Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 161: Mythril Foundation Armor (I)

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Chapter 161: Mythril Foundation Armor (I)

Long Haochen felt something was different the moment Gao Yingjie released Brilliant Body. He could feel from the depths of his consciousness the light essence in the air overflow, rapidly concentrating around Gao Yingjie. Long Haochen could even perceive slight fluctuations in the light essence.

This was the second time Long Haochen had seen Brilliant Body, but unlike last time, it was being used in battle. After that formidable ability was unleashed, it seemed as if Gao Yingjie’s body itself had turned into an enormous light gem, frantically absorbing the integrality of the light essence present in the air.

Even though she was sent flying, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t sustain any injuries because of Cai’er’s influence. When Gao Yingjie blocked her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, he was unable to use his full force and the might of this blood-bound equipment that is already close to the legendary tier was revealed, not only swaying Gao Yingjie, but also protecting Wang Yuanyuan’s body.

On Gao Yingjie’s face appeared total astonishment. As his heavy sword was pierced, he naturally felt that although Brilliant Body and the wings made of condensed spiritual energy on his back had, with difficulty, neutralized Cai’er’s attack, the ice cold piercing aura had penetrated into the depths of his mind.

Even more shocking to Gao Yingjie was that he still had an intense feeling of crisis.

In a split second, hundreds and thousands of white lights glowed from Cai’er’s chest, erupting out. It was precisely the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove. And these glowing lights from the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove were completely concentrated on Gao Yingjie’s body without scattering. That highly concentrated attack, further adding to the fact that Cai’er’s short dagger was performing another stab, left Gao Yingjie unable to turn around even with his superior cultivation.

Brilliant Body’s formidable might appeared at that moment. In the blink of an eye, a golden penetrative light came out, surprisingly condensing before taking the shape of a golden armor. Regardless of whether it was Cai’er’s Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove or her dark golden dagger, all of her repeated blows, letting out metallic sounds, were actually uneffective. The powerful recoil even pushed Cai’er back. The golden armor and the pair of wings made Gao Yingjie appear just like a large angel, and although this kind of angel couldn’t be regarded as beautiful, it was still awe-inspiring.

“To have forced me into using Brilliant Body, you have already done pretty well. Long Haochen, receive my attack!” Under the effect of the Saint Spiritual Stove, the other party could only direct his attacks at Long Haochen. This was the undoubtable and enormous assistance brought by the Saint Spiritual Stove in team battles.

Not even turning back to peek a glance at Cai’er, he stepped forward. His basic brilliant armor made of Brilliant Body’s condensation was something these little fellows at the fifth step were not capable of breaking.

A penetrating yellow flame appeared, giving off an illusory feel. This flame did not appear blazing in the slightest, instead giving off a vague stagnating sensation.

It was actually not the sunfire used formerly by Yang Wenzhao, but the holy sacred fire using light as flame, a terrifying ability consuming 300 units of internal spiritual energy per second. If he hadn’t opened the spiritual orifice when cultivating through the sixth step of Radiant Knight, he wouldn’t have been able to use it. Simply said, the supplementary power provided by the holy sacred fire had the same might as a full-power Holy Sword. Holy Sacred Fire used in combination with Brilliant Body, the two signature abilities of Temple Knights of the seventh step were already displayed. This was the real strength of a Temple Knight of the seventh step.

At that moment, Gao Yingjie was at a distance of roughly ten meters from Long Haochen, the heavy sword in his right hand pointing at him and aiming his holy sacred flames just like a chain which was going straight for him. At this very moment, a gaudy golden halo broke out from Gao Yingjie. Behind him were Cai’er as well as Han Yu, who was standing not far away and only felt his whole body heating up before being pushed back, interrupting Storing Power at the same occasion.

In his capacity as a powerhouse of the seventh step, Gao Yingjie’s perception was beyond comparison to these youths he was facing. Everything occurring near him was incomparably clearer to him. Of course, he also knew about Han Yu using Storing Power, and the fact he didn’t try to interrupt him earlier was to make him use up more spiritual energy. At the moment Han Yu’s Storing Power was near completion, his consumption of spiritual energy higher than half, Gao Yingjie made him lose all of his power with a push from his golden halo. The golden halo, in itself, didn’t have any offensive power, but under its effect, except from Long Haochen, everyone was pushed back. And more alarming to them was that, because they saw he wanted to attack Long Haochen, Haoyue and Lin Xin were putting great efforts into preparing their defensive spells. However, under the effect of this golden halo, the elemental shields they were preparing just disappeared noiselessly.

Lin Xin let these words slip out, “Element Obliterating Halo!”

Element Obliterating Halo was a spell that could make anyone under the seventh step instantly crumble as well as interrupt elemental magic, an effective spell against powerhouse summoners belonging to the demon race.

