I will still choose him. For Cai’er’s sake, I can sacrifice my life, but as this promise was something I had already given earlier, I have to respect it.”

As he spoke, Long Haochen pulled Lin Xin by his side, and unexpectedly stood up with him.

Although Yang Haohan had already given the order for the other competitors to leave, these youths unconsciously stopped moving when Lin Xin made his appearance,.

These previous words of Long Haochen were absolutely categorical. Even in front of Sheng Yue, he didn’t shrink back in the slightest.

Let alone these youths participating in this same competition, even the six auxiliary hall masters were completely flabbergasted.

This kid dared to go against the one known as having the worse temperament in the whole Alliance, Sheng Yue! Furthermore, he did so in front of so many people! Sheng Yue’s bad temperament was something well-known throughout the entire Alliance, so this matter was unfortunately most likely to have extreme repercussions.

Sheng Yue looked at Long Haochen with a clearly astounded expression. He didn’t know how long it had been since anyone, even of the same status, dared to contradict him, let alone a junior.

Yang Haohan had unconsciously already shifted to Long Haochen’s side. Although he felt gloomy looking at this scene, Long Haochen was not only the Scion of Light, but also the only son of the one who possessed the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter, the Abdicator of the Knight Alliance, the Divine Knight Long Xingyu! If Sheng Yue really launched an attack with the impulse of the moment, if anything were to happen, he had to protect Long Haochen. More importantly, deep inside, he felt that Long Haochen hadn’t said anything wrong.

“Shut up!” Cai’er suddenly shouted, her silhouette turning into a blur, charging at Long Haochen. Her right hand carried a dark-gold-colored-dagger, directly aiming at Long Haochen’s chest.

She understood, only too well, her great-grandfather’s temperament, and really feared that he may really act personally on this matter. Even if Yang Haohan, the Divine Knight of Defense and Strategy and the leader of the Alliance, was there, this great-grandfather of hers was really enraged by Long Haochen. How could she permit Haochen to stay with him.

When everything happened, she was calmly listening all along. She came to understand that all of this was a mere misunderstanding. In her heart, she no longer blamed Long Haochen the slightest bit, even though she was in such internal pain a bit earlier. The only one she blamed was herself for not having been able to trust him and wait for an explanation. If not for the fact she had spit out blood, why would her great-grandfather have shown himself, violating the rules of the competition.

As she was the first to launch an attack, her great-grandfather naturally didn’t get his own chance to do so. Everything happened in a split second. With consideration to Long Haochen’s cultivation level, perhaps her great-grandfather would cool down after he withstood a few blows of hers.

However, what Cai’er didn’t expect in the slightest was that, in front of her attack, Long Haochen simply stood there, without the slightest reaction aside from moving his wrist and instantly taking off his Holy Spirit Armor.

The dark-golden dagger stopped a meter from Long Haochen’s chest, as Cai’er’s voice quivered violently, “You… Why aren’t you avoiding my attack?”

Long Haochen looked at Cai’er’s pale face and lifted up his hand, slowly lifting her veil. With a single glance, he had seen some remnants of blood on the veil, and in that instant, felt his heart tightening like it was under great pressure.

Long Haochen said in a gentle voice, “I promised to stand by your side and have I no regrets about that. I didn’t violate the rules of the competition either. However, I owe you an explanation. For having let you get wounded, I wronged. For this reason, I have to be punished.”

A white light shot up from Long Haochen’s chest, instantly aiming at the dark golden dagger in Cai’er’s right hand.

Saint Spiritual Stove’s evolved ability, [Pull].

In such a close range and with such a sudden timing, even a powerhouse of the ninth step couldn’t possibly stop this.


The dark golden dagger in Cai’er’s hand was instantly pulled, penetrating Long Haochen’s chest until only the handle could be seen. The tip of this dagger came out from Long Haochen’s back, and blood instantly spread out from his chest and his back, covering his entire jacket.

However, Long Haochen seemed as if he didn’t feel this stab. Spreading his two arms, he linked his arms to hold Cai’er in his embrace and said in a mild voice, “This is the hug you owe me.”

“Haochen!” Cai’er cried out in sadness, trying to take out her dagger from him. However, in Long Haochen’s tight embrace, she could not take it out.

The Heroic Sheng Yue’s face went from its stunned state to astounded, as he murmured to himself, “A stab for a mouthful of blood, it seems that we are not losing out.”

Yang Haohan wrinkled his brows, looking at him.

Sheng Yue said, without the slightest restrain, “What on earth am I doing here? You are the Alliance’s leader, so you are to handle the situation as you please, I am going back to sleep. I really can’t be bothered with the business of little kids.”

Yang Haohan was quite startled and wrinkled his eyebrows even tighter.

However, Sheng Yue’s lips moved once again, seemingly telling him something, instantly making the face of this Divine Knight of Defense and Strategy look extremely gloomy.

With a flash of brilliant black, he took a step forward. Just like that, the heroic Sheng Yue disappeared instantly.

The corners of Yang Haohan’s lips twitch in turn, as Sheng Yue’s words resounded once again in his ear, “This kid is pretty good, he has a really great temper, a lot better than this sly old crap.”

Perhaps Long Haochen didn’t even expect that he gained, in this instant, Sheng Yue’s approval. Obviously, this stab he received from Cai’er’s dagger let Sheng Yue calm down. The Scion of Light sure made a perfect match with this great-granddaughter of his in her capacity as the Saint Daughter of Samsara.

“Haochen, quickly let me go.” Cai’er anxiously cried out in a low voice, still in Long Haochen’s bosom. This was a deep wound! How could she not know about her own weapon’s might? This dagger even had the supplementary effect of sucking out his life force.

Long Haochen held her soft body in his arms, and although his face was gradually turning pale, he gradually revealed a relieved expression as he saw the heroic Sheng Yue leaving,.

“Cai’er, I am sorry, it’s entirely my fault. Are you willing to forgive me?” Long Haochen moved his head above her shoulder, their ears touching each other. A fragrant scent came out from her body. At that time, he seemed as if he couldn’t feel the slightest pain from the wound.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 152: This Is The Hug You Owe Me(Ii)

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