Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 200: Light Elemental Spiritual Stove (I)

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Chapter 200: Light Elemental Spiritual Stove (I)

Although deep inside, Han Yu felt some regret, he still considered that they were lucky that the one who got the Light Elemental Fairy was Long Haochen.

Lin Xin murmured with a smile, “This is really excellent. Now that captain has a Light Elemental Fairy, our groups’ strength will rise again.”

Cai’er, who was originally sitting cross-legged stood up, and Chen Ying’er immediately told her the previous course of events, still holding McDull.

Long Haochen immediately shook his head and asked, “Do you know why the Light Elemental Fairy chose me?”

Everyone, still in a state of excitement, immediately started, directing puzzled looks at him.

Long Haochen said with a smile, “It is because I used my internal spiritual energy to convey my pledge on the name of the light that as long as she chose me, I would give her her freedom back to her.”

“Eh?” Everyone immediately looked startled, looking at Long Haochen with some incomprehension.

Long Haochen calmly moved to the side, pushing the window of the living quarters open.

The outside sunshine fell into the room, covering his handsome face with faint golden light, just like the one his heart was made of.

Long Haochen supported the light Elemental Spiritual Stove with his hands, and declared, “Elemental Fairies are made of the purest elemental essence on Earth. How can we force one into submission? Didn’t you see how gloomy her look was, having lost her freedom? I’m afraid that she even already forgot how to smile. She should rather go back and return to nature, to embrace the light.”

Once again tenderly stroking the Light Elemental Fairy’s long hair, Long Haochen whispered quietly, “Go. In the future, be more careful, and don’t get captured again.”

As he said so, he lifted his hand to the window, letting the sunshine softly illuminate the little Light Elemental Fairy’s body.

Lin Xin and Sima Xian looked stunned, Chen Ying’er was still puzzled, Wang Yuanyuan appeared full of admiration, and Han Yu stared, dull, not saying anything. Even Gao Yingjie had an unconvinced expression.

Only Cai’er displayed a soft smile, hidden behind her veil.

That’s right! He’s acting so foolishly, but it’s precisely because of his kind heart that he’s my idiot.

The Light Elemental Fairy spread her wings, and after she gave Long Haochen a glance, she suddenly turned around, flying to the sky with a little swish.

Quickly, she went up to the roof. When her entire body bathed in sunlight her glowing white took on a hint of gold.

Floating in midair, she lowered her head, staring dully at the living quarters below, her pretty and large eyes softly blinking as if pondering about something.

General headquarters of the Assassin Temple.

Listening to the 19th Heroic Assassin’s report, Sheng Yue displayed a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

“It looks like this little guy understood my intention well.”

The 19th Heroic Assassin curiously asked, “Hall Master, could it be that you knew in advance that the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove would choose Long Haochen?”

Sheng Yue nodded his head and replied, “I naturally did. This was my tactic to kill two birds with one stone, displaying our goodwill in regards to these young children while handing the spiritual stove to Long Haochen.

No matter what, as her great-grandfather, I should give some presents to my own great-granddaughter. The stronger he grows, the better he will protect Cai’er. ”

The 19th Heroic Assassin immediately asked, “Does this Long Haochen actually have such strong affinity with light? At that time, it seemed as if that Light Elemental Spiritual Stove had no hesitation at all when flying in his direction. The other youngsters were simply staring blankly, to the extent that we couldn’t even carry out a real selection!”

Sheng Yue smiled faintly, “Don’t ask so much. Go back to your business now.”

“Yes.” Carrying some incomprehension and curiosity, the 19th Heroic Assassin left.

Sheng Yue seemed to be pondering for some more time, “It looks like this kid, Haochen, has an even greater affinity with light than I imagined. The Light Elemental Fairy actually didn’t show the slightest resistance! It truly deserves to be called the constitution of the Scion of Light! With the presence of the Scion of Light, how could the others have the slightest chance!? Hehe, if the old Yang Haohan knew about it, he would definitely praise my craftiness. Nonetheless, no matter how they react, this is convenient for their Knight Temple.”

How could Sheng Yue know that it wasn’t by relying on his special physique as the Scion of Light at all that Long Haochen managed to take this Light Elemental Fairy away, and that he actually didn’t let out the slightest bit of light essence. What he relied on was his kind and merciful heart.

Living quarters.

Long Haochen received everyone’s contribution points for this mission, before once again checking the total amount. This improved the mood of everyone greatly: they originally felt depressed about the fact that he released the Light Elemental Fairy.

During the mission, they killed four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, six eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers, and a great amount of ordinary Dual Bladed Demons and Demon Eye Soldiers, producing in total about 300 contribution points. This number in itself far surpassed the other teams’ scores. After all, the demons they faced were far stronger.

