Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 154: Long Haochen’S Demon Hunt Squad (I)

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Chapter 154: Long Haochen’s Demon Hunt Squad (I)

Bright morning. The sun was in the middle of rising, bringing this most important human city a sacred luster.

The Knight Stadium was once again bursting with excitement. Many competitors came at dawn, enthusiastically discussing with the people they knew about everything that happened yesterday. Regardless of whether it was the battle between Long Haochen and Yang Wenzhao, or the entanglement of feelings that happened afterward, all of it became a topic of discussion. However, the fact that was the most discussed was actually the Divine Throne that Yang Haohan had released at that time.

The proudest were those competitors from the Knight Temple. Hearing others talk about it and having seen it personally gave off completely different feelings. A Divine Throne’s absolute might was something that even the powerhouse of the ninth step from the Assassin Temple, Sheng Yue, didn’t dare go against blindly. That was a genuine divine artifact!

Long Haochen, Cai’er, and Li Xin arrived together. But upon seeing them enter the stadium, the other competitors couldn’t help but fall silent.

All of the gazes directed toward Long Haochen were filled with admiration. Although young, he had the courage to challenge the rules of the Alliance. He even went against a powerhouse of the ninth step. This courage was not something everyone had. The fact that took them by surprise the most was that, even after all he had done, he looked… perfectly fine?

However, some viewed Long Haochen with pity. After all, what he had renounced was a spiritual stove! Furthermore, he was the champion, the one who had the priority in the choice of his spiritual stove among the three. For this reason, his renouncement appeared even more pitiful.

After a night of rest, Lin Xin seemed to have recovered to a good state, as he took the initiative to call out to him, “Haochen!”

Long Haochen faintly smiled, extending his right arm to him before saying, “Brother Lin, later on we are going to be squad partners.”

Lin Xin flung his own deep green hair before extending his hand in turn, “We are not only partners, but also brothers.”

As both hands grasped the other, Long Haochen nodded to him.

As before, upon seeing Lin Xin, Li Xin’s complexion didn’t look so good. She simply snorted coldly before turning her head around.

If not for this guy, things wouldn’t have gotten so complicated. Sure, those three bottles of pills that Lin Xin gave at that time were very valuable. However, what Long Haochen had to give in return was not only a place in his own team, but in addition and more importantly, he had to pay the price of a spiritual stove. It was just beyond comparison with those pills.

Lin Xin didn’t dare provoke the people in Long Haochen’s group and so went to the front to find a place to sit on.

After a short time, all of the competitors were reunited. The six auxiliary hall masters of the Six Great Temples also entered slowly, going up on yesterday’s platform once again.

Han Qian’s mood seemed to have come back to normal. Facing these youths sitting on the lounge, he declared in a deep voice, “Yesterday, the last selection matches finally ended. Although some incidents occurred in the end, strictly speaking, the Demon Hunt Selection Competition went smoothly, and from all Temples, quite a few outstanding youths came out. That’s right, we are very gratified. Now, before the selection ceremony pursues, I have something to announce.”

The competitors naturally knew about what he was going to declare, but all of them were still listening with extreme attention.

Han Qian announced, “In view of the situation that appeared yesterday, and about the request of the champion Long Haochen, we came to negotiate with the Alliance’s chief and subchiefs and had their approval on the matter. The final decision is that from now onwards, at the end of the Demon Hunt Selection, each of the competitors who will enter the top three will have the possibility of renouncing the reward to choose another person to add to their own Demon Hunt Squad. However, among the two selected people, one cannot be in the top 16.”

After this speech, numerous comments sounded from the lounge. So much so that Long Haochen could hear what some female competitors were saying, “If someone is willing to renounce his spiritual stove for me, I am willing to marry him.”

Turning around and looking at Cai’er, who had put on a clean veil, Long Haochen faintly smiled. Compared to Cai’er, what can a spiritual stove be regarded as?

Han Qian said, “If no one has any objections, our selection ceremony may start anew. Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao, Mu Ning, come on stage. The others are to follow the staff members.”

Long Haochen stood up and advanced with big strides. Having undergone the healing process last night, the other two’s bodies’ conditions were a lot better. The three of them climbed over the terrace once again, standing in front of Han Qian and the other auxiliary hall masters.

Han Qian’s look swept past the three people before finally stopping on Long Haochen’s body.

“Long Haochen, I will ask you once again. Are you still insisting on your choice from yesterday to renounce the reward of a spiritual stove?”

Long Haochen nodded without the slightest hesitation, “Yes. My choices are, as before, Cai’er and Lin Xin.”

Han Qian nodded and said, “Good. Cai’er, Lin Xin, step forward. Are you willing to become part of Long Haochen’s squad?”

“I am willing.” Lin Xin and Cai’er gave the same reply almost simultaneously.

Under the guidance of the staff members, Cai’er and Lin Xin advanced to the platform, the two of them standing next to the first seat.

Han Qian turned to look at Yang Wenzhao: “Second ranked of the individual competition, Yang Wenzhao, you may make your choice too.”

Yang Wenzhao’s gaze swept past the competitors before finally stopping on a comparatively small figure. Without hesitation, he said, “The partner I choose is Chen Ying’er from the Spiritual Temple!”

