Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 180: Three Grand Demon Gods (Iii)

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Chapter 180: Three Grand Demon Gods (III)

Having settled the problem of the Dyke Invisible Demons, and seeing that on the other side, the demon army was already rushing in their direction, Sheng Lingxin immediately commanded Long Haochen to keep going.

They had to cover a mere kilometer before entering the range of protection of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Although this attack failed, it still took out a large amount of demons, and earned some time for the Exorcist Mountain Pass. As long as their losses weren’t too large, Sheng Lingxin would be able to accept these results.

Just as Long Haochen’s mount finally turned his head and the Sunlight Fire was stopped, a shocking scene occurred before their eyes.

Just as they were about to return on the only path, three huge light pillars suddenly rocketed in the air.

Each of these light pillars was over thirty meters in diameter. Under this pitch black night sky, the three-hundred-meter plus pillars appeared extremely distinct.

The three pillars were of different colors: the one in the middle was a blazing red color, while the ones of the two sides were black and green-colored.

It looked as though a real and material pillar was standing within each of these three thick light pillars. On them, inscriptions were carved, and they were decorated with magnificent designs that Long Haochen had never seen before.

The three enormous light pillars released an intense oppressive aura. Blocking the only path of return, they stood in front of the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment.

The situation Sheng Lingxin was the most unwilling to see had finally happened. Clearly, the demons had set up this trap long ago, waiting for the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment to come out. This trap was not of the most brilliant kind; it was only about waiting around the stumps for hares. Until now, the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment had always been the greatest threat to demons, and as the military chief of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, Sheng Lingxin would definitely have mobilized them outside of the barrier sooner or later.

After all, the knights’ favorite battlefield was the plain, and not the defense of a city wall. The trap set up by the enemies had finally worked.

Sheng Lingxin took a deep breath, entering a bizarre state. Long Haochen clearly felt that the military chief at his back was completely dull, even more incomprehensible than before.

“Long Haochen, you should know about Long Xingyu right?” At this time, Sheng Lingxin asked Long Haochen an unexpected question.

“Eh?” Long Haochen felt completely baffled.

Sheng Lingxin smiled humbly and declared, “I really didn’t expect that I would meet Elder Brother Long’s offspring. You don’t need to deny it. Condemning Revolving Sword was the technique Elder Brother Long created personally. Who would he teach it to, aside from his offspring? In this world, I only know three people who can use this ability, one of them is Elder Brother Long himself, the second one is you…”

At this point, he took a pause, declaring in a voice full of emotions, “And the last one is me.”

Long Haochen turned his head to look at Sheng Lingxin and discovered that this military chief carried in his face a gentle expression, looking at him without anything else in his expression but gentleness.

“Mister chief, you…”

Sheng Lingxin’s smile didn’t decrease at all, “I used to be the most faithful attendant supporting Elder Brother Long in the past. He is my idol, and in my heart, Elder Brother Long’s status even surpasses grandfather’s. I really didn’t expect to see Elder Brother Long’s Condemning Revolving Sword once again in today’s battle.”

Long Haochen lightly shook his said, remarking, “I also haven’t met Father in a long time.”

“Father? So you were indeed his son. Haha, great, truly great. It looks like Cai’er really has good taste.” Sheng Lingxin laughed heartily. The three enormous and fantastic light pillars were standing nearby, but in spite of everything, he was laughing in such a situation.

“Mister chief, what is going on?” Long Haochen felt an indistinct uneasy feeling growing bigger and bigger in him.

Sheng Lingxin replied indifferently, “Never mind, I just recalled some events that happened in the past. Did these demon spawn think they could annihilate my Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment like that? Truly ridiculous. In a little, don’t attack, and have your mount rush to the left side. I will be holding the enemy back.”

“Yes. Honorable chief, what are these three light pillars?” As Long Haochen listened to Sheng Lingxin’s command, he could still not help but ask curiously.

Sheng Lingxin gave him an irrelevant reply, “Is this the first time you step on the battlefield?”

Long Haochen nodded without thinking.

Sheng Lingxin faintly smiled, his handsome face displaying traces of madness, “You are really lucky. The first time you set on the battlefield, you get to see personally the most powerful existences among demons. Have you heard about the seventy-two demon gods? Those are three of them.”

Long Haochen stared at him, totally dumbstruck. He really wanted to ask this military chief at the peak of the seventh step why he was currently smiling. According to Long Haochen’s knowledge, among the seventy two demon gods, even the weakest one was a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step.

Just at that time, Sheng Lingxin raised his hand, a lump of light shooting out to the sky. Traces of light spread forward, taking the shape of a dazzlingly beautiful flower in the sky.

Long Haochen could currently see that in the night sky, Sheng Lingxin was using a peculiar method to transmit an order to the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment.

As expected, as the traces of light spread around, the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment at their back suddenly slowed down, changing their previous assault formation to a defensive formation. All of the Brilliant Angel Knights took the same formation, no longer moving at the slightest, entering a completely defensive formation.

