Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 186: Spiritual Stove Of Return To Childhood (Iii)

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Chapter 186: Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood (III)

Gao Yingjie said with a deep voice, “… You all, go back to rest. Long Haochen, if a situation like today’s ever arises again, I will disband your Demon Hunt Squad, understood?”

Long Haochen hurriedly stood straight, performing a knight salute directed at him.

At the present time, only Sheng Yue, Lan Yanyu and the unconscious Sheng Lingxin were left in the room.

Everyone left, and Sheng Yue’s face immediately appeared to become colder. “How could it be… this old man ate a lot more salt than you have ever eaten. Although Haochen has been covering for you, this kid just doesn’t know how to lie. As he had been speaking, he didn’t even dare look me in the eyes.”

Lan Yanyu lowered her head, looking at her husband lying on the bed, full of worry.“Today, I saw Long Haochen and Cai’er sharing a bed together and… After Lingxin learned about it, he decided to test this Long Haochen’s ability, and to give him a good lesson, to stop him from going overboard…”

“Shameful!” Sheng Yue originally didn’t have a good temperament, but hearing her explanation, he instantly became greatly angered.

“What shit is there in your brains? Could it be that you didn’t know that this old man has been personally escorting Cai’er to participate in the Demon Hunt Selection? If he didn’t get this old man’s approval, and if not for his clever scheme, going as far as to cause a dispute between our two great Temples, he wouldn’t have been able to be by her side today. Let me tell you, Long Haochen’s importance to the Knight Temple is comparable to the importance of Cai’er to our Assassin Temple. And just now, this kid told me that he is Long Xingyu’s son. You should know who Long Xingyu is? Lingxin has always been treating that Long Xingyu as his idol.”

“What good is there in the two of you? It is fortunate that no accident occurred this time. If something happened, you wouldn’t only have regretted it all your life, but it would in addition have begun a tempest in the whole Alliance.”

Hearing Sheng Yue’s words, she couldn’t help but stare blankly, “But… But he shared a bed with Cai’er! And he’s so young.”

Sheng Yue said coldly, “What about sharing a bed together? Isn’t it a matter that was bound to happen sooner or later? And have you been waiting for the day of marriage to sleep together with this son of a bitch? In the entire Alliance, except from Long Haochen, who could have the qualifications to be with my family’s Cai’er? More importantly, Cai’er has already accepted him. Don’t you know about Cai’er’s temperament? Be it you or me, we have all been excluded from her heart. For Long Haochen to have managed to get a place in it, he already surpassed all expectations. Now that I kept my eyes off Cai’er for a mere two days, you two have almost caused such a major issue.”

Lan Yanyu sounded distressed, “Grandfather, I am a mother! Don’t tell me that even as her mother, I shouldn’t have done anything when seeing my little daughter so close to a boy? Starting from her three years-old, I didn’t have any opportunity to take care of Cai’er, my only daughter, and was even treated by her as a stranger.”

Sheng Yue’s look gradually became gentler, and with a sigh, he declared, “Each gain comes with a loss. Anyway, since this matter didn’t end so badly, let’s put it aside. Just take good care of Lingxin.”

Having said so, this hero of the ninth step turned around and left. After he left Lan Yanyu’s sight, a helpless expression, full of misery, appeared on this almighty old man. She was after all his great-granddaughter! But he didn’t have a choice.

Behind the living quarters.

At the moment, the sky was already black. Dawn hadn’t come yet.

Returning to their temporary home, Long Haochen wasn’t able to say anything, immediately falling in deep sleep in Cai’er’s embrace.

Everything Cai’er originally wanted to ask remained unanswered.

If one was to ask Long Haochen for his feedback on the previous battle, he would have a single reply, formed with the few words, it’s so great that I managed to come back alive.

Demon Army Camp.

Differently from the human system, demons were gathered with their kins of the same level, a clear power-rank system. But the aspect of the supervision was not meticulously taken care of at all.

An army of hundreds of thousands was reunited in a flat area. Because most of the demons didn’t do anything productive to improve their lifestyle, only the demon powerhouses of the fourth step or above had the qualifications to have a home. Even so, their dwelling places looked obviously very shabby for the most part.

Six thousand years ago, the seventy two demon gods suddenly appeared, infecting many people in the continent and causing a war of invasion. The so-called clans all had the same position, adopting the common idea of slaughtering and plundering their way while disregarding the aftermath.

Along with this war that lasted over a millennium, the Temple Alliance established by mankind gradually gained a foothold, relying on natural protective screens to function as demonkind’s rivals. At that time, the demon side came to discover their main issue.

Among demons, the higher their level was, the slower their reproducing speed became. As a matter of fact, low ranked demons like Dual Bladed Demons multiplied at an extraordinary speed, almost similar to humans’. And these Dual Bladed Demons needed at most three years to grow to adulthood.

Demons had massacred far too many humans, and aside from humans, there were in addition quite a few other species that were near extinction in Shengmo Dalu. In such circumstances, after their position in the continent stabilized, demons were at a loss when they discovered that their food resources wouldn’t last.

