Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 201: Light Elemental Fairy (Ii)

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Chapter 201: Light Elemental Fairy (II)

It was a pity that the Light Elemental Fairy’s physique was weak; she was unable to pierce the skin of Long Haochen’s finger, because his external spiritual energy made it too thick.

The Light Elemental Fairy immediately became impatient, hopping up and down on Long Haochen’s palm, her pleasantly surprised look turning into an excited and eager one.

“What are you doing? Why are you biting my finger?” Long Haochen asked with some curiosity.

On his side, Cai’er also looked surprised, “She’s biting your finger? Could it be that she needs your blood?”

Why would an Elemental Fairy need a human’s blood? It could only be for one reason, to conclude a contract with him.

Long Haochen gave a surprised look to the Light Elemental Fairy on his palm, “Could it be that you want to stay by my side?”

The Light Elemental Fairy nodded vigorously without hesitation. Looking at her, it seemed as though she couldn’t be more willing to do just that. Just as if to her, staying by Long Haochen’s side would be greatly convenient.

Now it was Long Haochen’s turn to be pleasantly surprised. Even though he restrained his internal longing and set this little fellow free, he was still a knight, and as such, how could he not wish to obtain something like a Light Element Spiritual Stove?

Since this little fellow was willing to stay, Long Haochen didn’t have any objections, immediately using his right hand to form an edge of light blade to make a little cut on his own fingertip.

A drip of blood came out, and the Light Elemental Fairy immediately used her own little hand to touch Long Haochen’s blood. With a little flap of her wings, she soared up while a golden radiance erupted from her mouth. It merged with Long Haochen’s blood, and turned it into a pure golden color.

At the moment, this small Light Elemental Fairy had quite a serious face. The white radiance surrounding her body vanished and pure golden symbols appeared.

Long Haochen felt as if the scorching feeling in his body was affected by the symbols, immediately increasing to its peak. He couldn’t help but shake intensely, his entire body swaying, but because of Cai’er’s supporting hand, he didn’t fall down.

On his chest, a pure white brilliance emerged, immediately turning his clothes into dust. The brilliance formed a 90 centimeters long little cauldron that started floating before his chest.

It was the Saint Spiritual Stove!

The current Saint Spiritual Stove differed to some extent from the last time he saw it. The previous veined lines on it had spread, and it seemed larger. Its insides were filled with golden liquid spiritual energy, and from its appearance, it looked just like a cup of the glorious era, made of amber and filled with excellent wine.

As she saw the Saint Spiritual Stove, two golden flames ignited in the Light Elemental Fairy’s eyes. Immediately, she moved her hands rhythmically, doing her utmost to speed the process up.

The Saint Spiritual Stove slowly drifted, arriving in front of her. Drop after drop of golden liquid were trembling inside, and without need for Long Haochen to do anything, that golden liquid naturally condensed to identical symbols as the ones the Light Elemental Fairy produced.

After a short time, the symbols on the two sides were completed and suddenly merged together. Their fusion immediately produced a glint of bright light, causing even the courageous Light Elemental Fairy to shoot out at Cai’er’s direction. Long Haochen just felt as if his whole body was completely filled with red-hot warmth. Instinctively, his body immediately sat cross-legged.

The odd symbol directly engraved on the Saint Spiritual Stove, and immediately following, Long Haochen’s chest was illuminated by a symbol of a pure golden color.

The two parties appeared to have undergone a process of fusion.

Shutting her two eyes, the Light Elemental Fairy gave the image of a devout young girl, her two hands folded in front of her chest, calmly floating in midair.

The pure gold color and the paler golden color finally merged perfectly into a single entity, turning into an extremely limpid golden color. This golden symbol penetrated Long Haochen’s chest once again, gently rising up, before stopping after reaching the space between Long Haochen’s eyebrows.

At this moment, the others of the 1st squad suddenly awoke with a start, because of the sudden burst of such strong light essence. The ones who felt it first were Sima Xian and Han Yu. Both of them being light element users as well, they immediately noticed that the dense light attribute internal spiritual energy in their bodies was gathering two times faster/twice as fast than normal.

“What’s going on?” Wang Yuanyuan immediately picked up her Divine Soul Shield.

“Don’t move. He is okay. That Light Elemental Spiritual Stove came back again, and took the initiative to initiate a contract with him.” Cai’er didn’t fall down after being shot at, and was now standing on the ground, preventing the others from approaching the bed. At that time, everyone could only see bright light bursting out from behind the curtains, making the light essence in the whole living quarters especially plentiful.

Han Yu suddenly remarked, “Sima Xian, hurry up and cultivate. By relying on that dense light essence, maybe you’ll break through your bottleneck!”

Although Sima Xian was by nature straightforward, he was still quite intelligent and immediately understood what Han Yu meant. He hurried to take the last Spiritual Bursting Pill he had, which he was originally quite unwilling to part with, and made an effort to let his body enter the state of cultivation.