But surprisingly, this Element Obliterating Halo, when used by Gao Yingjie, also had a notable repelling effect, just like Resisting Ring of Fire. More exquisite was the optimal course of action, leaving Long Haochen without another choice but to take on this attack by himself.

Only in this instant did the youths comprising the soldier graded Demon Hunt Squad #1 truly understand what a real powerhouse was.

Without assistance from his companions, Long Haochen had to face Gao Yingjie head on. However, he remained as cool-headed as before. The Holy Filter Shield was, the same as the others, a spell, and as such, disappeared under the effect of this Element Obliterating Halo. Now all he could do was to resist firmly.

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen made the golden liquid surrounding his Saint Spiritual Stove quiver madly, both arms turning into a golden color. The golden liquid kept flowing out, filling the air above his two arms.

Bowing, he used Divine Obstruction.

Without possibility of dodging, he could only grit his teeth with his arms stiff.


The holy sacred fire hit the Holy Spirit Shield, covering it with a dense gold color. If he was facing real enemies, Gao Yingjie would only have needed to let his holy sacred fire spread through the air, turning them all into ashes. But at this moment, he was only trying to evaluate the strength of these youths and nothing more, so he would naturally not resort to such methods. The one he was the most interested in was Long Haochen, the captain of this team. As this year’s Demon Hunt Selection’s first position, what could his limits be?

Exquisitely controlling the holy sacred fire, he kept his attack going. The moment Long Haochen could no longer resist, Gao Yingjie would immediately cease.

The Holy Spirit Shield’s defense was truly formidable, even surpassing Long Haochen’s former Radiant Shield. However, there was no way it could withstand the holy sacred fire. Instantly spreading out, it aimed at both of Long Haochen’s hands.

This time, there wasn’t an intense physical pain, but the pure light essence gave him a scorching pain. Directly in contact with it, he could feel its heat. It was a genuinely mild but overwhelming scorching heat. When Long Haochen’s liquid spiritual energy met with the holy sacred fire, it felt as if it turned into fuel. Although the holy sacred fire was only spread to his two arms, Long Haochen could only feel as if his body’s defenses were all ignited.

In his chest, the Saint Spiritual Stove had turned dark, the liquid spiritual energy in his body moving back and forth in an unstable state. However, Long Haochen found out to his astonishment that, even in this predicament, he could not sense any danger.

Long Haochen didn’t sense any danger, but in this split second, Gao Yingjie did.

Right after his Element Obliterating Halo dispersed all magic from the members of the Demon Hunt Squad #1 and the sacred holy fire’s attack was aimed at Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Shield, a torrential killing intent immediately burst out from behind.

Cai’er’s purple hair faintly moved, dispersing around, and her expressionless eyes turned grey. Emitting a deep blue aura all around, she made the dark green dagger in her hand disappear and slowly spread her two arms aside.

Outside the deep blue aura, the air five meters around suddenly turned completely grey.

No one found out what this grey color was, but Gao Yingjie could discover to his shock that, on his back, the killing intent transmitted was almost completely pure.

Even if he was clad in the Brilliant Armor made with Brilliant Body and further adding the burst of power from the holy sacred flame, he could still feel that with the wind blowing behind, that heavenly killing intent was unexpectedly full of holy aura and in complete tranquility.

This… What is this?!

Reacting almost instantly, Gao Yingjie immediately turned around and happened to see that the one releasing it was Cai’er.

How can this seemingly blind girl release such a terrifying aura?! It completely surpasses her level of cultivation at the fifth step!

Fortunately, with the previous attack using the holy sacred fire, the effects of Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove were interrupted. If not for this fact, Gao Yingjie would have had to face danger.

This feeling, as cold as a blizzard, made Gao Yingjie feel as if he fell into hell. If this was an enemy he was facing, he would absolutely, without the slightest hesitation, choose to attack. However, the one standing in front of him wasn’t an enemy. As the grey area surrounding her expanding, her terrifying killing intent deepened at an astonishing speed as well.

Also at that moment, all members of the soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad #1 sprung suddenly, as if affected by the intense pressure erupting frantically.

Slowly recovering her strength, Wang Yuanyuan jumped up once again, the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield in her hand carrying intense silver radiance. The enormous fluctuations of spiritual energy blended into the air with frantic speed as her pair of big eyes carried a hint of silver.

The enormous Creature Summoning Gate finally opened at the last second. This time, it wasn’t a sheep, but what took the initiative to come out were over thirty pitch-black slender tentacles, shooting out and twisting the air violently. A plump body then finally followed, coming out from the Creature Summoning Gate.

Above Han Yu’s head, his Demonic Eye was preparing to attack Gao Yingjie, but in the instant the enormous creature came out from the Creature Summoning Gate, against expectations, it shook violently, evading and hiding behind Han Yu’s back.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 161: Mythril Foundation Armor (I)

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