Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 187: Raise Flowers Into Trees (I)

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Chapter 187: Raise Flowers Into Trees (I)

The breakfast served to them in small boxes was not some wonderful tasty food, but it was very rich. Including two eggs from low ranked magical beasts that were divided between everyone, there were in addition some steaming and fragrant buns. It came together with meat soup, green vegetables and even fruits.

On the last evening, their consumption was truly enormous. And they were still young teens; in a very short time, they had already finished all the food completely.

Except from Cai’er and Chen Ying’er who ate less than the others, the portion eaten by these youths truly surpassed the one adult warriors took.

The bald Sima Xian patted his own face, “I really wonder when I can go to the battlefield once again. I’m not fully satisfied from yesterday’s battle.”

Long Haochen declared, “That’s right! I have to hand contribution points to everyone.”

“Contribution points? Captain, have you gone to the battlefield once again yesterday?” asked Lin Xin, full of curiosity. The day before, it was already late night when he came back. Thus, Long Haochen had everyone go back to rest first, and didn’t tell them about what he went through.

Long Haochen looked at Cai’er who was standing by his side, “That’s right. Yesterday, when I was convoked by our military head, it turned out that he wanted me to follow him to the battlefield.”

Hearing this, Cai’er clearly wrinkled her eyebrows.

Long Haochen didn’t hide anything from Cai’er, because he didn’t want to lie to her, even if it was a white lie. But a story that was told from another point of view would cause the other party to have a completely different reaction.

“Our chief general is actually Cai’er’s father. Yesterday, after she saw me sharing a bed with Cai’er, mother-in-law should have told it to chief general. That’s the reason why I was called in the evening.”

“And to you, they…” Cai’er grabbed Long Haochen’s hand, clearly becoming nervous.

Long Haochen smiled, “Do I look like something bad happened to me? Listen to the whole story.”

“At the beginning, uncle Sheng was really blunt and hostile towards me, making me follow him to lead the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment onto the battlefield. But during the battle, uncle Sheng recognized a technique I used, because he was in the past a good friend of my father. Then, I fought alongside with uncle Sheng, and learned a lot of things. Uncle Sheng even gave me a special technique book as a gift.”

The others obviously seemed full of doubts; this course of events seemed too simple.

Cai’er lifted up her head, “That’s all?”

Long Haochen kept speaking, “Later on, when we were up against powerful enemies, uncle Sheng had to use the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood to protect me. Although we came back safely, he is now in an unconscious state.”

As he said so, Long Haochen had always been looking at the changes in Cai’er face. But he felt down, because Cai’er didn’t have any reaction, even when hearing that Sheng Lingxin fell in a coma.

“In the battlefield, I finished off a few demons, so some contribution points should be gained, let’s share it among ourselves.” In front of everyone, Long Haochen didn’t say anything else pertaining to Sheng Lingxin. He knew that Cai’er’s rancor would be hard to dispel, and that he couldn’t act over-hastily, let alone the fact that it was her personal matter.

Wang Yuanyuan said with an unconvinced tone, “There’s no need for that. You fought at the risk of your life by yourself for these, it’s not like we killed them together with everyone.”

Long Haochen laughed gently, declaring, “This team of ours is in an unpolished state; and dividing contribution points evenly was something I proposed. How could I not act as an example? If not for Lin Xin’s pills, maybe I would not have made it back alive. I think that to pass through this test and become a real team, our mutual understanding during battles will be admittedly important, but to foster the friendship between ourselves will be equally important. We are companions, identical to brothers and sisters, and although contribution points are good, they will only have the biggest effect when used on the most important areas. Wouldn’t the best be to have the seven of us to act as a whole, enjoying the benefits of these contribution points together”

As he said so, he took the contribution testing device, putting it on his own contribution points gem.

At the time Long Haochen shared the contribution points with everyone, the others were somewhat dumbstruck, because there were really too many of them.

At the time the seven of them had been battling together, everyone had just obtained a little more than twenty contribution points. And this time, Long Haochen brought more than fifty contribution points, divided with everyone in the group. In the end, everyone had a total of seventy three contribution points!

Seeing the others’ astonished faces, Long Haochen chuckled, “I have been finishing them off at the back of Uncle Sheng, killing a few dozens of Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons to get so many points. From my estimate, we are now the team with the most contribution points. You guys didn’t see how powerful Uncle Sheng’s Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood was. It instantly killed several hundred demon powerhouses of the fifth and the sixth step. ”

Chen Ying’er laughed happily, “It’s so great, at first light, we get such a good surprise falling from nowhere. I am now in a very good mood. And I even got to eat so well. Captain, it’s really great that I got to follow you.”

Sima Xian laughed out loud, declaring, “Ying’er is right. Haochen, originally, I was only sure about your strength, but now, I can only see that you are endowed with other qualities. You truly deserve to be our squad captain. It looks like there will be no opportunity for us to leave the city for the moment, what should we do right now?”

Long Haochen replied, “Everyone should go cultivate their spiritual energy for the moment. I’ll help everyone measure their amount of internal and external spiritual energy for now.”