Gasps of astonishment suddenly rose and fell in succession from underneath. Even the auxiliary hall masters looked quite puzzled; only Han Qian had the look of someone who understood clearly the situation.

A lot of people thought, What the hell is up with those two guys from the Knight Temple? Who’s this Chen Ying’er? At least, she’s absolutely not part of the top 16. Such a precious choice of this Starlight Unicorn knight was actually directed toward choosing someone outside of the top 16. And from the name of this person, it was, furthermore, a girl. Could it be that the Knight Temple was just full of affectionate feelings?

Han Qian looked at this petite Chen Ying’er and asked her, “Chen Ying’er, are you willing to become a member of Yang Wenzhao’s squad?”

Chen Ying’er gave a glance to Yang Wenzhao, standing on stage, before turning her head with an overdone movement, and using a somewhat tapering voice to reply, I am not willing!”


The whole stadium went in uproar once again.

The Six Great Temples’ auxiliary head masters’ faces became an exceedingly fabulous sight to behold. Is this child actually specialized in picking quarrels? Among their looks, the one that looked the most ugly was that of Sanshui who, filled with anger, said nothing further.

Han Qian’s face slightly sunk down, as he asked, “Chen Ying’er, are you sure of this?”

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Ying’er replied, “I am sure of it. Who wants to be in the same Demon Hunt Squad as this guy?”

From their looks, a lot of female competitors were extremely jealous and puzzled. For this year’s competition, although Long Haochen ended as the champion, the most attractive to the female competitors was Yang Wenzhao.

First, it was a question of age: although Long Haochen was outstanding and even more handsome, he looked too young. To these girls, whose ages were around twenty years old, there were basically no thoughts of this kind. Then, it was also because of his relationship with Cai’er.

Wasn’t she sticking to him like glue, sharing mutual feelings? Who else could possibly stand a chance?

But Yang Wenzhao wasn’t the same: not only did he have a fitting age, but furthermore, he had formidable strength in addition to the beautiful mount known as Starlight Unicorn. It could be said that the overwhelming majority of the female competitors thought of him as the ideal male partner. But at that moment, they heard him say his choice was Chen Ying’er. Clearly, his reasons were not about fighting strength.

Han Qian looked at Yang Wenzhao, and declared, “Chen Ying’er is not willing to enter your squad, you may choose once again.”

Yang Wenzhao’s look became extremely gloomy, Ying’er, ah, Ying’er, is this a joke?! But what could he do if Chen Ying’er was not willing to accept him? Even if he chose to do the same as Long Haochen, he would still need that girl’s approval.

Secretly sighing to himself, he hesitated for a moment before declaring, “I choose Huang Yi from the Mage Temple.”

Han Qian nodded, before declaring, “Huang Yi, are you willing to become a member of Yang Wenzhao’s team?”

Standing at the first row, Huang Yi replied without the slightest hesitation, “I am willing.” Although Yang Wenzhao was a Retribution Knight, not a Guardian Knight, his strength was something everyone clearly saw. And in his capacity as an earth system mage, Huang Yi was an expert in defense, so they naturally brought out the best of each other; why would he not be willing?

Lastly, Han Qian’s look fell on Mu Ning’s body, “Third ranked of the individual competition, Mu Ning, your choice is?”

Mu Ning almost blurted out his reply, “I choose Duan Yi from the Knight Temple, and I am willing to give him the position of squad leader.”

This decision was something he had already planned out yesterday. The ones above him, Long Haochen and Yang Wenzhao, were both knights and he naturally wanted to choose one to join his squad. If one was to ask who was the luckiest of this competition, without the slightest doubt, he would be the chosen one.

Duan Yi’s strength was in no way inferior to Long Haochen and Yang Wenzhao. A formidable strength; atop of the fact that he is a Guardian Knight, he also possessed a Golden Horned Mammoth as a mount. It would naturally be the most fitting choice if Duan Yi could join his team. As a result, to obtain Duan Yi’s approval, Mu Ning went as far as to directly choose to renounce the position of squad leader. In terms of strength, he could naturally not compare to Duan Yi; plus, this third place was something he got by chance. Everything was for the sake of paving a route for the success of his future Demon Hunt Squad.

To this smart choice, Han Qian couldn’t help but open his jaw in praise. His look directed toward Duan Yi, who was standing in the first row below, asking, “Duan Yi, are you willing?”

Duan Yi looked at Mu Ning, and Mu Ning also looked at him, his eyes looking full of sincerity.

“I am willing.” Although he didn’t get into the top three, to be chosen was also an honor, let alone the fact that the other party was willing to hand the position of squad leader to him.

Beside obtaining the first three positions, the best benefits of the top three competitors was naturally to be able to choose members for their own squad. Naturally, luck would still remain a key factor.

Having completed the selection ceremony, the roulette was going to be spun next, and each of the competitors had expressions filled with expectation and excitement.

Everyone hoped to become part of one of the top three teams. The more powerful the members of one’s team was, the safer they would be. And the ones that held the most attention was Long Haochen, followed by Mu Ning and Duan Yi belonging to the third squad, and then the last one, Yang Wenzhao.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 154: Long Haochen’S Demon Hunt Squad (I)

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