Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 198: Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig (Ii)

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Chapter 198: Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig (II)

He also never heard of a magical beast companion that could fuse its body with a human. When thinking about that day, what left the most vivid memory was that intense explosion of internal spiritual energy.

Long Haochen thought to himself that even if this was a powerful ability of Haoyue, with their current level of cultivation Haoyue and he couldn’t put it to good use yet. Otherwise, why would the aftereffects be so severe? But anyway, this was a good thing, being able to suddenly erupt with fighting strength surpassing one’s own cultivation was clearly quite a useful move.

Seeing that Long Haochen’s group arrived, the other nine Demon Hunt Squad captains came over to greet him.

As a matter of fact, Long Haochen displayed a formidable behaviour as commander the day before, leading the mission to be satisfactorily completed. And furthermore, although they didn’t get to see his last move clearly, they still felt the intense energy originating from it. Having had such an experience, they involuntarily changed their perception of Long Haochen, in spite of his age.

The ten leaders also knew everything, and seeing Long Haochen arrive, Gao Yingjie welcomed him, “How are you? Did everyone have a good rest?”

Long Haochen murmured to him, “Leader, Cai’er has suffered comparatively severe damage. She will have to rest for some more time. For the time being, I’m afraid that she won’t be able to accompany us during missions.”

Gao Yingjie felt shaken, and thinking back to the first time Cai’er tried to use this power, only to be blocked by Sheng Yue, he felt quite understanding, and without asking further, only nodded to him.

“Leader, have you called us out this time for another mission?” Sima Xian asked eagerly.

The last battle brought them important benefits: being subject to such pressure, he could feel his own internal spiritual energy increase by a wide margin, drawing extremely close to the threshold of the 2000th level. Maybe after going through a few more battles, he would be able to break through to some extent, becoming a priest of the fifth step.

After reaching the fifth step of cultivation, priests could learn quite a few more offensive abilities, making it so that the number of secret skills he would be able to learn upon returning to Holy City would obviously increase dramatically.

Although Sima Xian didn’t pronounce it, he felt quite impatient about increasing his own power. In the team, there was quite a gap between Wang Yuanyuan’s utility and his own. The earlier he would be able to reach the fifth step, the earlier he would be able to fulfill a more important role as a Discipline Priest.

Gao Yingjie shook his head with a smile and replied, “Everyone did well during yesterday’s mission, and the Exorcist Mountain’s military is already plentily satisfied. Thus, they decided to allot you a total of three days of rest, to give you sufficient time to train and improve your cultivation. After all, you are not real soldiers, but came here to get some experience. But today, we called you to come for a good reason! You will get to know about it in a bit.”

Just as they finished talking, quite a few people arrived. It wasn’t only the military, but also some assassins completely clad in black, their heads included.

The one who gave them their previous mission was at the top front, and the 1st Demon Hunt Squad immediately noticed the case in his hand. It was exactly the one they retrieved from that Bloodthirsty Beta’s hands, during the battle against the demons’ logistics team.

Everyone unconsciously looked at Long Haochen, who also felt confused, thinking about what Gao Yingjie just said. Could it be that the Exorcist Mountain Pass plans to give us the thing in that case?

At that moment, Gu Jin already stepped forward, together with those few assassins. After greeting their leader Gao Yingjie, he immediately turned towards the ten Demon Hunt Squads.

“You really deserve to be called the most outstanding generation of geniuses produced by the Alliance. You accomplished the mission smoothly, completely annihilating the demons’ logistics team. Now, at least several tens of thousands of their main armies’ demons are going to starve. You did a good deed to our Exorcist Mountain Pass, and the army as well as the civilians will engrave it forever into their memory. For this reason, I thank you on behalf of the military as well as the people.”

This Gu Jin, who turned out to be a warrior, stamped the ground with his right foot, performing a warrior salute towards the ten Demon Hunt Squads.

Demon Hunt Squad members generally used the etiquette of their own Temple to salute one another. Having received their approval to these youths was an extreme glory. At least up till now, their examination was going smoothly.

Gu Jin said with a smile, “I would like to introduce these three elders coming from the Heroic Hall of the Assassin Temple to everyone.”

Assassins from the Heroic Hall? Hearing Gu Jing’s introduction, these youths from the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads felt startled. The Heroic Hall was the most mysterious place of the Assassin Temple, comprising a total of thirty-six Heroic Assassins. Each of these Heroic Assassins was an existence belonging to the eighth step, forming the most powerful part of the Assassin Temple. The auxiliary hall master Ying Suifeng that Long Haochen met previously was exactly the leader of these Heroic Assassins.

So these three are actually powerhouses of the eighth step? Then for what purpose did they come?

Just at that time, the black clad man who stood in the front, took a few steps forward. But no extraordinary aura was emanating from his body, nor any sign of life, it just gave people a faint sensation of emptiness.

But everyone knew that these people were the real assassin powerhouses, able to blend into any kind of environment.