Cai’er calmly stood there, motionless, sensing every movement in the surroundings. The moment one fused with a spiritual stove was for any vocation the time when they would be the most vulnerable. Therefore, she had to protect Long Haochen during this time.

Just at that moment, Haoyue who had slept at the side of the room, suddenly lifted his heads. His six eyes glinting purple, a shapeless terrible aura burst forth from his body.

The Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig held against Chen Ying’er’s chest slipped away from her embrace, hiding behing Chen Ying’er’s legs. Everyone including Cai’er felt a terrible force and stared completely shocked at Haoyue.

Haoyue’s terrible intent wasn’t directed at them, but he roared three times toward the curtain in front of Long Haochen, robustly coming to his feet.

Having already slept for quite a long time, as soon as he stood up, everyone could vaguely feel that Haoyue’s body grew quite bigger, but the even more distinct feature was that he seemed even more robust than before.

The others didn’t understand anything in particular from Haoyue’s low-pitched growl, but seated on the bed couch, Long Haochen wasn’t the same. The golden symbol that reached his forehead immediately caused him intense pain.

In the middle of Long Haochen’s forehead, nine purple symbols gradually appeared, giving off a strong oppressive aura that fiercely collided with the golden symbol.

Long Haochen suddenly shouted, spouting out blood, and the Light Elemental Fairy in front of him instantly turned pale. Opening her eyes wide, she was horrified to see those purple symbols.

At that moment, the purple symbols seemed to come alive. An ice-cold, terrifying and overbearing aura was continuously released from within them.

Long Haochen had already come back to his senses, He would never have expected that his Saint Spiritual Stove wouldn’t obstruct but help his fusion with the Light Element Fairy, but his blood contract with Haoyue on the other hand would actually have a strong resistance against the fusion.

Regarding the reason, not only Long Haochen but even a powerhouse of the ninth step wouldn’t be clear about it.

Compared to other spiritual stoves, an Elemental Fairy’s greatest superiority lied in its extremely high intelligence. This Light Elemental Spiritual Stove originally didn’t come back only because of Long Haochen’s kindness, but more precisely because her body was in such a very weak state. With her delicate senses, she could feel that many powerhouses were present in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, and that she was completely unable to hide her presence from them.

Even though Long Haochen released her, she was afraid of being captured by others if she tried to leave. Since this was the case, she would rather stay with a kind-hearted human like Long Haochen than others.

But at the time she arrived in front of Long Haochen and had a taste of his liquid spiritual energy, she discovered that the human before her eyes actually possessed a special physique, the physique of a Scion of Light. In the fairy world, this existence wasn’t called Scion of Light, but to her, Long Haochen’s physique was more valuable than any treasure in the world. As long as she could stay together with Long Haochen, she would not only have no need to worry about her injury, but she would be also able to evolve much faster than the others of her kin. After continuously strengthening, maybe she would one day even…

Therefore, the Light Elemental Fairy didn’t have the slightest hesitation, and immediately chose to fuse with Long Haochen.

The golden symbol produced after the fusion was the contract mark between the two of them. To an Elemental Fairy, this contract mark in particular had a different meaning compared to ordinary spiritual stoves. Clearly, in his capacity of Scion of Light, Long Haochen would very possibly be able to absorb other spiritual stoves in the future, and maybe even another Light Elemental Spiritual Stove. For this reason, she wanted to give her contract the greatest priority possible, choosing to integrate into the cavity between Long Haochen’s eyebrows.

But how could she have expected that her act of greediness would provoke Haoyue’s strong opposition. Haoyue’s blood contract with Long Haochen was already existing between his eyebrows, and this place could only hold a single contract, the one that would remain of highest priority to Long Hoachen forever, the one able to influence all of his other contracts.

With his dignity being assaulted, Haoyue couldn’t possibly stay asleep. Although the Light Elemental Fairy was by nature quite pure, in front of Haoyue’s blood contract, she was just powerless.

However, this strong opposition occurred within Long Haochen’s body, and the emotions Haoyue had for Long Haochen were just like the ones of a son towards his father or a little brother towards his big brother. Having felt that Long Haochen’s body suffered serious injuries, Haoyue immediately retracted his body’s aura, and on Long Haochen’s forehead, the symbols slowly disappeared.

If Haoyue had had the same temperament as in the past, he would definitely have destroyed the Light Elemental Fairy completely, so as to not let Long Haochen absorb her pure light essence.

But before Haoyue interfered, while Long Haochen was still in a deep state of concentration, the contract had already been completed. If he had chosen to destroy the Fairy, Long Haochen’s soul would have sustained severe damage. Thus, Haoyue had chosen to let the Light Elemental Fairy go this time.

Sensing the disappearance of the constricting feeling, the Light Elemental Fairy didn’t dare have any more extravagant hopes. That golden symbol went down, settling down into Long Haochen’s chest. As for her, she leaped lightly, falling into the Saint Spiritual Stove. There she bathed in the golden liquid spiritual energy.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 201: Light Elemental Fairy (Ii)

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