Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 206: Demon God Emperor (I)

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Chapter 206: Demon God Emperor (I)

At the same time great changes appeared on Sheng Yue’s face, behind those three shining demon god pillars, a dark golden brilliance was immediately lit brightly.

This dark golden brilliance was just too massive, forming a thick light extending over a diameter of more than five kilometers. The instant it appeared, the bright sky became dark, the sun disappearing without traces as if shot down.

The hundred thousand roaring demons felt as if their neck was suddenly cut off, and no sound was left. This scene of noise transforming instantly into silence appeared extremely bizarre. Although the demon soldiers didn’t yell any longer, their eyes were filled with an identical blood color. From the smallest Dual Bladed Demons to the biggest Black Dragons, all of them without exception emitted an extremely frightening aura. Along with the ascending of that bright pillar, they entered a sort of Bloodthirsty state.

In front of that enormous dark golden pillar, the group of three gods led by the Blazing Lion Allocer seemed like an unremarkable gust of wind. Those three kneeled respectfully, facing the enormous dark golden pillar while disregarding the humans.

What… What is that…

Too astonishing! This course of events was just too sudden and terrible.

The most splendid scenes Long Haochen ever saw were the ones of his father as well as the chief the Alliance Yang Haohan releasing their divine thrones. But compared to the terrible dark golden pillar of light, they were just far too inferior.

That dark golden pillar of light quickly covered the whole sky, turning everything around it into darkness. Only the dark golden radiance emitted forward still provided some brightness to this world, and thus, the changes on this dark golden pillar looked all the more distinct.

It was indeed too big. Even from a very far location, it could be seen distinctly. On the surface of the enormous and entirely dark golden-colored pillar were countless strange symbols. Even more significantly, on the enormous pillar of light, a gigantic dark golden dragon was creeping solemnly.

No one could see exactly how enormous that massive dragon’s body was. The terrifying pressure it released even caused the sky to sink, twisting unstoppably.

What… What kind of existence is that!?

Suddenly, bolts after bolts of azure lightning surrounded the dark golden pillar of light, glittering without interruption, and the massive dragon crawling on it started to move rhythmically.

Even more spectacular was that the army of hundred thousands was immediately immersed into the twisted patterns, unexpectedly disappearing from their line of sight. No, more accurately, they should have become invisible.

The Heroic Assassin Sheng Yue’s face was already completely pale. The fact that his aura alone could make the entire main demon forces invisible, and this enormous dark golden pillar of light confirmed one thing. The thing they were the most unwilling to see.

“It’s him… It’s really him! The first ranked of the seventy-two demon gods and Demon Emperor, the Devil Dragon Emperor Fengxiu. He went as far as to come here personally.”

As they heard Sheng Yue’s words, all the officers on the city gate tower became overwhelmed with shock. Sheng Lingxin’s entire body swayed, and although he gritted his teeth, trying to contain his emotions, his two forcefully clenched hands were trembling.

The first demon god and Demon Emperor, the Demonic Dragon Emperor. This title would always belong to a single demon, the ruler of the seventy-two demon gods as well as the most powerful existence of the entire demon army.

The main reason why, in Shengmo Dalu, humans were always in a vulnerable position was his existence. He was the one that couldn’t be defeated, the unequalled representative of supremacy within the demons.

That was Fengxiu. The one this graceful name belonged to was the Demon Emperor standing at the summit of the demons’ hierarchy. Reportedly, at the time the first Demon God Emperor who descended to Shengmo Dalu led the seventy-two demon gods, he originally didn’t have this name. But after decimating the major part of the human population, he gave himself a human name. And all the generations of Demon God Emperors continued to use it, until today.

From the very first generation of Demon God Emperors till now, this was the sixth Demon God Emperor. In his capacity of supreme leader of the demons, he could live for more than a thousand years.

In the human history, except from the time when the Scion of Samsara appeared, causing the Demon Emperor’s death, the other five Demon God Emperors, without exception, lived until dying of natural death, giving this position to someone of their later generation.

And even the Demon God Emperor who died from the heavy wounds caused by the Scion of Samsara died because he was excessively old and had already passed the pinnacle of his life. The three words Demon God Emperor were in Shengmo Dalu an unequalled symbol of oppression. He was the ruler of the demons, and emblem of all the demons. So long as he would exist, humans would never dare to think of launching a counteroffensive.

At the present time, this 6th Demon God Emperor was already aged and more than 700 years-old, entering the most powerful period of his life. Who would have expected him to appear today in front of the Exorcist Mountain Pass?

It was no wonder that the demons would come with such a massive army and that their formation would be so ordered. There was a single reason for this: their absolute emperor was leading them.

“Listen, humans of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Hand over all the creatures possessing three heads in your city, or else, not even an inch of grass will be left.”