Monitoring everyone’s internal and external spiritual energy was something necessary. Gao Yingjie told Long Haochen that the higher the cultivation rank was , the greater the need to check it, and that it would be a good habit for the future. This method would help the team greatly. For instance, if a member was close to a breakthrough, the team could buy him a suitable pill to save a lot of time while increasing the strength of the team.

Quickly, the testing results came out.

Among them, the one with the highest external spiritual energy was Wang Yuanyuan, reaching 524. Even as a warrior of the fifth step, this was an extremely terrifying score. The second one was Cai’er with a score of 446, followed that Long Haochen who had an external spiritual energy score of 396. Sima Xian’s score was 362 and Han Yu’s score was 265.

As for the two magic users, their external spiritual energy was not much, not even reaching a hundred.

In terms of internal spiritual energy, Cai’er was impressively first, her internal spiritual energy reaching 2590, which was already at the standard of the third rank of the fifth step. Further adding her status of Saint Daughter of Samsara, and even without accounting for the fact she possessed this ultimate Spiritual Stove of Samsara, she could still be regarded as the strongest of the team.

In terms of internal spiritual energy, the second one was Lin Xin, having an internal spiritual energy of 2385, followed by Han Yu whose internal spiritual energy reached 2270. Wang Yuanyuan had a score of 2160, and the fifth was Long Haochen, with a score of 2095, though in practice, his fighting strength was second only to Cai’er; after all, he finished as the champion of the Demon Hunt Competition. The training speed of his internal spiritual energy was sufficient to astonish anyone. After all, after the fifth step, the progression of spiritual energy would become clearly slower.

The sixth was Sima Xian, with a score of 1920. And Chen Ying’er was at the total bottom, with a score of 1850. The latter two had been using Spiritual Condensing Pills, making their progression quite distinct.

Seeing their comrades’ scores and their own, everyone’s took the same action without consultation, staring at Cai’er. They had expected that Cai’er’s internal spiritual energy would be first among everyone, but her external spiritual energy was actually even above 400, which was higher than Sima Xian’s before using Madness, and even Long Haochen’s. What kind of strength was this?! And furthermore, Cai’er was most likely also the youngest one of their group.

After recording everyone’s spiritual energy in detail, Long Haochen declared, “Okay everyone, let’s start to train. But don’t consume too much spiritual energy, because we have to be ready to get dispatched for war at anytime.”

Lin Xin had just obtained the corpse of a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon and a Beta Flying Demon, and happened to use them to make pills. In the battlefield, the speed of consumption of pills was as fast as one could imagine. And this was something good to increase their surviving power. Although he couldn’t attack, his contribution and importance to the squad wasn’t any lower than any other member; his greatest natural talent came out the best in this form.

For the most part, the members of the squad chose to cultivate their spiritual energy, especially for Sima Xian and Chen Ying’er who hadn’t liquified their spiritual energy yet, and needed to train in this field.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er back to their own bed.

Then, he asked her in a low voice, “Cai’er, are you not going to visit Uncle Sheng?”

Cai’er fell silent, but as before, she just shook her head, “I know about the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood. He will be okay. I’ll go cultivate first.” As she said so, she immediately climbed up to the side of the bed, sitting on it and starting to cultivate.

Looking at her tenderly, Long Haochen sat at her opposite side, but he didn’t cultivate, instead taking out the book Raise Flowers Into Trees given to him by Sheng Lingxin and reading it earnestly.

This technical book Raise Flowers Into Trees was thin, formed by only seven or eight pages. Long Haochen carefully skimmed through it, and rapidly, a burst of astonishment appeared on his handsome face.

The technical ability Raise Flowers Into Trees was quite peculiar. It was called a technique, but it seemed closer to a method for the use of spiritual energy. It didn’t possess any offensive or defensive use, but appeared extremely practical.

The so called Raise Flowers Into Trees technique was actually a particular method to store energy in one’s body.

After using this ability, one could store in his body any ability he mastered, a bit like Storing Power worked, and after having stored it, one could instantly unleash it at any time. But during the time of storing, the user had to be in a half-meditating state, and his body couldn’t move, much less fight.

After completing this storing, the stored ability had to be unleashed within an hour or the stored spiritual energy would scatter by itself.

After the use of Raise Flowers Into Trees, the stored technique wouldn’t keep using up spiritual energy nor would it affect its recovery.

Having Raise Flowers Into Trees could be considered a possibility of unleashing one’s most powerful ability at free cost and at any time.

However, Raise Flowers Into Trees had limitations. First, it was only suited for warriors, assassins and knights. It was useless for mages, priests and summoners. Also, Raise Flowers Into Trees was the most suited to be used in combination with abilities that made one’s spiritual energy erupt, and was quite unfitted for technical-type abilities.

For instance, Long Haochen’s Condemning Revolving Sword was unable to be used in combination with Raise Flowers Into Trees, because it used spiritual energy and technical aspects jointly.

But an ability like Holy Sword was particularly suited for this.

After he read the entire ability book, Long Haochen pondered deeply for some time, thinking of the numerous possible uses of it. If used well, Raise Flowers Into Trees could be turned into a life-saving ability. It was truly a first class ability. Furthermore, it was a self-created technique whose creator was no one else but the hero of the ninth step Sheng Yue.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 187: Raise Flowers Into Trees (I)

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