Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 195: Mergence! Blood Pact Fusion (Iii)

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Chapter 195: Mergence! Blood Pact Fusion (III)

Because Long Haochen was still unconscious, Cai’er received the well deserved contribution points of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad in his stead.

Gao Yingjie accompanied the members of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad back to their own living quarters, and Cai’er gently put Long Haochen down on his bed, her concerned look slightly easing up.

“Leader, it’s unfair. Our team paid the greatest price, but why is it that the reward of contribution points they received was the same?” After pulling Haoyue back to their living quarters and closing the door with a kick, the bald priest Sima Xian couldn’t help but complain to Gao Yingjie about that.

Indeed, the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad faced the toughest enemy, and altogether got rid of four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, six eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers and even a Bloodthirsty Beta of the seventh step. It could be said that Long Haochen’s group shouldered at least half of the entire mission’s pressure, which was also the reason why Long Haochen and Cai’er overexerted themselves. It was indeed natural for the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad to claim credit for themselves.

Gao Yingjie unhappily shot him a glance, replying, “Okay! Then I will now answer your show-off of good accomplishment. Then, Lin Xin, hand over these corpses you recovered to me, and also that case.”

“Eh?” Lin Xin scratched his head, “But leader, I didn’t say anything!”

Sima Xian shot a puzzled look at Gao Yingjie and Lin Xin.

Gao Yingjie unhappily replied, “What are you staring at? Don’t tell me you didn’t see Lin Xin recovering the costly bodies of these demons before we returned, in addition to that Bloodthirst Beta’s case. Although I don’t know the content of this case, I can ascertain that if a Bloodthirsty Beta of the Maxilias clan took the duty to guard it, it would surely not lack in value. And even if we disregard it, do you know how many contribution points you earned from those demons you killed? And you still have the nerve to claim a more appropriate reward for your accomplishment? I can give you the reward, but you’ll have to hand over your spoils of war. These are the army’s rules, are you willing to do so?”

“I will leave an eye open and close the other one on this matter. You indeed exerted yourselves the most, but these demon corpses you obtained also have a considerable worth. Each of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons has a value of ten contribution points, and that’s not all. Let alone the worth of their corpses, the eight eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers have a contribution points value of thirty for each one. And although Long Haochen and Cai’er paid a considerable price to take out the Bloodthirsty Beta Demon, it reached the realm of the seventh step giving you the most contribution points. I’m afraid the total of all the contribution points you earned up till now doesn’t even reach the value of a single Bloodthirsty Beta Demon. It after all holds a total value of 1,000 contribution points, that are now in the contribution tile of your captain.”

Hearing Gao Yingjie’s explanation, everyone couldn’t help but let out a deep gasp of astonishment.

Gao Yingjie revealed a faint smile, “I haven’t finished yet. Although the Bloodthirsty Beta’s corpse Lin Xin recovered is in quite a bad shape, in case you hand its magical crystal to the general quarters of the Alliance, you will similarly sell it off for thousand contribution points. How about it, are you still going to claim your due reward to someone else?”

Sima Xian’s huge bald head shook just like an oil lamp swung by the wind, “There’s no need, no need at all. I was the shortsighted one. Leader is indeed the most illustrious one.”

Gao Yingjie said with a snort, “Less flattering farts! Let me tell you, it is also for your own good that I didn’t give you a supplementary reward. Everyone already got to see Long Haochen and Cai’er’s last display of power. If we once again point out everything you did, how do you think they will take it? Don’t forget, you are now in the middle of a team competition. Don’t tell me you want to have all the other Demon Hunt Squads regard you as enemies at the same time? If we really do so, you will turn them into a common enemy, and you can say goodbye to having an easy time during your two remaining months in the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Even if your team is the strongest, if you don’t have the cooperation of the other teams during joint missions like this one, do you think you will get to reap the best rewards again? I advise you to rather stay low key about it until the final outcome of the team contest Lin Xin, give this case directly to Long Haochen afterwards, no need to let me look at it. I don’t know anything and didn’t see anything.”

“Yes, illustrious leader!” Lin Xin showed off a mage salute as he giggled with a smile before Gao Yingjie.

“All right. You all had a hard time, go rest for now. If anything bad happens with Long Haochen’s and Cai’er’s physical condition, tell me about it without delay. I am leaving for now.”

Everyone nodded secretly with a laugh, except from Cai’er who spoke out loudly, “Respectable leader.”

“Wait a bit.” Just as Gao Yingjie was going to leave, a feeble voice suddenly rang out.

Long Haochen suddenly gripped Cai’er’s hand, as the latter was standing at his side all along.

Long Haochen was extremely pale, his pair of golden eyes somewhat darker than usual. In the depths of his left eye, a faint trace of purple could be seen.

“Cai’er, support me please.” Long Haochen requested her in a weak voice.

Cai’er gently pulled his hand, supporting his back to help him rise to a seated position.