Long Haochen hadn’t awoken from the stupor he had fallen into upon hearing everything Sheng Lingxin said about the seventy-two demon gods. When he was young, he came to learn about the existence of these seventy-two demon gods; that more than six thousand years before, it was precisely because these seventy-two demon gods descended that the continent entered the dark age from the glorious era.

Looking at those three enormous light pillars linking heaven and earth, he unconsciously felt as if he was extremely small.

“Stop.” Sheng Lingxin ordered.

Long Haochen hastingly had Haoyue to stop his steps. At that moment, these three light pillars started to move from the sky, seemingly moving slowly, but actually rapidly heading to their direction.

As his body flashed, Sheng Lingxin jumped to the ground. Turning his head towards Long Haochen, the smiling expression on his face seemed to appear a lot warmer, “Remember my words, advance to the left side and leave. With your current strength, you shouldn’t attract their attention. In the future, treat Cai’er well. You are Elder Brother Long’s son, so I can be at ease. I leave my daughter to you.”

He is Cai’er’s father?

At that instant, Long Haochen finally understood why he had to follow Sheng Lingxin in the battlefield. He was actually Cai’er’s father, and the husband of that mage regiment captain Lan Yanyu. It was no wonder that he previously acted so coldly towards Long Haochen. It was because of his position as Cai’er’s father!

Sheng Lingxin only gave a simple explanation to him before slowly moving forward, ready to welcome these three immense light pillars. A layer of grey air condensed around his body, as his appearance turned into something close to a sharp grey-colored crystal. A pair of little grey wings resembling those of the Brilliant Knights slowly condensed at his back, unfolding gracefully before becoming smaller, sticking close to his back. In each of his hands, a grey glow shone; it seemed to be a pair of grey daggers.

The scene unfolding before his eyes astounded Long Haochen greatly. Under the sinister night sky, Sheng Lingxin appeared like a single wolf, welcoming those three peak demons coming from afar to him.

The three enormous light pillars seemed to grow closer and closer; in comparison to the radiance blossoming from them, Sheng Lingxin seemed really tiny. But his shoulders that did not seem so wide at first glance looked as though they were able to resist everything, to overcome this situation.

Long Haochen didn’t directly mount Haoyue to head off to the left side. Dazedly, he stared at Sheng Lingxin, who stepped forward in this place reeking of blood. As for Long Haochen, he only felt as if something was choking him from the inside of his stomach.

Just to breath, he already needed to exert himself physically. Without a doubt, on this battlefield reeking of blood, the sky was turning muddy. And for a mere second, Long Haochen shut his eyes.

His heart was burning, his blood was boiling, his spiritual energy was igniting and his boundless fighting spirit was completely flaming.

Can I really return just like that? In front of this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment and the Assassins of the Night accompanying them, am I about to go back?

What about my honor as a knight? If I were to act this way, would I still deserve to be called a knight?

How will I account for Cai’er? Will I just have to tell her that I abandoned her father and fled for my life, by myself?

Slowly raising his head, Long Haochen’s eyes filled with pride, “I am the son of Long Xingyu, the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Punishment , possessing the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter. Even if I have to die in the battlefield by staying, how can I desert the army?”

Opening his both eyes once again, Long Haochen’s look was brimming with resolution. Haoyue turned his three heads around, looking at him, lightly nodding.

Long Haochen was mentally interconnected with him, and could naturally tell out Haoyue’s thoughts. Because of the blood contract between the two of them, if Long Haochen were to die, Haoyue wouldn’t be able to keep living. Thus, if Long Haochen didn’t want to leave, Haoyue would follow him in a battle for life or death.

Deeply eyeing at the distant Exorcist Mountain, Long Haochen’s expression softened. Cai’er, if I can return alive, I will claim a kiss from you.

“Haoyue, let’s go.” Long Haochen shouted out loudly, a few pills appearing in his hand. After taking a Spiritual Recovering Pill and fully operating the power in his Saint Spiritual Stove, he could recover to some extent the spiritual energy he had previously consumed.

Haoyue dashed with his four limbs, quickly pursuing Sheng Lingxin.

Sheng Lingxin suddenly turned his head around, furiously asking, “Why are you not leaving yet?”

Long Haochen stared at him with a firm and stubborn look, “I am a knight. If I were to abandon you, how could I have the qualifications to stay by Cai’er’s side? I am Long Xingyu’s son, and only the Long Haochen who battles to death, who doesn’t abandon his comrades to flee for his life by himself, is Long Haochen.”

Sheng Lingxin stared at him blankly. In Long Haochen’s look, he seemed to see the unequalled Divine Knight of Adjudication and Punishment of his memories, galloping tranquilly on the battlefield.

Long Haochen’s look full of determination was already telling him a lot of things, that he will never shrink back because of confronting a powerful enemy. In this instant, Sheng Lingxin felt full of regrets; why did he let this Long Haochen enter a such dangerous situation?!

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 180: Three Grand Demon Gods (Iii)

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