Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 183: Sheng Lingxin Ignited (Iii)

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Chapter 183: Sheng Lingxin Ignited (III)

The seventy two demon gods had one common trait, that was to have an arrogant and proud character. After having dealt with them for so long, how could Sheng Lingxin possibly not know about it?

“Haochen, I should really not have brought you with me. You should have been able to escape had you left a moment ago.” In Sheng Lingxin’s voice, a fantastic chance started to appear. It seemed as if his voice was becoming melodious and tender.

Long Haochen seemed to be very calm at that moment, “I’m afraid you wouldn’t have had any chance of survival had I not stayed behind.”

That’s right! If Sheng Lingxin had stayed behind by himself after suffering from that terrible blow, the result would have been him being directly torn into pieces by the three grand demon gods. And it was clearly only because of Long Haochen’s existence that he managed to stall some time, even if this amount of time was very short.

Sheng Lingxin’s face displayed an odd smile, “Although I am very dissatisfied about the fact you chose to stay behind, I believe Elder Brother Long would have been proud and content of your act. You really deserve to be his son, and to be the man Cai’er chose. If we can manage to escape alive from this, I will recognize you as my son-in-law.”

Long Haochen flushed, “Cai’er and I…”

Sheng Lingxin laughed lightly, currently having a seemingly relaxed mood, and he kept speaking out, as if letting out everything he had in heart, “You are already sharing a bed to sleep, what are you trying to explain to me?”

Long Haochen blanked out; although he was only fourteen years-old, he still understood what it implied for a man to sleep together with a woman in the same bed. That’s right! Cai’er and I have already reached this stage!

A surge of warmth rose from his heart; Cai’er is still waiting for me to come back!

An intense will to live erupted out from him. Pouring his internal spiritual energy into Haoyue, he hoped to help him increase his speed.

At that moment, from afar, a lump of green light could be seen running forward, followed by three enormous light pillars chasing after it.

Haoyue’s speed had already reached the peak; he was madly rushing at a great speed, his current speed had actually already reached the standard of the eighth step! Although it was far from being sufficient, he was already exhibiting that astonishing level, to the extent that his three heads were already flowing with foams of blood.

“If we can come back alive, I would like to apologize about what I did to Cai’er.” Sheng Lingxin’s soft voice kept channeling, “I know she hates me, to the extent that she came to hate everyone in our family. But at the time she got this condition of Saint Daughter of Samsara, this order had to be commanded for the future of humanity. Neither can I oppose father’s decisions, nor do I have the capability to do so. And this was the only child I had with Yanyu; we didn’t want any other child. It was because we wished to make up for the suffering she bore by giving her all the love we could. What a pity that it looks that I won’t have this chance. Haochen, do you know? As of now, what I wish for the most, is to hear her call me ‘father’.”

The three grand demon gods were already getting closer and closer. Three hundred meters… In a hundred more meters, they would enter their range of attack.

The Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer bellowed loudly, his hair and beard spreading in all directions. A ripple of red immediately spread from the sky, enveloping Haoyue inside.

Hearing that bellow, Long Haochen and Sheng Lingxin shook with their entire bodies, only feeling as if all their strength was being taken away by that bellow. As it reached Haoyue’s back, they suddenly started to lose consciousness…

A single instant before losing consciousness, Sheng Lingxin seemed to stroke something in Long Haochen’s breastplate.

The strange thing was that, at this moment, Haoyue violently stopped his steps, and after sliding violently forward, he turned around, his four limbs sticking to the ground.

In Little Light and Little Flame’s eyes, their original color reappeared. Raising up his three huge heads at the same time, a glint of purple appeared from his three heads and six eyes. In that instant, all his scales were filled with a demonic purple color.


Little Flame, Little Light, and Little Green bellowed at the same time. In the front of a powerhouse of the ninth step like the Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer, they unexpectedly didn’t have the slightest fear, and that roar created against all expectations a purple ring.

In comparison to the ring the Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer had released with his own bellow a moment ago, this one could only be considered to be a little drop in the ocean. Haoyue, a magical beast of the sixth step that was only equivalent to a human at the fifth step of cultivation was confronting the Blazing Demonic Lion demon god of the ninth step. What kind of gap was this?

But in the instant Haoyue let out that bellow, regardless of whether it was the Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer, the Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan, or the Evil Demon Rider Seere, all these three enemies had the same reactions; to stop in their pursuit.

What a weird scene was it! The three immense demon god pillars that were advancing forward, keeping a great speed, suddenly stopped, just like that.

If someone could distinctly see the expression on the three demon gods’ faces, he would surely find out that their eyes flickered, carrying bewildered looks. With tenacious looks, they stared fixedly at the ripples produced in the air, accompanied by the release of a purple light.

Haoyue lifted up his head, staring coldly at them with the six eyes on his three heads, before turning around once again, and speeding up to the side.

This time, his speed wasn’t that great, but the extraordinary fact was that the three grand demon gods didn’t chase any further, only staring firmly at Haoyue’s leaving figure.

