Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 162: Mithril Foundation Armor (Ii)

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Chapter 162: Mithril Foundation Armor (II)

Chen Ying’er was seated on the ground, carrying an intimidating pale face, and taking deep breaths. Clearly, her spiritual energy was overflowing.

Lin Xin couldn’t attack, but he was not the only fire attribute user on their side! Blazing World was unleashed: a red radiance shone upon his fire cloud crystal, bursting out before falling on Little Fire’s head. Rapidly, he transmitted his own spiritual energy to Little Fire.

Previously, in the instant the halos were broken together with the elemental shield, Lin Xin was the only one to notice that Haoyue’s three heads: Little Light, Little Flame and Little Green’s eyes had turned ferocious. Behind his back, the bulges emitted faint ripples of purple color and his three head chanted with rapid tempo.

Suddenly sounding, it seemed that they were respectively chanting their own incantation, but if one was to pay careful attention, they would notice that these three heads’ chants had surprisingly a single tempo, and their eyes, previously lit in different colors, turned into a faint-purple color

However, they weren’t the first to make their moves.

An enormous silver light hammer appeared suddenly. It had a length exceeding five meters, the length of the head could be seen to exceed two meters. Holy white color was scattered on a hexagonal trajectory, forming a halo. But in the instant it appeared, a pleasant mysterious sound seemed to resound all around.

In particular, in the silver hammer’s surroundings, a layer of blood filled the air. After this attack was launched, a bald headed man fell on his butt, on the ground. And his complexion looked even worse than Chen Ying’er’s.

With the shield in his left hand, Gao Yingjie blocked, producing a loud dang sound. His body was suddenly lit with a golden color; it was precisely Divine Obstruction.

The enormous silver hammer of light was routed, but Gao Yingjie’s two feet were slightly sunken down.

Suddenly, from the Creature Summoning Gate, an enormous silhouette could already be clearly seen. Surprisingly, it was an enormous Demonic Eye.

That fellow’s enormous eyeball, serving as his body, had a diameter exceeding 3 meters. It was no wonder that he needed the enormous Creature Summoning Gate to come out: he had more than thirty tentacles, each one twenty meters long, surrounding Gao Yingjie from all directions. Meanwhile, on the enormous eyeball, strong white heat arouse, forming circles of white fog. Its terrible might was surging out.

Demonic Eye Ruler, magical beast of the eighth step, and evolution of the Demonic Eye.

No one would have expected that the one with the least expectations, Chen Ying’er, would actually accomplish this feat, summoning a magical beast of the eighth step.

In itself, a magical beast of the eighth step was equivalent to a human powerhouse of the seventh step. More importantly, this Demon Eye Ruler was a particular kind of magical beast of the eighth step, relying on spiritual attacks.

Gao Yingjie naturally felt the aura of a magical beast of the eighth step, but at this moment, he didn’t dare to turn back, because he felt that Cai’er was at this moment even more dangerous than that magical beast of the eighth step.

“Splintering… Space… Sauté” Wang Yuanyuan shouted out loudly, and an enormous silver-colored light pillar exploded out, with noisy whistling sounds, directly aimed at Gao Yingjie. This was the most complete Splintering Space Sauté she was capable of, at least twice as powerful as it was at the time she used it against Long Haochen.

At the same time the Splintering Space Sauté was used, the Demonic Eye’s tentacle also arrived.

Gao Yingjie sighed, and at this instant, he made a movement no one was able to understand. He simply and unexpectedly started to sit down.

A bright silvery light appeared, but this silvery light didn’t have high intensity, giving off a boundless feel. Around Gao Yingjie, the air turned viscous, the sign of magic element condensation.

Under him, a twisting silvery light appeared, taking the shape of a silver square shaped box with numerous silver patterns designed on it. And when he was about to be seated, it happened to be on this box.

Silvery light ascended, forming an enormous pillar of light. When the Demonic Eye Ruler’s tentacles met this silvery light, an electric shock bounced at them, blocking their path.

Gao Yingjie’s hand shone with a golden luster, and on his hand, the fine iron shield carried a whimpering sound, blocking the Splintering Space Sauté.

Comparing the fine iron shield and the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, the gap between the two was just like the one between heaven and earth, but with the cultivation level gap, he could still dominate the clash with his tyrannical power.

With a loud explosion, the fine iron shield filled the air with traces of Splintering Space Sauté, and the igniting holy sacred fire dispelled the major part of the Space Splintering Sauté, which in the end could only hit a small part of Gao Yingjie’s body. His body was completely surrounded by a viscous matter shining of silver.

Meanwhile, a sharp and pleasant noise resembling music resounded. Everyone could only see a sweep of silvery light, and from that silver box, a pair of greaves came out, wrapping Gao Yingjie’s two legs, including his feet. From the place where he was seated, it could be seen that his lower back and thighs and his two feet were wrapped inside/in this silvery light.

