Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 178: –Title Hidden, Since It’S The Biggest Spoiler Title We Have Ever Gotten To See Up Till Now. — (I)

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Chapter 178: –Title hidden, since it’s the biggest spoiler title we have ever gotten to see up till now. — (I)

Confronting the tyrannical Golden-Veined Demon, Long Haochen employed his most powerful attack, Condemning Revolving Sword.

Having reached the fifth step of cultivation, a change of nature appeared in Long Haochen’ Condemning Revolving Sword, and his comprehension of it. Most of all, he came to comprehend how to increase the power he borrowed; he would deepen his understanding by a far larger extent after blocking consecutive blows.

Currently putting everything in his disposition to use, he appeared like a resplendent golden spiral, drawing support from the power of the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon’s offense; his body’s revolving speed could not be followed by the naked eye.

That wide area of golden fog was due to Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, which was just revolving at an astonishing speed when fully used; ear-piercing frictions unceasingly resounded. Although the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon Ruler was powerful, its body could in the end not compare with Long Haochen’s two swords. While its two solid forelimbs were continuously brandished, trying to resist, Long Haochen had already left several marks on its body.

Watching this scene, Sheng Lingxin felt dull.

Condemning Revolving Sword! It’s really Condemning Revolving Sword! The great majority of people didn’t know even the existence of this technique, but how could he not know about it?

That reminded him of that moment, an event that occurred nearly twenty years ago.


“Elder brother Long, you’re so strong! What was this blow called? How is it that I have never seen it before?”

“You little heel, hurry up to return and cultivate seriously. Otherwise, your grandfather will beat your butt up again.”

“Elder brother Long, tell me what this technique is called first. Is it okay to teach it to me?”

“Okay, but return and train first. After you break through the fifth step, I will pass it to you. This is the Retribution Knight technique I personally created. Its name is Condemning Revolving Sword. Borrowing force to use it as its own, it is a secret technique for the weak to defeat the strong. Although you are an assassin, you are also a dual-handed weapon wielder, so you should barely be able to learn it.”

“Wah, so cool! I’ll definitely break through the fifth step this year!”

“As long as you are willing to put in the necessary effort, your grandfather won’t beat you up for not meeting his expectations. But you have to remember that even to a knight, an ability like Condemning Revolving Sword is only suitable to be used as a final blow. You have make good preparations before using it; if you use it from the start, you’ll be in danger because of your comparatively weak defense as an assassin. Furthermore, your weapons aren’t as long as the ones we knights use.”

These words rang in his ears, as if it had happened the day before. But he had not seen this tall and majestic figure for many years already.

Sheng Lingxin’s two eyes suddenly became filled with grief as the golden light in front of his eyes turned even more dazzling.

Elder brother Long, are you alright? So many years passed since I last saw you, how are you right now?

Condemning Revolving Sword, this Long Haochen actually really used Condemning Revolving Sword. Wait, he… His surname is Long, could it be that he is…

At this point of thinking, Sheng Lingxin only felt that his whole body turned cold, and he appeared instantly shaken, as if he had been electrocuted.

If… If he really is Elder Brother Long’s child, how could I let him be in such a dangerous situation?!

That’s right, at the same time Sheng Lingxin started staring blankly, Long Haochen’s situation was already very dangerous.

The Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon was even more powerful than he imagined. With the Condemning Revolving Sword’s overkill attack speed in addition to its method of borrowing power to make it the user’s own, even if Long Haochen’s display of strength was far exceeding his own level, the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon he was facing was actually not just a demon of the sixth step, but one at the peak of the sixth step, a single step away from becoming an existence categorizable as a powerhouse of the seventh step.

The Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon was abruptly blocked by Long Haochen, and his Condemning Revolving Sword turned out to be quite troublesome, but after slightly stabilizing itself, its pair of forelimbs erupted with incomparably terrifying power.

That’s right, Long Haochen’s Condemning Revolving Sword was good at borrowing force, but how much of such an excessive power could be borrowed?

The Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon’s pair of forelimbs was simultaneously abruptly raised, violently producing a colliding sound and dispersing the golden lump of light formed by Long Haochen’s swords. In midair, Long Haochen felt a bitter feeling in his throat, and couldn’t refrain from spouting out a mouthful of blood.

Transmitted to him, that terrible power completely vibrated his body. Bang.

The Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon vigorously stepped forward, pushing its own enormous body forward, so as to pursue Long Haochen. Its pair of sharp blades-like forelimbs were immediately raised. If they were to really strike Long Haochen head-on, Long Haochen could only receive severe wounds.

“Houu” A roar full of rage resounded at that moment; it was Haoyue.

Red, golden, green. Three radiances were were simultaneously spurted out, forming three arrows shining of intense light condensing in the air before brazenly striking the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon’s body.

The Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon’s body was exceedingly huge, and in the air, Long Haochen had no way to avoid him. The three radiance were condensed into a thin purple layer, violently erupting with a rumbling sound and unexpectedly exploding directly at the chest of this Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon,piercing its carapace and leaving a huge crack on its chest.

But when he unleashed this blow, the radiance coming out from Haoyue’s three heads and six eyes turned a lot dimmer.

At this moment, Sheng Yue was completely startled.