A soft and pleasant voice, that could even be described as clear and melodious, as if coming from a chanting dragon, resounded. Exactly in the middle of this dark golden pillar of light, a silhouette slowly emerged.

He moved unhurriedly, at a regular pace. Each of his steps steady, as if he was walking on the ground.

His humanlike silhouette didn’t seem so tall, having a height of roughly 1.9 meter. The black hair extending to his back formed a sort of coiled waterfall. His gorgeous long black robe had faint purple glitter on it. His skin appeared extremely white, and his pair of blue eyes seemed filled with starlight coming directly from the universe.

Every step he took didn’t produce any noise. All the surroundings were completely silent, but everyone at the Exorcist Mountain Pass felt as if smashed by a meteorite falling from the sky. To one’s surprise, no one could muster up any desire for battle.

This pressure reached everyone’s innermost being. Confronting this Demon God Emperor, everyone’s fears were aroused from the depths of their hearts.

It was just too powerful, to the point that no one could maintain his willpower. Even the powerhouse of the ninth step, Sheng Yue, was the same.

At Long Haochen’s side, Cai’er’s body was trembling violently, a faintly discernible killing intent unceasingly emanated from her body.

Long Haochen was greatly alarmed, immediately thinking of the reason for it. It was surely that the Demon God Emperor’s aura had stimulated the Dagger of Samsara in her body.

If the Demon God Emperor discovered the existence of the Dagger of Samsara, Cai’er would never be able to contend against him.

Having this fear in his heart, at this time Long Haochen didn’t hesitate. Pulling Cai’er into his embrace, and holding her tightly, he released his internal spiritual energy, trying to cover Cai’er’s body with it as completely as possible.

But the strange thing was that the fear Long Haochen felt seemed to be a lot weaker than the fear other people experienced. Seeing the Demon God Emperor advance step by step, the fear in him was instead inferior to his curiosity. All of the companions at his side could only do their utmost to stay conscious, as he still had the energy to hold Cai’er, helping her withstand the agitation of the Dagger of Samsara.

Fengxiu’s face was extremely handsome, having no flaw at all. But this handsomeness differed completely from Long Haochen’s. The handsome face of this Demon God Emperor carried an incomparable pride. Having an absolute demonic presence, his appearance was unquestionably awe-inspiring.

“The Exorcist Mountain Pass is graced with your esteemed presence, Demon God Emperor. This is truly an honor for our city.” After Sheng Yue took a single step across the wall, he was unexpectedly already in midair. In spite of the fear completely infesting his heart, he did so, because the only one capable of facing the Demon God Emperor in the entire Exorcist Mountain Pass was him.

At the Demon God Emperor’s back, the terrible light pillar reaching five kilometers in diameter glinted. The gigantic black dragon sculpture on it was his figure seen from behind.

“You are the current chief of the Assassin Temple?” Fengxiu’s voice was as pleasant as before, without the slightest aggressivity.

“That is right, this elder’s name is Sheng Yue.” At Sheng Yue’s back, an enormous grey dagger glistened, sharp aura bursting forth from it, stopping the aura released by the Demon God Emperor in their direction.

But all the people sideways from him could see that the aura bursting forth from Sheng Yue only spread to an area of ten meters. This was how clear the gap between the Demon God Emperor and him was.

“You heard my dignified words. As for the matter of eliminating you humans, or not, I am not in a hurry. From my dignified point of view, you are nothing more but livestock I raise. Everything will be done as I said before: if I find the thing I am looking for, I will consider letting your Exorcist City off.”

Sheng Yue’s eyes were filled with an unsettled expression. He was fully aware of how wide the gap existing between the Demon God Emperor and himself was, but under such circumstances, could they really come to a compromise?

At the city walls, at least dozens of looks were focused on Long Haochen.

Three headed creature? Could it be that he is speaking of Long Haochen’s mount? But it’s only a magical beast of the sixth step! How could it gain the attention of an existence such as the Demon God Emperor?

The Demon God Emperor displayed a wicked smile, “This dignified emperor will give you a time of ten seconds. If ten seconds later, I don’t have a reply, today will be the last day of your Exorcist Mountain Pass.”


Suddenly Sheng Yue was drenched in sweat. He knew that if he fulfilled these terms, he would never be able stand straight in the Temple Alliance ever again. But if he didn’t, the hundred thousands of military and civilians, as well as the foundation of the Assassin Temple would very possibly be wiped out completely.

It was a hard decision to make, and the imposing aura bursting forth from Sheng Yue’s body was fluctuating unstably as a reaction to his inner conflict.


Suddenly, a few light words resounded, “His Majesty really has quite a lot of time for leisure. Only, if you want to destroy our Exorcist Mountain Pass, I’m afraid even you should consider it thoroughly!”

This sudden voice sounded somewhat aged, but was quite relaxed. In the next instant, six radiances suddenly burst forth and shot out violently from before the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 206: Demon God Emperor (I)

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