Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 205: Flawless Fusion, Second Evolution (Iii)

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Chapter 205: Flawless Fusion, Second Evolution (III)

As Lin Xin pushed his own dark green hair back, he declared, “That’s a matter of fact. And I have recently been doing research for pills that can provide cultivation support at the sixth step. But, it’s quite difficult, I need to do more experiments. The main components are coming from those eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers, so we have quite a lot of them. I hope the trials will be successful.”

As time passed, Lin Xin’s utility as an alchemist increased unceasingly.

“Ying’er, this is for you.” Lin Xin threw a little cloth bag to Chen Ying’er.

Chen Ying’er caught it, showing a puzzled reaction, “What is it? Are there pills inside?”

Lin Xin shook his head, replying, “Foolish girl, these are magical crystals. If your pig doesn’t have them, how will he have fighting strength? I purchased them at the auction house. One at the sixth step, and the dozen of others are coming from magical beasts at the fifth step. Conserve them well, these things were just so expensive. Half of the money I made was used for these, and the rest to purchase material.”

“Wah, thank you, big brother Lin.”Chen Ying’er blinked her limpid eyes at Lin Xin, looking at him with soft eyes.

“That’s enough! I did so for our team. Younger sister, although you are pretty, for the safety of my life, please don’t look at me with this kind of eyes.

I don’t want this Yang Wenzhao to aim at my life.”

Chen Ying’er took the magical crystals with great delight, and reacted with a snort, “What’s up with this Yang Wenzhao, would he dare try to control me? I don’t like him, I rather like Sis Yuanyuan. I’m already having perfect compatibility with Sis Yuanyuan, who cares about him.”

“Pf, Huhu…” Sima Xian coughed violently a few times, shooting Wang Yuanyuan a glance, “What perfect compatibility, with another girl? That would just be a waste of resources!”

Wang Yuanyuan’s expression remained the same, “What’s good with you. Humpf;”

Sima Xian glanced at Lin Xin with a mean smile, saying, “Tell me, if I were to sell our information about what Ying’er just told you to Yang Wenzhao, how many contribution points would I get for it?”

Chen Ying’er leisurely reacted, pleasantly saying, “Exchange it for the amount you want, but in any case, I want half of it.”

Long Haochen accepted the pills with a smile. Their 1st squad had already been established quite some time ago. Along with the deepening of everyone’s relations with each other, everyone already blended their own characters into the group. And their strength as a whole increased without obstruction.

“Haochen! Quickly follow me to the city walls, everyone.” Just at the time everyone was chatting, Gao Yingjie’s pressed voice sounded from outside.

Having seen Gao Yingjie’s serious expression, everyone followed hurriedly. They didn’t think much of it, simply assuming that it would be at most the start of a new operation. “Follow me.”

Long Haochen didn’t dare slack off, commanding his companions to follow him rapidly. He didn’t know what happened, but it was definitely not good news.

Cai’er’s sense of smell had already recovered, so she naturally followed Long Haochen out of the living quarters. The group of seven was led to the city walls under Gao Yingjie’s command.

But when they arrived at the city walls, Long Haochen discovered that the whole Exorcist City’s walls were astonishingly calm.

The other nine Demon Hunt Squads had already arrived at the city walls and were in charge of the defense of a hundred meters broad area. Seeing the arrival of Long Haochen’s group, they naturally let them handle the defense of an area of a dozen meters.

Long Haochen looked at them closely and discovered to his astonishment that some changes appeared on the Demon Hunters of the other nine Demon Hunt Squads. Having gone through a lot of hardships, they looked a lot more steady, and less scatterbrained than before. Clearly, over the course of these fifty days, they all had made important progress. In terms of experience, they already surpassed the 1st Demon Hunt Squad.

Gao Yingjie stood at Long Haochen’s side, pointing ahead, and told them in a deep voice, “Look.”

Looking at the situation outside the walls, Long Haochen who previously looked relaxed immediately became shocked.

It wasn’t only the Exorcist Mountain Pass that was calm, but the outside was also extremely calm. But it wasn’t because the demons’ main forces were withdrawing, rather the opposite: the demon’s main forces were actually arranged neatly at the entrance of Exorcist Mountain Pass. In silence, an enormous somber and desolate mass was advancing continuously, charging forward in the direction of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Today, the demons were against all expectations well organized. Right in the front, Dual Bladed Demons formed a dozens of square-shaped formations, and from the looks of it, their numbers exceeded at least 5,000.

Behind these Dual Bladed Demons were ten groups of five hundred Demonic Eye Soldiers. Then, at their back were Luke Stealthy Demons. And as the formation progressed in depth, stronger demon tribes were present. Far in the back, Long Haochen faintly saw a dozen of colossus standing in silence. Even with such distance from the Exorcist Mountain Pass, these large demon silhouettes could vaguely be seen, their height actually surpassing fifty meters.

The demon gathering wasn’t only limited to the ground, but at the same time they were in the sky.

The aerial gathering of a great amount of demon air force formed a black cloud covering the sky and shadowing the earth. But they were as calm as their peers. Magic Birds, Demonic Eagles, Dual Headed Demonic Eagles, Beta Flying Demons as well as many other kinds of flying demons were organized and separated by races. It seemed as if they were ready to attack at any time, once they received the command.