Having discovered that Long Haochen seemed to have a relationship with the Elder Brother Long in his memories, he didn’t have the slightest hesitation. Turning into a pitch black shadow, he disappeared in the night sky like a mirage, and without letting out the slightest metallic luster, a black shape flashed before disappearing.

At the moment it vanished, all the water within the scope of this figure turned into ice.

It was his materialized killing intent that affected the surrounding temperature at a terrifying rate.

How could a damaged breastplate withstand with such a sharp attack?

In the next instant, a dark green liquid abruptly flowed out from the back of the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon, its enormous body falling down with a loud bang.

The assassin’s individual attack would forever be most powerful among the Six Great Temples, to say nothing of the fact that this Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon’s attention had been attracted by Long Haochen and Haoyue. As a powerhouse at the peak of the seventh step, Sheng Lingxin naturally handled that Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon with a single sure-kill blow.

Despotic Stab. If Cai’er was there, she would definitely have been able to call out what ability Sheng Lingxin used. Despotic Stab didn’t only have a extremely powerful attack power; it also came with an impact power, making the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon instantly fall out on the ground.

At that moment, Long Haochen happened to be falling down from the air. Immediately, Haoyue leaped without sparing any effort, catching him in midair.

Long Haochen just took a pill without the slightest hesitation; it was precisely the Energy Pill, as that jade colored pill was called by Lin Xin.

A sparkling and translucent dark green color appearing at the surface of his body, Long Haochen felt a great boost of power on his body. At the same time, Little Light released a Holy Mantle falling on his body and treating the wounds on his internal organs.

“Are you okay?” Sheng Lingxin’s voice sounded in Long Haochen’s ears.

When described, this scene seemed to have occurred slowly, but in reality, everything took place in a very short timespan.From the moment Long Haochen put his Condemning Revolving Sword to use to the moment he fell on Haoyue’s back at the end of the battle, only a few seconds passed. At the same time that Dark-Veined Dual Bladed Demon fell down, the Brilliant Angel Knights charged without the slightest obstruction.

At this instant, both armies clashed severely with each other.

After the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment charged through a long distance, enormous golden wings appeared at the two sides of their bodies. Relying on them, they reduced by a large extent the weight they put on their mount. And on their front side, this pair of golden wings was as sharp as a blade. Charging in these circumstances, they could display a formidable might, tearing to shreds demon after demon. The heavy swords in their hand struck brutally with the boost of their spiritual energy. The armies of demons attacked were instantly defeated, and everything in the path of their swords was destroyed.

The Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment was truly formed of elites among the elites of Exorcist City. These three thousand knights could be said to be the most powerful troops formed of knights to be charged with the defense of the Exorcist Mountain Range. And no other Temple had such assistance power as this Knight Temple. It was truly for the best that the relationship between the Assassin Temple and the Knight Temple was the best one.

Furthermore, at the back of each Brilliant Angel Knight was an assassin, or more precisely, an Assassin of the Dark Night belonging to the Assassin Temple. They were also at the fifth step of cultivation, prime examples of the saying ‘Knight and Assassin forming a single entity’ as it had been said to Long Haochen and Cai’er.

The assault of these Brilliant Angel Knights was enough to cope with all the demons under the fifth step. Even those who barely avoided the knights had no way to escape the following attacks from the Assassins of the Dark Night. Every time they ran into an opponent at the fifth step or above it, at least a dozen of shadows would immediately twinkle. In the battlefield, individual power was after all negligible. In the front of ten assassins of the fifth step attacking with full force, even a powerhouse of the seventh step would find it hard to resist unless he possessed extremely formidable equipment.

At the time of this instantaneous clash, over ten thousand demons that clashed against this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment fell apart. In the process, an innumerable amount of heads fell down.

“I’m alright.” Having heard Sheng Lingxin’s voice that seemed filled with deep concern, Long Haochen unconsciously blurted out that reply.

Although he was only an Earth Knight, Haoyue was an expert at using magic, and not good with the knight-style of charging and breaking through the enemy lines. Since they had already come that far, Long Haochen could only make an all out effort and be the one to carry this duty.

He was fighting for his own survival!

“You will simply have to listen to my commands and charge forward; never stop! When we encounter enemies, I will intervene personally to dispose of them.” Sheng Lingxin’s slightly gloomy voice was heard.

“Yes.” With these words pronounced by Sheng Lingxin, Long Haochen immediately felt the pressure on him lowering. The other mounts had already caught up with them, overtaking Haoyue. In the front, demons appeared unceasingly, and against demons of the fourth step or higher, a chillness would violently shoot out from Long Haochen’s side, making any of the demons in their path unable to stop them in the slightest. As for the ones with inferior cultivation level, they would be left for him to make contribution points from them. At this very moment, Long Haochen suddenly noticed something indistinct appearing in his line of sight, as the part of the demons’ main forces that previously clashed against them seemed to have been already entirely defeated. Against all expectations, only wide open ground was left in the front.

“Be careful, it’s the Invisible Demons from the Dyke Clan!” Sheng Lingxin’s voice suddenly turned grim as it was raised up.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 178: –Title Hidden, Since It’S The Biggest Spoiler Title We Have Ever Gotten To See Up Till Now. — (I)

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