In addition to this, they were awarded 700 contribution points this time, in addition to the 1,000 the Bloodthirsty Beta brought them. With a single mission, they unexpectedly gained close to 2,000 contribution points! After dividing them evenly, everyone had approximately 360 contribution points, and because of the equal splitting, there was at most a single contribution point of difference between everyone. Without counting Han Yu’s score, the team already had a total of 2,520 points.

This was quite a terrific score! They were after all a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad, and gaining such ample amount of contribution points was already not only a matter of strength, but also related to their luck.

Based on this score, they were now bound to be the final winners of the team contest. And until the time of the final evaluation, they would gain even more points.

Having divided the contribution points, Long Haochen acted as if that Light Elemental Fairy never existed, and instructed with a smile, “All right, let’s train seriously, everyone. Lin Xin, we will have to bother you again regarding the pills.”

Lin Xin chuckled in reaction, “I have never seen such good material as a Bloodthirsty Beta. I happen to have some recipes I want to try out. If it turns out to be successful, it will give us a sure advantage for our future operations. Leader, is there an auction house in Exorcist City?”

Gao Yingjie nodded and replied, “Yes, there is. Exorcist Mountain Pass being such an important city, the Alliance’s great auction house naturally has branches here. What are you planning to do?”

Lin Xin spoke back, “I am obviously going to sell some things. Now that we have Ying’er’s huge consumer, making money is a necessity!”

They hadn’t concealed anything from Gao Yingjie pertaining to Chen Ying’er’s Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig.

Gao Yingjie smiled, “Alright, for now, have a rest. When there is a new mission, you will naturally be informed.”

Gao Yingjie left and everyone went back to their respective beds. Their desire to cope with demonkind was just growing stronger with time, but currently, they were just negligible in comparison to the formidable demon race. Only by continuously increasing their strength would they be able to successfully complete more challenging missions. Thus, the priority for now was to become more powerful.

The probing period of three month had only just started, and they were also gradually forming a true team. Although they were far from being able to understand each other without speaking, they still reached a good level of understanding. Everyone was intelligent enough, therefore it was now only a matter of time before they reached new heights.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er back to their bed, “Cai’er, how have you been feeling today? Is there any place that makes you feel unwell?”

Cai’er lightly shook her head, leaning on Long Haochen’s shoulder and replying in a low voice, “I got used to it long ago. You don’t need to worry. Actually, although I am somewhat affected by the loss of my sense of smell, I can still endure it.”

Long Haochen exclaimed, “You have to keep your promise! Until you recover your sense of smell, I won’t let you take any risk. Even though I have never undergone the training related to the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, I can imagine that since you are already blind, the further loss of your sense of smell will strongly impair your ability to gather information from your surroundings! This is bound to affect your strength greatly. Listen to me and have a good rest here. I promised that I would protect you for all my life!”

Cai’er revealed a soft smile, “I will listen to you.”

When she was in private with Long Haochen, all her coldness would turn into tenderness, just as if she was a sort of sweet little cat.

Just at that time, Cai’er’s ears suddenly twitched, and Long Haochen unconsciously lifted his head, because a twitching sensation appeared in his body.

A small chink appeared on the cloth surrounding the bed, and a white silhouette stealthily came in.

Long Haochen stopped Cai’er who was about to lift her hand, “Don’t worry, it’s that Light Elemental Fairy.”

That’s right, it was precisely the little Light Elemental Fairy that suddenly appeared on their bed couch.

Maybe due to the sunlight she absorbed, she looked better than before. At least, she didn’t look as dispirited. Gazing at Long Haochen, she floated in midair and rested her chin on her hands. Aside from her extremely small size, she really looked identical to humans.

Feeling her familiar aura, Long Haochen smiled, lifting up his right hand and waving to her.

The Light Elemental Fairy folded her small wings, quietly falling on Long Haochen’s palm. A soft white radiance continuously twinkled on her body, and Long Haochen’s scorching sensation just became even more violent.

“How is it that you came back? Do you still feel unwell and need my help?” As he asked, Long Haochen quickly let out a drip of pure light element essence.

The mild-golden liquid circulated to his palm, and the Light Elemental Fairy immediately opened her eyes wide, using her small hands without hesitation to take some of the pure liquid light essence and drink it in a hurry.

Immediately, her pure white body was covered by a layer of gold, and her golden eyes accordingly lit up. Her originally hesitant look towards Long Haochen instantly became a pleasantly surprised one.

“Wu, wu, wu…” The Light Elemental Fairy mumbled a series of words in a language Long Haochen didn’t understand, which seemed to be an elven language. Immediately, she hugged one of Long Haochen’s fingers, and bit it with strength.

This scene looked quite funny, appearing as if she was trying to eat an ice popsicle.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 200: Light Elemental Spiritual Stove (I)

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