At this moment, a hiss sound sounded forth from the Exorcist Mountain. Clearly, a dozen of lusters came out from the Exorcist Mountain and on their owners’ bodies, different colored radiances were lit. The first one had his entire body glinting with pure grey, hastening forward. An oppressive shadow was extending from behind him, more than a hundred meters long, appearing just like an enormous grey dragon and rushing directly to the three grand demon gods.

Behind him were ten eye grabbing silhouettes. If Long Haochen was at that moment still in a good shape enough to look at it, he would discover that these people were precisely Gao Yingjie, and the others forming the ten Temple Knights and squad leaders.

They were all clad with Mythril Foundation Armors, each of them emitting a silver halo under their feet, hurrying to the extent that they didn’t even take the time to summon their own mounts, and dashing forward with that grey figure.

In the sky, three silhouettes were still floating. Because of the high attitude, they could not be seen clearly, but at the moment these powerhouses appeared, even the Blazing Lion Allocer, head of these three grand demon gods, was somewhat suppressed by the shining radiances.

The Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan and the Evil Demon Rider Seere stared at Allocer. At that moment, Allocer tightened his eyebrows, “Let’s head back and discuss about it. I wished everything we just got to see was just an illusion…”

Just now, the faint purple glint they saw brought them a chill going all over their bones, but despite the fact that this silhouette and this purple glint were really tiny, they left their blood vessels instantly shaking in arousal.

The three demon god gathered together, stepping across, each of them regaining their respective pillars, and their bodies started ascending, while the demon gods’ silhouettes disappeared. At the moment the powerhouses from the Exorcist City got close, the three grand demon gods had disappeared totally. All that was left was a hundred Blazing Devils for these powerhouses to vent off their anger.

Along with the appearance of these human powerhouses, some unknown order seemed to have been passed on, making that sinister tide withdraw like a wave. The pressure on the Brilliant Angel Regiment Knight immediately lowered at that moment; they wouldn’t pursue and attack unless a military order was issued, slowly retreating while keeping a defensive formation, getting ready to defend themselves against the demons in case they launched an unexpected attack.

The greatest part of the Blazing Devils was dealt with by a grey figure appearing in the top front. Those demons of the sixth step didn’t have the slightest opportunity of resisting, instantly turning into a pile of corpses. From their bodies, only flames were left.

The grey figure finally slowed down, showing its true colors. And wasn’t it actually one of the auxiliary heads of the Alliance, the head of the Assassin Temple and hero of the ninth step, Sheng Yue?

The slim built Sheng Yue carried at that moment an intense killing intent, but concealed within this killing intent was a shred of deep concern.

Sweeping his glance over, he finally looked at Haoyue who was previously running out to the other side. His physical consumption was enormous, and his running speed was now very slow. On his body, the radiance coming out had dimmed by a wide extent. In particular, the purple color that left the other party so helpless had disappeared a moment ago, leaving no traces behind.

Sheng Yue naturally had a deep impression of Haoyue. Looking at him, the expression on his face changed, to a state of astonishment many of the greatest heroes would never reach.

The characteristic of this magical beast companion of Long Haochen was just too distinct; there was no other interpretation. How could he be in that place?

The three grand demon gods had appeared in the battlefield, releasing their most formidable strength.

Just like Sheng Lingxin said it, they just needed to stall for a bit of time for reinforcement to arrive. If demons could scheme against humans, how could human not scheme back against them? In the Exorcist Mountain Range, the most powerful man wasn’t Sheng Lingxin who was only at the peak of the step of metamorphosis. This was after all the headquarters of the Assassin Temple. The real powerhouses would only appear at the most crucial moment. Thus, at the moment chief Sheng Yue got the information, he immediately rushed to them, without any hesitation. They had been waiting for the demon gods to appear in the battlefield for so long, and although individual strength would hardly change the results of a battle, killing the enemy was was assassins were the best at.

The grey figure stepped across the emptiness, and at the next instant, he appeared at Haoyue’s side.

Looking at Haoyue, he saw on his back two unconscious people. At this moment, Sheng Yue only felt his own heart frantically tightening; the first was his own blood-related grandson, and the chief of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. And the other person was even more important; it was the favorite of the Temple Alliance!

Simultaneously waving both hands, he grabbed these two separately on each of his hands. Transmitting soft spiritual energy to the bodies of these two, he provided moisture to them.

He didn’t look at his grandson first, but the one he paid the most attention to was Long Haochen. After wrinkling his eyebrows for a short period of time, he gradually smoothed out, secretly loosening his breath. At least, this kid was all right.

At that moment, the figures flying in the sky didn’t land yet; above the ground, numerous knights clad in Mythril Foundation Armor rapidly joined up with him. At the moment Gao Yingjie also recognized Haoyue, he immediately ran up to them, immediately blurting out, “How is it that Haochen is in that kind of place?”, surprised to the extent that he forgot that the one he was questioning was a powerhouse of the ninth step!

Sheng Yue threw a cold glance at him, declaring in a deep voice, “We will speak after returning from there.”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 183: Sheng Lingxin Ignited (Iii)

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