Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 173: Beginning Of Tacit Understanding (Iii)

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Chapter 173: Beginning of Tacit Understanding (III)

But this time, Long Haochen didn’t rely on Bright Vengeance to launch a powerful counterattack. Indeed, as the heart of the team, when facing demons’ attacks, he had to ensure that the fighting strength of the whole team could be unleashed; how could he afford to waste some spiritual energy?

With a loud bang, the small Long Haochen resisted that enormous Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s strike. The most astonishing thing was that this imposing Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was struck and pushed back, falling in the air and smashing loudly on the ground.

“I’m coming.” An ice cold voice echoed in the ears of each member of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, making Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian, who were preparing to go provide offensive support to Long Haochen, give up on this idea.

A dark golden glow appeared, hitting the body of that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon in an instant, and entering its hard skull.

This radiance was just formed from a glow, but completely shook this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon that was preparing to continue his attack, making it fall on the ground with a loud bang.

It died?

Not far behind, Zhang Hairong was so shocked that he felt as if his eyes were about to fall on the ground.

This was after all a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon! With its extremely great physical power, a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was comparable to a human powerhouse of the fifth step! And it died just like that?

The hardest places on a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon were its two long bladed arms and its skull. But behind his skull was its central core. When this central core had been instantly broken down, how could it not die? Not only did it die, its corpse was furthermore completely intact.

Let alone Zhang Hairong who couldn’t believe his eyes, even Long Haochen who was directly involved in this feat was completely shaken. Having previously faced a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, he naturally knew about this thing’s power. But this time, it just took a few seconds to kill it. It was of course not this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon that was especially weak, but his teammates that were formidable.

Without a doubt, the one who gave the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon this fatal blow was precisely Cai’er. In the entire previous battle, she hadn’t intervened at all, and was like nothing more than a shadow sticking to Long Haochen’s back. Only at that moment did she unleash this alarming blow, instantly earn ten contribution points.

Contribution points were indeed not earned easily; on the way to Exorcist City, Gao Yingjie had explained them about the earning and value of the contribution points.

Among the rules, when hunting demons, ordinary Dual Bladed Demon brought only a single point for each kill, but this was when less than ten of them were killed. Above ten, ten more Dual Bladed Demons had to be killed to gain a single contribution point.

After all, to Demon Hunt Squads, Dual Bladed Demons were nothing more than ants. Only the first ten kills were of real benefit to a newcomer.

As for the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, they held a constant value of ten contribution points. In other words, no matter how powerful they would get in the future, slaying Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons would still get them ten contribution points. This was how big the difference was.

Of course, Long Haochen was currently not in a situation to count contribution points. Taking a step forward, he stuck his Holy Spirit Sword inside of that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s body before exerting himself physically to take a step back. The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s body was then immediately sent flying back.

“Lin Xin.”

A red glow shone on Lin Xin’s hand, and immediately, the enormous Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon disappeared in a mass of red light.

“Captain, got it!”

In terms of wealth, even added up, the others could not possibly compare to Lin Xin. On his hand was a flaming red storing spatial ring with terrifying space. The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon having such a valuable corpse, it was naturally the best to let him deal with it. As the one in charge of managing their wealth, he would in the end produce more wealth than anyone else.

To be able to integrate this Demon Hunt Squad, Lin Xin paid an enormous cost. These pills he gave off had a value that actually exceeded 10,000 gold coins; even with more money, how could his income possibly be enough to cover these fees completely!?

The appearance of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon also implied that this battle had reached its climax. It was not simply a matter of confronting the Dual Bladed Demons from the Zelin Clan anymore.

At that moment, a massive magic aura burst forth from the summit of the city gate tower, countless elegant fireworks-like lights shot out, directly aiming at the army of densely packed demons.

In this kind of battlefield there was absolutely no need to aim carefully; any magic spell falling down would after all be bound to hit a target.

More than a hundred spells were launched simultaneously. It was the first time Long Haochen got to see such a spectacle. Magnificent fireworks illuminated the whole Exorcist defensive fort, creating intense light in the middle of the night.

Demons obviously wouldn’t wait helplessly for death; dazzling purplish black fireballs rose from the main forces of the army below, outrageously annihilating this combination of spells dropping from the sky.

If one watched carefully, they would discover that the ones who launched these purplish black fireballs belonged to a specie that was a bit over two meters high and supported by three legs on the ground. It didn’t have any arms, and had an especially huge head. Its three legs were very bulky, using them to walk at very fast speeds. It had on its head six eyes; these purplish-black fireballs had precisely been condensed from these six eyes of theirs.

This kind of demon belonged to their magical army forces, expert at using darkness magic. These Demon Eyeing Soldiers were very huge, even among other demons.

In comparison to human mages, Demon Eyeing Soldiers were far inferior. Along with their bodies’ evolution, they had only obtained a few darkness set spells, but their actual utility was in their quantity.

The weakest Demonic Eyeing Soldier were equivalent to mages of the second step in terms of magic power. As a matter of fact, they had a lot more potential than these Dual Bladed Demons. They were separated into five grades, the most powerful being that of King Graded Demonic Eyeing Soldier, equivalent to a powerhouse of the seventh step.