“Greetings, children. I am the 19th Heroic Assassin of the Heroic Hall.” The black clad man’s voice was somewhat gloomy, even sounding quite rough. But every Demon Hunt Squad member felt tense, and stood upright, as though they were wooden sticks. Calmly standing before them was one of the thirty six Heroic Assassins, who only gave their numbers instead of naming themselves. Seeing one for the very first time, many felt nervous.

“First of all, we would like to express our gratitude for everything you did for the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Captain of the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, please step forward.”

Long Haochen took two steps forward, making a fist with his left hand and placing it on his left chest. Then, he replied with a loud, “Long Haochen, captain of the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad reports.”

This 19th Heroic Assassin seemed quite easy-going. With a humble smile on his face, he said to him, “No need be so formal. You should recognize the case in Gu Jin’s hands, right?”

Long Haochen nodded and replied, “Yes, I do. This is the one we seized from the enemies’ hands as we carried out yesterday’s mission.”

The 19th Heroic Knight faintly nodded back, “That’s right. You did well, and in recognition of your exceptional behaviour of handing this object to us, the Assassin Temple decided to reward you with 500 contribution points. Please come to accept them.”

500 contribution points?

Hearing this number almost caused an uproar. In fact, the weakest of the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads didn’t even gather 500 points in total, and this included the 200 contribution points they all got as this mission’s reward. The fact that the Assassin Temple took such an initiative, unexpectedly rewarding the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad with 500 contribution points, immediately made the other Demon Hunt Squads restless.

The 19th Heroic continued in a loud but indifferent voice, “Don’t worry everyone. I can tell you that this wasn’t a test mission but a real one, and that the case Long Haochen handed to us is actually worth at least ten times this amount of contribution points. I will now reveal the contents of this case!”

This was a reward of the Assassin Temple! Long Haochen naturally wouldn’t refuse it. Under the eyes of his teammates, he went in front of the 19th Heroic Assassin and exposed his contribution tile.

To the surprise of many, the 19th Heroic Assassin exposed his own left hand and revealed an icy-blue-colored tile, directing it toward Long Haochen’s to complete the exchange successfully.

This 19th Heroic Assassin turned out to be a Demon Hunter as well?

Demon Hunt Squad members were collectively known as Demon Hunters, and since this Heroic Assassin possessed a contribution tile, he also had his own team. To possess such an assassin, how strong could his team be? Perhaps they even had a sufficient strength to kill a demon god.

After Long Haochen received the contribution points, he returned to the side of the other youths. Pertaining to the contents of that case, he was curious as well. In the end, what kind of treasure could it be to leave that powerhouse of the eighth step full of praise?

The Heroic Assassin finally declared indifferently, “If the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad didn’t hand over this case, I’m afraid that none of you would have known about this thing, but they actually never opened this case, and I can ascertain for that fact.”

A warrior from another team couldn’t help but ask, “Heroic Senior, how can you be so sure of this?”

The 19th Heroic Assassin made a gesture to Gu Ni, who joined his side with large steps. Then, the formidable assassin directly opened the case in his hands, declaring openly, “Because the people who can resist the attraction of that thing are just too few.”

As he spoke, his fingers shook slightly, opening the case, and immediately, a dense light essence emerged from that case. The soft light essence carried a hint of white, giving an awe-inspiring impression to everyone. A delicate silhouette immediately came out from inside, spreading its two wings, attempting to fly with a dispirited expression.

In a split second, everyone unconsciously opened their eyes wide, and more than half of them cried out in surprise, “A Light Elemental Fairy!”

Everyone from the 1st Demon Hunt Squad previously carried an excited face when seeing him obtain 500 contribution points, but except from Long Haochen’s, now all their faces became stiff.

Against all expectations, it was a spiritual stove, and a Light Elemental Spiritual Stove at that! Each and every one of them had a lifeless look in their eyes, looking at that Light Elemental Fairy’s struggling attempt to fly, completely filled with regret.

Even Gao Yingjie immediately felt the same as them.

If they knew earlier that this case contained a Light Elemental Fairy, no matter how Long Haochen opposed it, they would absolutely not have consented to hand it over to the higher-ups. Let alone 500 contribution points, even if it were 5,000 or 50,000 of them, it wouldn’t be worth a Light Elemental Spiritual Stove! But spiritual stoves couldn’t be given a value, because in the right hands, they possessed unlimited potential! At least within the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, Long Haochen, Han Yu and Sima Xian were all able to use this kind of spiritual stove, making it extremely fitting for them.

Long Haochen’s perception was different from other people’s. At this time everyone else was feeling regret, and even pain. But now, he only felt pity.

He didn’t feel that the pity was that he lost the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, but it was pity for the Light Elemental Fairy coming from that case. At the split second its aura was dispersed, this feeling involuntarily appeared in the depths of his heart. Meanwhile, the occasional waves of heat in his body just became more intense.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 198: Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig (Ii)

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