Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 194: Mergence! Blood Pact Fusion(Ii)

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Chapter 194: Mergence! Blood Pact Fusion(II)

Its four sturdy limbs abruptly stomped the ground, the black color on its body suddenly turning green, and in the next instant, this formerly incomparably valiant Bloodthirsty Beta suddenly flew sideways, trying to escape like a green lightning bolt.

“Cai’er, don’t!”

A shout sounded, as a tall silhouette suddenly broke out of the ground. Unfortunately, this warning was a bit late.

Gold and blue, coiled around each other, formed a magnificent blazing bolt that shot out.

Black and grey replaced all colors surrounding Cai’er.

No one knew what kind of move Cai’er used; they only felt everything around her turning dark, and in the next instant, the Bloodthirsty Beta on the run suddenly stopped.


When Cai’er’s attack reached it, the Bloodthirsty Beta froze in midair. Its body turned completely black and his eyes became grey and lifeless. Immediately afterwards, countless rays of water struck, surrounded by surges of penetrating light. This exquisite mix of gold and blue quietly pierced its body, swiftly expanding upon reaching it.

A loud sound echoed as the Bloodthirsty Beta’s massive body swelled in the air like a balloon, before noiselessly exploding into pieces. A shower of flesh and blood fell from the sky.

It was the Bright Rain of the Thrusting Hibiscus added to the Dagger of Samsara, the strongest combination between Long Haochen and Cai’er.

They were only at the fifth step! Long Haochen and Cai’er were only at the fifth step! Yet they managed to slaughter a Bloodthirsty Beta on the battlefield, a direct subordinate of the thirty-fifth demon god, Maxilias.

Gao Yingjie simply stoodthere, lifelessly watching this scene. Seeing that pair of youths falling to the ground, he felt his heart twitch violently.

Compared to the previous time when Long Haochen used that Bright Rain of the Thrusting Hibiscus against him, the power was completely different. Possessing spiritual energy condensed into wings, he temporarily had the strength of a Radiant Knight. And the previous blow clearly showed that his weapon had reached the Legendary Tier.

Despite everything, Gao Yingjie still didn’t know what this attack of Cai’er’s was, formed of black and grey, but he clearly felt that its power was even more terrifying than that of Bright Rain of the Thrusting Hibiscus. That heavenly and materialized killing intent had already caused his hands to turn cold.

If it was him, would he be able to take on a blow issued from the cooperation of these two? Gao Yingjie was absolutely not confident to answer this question with certainty.

Loss of consciousness; loss of consciousness; loss of consciousness.

In the instant Long Haochen fell to the ground, Haoyue’s massive body separated from him, letting him regain his fourteen-years-old appearance.

Haoyue fell down as well. With his three heads lowered he remained motionless, in a crawling position.

On the other side, Cai’er also lost consciousness as she fell softly to the ground.

The use of power far exceeding one’s capability came with a disastrous cost. Without a doubt, this applied to the current Long Haochen and Cai’er.

“Quickly go defend Cai’er.” In the end, Gao Yingjie was the very first to react. Abruptly speeding up, he already arrived at Long Haochen’s side. At this very moment, a dazzling light burst forth from him and soared up to the sky.

This was the signal for the ten Mythril Foundation Knights. As their captain, Gao Yingjie told his comrades to act personally to settle this battle.

Just as Long Haochen anticipated, in their capacity as leaders, they wouldn’t let these youths meet danger. They were just hiding in the dark all this time.

But Long Haochen didn’t guess that these ten knights of the seventh step were hiding themselves underground.

All this time Gao Yingjie was paying secret attention to the situation on the battlefield. When Long Haochen’s group faced those Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons and eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers, Gao Yingjie had been secretly alarmed, making his preparations to intervene.

But under Long Haochen’s command, their group displayed a formidable fighting strength that left Gao Yingjie astonished; they had only a beginning of mutual understanding, but their attack was more brutal than anyone could have expected. This was especially the case for Long Haochen and Cai’er, who got rid of two Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons almost instantly.

But what caused Gao Yingjie to be even more shocked was Haoyue’s display of strength, when he almost compelled the demons to flee the battlefield with his Essence of Disorder.

Long Haochen’s group possibly didn’t know about hybrid magic, but as a powerhouse of the seventh step, how could he not know of it? And this was magic combining three different elements! Even the Mage Temple didn’t have many recordings of this kind of feat. Uniting mages of three distinct elements was not hard, but to find three who reached the same standard was very difficult.

Seeing that Long Haochen’s group was so strong, Gao Yingjie didn’t deem it necessary to come out, wondering what level these youths’ group strength could reach.

The appearance of the Bloodthirsty Beta would undoubtedly be the ultimate test for these youths.

A Bloodthirsty Beta was a demon of the seventh step, with a big gap to Gao Yingjie who reached the peak of the seventh step, and additionally possessed a killing weapon such as his Mythril Foundation Amor. At the time the 1st Demon Hunt Squad faced Gao Yingjie, he just wanted to test their strength, and didn’t really attack them., bBut the Bloodthirty Beta was in a state of wrath and had the intent of killing them all.