The major part of the hundred plus spells fired from the city gate tower had been intercepted and stopped by the Bright Magic Bullets fired by these Demonic Eyeing Soldiers, so only a small part of them could reach the demon army. Breaking out with a dazzlingly beautiful brilliance, these spells massacred a large amount of the low-end demons.

Obviously, for Exorcist City to have lasted thousands of years without having been broken even once, it was not so simple. At the same time the first bombardment of magic spells was completed, a second bombardment of a hundred-plus spell was being launched.

Having previously faced the Dual Bladed Demons, the mages were already storing their energy in preparation for the ultimate clash, and now was the time to unleash their power.

Nearly at the same time the previous magic bombardment ended, a second magic bombardment came down, seemingly jointing together without producing the smallest gap. From a conservative estimate, the number of mages situated in this city gate tower was at least 1000. And their level of cultivation wasn’t below the fourth step.

With the backing of these mages, the pressure inflicted upon the city was greatly reduced. At the same time, a great amount of soldier reinforcements immediately went up.

And in contrast to the previous infantry soldiers, these were full-armored warriors, all of them having at least reached the third step of cultivation, taking over the duty of the battalion that quickly stepped back and completing this relief.

The configuration of these elite soldiers was particular. Each group was formed of three people; a Shield Warrior, an Axe Warrior and a Berserker Warrior carrying an enormous sword. They were separated in teams of three, containing warriors of respective kinds. In addition, at least two reserve teams were behind each of the ones in the front, ready to provide backup at anytime. Even though the attacks of these main demon army forces were formed with large quantities of powerful ones, the warriors had the support of the mages and priests situated in the city gate tower, and could thus withstand attacks of any intensity.

At the same time, explosions occasionally sounded from the direction of the city gate tower. Clearly, strong magic brilliance was being continuously condensed above the linked walls on the edge of the town, before bursting forth, forming an enormous fireball.

Magic Cannon. Each strike of this formidable weapon designed for the defense of the city could match the power of a grand offensive spell of the sixth step. Above the Exorcist City, more than a hundred of them were actually aiming at the enemy troops.

In comparison with the great war that was breaking out, Long Haochen’s group handling Dual Bladed Demon could only be considered a child’s play. This was a real confrontation between humans and demons.

Zhang Hairong shouted out loudly to Long Haochen’s group, “Retreat! It’s time for relieve!”

At that moment, the whole 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad had maintained a good fighting strength. Even Chen Ying’er had already recovered a good part of her spiritual energy. In the front of the main forces of the demon armies, they truly felt unwilling to step back. But Long Haochen promised Zhang Hairong absolute compliance. After firing more than a dozen of full-power Light Thorns, he passed down the order of retreat to his teammates.

“I’m not satisfied yet!” Sima Xian’s muddy staff was covered in thick liquid, the latter being in an excited state and the same applied to Wang Yuanyuan. After started to retreating together with Long Haochen, her face clearly revealed an unsatisfied expression.

Long Haochen gave them a glance, before saying in deep voice, “We are now soldiers. For a duration of three months, there will be no lack of occasion for us to display our skills. Now, what we have to do is to hurry up and follow battalion commander in retreating.”

At the same time they were retreating, the sinister demon air force was nearing from the sky. On the city gate tower, at least half of the mages and magic cannons were aiming at them. But among them, some still managed to escape fatality in the end.

With over four meters of height, six meters long wings covering its whole body, an immense demon suddenly appeared. A glint of greenish black brilliance of the dual darkness and wind attribute formed a blade of light, going straight for Zhang Hairong who was leading the retreat.

“Be careful, commander!” With his incredibly acute perception, Long Haochen, who had immediately led the others to retreat, directly discovered that this flying demon had suddenly launched an attack in their direction, even though he was concealed in the dark night.

This was one of the infamous and formidable aerial species of demons, a wind and darkness dual system Beta Flying Demon of the Maxilias demon clan.

Among the demon army forces, a Beta Flying Demon was a true powerhouse, an existence possessing true inheritance. Having great hereditary potential, it was the specie of one of the seventy two demon gods.

Among the seventy two demon gods, some even possessed directly subordinated armies. Although some of the directly subordinated soldiers were born from the infection of the mainland, they were all mentally controlled by the demon god. And Beta Flying Demons were part of the directly subordinated army of the thirty fifth demon god, Maxilias. And each and every one of the Beta Flying Demons had strength above the fifth step. As for the ones forming Maxilias’ personal elite army, so called Blood Sucking Betas, they were powerhouses of the seventh step.

These armies actually included a direct subordinate of demon god, and furthermore, one that belonged to their top 36. In fact these mighty grand Demon Gods didn’t all possess directly subordinated armies. For instance, the seventh demon god Anan, the one who had been challenged by the Divine Knight of Adjudication Long Xingyu, was a solitary powerhouse.

It was a sudden and violent attack.

His left leg stomping on the ground with full strength, Long Haochen jumped up in a flash. Through his mental connection with Haoyue, Little Green spurted out a gale from his mouth, brushing Long Haochen’s back to accelerate him even further.

In midair, the Saint Spiritual Stove glowed of white. Drawing support from Little Green’s assistance, Long Haochen had already closed the gap while diving down fast toward the attacking Beta Flying Demon, which was already within a distance of 50 meters from him.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 173: Beginning Of Tacit Understanding (Iii)

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