Along with Gao Yingjie’s movements, the silvery light fluttered downwards, continuously producing melodious sounds. In a few breaths’ time, a helmet and an armor enveloped of silver had already covered Gao Yingjie’s body. They had not expected this phenomenon, nor had they seen it before, but they heard of its legend.

Except from Cai’er, all members of the Demon Hunt Squad #1 shouted out in unison, “A Mithril Foundation Armor!”

The silver armor glittered faintly, that mercury-like thick glitter spread in a range of a third of a meter, letting off an irresistible formidable pressure.

The silver armor was not decorated with excessive designs, but its overall appearance was simply magnificent. Each protrusion, each line carried a feel of perfection. On it, each line appeared almost alive: straight lines, arced lines, edged lines, clearly enabling smooth movement. They blended together perfectly, giving birth to this magnificence.

More importantly, putting aside the silvery light, there was also that blazing holy sacred light. And at the same time Gao Yingjie put on the armor, the holy sacred fire erupted and rose ten meters high. How formidable would a flame extending ten meters be? The violent pressure was already enough to make all people feel weak.

In his hands, there was no shield; he was only holding his fine iron sword. However, the current Gao Yingjie gave Long Haochen a feeling of expectation.

Creak. With a sharp and severe sound, a terrifying white ray with three meters diameter brazenly broke out/erupted, aiming straight for Gao Yingjie.

The Demonic Eye Ruler’s attack was finally launched. In the instant this white ray appeared, everyone felt confused, because that huge bright ray passed near Hao Yue. As for the incantation his three heads were completing, it was suddenly interrupted, although almost over. Three different colored magic elements dispersed from his body. With a flash of Hao Yue’s body, his three heads suddenly turned back, their six purple glittering eyes filled with anger, staring at the Demonic Eye Ruler.

From beginning to end, Gao Yingjie didn’t turn back, just like his eyesight extended behind him. Trembling holy sacred light erupted, sweeping behind him and condensing into the shape of an immense brilliant shield.

There wasn’t a violent explosion, only a faint and sour sound. Bright dust fell, and the holy sacred fire turned dimmer. Gao Yingjie’s body was surrounded by a thick silvery layer, sparkling for a bit before it came back to normal.

A Mithril Foundation Armor was completely made of mithril, a very rare kind of metal. In the present time, mithril was considered to be one of the best type of metal for wounding demons. Even a fist-sized block of mithril had a crazy value of 10,000 gold. Any weapon with the slightest bit of mithril in it would suddenly reach the rank of magical weapon, and if a little more was added, it would immediately reach the rank of spiritual equipment. And this armor was entirely made of mithril, formed with at least seven different magical arrays.

Mithril was an extremely thick material, so naturally, its weight was also astonishing. This silver armor covering Gao Yingjie’s entire body had at least a weight of 500 kilos! Mithril Foundation Armors were especially important to the Knight Temple, considered to them as the most formidable type of armor. Only the most outstanding Temple Knight, of the seventh step, had the qualifications to wear it, and there was also a luck factor in that.

In the entire Knight Temple, there were a total of 365 Mithril Foundation Armors and to forge them all, a total of 3000 years were spent. In some aspects, they managed to copy the Divine Thrones’ might. Each Mithril Foundation Armor was a genuine Legendary Tier equipment, and furthermore, covered the entire body! All the 365 Mithril Foundation Armors already had a master. If a new Temple Knight of the seventh step wanted to wear one, he would not only have to challenge and defeat other knights of the same step, but also wait for an opportunity. One either had to challenge a mithril foundation knight, and gain it, or a mithril foundation knight had to perish or retire. Only under these circumstances could a Temple Knight obtain this set/piece of legendary equipment.

Of course, there was another method, which is to exchange it with enough contribution points. When doing the exchange, the priority was given to the better ranked ones. But to get a set of Mithril Foundation Armor with this method, the required amount of contribution points was absolutely astronomical.

Ever since the 365 Mithril Foundation Armors were forged, they had been a cornerstone of the formidable might of the Knight Temple, and none of them were ever lost.

In case the knight died in combat, the supplementary Mithril Foundation magic would activate, making it come back to the Knight Temple autonomously. Furthermore, a Mithril Foundation Armor possessed extremely formidable restorative capabilities; trying to destroy it completely would be extremely difficult.

At this very moment, Long Haochen’s group had seen this legendary equipment’s existence for the first time of their lives, their originally intense thirst for battle seemingly vanished completely.

With a dazzling glitter, and a bright stimulation of light, the Saint Spiritual Stove was once again activated, its light falling on Gao Yingjie’s body.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 162: Mithril Foundation Armor (Ii)

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