Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 202: Light Elemental Fairy (Iii)

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Chapter 202: Light Elemental Fairy (III)

The traces of pain on Long Haochen’s face seemed to lessen, but as the Saint Spiritual Stove returned to his body, a sudden surge of even more intense pain erupted.

A rich reddish-golden flame melted Long Haochen’s and Cai’er’s first home almost instantly, making him directly fall down to the ground. From the effects of the sudden sunlight fire, what was left of his clothes burned, leaving nothing behind. By chance, that reddish-golden flame formed a perfect screen, making it so that only his silhouette could be seen faintly, making his situation look unclear.

Haoyue stared at Long Haochen, Little Light glaring the most, intensely exuding a surge of helplessness from his eyes, before once again lying down on the ground, and closing his six eyes. A ball of similar sunlight fire appeared above Haoyue’s head, moving rhythmically.

But at that last moment, everyone could be said to be quite relaxed.

Chen Ying’er patted her chest, pulling McDull who was hiding behind her into her arms, “The fusion with a spiritual stove is actually so frightening?! Even though this Light Elemental Fairy is so little, she is actually so powerful!”

Lin Xin murmured, “Moral quality! This is what moral quality brings! Good things happen to good people. Captain released her, but she chose to come back. What is it if not moral quality?”

Han Yu kept silent on his side. Except for Cai’er, he was the only one who knew about Long Haochen’s status as Scion of Light. Seeing that sunlight fire emanating from Long Haochen’s body, he could only feel full admiration. Indeed, he’s the favorite of nature. It looks like I have to exert more efforts, otherwise, I will never catch up with Master.

However, the envy burning in him only lasted for a few seconds. Immediately sitting cross-legged, he entered the state of meditation. That dense light aura had, after all, a lot of benefits for him.

As for the others, despite not possessing the light attribute, they were still quite familiar with light. Such intense light aura had various benefits for their own cultivation.

Only Cai’er didn’t start cultivating, simply standing there like a sculpture. No one doubted that if anyone dared to approach Long Haochen, Cai’er would immediately intervene.

The pure essence of light released from Long Haochen’s body was absolutely not something the living barracks could contain; all neighbouring soldiers reacted, and Gao Yingjie, who had just left, immediately sensed it.

How could this happen? Could it be that Haochen is fusing with the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove?

With no hesitation, Gao Yingjie immediately turned back, choosing to stay nearby after having inspected the living quarters’ situation. Everyone took a different time to fuse with a spiritual stove. There were different degrees of fusions, producing different levels of affinity with the spiritual stove. It was especially the case for Elemental Fairies whose level of fusion was extremely deep, resulting in an even greater assistance of the Elemental Fairies. And the degree of fusion depended naturally mainly on the approval of the Elemental Fairy to its owner.

As a matter of fact, contracts with these kinds of living spiritual stoves were of the master-servant type. If this kind of contract were to be forced, that Light Elemental Fairy’s power would be weakened. And of course, if the Elemental Fairy didn’t cooperate with its owner, the progress speed of their fusion would be affected.

Thus, no one knew how long Long Haochen would need to fuse with the Light Elemental Fairy. They could only bear it and wait patiently.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

The sunlight fire igniting Long Haochen’s body didn’t show any signs of vanishing.

Gao Yingjie made the prompt decision to temporarily suspend the participation of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad in any mission, having them stay at their own living quarters.

No one had any objections about this matter. The first priority of the team was to let Long Haochen fuse with his Light Elemental Spiritual Stove. This was even more important than the first place in the team contest.

On the seventh day, Sima Xian succeeded in breaking through, reaching the fifth step.

But when they reached the tenth day, everyone started to feel impatience. They didn’t only started worrying about the ranking for the team contest, but also about Long Haochen’s safety.

Gao Yingjie told them that generally, fusions with spiritual stoves that are not ranked in the top ten would not last more than seven days. But it had already been ten days, and Long Haochen’s body was still completely covered by the sunlight fire.

“Leader, please protect Haochen. I have something to do.” Cai’er requested of Gao Yingjie.

Gao Yingjie looked distracted, “Do you have to go out?”


“Go then. Do you want someone to accompany you?” After all, Cai’er was blind.

Cai’er shook her head, “I am okay on my own.” As she said so, she pushed the door open with her blue cane in hand.

Compared to the others, she had an even better understanding of Long Haochen’s situation. If Long Haochen was truly in danger, Haoyue would definitely not be sleeping so steadily on the side. Thinking about this detail, although the others still felt a bit worried about Long Haochen’s situation, they bore it patiently and chose to wait.

Cai’er walked slowly, but didn’t take the wrong way, directly heading down, before being stopped by a soldier.

“I am Cai’er from the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, and demand to meet Commander Lan Yanyu.” Cai’er’s voice was cold, but her frail figure and expressionless eyes made her appear lonely and desolate.

Blocking her path, a soldier raised his brows, “Sorry, but it’s not like anyone can conveniently go meet Commander Lan.”

The recent demon offensives had weakened to some extent, and although the war was still going on, the atmosphere in Exorcist Mountain Pass was already not as tense as in the past. But since the military chief Sheng Lingxin was currently unable to command the armies, Lan Yanyu, already acting as the leader of the mage regiment, naturally had an even greater responsibility.