Thus, the pressure Long Haochen’s group was subject to was incomparably large. The shocked Gao Yingjie was already prepared to make his move when this succession of events happened in a flash.

Seeing that Long Haochen couldn’t possibly block the Bloodthirsty Beta’s attack, Gao Yingjie had already readied his storing power ability, but before he could act personally, the Bloodthirsty Beta had been shaken by the purple light released with Haoyue’s roar. Immediately, Gao Yingjie stared dully at the occuring scene, watching the Bloodthirsty Beta in its attempt to escape.

Gao Yingjie’s expected Long Haochen and Cai’er to cease their attack upon seeing this Bloodthirsty Beta’s intention to escape. But he didn’t anticipate that at this time Long Haochen, who was supposed to be in a weakened state, suddenly erupted with a formidable power. Long Haochen was already i on the verge of losing consciousness, and only his battle instinct remained. He didn’t have any judgemental capability left! And influenced by Long Haochen’s decision not to cease fire, Cai’er naturally didn’t stop either.

Thus, at the time Gao Yingjie called out to Cai’er to stop her charge, her attack still flew towards the opponent like an arrow leaving the bow string.

Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian and Han Yu hurried to Cai’er’s side to provide protection while Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er grouped together, prepared to use defensive magic.

But as a matter of fact, no other demon dared to attack their group.

Even Dual Bladed Demons with their low level of intelligence felt terrified after having sensed the aura released by Long Haochen and Cai’er.

As for the few remaining eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers who were originally already heavily wounded, underthe influence of Cai’er’s sharp attack, the injuries on their heads suddenly worsened, killing them instantly. As they exhaled their terminal breath, their contribution points went to Haoyue, which naturally meant that they belonged to Long Haochen.

In this battle, Gao Yingjie clearly saw that the other Demon Hunt Squads were not as good as them. They were simply staring at this baffling scene.

Long Haochen levitating surrounded by a purple aura and Cai’er’s murderous killing intent attracted their attention. And in the next instant, they just saw the massive demon being bombarded with attacks by Long Haochen and Cai’er, before its corpse disappeared.

Although they didn’t know what level Long Haochen and Cai’er reached, they could clearly sense the fluctuations of energy.

The mission was completed perfectly. The toughest opponent had been disposed of by the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, while the other nine Demon Hunt Squads had just been carrying out a carefree slaughter.

FollowingGao Yingjie’s order, it took the emerging Mythril Foundation Knights only five minutes to slaughter all the remaining demons.
Carrying Long Haochen with one hand, and Cai’er with the other one, Gao Yingjie ordered aloud, “Let’s evacuate first.”

Their attack was far from being discreet and since demons also had scouts, he was convinced that sooner or later, parts of the demons’ main forces would rush out. Therefore, after setting fire to all their provisions, everyone swiftly retreated. Before they left, Lin Xin collected the Bloodthirsty Beta’s corpse as well as recovering the case on its neck.

Little groups had their own benefits; at least, they retreated at a swift speed. Haoyue’s build was massive, but he wasn’t the biggest one out there. Duan Yi’s Golden Horned Mammoth outweighed him already in weight. Everyone withdrew at the greatest speed possible after setting fire to all the carriages.

They didn’t follow the same path to return, but took a large detour, rushing out to another part of the Exorcist Mountain.

The Exorcist Mountain was a part of the area controlled by the Temple Alliance, and there was only a single path to enter the Exorcist Mountain Pass. The other directions were all direct roads, with the terrain being exceedingly complex and the Temple Alliance also guarding it with a massive military force. To demonkind, this was a natural fortress exceedingly hard to assault, but to the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads, it was the only path of return.

Gao Yingjie had examined both Long Haochen and Cai’er’s condition; both were unharmed, but in an exceedingly weak state.

As soon as they entered the Exorcist Mountain Pass, they met with a support team that accompanied them back. At this point, whatever the demon side’s reaction to their assault was, they wouldn’t be able to make it in time.

This battle was an overwhelming victory. Although among the ten Demon Hunt Squads, many received some wounds, none were serious: all were immediately healed with the priests’ Heals. They didn’t only set fire on the demons’ foodstuff, but they also wiped out the enemy side. It went to the extent that some members of the Demon Hunt Squads complained that the leaders shouldn’t have acted personally, snatching quite a few contribution points from them.

Under the effects of Gao Yingjie’s healing, Cai’er soon came back to her senses. Looking at her, it seemed that she was okay, only quite weak. But she still insisted on remaining by Long Haochen’s side.

Yang Wenzhao called out his Starlight Unicorn to carry the unconscious Long Haochen and the awakened Cai’er. Two hours later, they finally returned to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Even if the leaders hadn’t acted personally, this time’s mission would still have been completed satisfactorily, hence at the time of his report, Gao Yingjie kept the fact they acted personally hidden, evaluating their merit as good. Each Demon Hunt Squad obtained an amount of two hundred contribution points, conferred to the ten captains.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 194: Mergence! Blood Pact Fusion(Ii)

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