Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 204: Flawless Fusion, Second Evolution (Ii)

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Chapter 204: Flawless Fusion, Second Evolution (II)

Long Haochen smiled, “Thanks for your trouble, it looks like you made quite a lot of pills.”

Lin Xin patted his chest and declared, “All of you are consuming pills as if they are candies, I couldn’t possibly stop concocting them.”

Although Gao Yingjie could also use the holy sacred fire, he would definitely not intervene to help them. Only by relying on themselves would these youths progress more efficiently.

At that moment, he said to Long Haochen, “You are finally awake. Although you missed forty days of the competition, it looks like you made considerable progress over this period. I suggest you take note of your comrades’ progress while I go and see if there’s a need for you to take care of a mission. Over the course of these days, the other Demon Hunt Squads haven’t been staying idle. From my estimate, in regard to the amount of contribution points, you don’t hold the upper hand any longer.”

“Yes.” Long Haochen replied, sending off Gao Yingjie from the living quarters together with the others.

As the time they spent together increased, they felt even more admiration for this leader. During the time Long Haochen fused with the Light Elemental Stove Yating, Gao Yingjie had paid close attention to them.

Cai’er always stood behind Long Haochen, and when Long Haochen turned his head to see Gao Yingjie off, he noticed to his astonishment that Cai’er seemed to be quite different. Her coldness receded quite a bit and the look in her eyes have softened.

In the past days, Cai’er went out a total of three times. The second time she met Sheng Lingxin, he had recovered ten years of his memories. And the third time, Sheng Lingxin just happened to have recovered the memories of the time when Cai’er was three years old. When Cai’er saw Sheng Lingxin, who had recovered a little more than twenty years of his memories, he was unexpectedly crouched down and was crying bitterly, even losing his voice from it. But from his mouth she was only able to hear a single word, and that was her name.

After that day, Cai’er didn’t go out again, and her mood grew unstable for a few days, but after that, her facial expression full of rejection gradually lightened.

Seeing this change on Cai’er, Long Haochen could only be pleasantly surprised, but now was clearly not the time to ask her about it.

Having returned to the living quarters, Long Haochen took the internal spiritual energy measuring device, and asked with a smile, “It looks like we will have to be tested once again. Who shall go first?”

Sima Xian replied with a laugh, “You should naturally go first, Captain. After you fused with the Light Elemental Fairy, your spiritual energy should have improved greatly. I heard that fusions with spiritual stoves like Elemental Fairies would increase the owner’s internal spiritual energy directly. And the fact that your fairy evolved twice in a row should definitely have had great effects on your growth.”

Sima Xian was right, Long Haochen clearly felt the enormous changes in his internal spiritual energy. Around the Saint Spiritual Stove, a golden ring had already formed. At the same time, the liquid spiritual energy increased in thickness, its volume naturally multiplied by a decent amount.

Long Haochen knew clearly that the fact his liquid spiritual energy became viscous implied that his internal spiritual energy had increased. When using it, his consumption of spiritual energy would be reduced while his power would also increase greatly. As for how high his cultivation level had reached, he was also quite curious. Not declining the suggestion, he gripped the internal spiritual energy testing gem and slowly inserted his energy.

After a short time, except for the unwavering Cai’er, everyone appeared completely dull.

Lin Xin swallowed a big gulp of his own saliva, “Three… Three thousand…”

Sima Xian murmured, “It’s 3,162, the sixth rank of the fifth step. Captain, you are already a sixth ranked Earth Knight!”

Let alone the others, Long Haochen was also astonished. He honestly didn’t expect that, with his fusion with Yating, he would actually directly gain more than a thousand units of spiritual energy. With such a boost, his cultivation level became the highest among all of his team members.

Just like Sima Xian said, Long Haochen’s improvements were massive. But this was closely related to his special physique as the Scion of Light. His fusion with Yating produced three enormous bursts of pure light essence. Over the course of forty days of the fusion, Long Haochen’s body as the Scion of Light had been completely aroused. And he didn’t know that every time Yating evolved, his own innate internal energy would increase by a level.

Thus, Long Haochen’s innate internal spiritual energy had reached 99, which was only second to Cai’er’s score of 100.

Although there was no important change between the first and the sixth rank, only an increase of the output of spiritual energy, Long Haochen was now another step closer to the sixth step. The gap between each step being incomparably wide, as the captain of the 1st squad, his continuous progress was at the same time the progress of the whole team’s fighting strength.

When the squad had just been formed, everyone felt deep inside somewhat awkward calling Long Haochen ‘Captain’. After all, aside from Cai’er, he was the youngest of the team. But as time passed, Long Haochen used his own strength and his performance on the battlefield to conquer everyone. By now, they were since long ago used to call him captain automatically.

Long Haochen took a deep breath, keeping his happy feeling under control, and said with a smile, “Please test yourselves as well, everyone.”