“Then I’ll go to her on my own.” Cai’er’s bamboo cane tapped the ground. After slightly lifting her head, a concentrated killing intent immediately emerged from her.

Before her, the soldier felt his whole body trembling, and took a few steps back out of fear of falling to the ground otherwise.

But Cai’er’s killing intent wasn’t directed at him, and ascended to the sky, skyrocketing like a grey cloud of smoke.

Releasing such murderous spirit without restraint in the scope of the area below Exorcist City was not something anyone dared to do. More importantly, Cai’er’s killing intent was directly coming from the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, surpassing any ordinary assassin in purity and sharpness.

After a short time, the officers reacted and a few black-clad silhouettes rushed out, arriving in front of Cai’er.

“Miss?” A few black-clad men advanced from behind Cai’er. Their expression changed greatly, and they saluted Cai’er respectfully.

“Take me to see Commander Lan Yanyu.” Cai’er’s voice remained as cold as before.

Exorcist Mountain Pass was considered to be the Assassin Town, location of the Assassin Temple. Maybe common soldiers didn’t know her, but those assassins surely did.

“Cai’er, how… how is it that you came?” Seeing the young girl, the exhausted Lan Yanyu immediately became nicely surprised. But seeing Cai’er’s frail body, she couldn’t help but feel some pain for her.

“How are things for him?” Cai’er asked indifferently.

“Are you asking about your father?” Lan Yanyu looked blank, feeling great exultation in her heart.

Cai’er didn’t say anything, and didn’t nod, but simply stood there calmly.

Lan Yanyu made haste to reply, “He is already awake. Only, you also know about the aftereffects of the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood, he is now…”

“It’s okay since he’s not in danger.” Cai’er turned around, her cane tapping on the ground as she walked in the other direction.

The Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood had another secret, it was that when fully used, it had a probability of 1 chance out of 1000 to turn the user into an idiot upon coming back to his senses.

“Cai’er.” Lan Yanyu called out to her, her voice filled with worry.

Cai’er stopped her steps, her back still turned towards her mother, “Is there anything else?”

“You… Won’t you come with me to see your father?”

Cai’er stood there calmly, and after taking ten silent breathes, she lightly nodded her head, “Okay.”

Almost immediately, tears dropped from Lan Yanyu’s beautiful eyes.

It had been eleven years, since their three years-old daughter was taken from them, and spent two years in a coma. Ever since then, she had just been training, cutting all ties with them, just as if they became strangers. And this… this is the first time! Despite the fact that she was as cold as before, she still agreed to see Lingxin. This is proof that we still exist in her heart.

“Good… Good. Let me accompany you.”

At this moment, the demon offensive had just been repelled, and the city walls of Exorcist City were temporarily tranquill.

Lan Yanyu felt eager, and even tried to take advantage of the situation by reaching for her daughter’s hand. But Cai’er’s did a soft dodging motion, increasing the distance between the two of them.

“I know the way.” Having grown up in this town, she was very familiar with the place.

Lan Yanyu didn’t insist, wiping the tears from her face, and blindly followed Cai’er. By her side, she watched her somewhat slow-moving daughter who walked forward quite unsteadily, and her tears couldn’t help but fall down once again.

She was still just a child! But she inherited such a burden, suffered far too much pain. And she was so thin! Lan Yanyu really wanted to pamper her daughter, holding her in her arms. But she knew that Cai’er wouldn’t let herself be hugged.

Mother and daughter walked for almost half an hour before arriving at their house. This courtyard belonged to the Assassin Temple, but ordinarily, Sheng Lingxin rarely returned to their residence. The absolute majority of the time, he would stay in his office, but after using the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood, his current situation had to be kept secret. No one was allowed to find out, so he had naturally been sent back to rest here, at the place where Cai’er grew up.

The blue cane tapped on the ground in succession, producing repeated “du, du, du” sounds. Each of this sounds cut right into Lan Yanyu’s heart.

Without need for Lan Yanyu to say anything, Cai’er could imagine where Sheng Lingxin was. After passing through the courtyard and entering the back garden, just as she was walking forward unhurriedly, a sound interrupted her footsteps.

“Oh, elder sister, you came back. Who is this big sister?” These childish words were spoken by an ordinary grownup voice, which was enough to give anyone an incomparably strange sensation.

Cai’er slowly turned around. She was blind, but she sensed that the speaker of these words was in front of the door. Silently, she looked at him.

“It has been seven days since your father lost consciousness. He is going to recover a year of memories every day. Now, he recovered his memories up to his five or six years-old self. If he knew that you agreed to come back and see him, he would definitely be in great joy.”

Lan Yanyu said, somewhat choked with emotions.

Cai’er silently walked over to Sheng Lingxin, and suddenly felt at a loss, completely unsure of what she should say to her father with only the memories of a five years-old child.

“Big sister, can you accompany me to play together?” Sheng Lingxin stood up, gripping Cai’er’s hand and swaying it.

Cai’er looked blank, but she didn’t struggle free from his hand. Deep in her heart, some soft emotions seemed to have been stirred up.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 202: Light Elemental Fairy (Iii)

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