Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 182: Sheng Lingxin Ignited (Ii)

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Chapter 182: Sheng Lingxin Ignited (II)

Having taken the Spiritual Bursting Pill, Long Haochen’s fighting strength had at least increased by twofold. Facing the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, he unexpectedly scored a kill in a very short span of time.

However, even more Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon were at that moment rushing to his direction.

At this very time, a white glow suddenly lit these Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons. This white glow appeared extremely abruptly, and instantly, a myriad of other white glows erupted from that one, producing ear-piercing sounds while wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves, diffusing an incomparably sharp aura.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons’ carapaces were exceedingly hard; if not for the sharpness of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, even with the boost of power coming from the Spiritual Bursting Pill, Long Haochen wouldn’t have managed to get rid of one of them with a single blow.

At this very moment, the white glows were producing holy illumination and enveloping everything below. Everywhere it passed, those madly rushing Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons suddenly stagnated, their heads immediately falling down. As soon as one of these white glows traversed a body, it would be immediately penetrated.

After a very short time, from the hundred of Dark Green Dual Bladed Blades, only forty were left; more than fifty Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons fell down simultaneously, more than thirty of their heads falling down. As for the few remaining ones, they received for the most part of them heavy damage, laying on the ground without any force.

In midair, these white glows vanished as a vague silhouette flashed sorrowfully before disappearing once again.

This series of event was quite convenient to Long Haochen. Rushing forward at great speed, his swords fell on two heavily wounded Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons that had yet to die.

Haoyue didn’t stay idle either; launching bursting fireballs and light stings, Little Light and Little Flame were attacking at full power, helping Long Haochen to finish off the remaining heavily wounded enemies. At the occasion, Haoyue’s heads used their sharp teeth to bite on the carapaces of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons they encountered on their way, devouring their magical crystal.

As the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons suddenly suffered such destructive attacks, the three distant demon gods immediately showed reaction, as the Blazing Devils sped up forward, and the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles covered the sky with their overwhelming numbers.

Among the three of them, the seventieth ranked demon god, known as the Evil Demon Rider Seere advanced on his green devil horse, stepping on the air and rising high in the sky.

The immense green pillar followed Seere; it seemed as though its brightness was produced by Seere’s own body.

At the same time, at a close distance from where the white glows erupted, another fantastic scene occurred in the air.

In the air appeared entirely grey-colored crystal. That’s right, it was an approximately two meters long crystal, surrounded by a sparkling and translucent thin silver color.

A blazing illumination was being emitted from the Blazing Devils’ bodies, spreading all around and filled with a sentiment of danger.

“Wulhalu!” The Evil Demon Rider suddenly shouted out as a green-colored lance appeared in his right hand, his body slightly turning back, and in the next instant, he shot the green lance, going straight for the grey colored crystal with thundering sounds.

He truly deserved the title of demon god; at the time the green spear was launched, an area of a circumference of a hundred square meters completely turned green.

At that time, Long Haochen, who was in the middle of finishing off Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, suddenly felt tense, his whole body suffering the effects of that green light and feeling extremely stiff.

But a layer of golden light immediately fell on Long Haochen’s body, making this feeling of stiffness disappear. It came precisely from Haoyue who arrived to his side; as for why Haoyue wasn’t affected by it, Long Haochen didn’t have the time to ponder over the matter.

“Wuwu.” Haoyue roared these two low pitched cries.

Long Haochen immediately understood his intentions, throwing a Spiritual Bursting Pill in Haoyue’s mouth.

Little Green, who hadn’t participated in attacking yet, suddenly lifted up the head. Previously, he had been continuously chanting at low pitch, and after he took the Spiritual Bursting Pill, a drizzling green radiance came out from Haoyue’s whole body, especially from the bulges protruding from his back, and three golden threads shot out from him.

Little Green roared in low pitch, and Little Flame and Little Light immediately followed with their own roars, giving birth to a fantastic scene. Completely disregarding the rest of the battlefield, Haoyue completed with his three heads a bizarre chant.

Under his body, a nonagon was formed with mystical traces of sparkling starlight, a green light slowly rising.

Although Long Haochen didn’t know what Haoyue was doing, he stood by his side without hesitation while gazing at the nearby sky.

The radiance produced by the green lance delayed all creatures located within its range, and its propagation speed was just terrifying. In no more but a flash, it pierced the grey crystal that laid in the sky.

Long Haochen unconsciously tightened his body; although in this instant, he was currently focused in clinging desperately to life, when seeing that this grey crystal, Cai’er’s father after transforming, had been hit by the attack of the Evil Demon Rider Seere, he became extremely worried deep inside.