Everyone tested their own internal spiritual energy and as Gao Yingjie anticipated it, compared to the previous time, the progress they made was not small.

Chen Ying’er’s internal energy already reached the bottleneck of the 2000th level, and all that was left was for her to enter the fifth step.

Sima Xian’s progress was the most obvious among everyone. The last time, his internal spiritual energy was 1920, but by now, it reached the count of 2100. This wasn’t only a numerical change, but an essential one. After he broke through the bottleneck of the fifth step, his internal spiritual increased by a hundred more units. From this could be seen how intense the light essence Long Haochen and Yating released at that time was.

Han Yu’s progress was not small either, from the 2271th level, he reached the 2390th, and in less than two months, his internal spiritual energy increased by 120 levels, making everyone full of envy.

Compared to them, the progress of the others was considerable smaller.

Wang Yuanyuan progressed from 2160 to 2210, Lin Xin’s internal spiritual energy only increased by 20, reaching 2405. As for Cai’er, her progress was not small. As the Saint Daughter of Samsara, her innate internal spiritual energy being 100, her cultivation speed was by nature not comparable to anyone else. After two months’ time, her internal spiritual energy increased by 180, making it reach 2770, only second to Long Haochen’s 3162.

So far, Long Haochen’s cultivation speed was already the best of the team. Although this time’s increase was directly linked to his luck, his status within the team rose once again. More importantly, after possessing the Light Elemental Fairy Yating, his future progress speed would increase to some extent. Having entered the sixth rank of the fifth step, Long Haochen’s understanding about the internal spiritual energy was even greater.
Haoyue had been in deep sleep all along, but his body grew considerably. Having been lying dormant almost constantly since their return from the mission, Haoyue was now more than five meters tall, an obvious change compared to his previous size of a little more than four meters. This was not a mere change in size, but his body became even more robust. The two bumps on the sides of his three heads, as well as the buckle on his back appeared already more pronounced.

Long Haochen already sobered from having completed the fusion with the spiritual stove, but Haoyue was as before in deep sleep. Clearly, he hadn’t digested the swallowed magical crystals yet.

“Should be my turn. Let me show you my drugs.” Lin Xin touched a pile of bottles, and although his face looked as exhausted as before, an excited glow appeared in his eyes.

“Wah, so many. Has-drugs-big-bro truly deserves his name.” Sima Xian teased him.

Lin Xin thumped his own chest, declaring, “It is big bro has drugs. Let me distribute them to you.”

“The effects of the Bursting Spiritual Pills being pretty good, I made some more. Three of them for each of you, to be prepared in case of need.”

The previous batch of pills he made was already quite used up. Although the side effects of the Spiritual Bursting Pills were strong, when used in the crucial moment, the sudden burst it could produce left everyone satisfied enough.

“You have no more use for Spiritual Gathering Pills, so the next batch I made was sold off. The sales were even greater than I expected, the demand even exceeding the offer. Had I known about it in advance, I would have sold some more in the past. This time, we had sufficient material, so I made a batch of Great Restoration PIlls. Nonetheless, these things’ production cost is quite high, so everyone will only have three of them. Each of them will restore 500 units of internal spiritual within 20 second.”

Although Lin Xin deemphasized it, when everyone heard this description, they immediately couldn’t help but take a sudden breath. Recovering 500 units of internal spiritual energy, what kind of concept was this? Three pills per person was already enough to increase their fighting strength to new heights.

“And the last type is one I used the Bloodthirsty Beta’s flesh to make. Speaking of it, I feel quite happy about them. I succeeded after less than twenty tries, and after trying out one, the results were really quite good. Named Bloodthirsty Pills, they will increase your external spiritual energy by 500 after use, and make you enter a Bloodthirsty state, quite similar to the bald man’s Madness. It will increase your physical power substantially, as well as the degree of connection between your body and your internal spiritual energy. This thing is the most suitable for close-combat fighters. From my estimate, after taking it, a warrior will gain more than 20% more offensive power, for a duration of ten minutes. And the key point is that this thing has no side effects. Of course, as our power increases, the utility of these things will reduce. After we break through to the sixth step, they will not be of much utility. But in the present time, it is quite useful. Bloodthirsty Betas indeed deserve to be known as demons of the seventh step. Same with it, three pills per person. We still have some of the Bloodthirsty Betas’ flesh, that I will mainly use to make pills of this kind as well as Great Restoration Pills. Oh, that’s right, the Bloodthirsty Pills and the Spiritual Bursting Pills can be taken at the same time; their effects can add up. Hehe.”

Aside from Chen Ying’er and himself, everyone received some.

As everyone received the pills Lin Xin made. Her look becoming passionate upon looking at him, Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t help but declare, “Lin Xin, you are really a genius!”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 204: Flawless Fusion, Second Evolution (Ii)

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