Everyone’s looks fell simultaneously on Long Haochen, and Gao Yingjie asked, “Haochen, are you alright?”

Long Haochen faintly nodded his head, and replied, “I am okay, Leader. Lin Xin, give Leader this case.”

“What?” Lin Xin stared blankly, giving Long Haochen a look of disbelief, “Captain, these are our spoils of war!”

Long Haochen shook his head and said, “No this is everyone’s spoil of war. Since demonkind sent such a powerhouse to defend it, maybe the contents of this case are closely related to the secret of these demons acting against Exorcist City. We cannot let our general situation be affected just for this thing to be given to us. Furthermore, this battle against the demon’s logistics team was orchestrated with the joint help of all our Demon Hunt Squads. It is true that we are now competing against each other, but everyone shouldn’t forget that we still are fellow soldiers. Our common enemy is demonkind, and this case is bound to be important for the battle against them. For this reason, we cannot keep it. Doing so would be like inflicting a stab to our own side.”

Hearing Long Haochen’s words, Lin Xin’s eyes were filled with disagreement, and Han Yu’s as well as Chen Ying’er’s opinions seemed to be the same.

Chen Ying’er muttered, “No need to be so serious, it is just a little case.”

Long Haochen’s look became serious, “This is admittedly just a little case, but if we decide to keep it out of our own greed, won’t it mean that every time we share a mission with the other squads, we will continue to hoard the good things for ourselves? I request everyone to support me in this decision. I am willing to have all the contribution points I got from this mission distributed among everyone else.”

“Listen to Haochen. Lin Xin, give leader the case.” Wang Yuanyuan spoke out. This courageous girl said so, filled with pride, “So what, if this case contains a treasure of the same rarity as a spiritual stove? Don’t tell me you don’t believe our 1st Demon Hunt Squad has the ability to get this kind of thing again?”

After Long Haochen and Wang Yuanyuan had expressed themselves like that, the others would naturally not object anymore. The accomplishment of having killed the Bloodthirsty Beta could be said to be Long Haochen’s and Cai’er’s accomplishment. His conduct within the team could be said to have led to everyone else looking up at him.

Lin Xin helplessly took out the case, placing it in Gao Yingjie’s hands, “Captain, let’s not speak of having a deal with contribution points as if we were outsiders. You are our captain, and as such, your choice will be our final choice. I will comply with it no matter what.”

Sima Xian also nodded to him, “That’s right, you are the captain. The final word is yours. We trust your judgement no matter what.”

A smile appeared on Long Haochen’s pale face. He declared, “Thank you everyone, for your confidence in me. Leader, please hand this case to the Exorcist Mountain’s military. And feel free to tell them about the rewards we obtained from killing these demons. As for the corpses we retrieved, we shouldn’t have to hand them over. After all, this time we exerted ourselves quite a lot. Lin Xin also needs material to make his pills. He is not an inflexible person: this case will probably be linked to the safety of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. He has already handed it to you, but these demon corpses aren’t as important, and more importantly, as everyone risked their lives to obtain these items, there should be no need to deliver them to you.”

Gao Yingjie glanced at Long Haochen, feeling greater respect toward this youth than ever before. Before nodding he replied, “You are a good captain” Having received the case from Lin Xin, he turned around and left.

Seeing him leave, Long Haochen smiled faintly, “I am going to rest first. Let’s divide up the contribution points after I rested for a bit.”

Sima Xian suddenly sat on the bed, “So tired. Lin Xin, your Spiritual Bursting Pills are awesome. But the aftereffects are quite difficult to bear. My whole body is aching terribly right now.”

Lin Xin smiled bitterly, “Do you think I haven’t taken one too? We cannot do anything about it, bear with it. You will get better after twelve hours. I believe we won’t get another mission within the next twelve hour. It is no use to train for now, let’s just sleep. ”

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er to their little home. The instant he took Cai’er’s hand, his pale face immediately showed his tension. The Spiritual Stove of Samsara… Cai’er used it, but its side-effects…

Cai’er, who naturally knew what he was thinking of, told him in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry, I’m alright. At that time, I certainly made use of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, but I only borrowed the force of the Dagger of Samsara; I didn’t use the stove in itself, because back then, the power of your Bright Rain of the Thrusting Hibiscus was sufficient. But the aura your fusion with Haoyue released even affected my Spiritual Stove of Samsara. Our luck is good this time, I just lost my sense of smell. I just won’t be able to smell your scent, and in at most half a month, I will recover it.”

Cai’er deemphasized the problem, but seeing her red lips tremble unceasingly, Long Haochen felt a sharp pain. She didn’t only lose her sense of smell, but she cannot even use her own nose to breathe. How painful must it be!? More importantly, losing the sense of smell would evidently make it a lot harder for Cai’er to sense the changes in the external world. And even if to her, this was a small loss, what if it was something else she lost? If she were to lose her sense of hearing, with her eyes unable to see and her ears unable to hear, how painful would it be!?

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 195: Mergence! Blood Pact Fusion (Iii)

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