In a state of helplessness, demons could only assemble the surviving humans together, ordering them to cultivate foodstuff, herd livestock. To survive, any race needs first of all to fill their stomach. Otherwise, they are fated to be doomed.

But although the demon territory was enormous, they had in the end killed too many humans, the biggest part of them having run off to the Alliance. The humans they managed to find were too few, so they had no other solution but to renounce to their other fields of development, so as to concentrate on food.

Now, the position humans held compared to demons was completely different from the past, to the extent that they were now even more important than the low-end part of their own race. It went to the extent that they had gotten the qualifications to order mid-to-low ranked demons, to assist them in the production of feedstocks.

Then, demons entered a state of unceasing war against the Temple Alliance, with two main goals. The first one was to plunder the humans as far as possible, and the other one was to reduce their own population. But over the past six thousand years, humans had already gotten a perfectly firm foothold, and although they appeared somewhat disadvantaged against the seventy two demon gods, they relied on their advantage of terrain, and on their superior knowledge in manufacturing formidable weapons, withstanding one demon attack after another. Demons hated the magical cannon-type defensive weapons that left them without a way to contend against. As for them, they didn’t have the ability to produce this kind of weapon. If it wasn’t for the formidable military power of the seventy two demon gods, the military strength of humans and demons would cancel each other out.

Nonetheless, until the last moment, demons had always been holding the upper hand. Humans didn’t dare launch their offense to the east, to try to recover the lost territory. If they were to lose their natural protections, humans wouldn’t be a match against demons.

In the core of the demons’ main armies were three enormous camps. Each of them was ten meters high, having a diameter of at least thirty meters. Among demons, only the residence of the demon gods could be considered luxurious.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the enormous tent in the middle was extremely heavy.

The Blazing Lion Allocer was seated in the middle seat, and at his two sides were the Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan and the Evil Demon Rider Seere.

Although these three demon gods were ranked above the fiftieth rank, they still held an important positions within demons. Only, they were now having extremely serious faces, seemingly full of anxiety.

The Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan ferociously banged an iron table, letting out a loud bang sound, “At that time, we were really foolish. We should have grabbed him and taken him back with us. If we had sent him to His Majesty’s place, wouldn’t everything have settled down?”

“Grab him? Would you have done it yourself or would you have wanted me to do it? Or the Demonic Lion?” The handsome faced Evil Demon Rider Seere snorted coldly.

Hearing him, the insolent-looking Zagan fell silent, fear flashing through his eyes.

Allocer waved his hands, speaking out, “Okay, okay, what use is there to say this? This piece of news is just too astonishing. If that one really came to this world, even if he never recovers his original strength, we mustn’t act rashly against him. But I really hope that we saw wrongly. After all, that one should be unable to cross through dimensions…”

At this point, the same kind of fear appeared in his eyes.

Zagan gasped in reaction, “Then what can we do about it?”

The Blazing Demonic Lion suddenly stood up, “There will be no result if we keep having such unfruitful discussion. Let’s do it like this, you two are to stay here to lead the armies and to keep launching attacks, dispatching troops below the third step. But don’t launch important attacks, and keep in mind to reinforce our barracks’ defense. I will immediately return to His Majesty Demon Emperor to have him make a decision.”

The Evil Demon Rider Seere nodded and said, “Yeah, I guess this is the only way.”

A short moment later, a thundering sound burst from the demon barracks, and a red ball advanced, heading to the east.


Despite the events of the day before, the members of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad didn’t have a sleep-in just for this reason. At their training level, resting was about meditating with rapt attention and having only one or two hours of sleep. In the case they didn’t sustain injuries, this would be enough for them to recover.

At the moment everyone was waking up and heading to the bathroom in succession, the one who gave Long Haochen that military order the day before came. Only, this time, it wasn’t about giving an order, but bringing them their breakfast.

“Aï, is military treatment so good? They are even sending our breakfast to our own rooms.” Lin Xin remarked curiously.

The soldier who was bringing their meal smiled while putting the plates down, “In view of the exceptional performance you displayed yesterday in the battlefield, the higher ups decided to provide everybody their meal according to the priest basis.” Having said so, he turned around and left.

The different vocations within the Temple Alliance also ate different types of food. This wasn’t about discrimination, but the main point of this distinction came from the fact their people had different types of constitutions. For instance, warriors and assassins couldn’t eat the exact same type of food. Warriors needed power and endurance while assassins couldn’t take on too much fat, thus avoided starchy food. And then, mages and summoners ate somewhat richer meals, because they consumed a huge amount of mental power, and had even more nutritional requirements than the others. As for priests, they ate the best type of food, because generally speaking, their bodies’ conditions would seem the weakest.

Naturally, there was an exception to everything. For instance, the situation that was happening right now could be called an exception.

But naturally, no one would complain about having good food to eat. After washing, they immediately sat and heartily ate together.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 186: Spiritual Stove Of Return To Childhood (Iii)

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