In fact, to each vocations, the gap produced by each step was just as extremely wide, because each step provided specific formidable boosts. For instance, liquid spiritual energy in the fifth step, opening of the spiritual orifices in the sixth step and transformation of the body using spiritual energy in the seventh step. As for the steps above the eighth step, although Long Haochen didn’t know which changes it brought, he could still guess that it was bound to be a qualitative leap.

The Evil Demon Rider Seere was at the peak of the eighth step, whereas Sheng Lingxin was at the peak of the seventh step; this was a gap of an entire step!


A soft sound echoed, and all the personal troops of the demon gods, be it on the sky or on the ground, focused their looks on this grey-colored crystal.

At that moment, a strange scene occurred. The green lance suddenly turned into an immaterial breeze of wind, quietly disappearing upon hitting the grey crystal and not shaking it in the slightest. And the crystal was lit with an even more intense radiance.

This was…

Regardless of whether it was Long Haochen or those three demon gods, they could not help but feel puzzled at looking at this scene. They were all unclear on what kind of existence that grey crystal was.

“Ding.” A melodious sound rang, sounding just like a heavenly music. Grey shadows came out and burst forth from the grey crystal. The shadows that appeared had exactly the same appearance as Sheng Lingxin’s body, and in that instant, several hundreds of shadows burst forth. Each of them had an extremely oppressive aura, glinting with a sparkling grey luster.

They were characterized by their speed, their wildness, and their decisive sacrifice.

Bam, bam, bam.

The speed of these shadows was overwhelming, and on their path, wide traces were left behind. Even with his perception, Long Haochen could only follow a single one of them with his eyes. He only saw that shadow flicker three times in the sky, before the formidable Dual Headed Demonic Eagles fell down from the sky.

The Blazing Devils had an astonishing defense, but as soon as they were hit by one of the shadows, they broke down into pieces with three exploding sounds.

This blow’s power was just too great! Even a powerful existence such as the Evil Demon Rider Seere could only go all out to parry these unceasing projectiles, using his two arms to hold his lance. At that moment, his green horse could unexpectedly only fall back.

In a blink of an eye, the Dual Headed Demonic Eagle and the surviving Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons were all swept and a third of the Blazing Devils disappeared. The violent fluctuations of spiritual energy coming from the shadows covered the entire perimeter with a layer of ice cold, and the grey crystal that was previously floating in the sky disappeared quietly.

“Let’s leave.” A weak voice sounded in Long Haochen’s ear, and he felt his back dropping; someone’s back was already leaning against his own.

Without need for Long Haochen to order him, Haoyue immediately moved. Almost instantly, Little Green, Little Light and Little Flame’s incantation was completed.

At this very moment, his three pair of eyes suddenly glinted with a green color. Suddenly spitting out a green flame, he carried Long Haochen and Sheng Lingxin to the other side, as fast as lightning.

This incantation Haoyue had just chanted had the surprising effect of temporarily changing Little Light and Little Flame’s attributes. The current him was like three wind system mages having a fifth step cultivation level and going all out in accelerating their movement.

With the use of the Float Technique in addition to the push provided by the wind element forward, Haoyue was advancing in the sky simply as if he was flying, reaching an unprecedented speed in a very short timespan.

But also at that moment, the three grand demon gods let out roars filled with wrath.

A humiliation; it was a humiliation of the most straightforward kind! In front of the three of them, a mere human had actually decimated the overwhelming majority of their direct subordinates, using an extraordinary method.

Sheng Lingxin had acted as he planned to; to earn some time to the Brilliant Angel Knight Squad, he wanted to attract the attention of the three grand demon gods. Without a doubt, he had been successful. The three demon gods, turning into three different rays of red, green and black, directly chased after Haoyue. Even if Haoyue was currently relying on his three heads at the same time, fully using his acceleration capability and even if they set in motion with a great advance, their distance from the other party was just decreasing at an astonishing rate.

Leaning against Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Armor, Sheng Lingxin’s face was at that moment extremely pale, as if completely congealed. That pale white color didn’t contain the slightest bit of blood, and his eyes were filled with a dark light, not carrying any of the original graceful bearing of this military chief of the Exorcist Mountain. But his eyes were currently looking extremely relieved. That’s right! Relying on the greatest part of his power, he eliminated so many demon powerhouses; it was enough of a feat for him to feel extremely proud.

It wasn’t only that the ability he used was extraordinary, but the main point of this attack was its sudden nature. It happened at the moment those three grand demon gods expected it the least! Otherwise, if any of those three had made preparations, the effects of that attack wouldn’t possibly have been so great.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 182: Sheng Lingxin Ignited (Ii)

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