Right in the middle of the demon air force were ten silhouettes with a height above thirty meters. In a crazy way, they were black gigantic dragons.

Seeing such a scene, Long Haochen’s group couldn’t help but take a deep breath. What were these demons planning? Why did the whole bunch come out for? More importantly, there were a lot of powerful demons who had never appeared on the battlefield before. In other words, this was the real main force of the demons.

The tense atmosphere encircled the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Despite the fact that this mountain pass’ defense lasted for thousand years, the demon main armies’ battle formation this time was unprecedentedly powerful. In case they initiated the assault, a bloody battle was fated to happen. Everyone clenched their hands together around their weapons, silently waiting for them to approach.

Long Haochen’s group didn’t dare to slack off, and arranged themselves in a proper defensive formation.

In this large battlefield, their individual strength seemed negligible, but anyhow, they would do the best they could to kill many demons. This wasn’t a question of contribution points, or at least not anymore. Defending the Exorcist Mountain was extremely important, involving the entire humanity.

The atmosphere wasn’t only tense on the city walls, but even in the high city gate tower.

Sheng Lingxin already recovered all his memories, calmly gazing at the scene from above. At his side were all the high-ranking military officers. All of them wore serious expressions: this time the opposing demon army was unprecedentedly formidable, they were obviously not only coming to acquire food for their population.

Sheng Lingxin revealed some doubt in his eyes, “Have the demon forces gone crazy? How could they gather so many army forces. Even the Demon God Emperor’s personal soldiers, the Black Dragons, appeared. Have they made their preparations to go all out and destroy us at any cost?”

At this very moment, an aged voice sounded at Sheng Lingxin’s back, “There can only be two reasons why the demon forces did so. The first possibility is as you guessed, that the demons plan to go all out to break through our Exorcist Mountain Pass. If things are so, just let them come. Since our Exorcist Mountain Pass could last for thousand years, protected by our Assassin Temple, I don’t dare say that we will surely stop the demons’ all-out offense but they will be bound to pay an extremely disastrous price.”

Sheng Yue stepped forward unhurriedly, coming to Sheng Lingxin’s side. Seeing his appearance, the nervous high-ranking officers’ expression distinctly loosened. Having a powerhouse of the ninth step keeping watch over the city gave them, as well as the soldiers, a great boost to their self-confidence.

Sheng Lingxin didn’t make his salutations to his great-grandfather: he was now the highest ranking officer in the city, and would do everything to shoulder his duty.

“What about the second possibility?” Lingxin asked.

Sheng Yue replied, “As for the second possibility, it is that the demons’ higher-ups came. Every time they had important matters to discuss with us in the past, they would assume this kind of formation to terrify us with their military power, and increase the probability of success of their negotiations.”

Hearing his grandfather’s words, Sheng Lingxin immediately had a flash of understanding, “Since this is the case, there should be higher odds for the second possibility. According to all the intelligence we gathered, the demons didn’t show any signs of doing large scale operations. If they really went all out to launch an all-out war, then the pressure would surely not come only to our Exorcist Mountain Pass.”

Sheng Yue nodded his head in praise, “That’s right, since this is the case, we just don’t know for now what these demons are aiming for. Having brought innumerable forces to launch a surprise attack, let them bring it on. I just wonder who came this time. From my estimate, it is at least a demon god ranked within their top ten. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to arrange such a formation.”

Sheng Lingxin suddenly remarked, “Heroic Senior, about the Assassin Temple over there…”

Sheng Yue nodded his head to him, giving a reply, “Rest at ease, we already made preparations. If they really came for an all-out attack, my Assassin Temple will not end up decimated.”

Sheng Lingxin loosened his breath, “Now, all that’s left to do is to wait.”

At the time his grandson spoke, suddenly, far in the rear of the battle formations, three massive light pillars rocketed to the sky, bringing strong radiances and spiritual energy eruptions. Even if they were quite distant from the city, everyone in it could still see it. The brilliances of the demon gods’ pillars.

“Hou, hou, hou.”

In the instant, those three demon god pillars’ radianes erupted, the formerly silent demon troops immediately bellowed out.

That was a great army of a hundred thousand! With these simultaneous roars, in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, the earth shook and the ground trembled.

Even a hundred generals would only be able to change expressions in front of such a massive force. But their difference to ordinary people was that the latter would fall weakly to the ground while the first fought. These soldiers who went through hundreds of battles just held their weapons tightly, their blood boiling in front of such ferocious enemies.

Those three demon gods were precisely the Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer, the Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan, as well as the seventieth demon god, the Evil Demon Rider Seere.

Previously, these three demon gods came in an attempt to handle the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment, so Long Haochen naturally recognized them in a glance.

They indeed deserved to be called demon gods! Their aura was unexpectedly able to cause a hundred thousands to be in such a state of excitement.

This was Long Haochen’s way of thinking. But in the city’s tower, the face of the Heroic Assassin Sheng Yue changed.

“Not good… Don’t tell me… Don’t tell me that he came…”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 205: Flawless Fusion, Second Evolution (Iii)

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