Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 211: Recuperation! Cai’Er’S Stove Of Samsara!

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Chapter 211: Recuperation! Cai’er’s Stove of Samsara!

Scion of Light, Saint Daughter of Samsara. Just now, Chen Zidian mentioned these terms. And the other five finally understood why Chen Zidian would choose their first soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, and had such high expectations for them.

Two kinds of talents so rare that they never appeared for 2,000 years, had now unexpectedly emerged at the same time, and were part of their team. Although these legendary heroes were formidable, speaking in terms of innate talent, they would probably be poles apart from these two.

The physique of the Scion of Light was something completely new and had never appeared ever before. And the Scion of Samsara from the legends took the Demon God Emperor down by himself! Even though at that time, the Demon God Emperor was already in a rather weak state, it was still a Demon God Emperor!

For these two to have joined the same Demon Hunt Squad, one could imagine its future development…

After no less than a few minutes, Han Yu finally reacted, taking a deep breath, “My grandfather is the Saint Knight Chief of the Temple Alliance, Han Qian. My innate internal spiritual energy was 63, but after I accomplished a retainer contract with Master, I enjoyed the innate talent sharing’s effects, boosting my innate internal spiritual energy up to 80, barely reaching the level of the physique blessed by the heavens.”

“Something like that can be done?” At the side, Sima Xian immediately leapt up, suddenly dashing to Long Haochen’s side and grabbing his hand, “Boss, Captain, do you accept other retainers knights? Make me one please! My eeh… innate internal spiritual energy is 69… So unfair, it’s only a single level apart from 70.”

There was only a single digit of difference between an innate internal spiritual energy of 69 and 70, but to be sure of breaking through from the eighth step to the ninth step, given enough efforts, the prerequisite was an internal spiritual energy of 70. If this prerequisite wasn’t fulfilled, at least ten times the effort would be needed to succeed, and the odds would be quite lower. Of course, the factor of luck was also important.

People with innate internal spiritual energy above 70 were few, let alone those above 80 who were almost bound to reach the ninth step sooner or later. It wasn’t surprising that he immediately became so excited.

Long Haochen revealed a bitter smile, “Let’s wait for everyone to introduce themselves first. There should be no problem about it.”

“But, Master, you already have two retainers. With one more, I’m afraid that…” Han Yu hurried to his side. It wasn’t that he wanted to reject Sima Xian, but the most important thing was to consider Long Haochen’s condition.

Long Haochen shook his head, “No problem. I don’t plan on exercising control over you, and furthermore, my innate mental capacity is high, there should be no problem if I took one more retainer.”

Hearing him say so, Han Yu stayed silent. Long Haochen was after all the Scion of Light, so his circumstances couldn’t be compared with ordinary people’s.

Sima Xian’s excitement immediately went up. Becoming someone else’s retainer wasn’t anything glorious, but the master’s identity was an important factor. After all this time, everyone had an even better understanding of Long Haochen’s temperament. He was after all able to draw the Light Elemental Fairy to him with his merciful heart alone. She profited from it, let alone his own companions. Seeing Han Yu’s unperturbed appearance was proof for that.

“I will introduce myself. I don’t have any deep background: my father was a Berserker from the Warrior Temple, and my mother is an Archbishop of the sixth step from the Priest Temple. As I was very young, father died in a battle against the demons. He was a hero of the Warrior Temple. My holy attribute comes from my mother, but at the same time, I inherited my father’s ability of Madness. This makes me quite a misfit. Mother didn’t wish for me to die on the battlefield like father did, so she raised me into becoming a priest. But I wasn’t able to learn any healing type abilities like a normal priest, while I was on the contrary very fast at learning fighting type abilities. This led to my current situation. Because I have never been trained by any kind of great master since young, I forged my path by myself, and my strength may be a bit lacking compared to yours. Nonetheless, I will definitely do my best in the future to become a Discipline Priest.”

He made himself seem like nothing, but an innate internal spiritual energy of 69 was already a rare kind of outstanding genius within the whole Temple Alliance. To have reached the peak of the fourth step of cultivation at the age of barely 20 years-old and to have entered the fifth step shortly afterwards was not an easy thing to do.

Lin Xin felt gloomy as he said, “Why do I not possess the light attribute as well!? With the existence of such a great thing as the innate talent sharing, it would be great. My grandfather is the auxiliary chief of the Mage Alliance, Saint Mage Tutor and Mage Regiment Captain Lin Chen. But he doesn’t really like me that much. I am pretty much the opposite of Sima Xian: he cannot learn healing magic, while I cannot use offensive magic. But in the fields of alchemy and spiritual energy cultivation, my innate talent is pretty good. With an innate internal spiritual energy of 74, if not for the fact that I cannot use offensive magic, I’d say that big bro is also a genius. But well, let’s only say that big bro has drugs, it’s already just as badass.”

From the foolish way he spoke, everyone couldn’t help but break into laughter. But Long Haochen could faintly see that behind these foolish words, a surge of grief appeared in his eyes. Long Haochen thought to himself that the circumstances of Lin Xin being unable to learn offensive magic could not possibly be as simple as Sima Xian’s. Nonetheless, when it pertains to someone else’s painful secrets, Long Haochen naturally wouldn’t go ask about it.

Wang Yuanyuan declared, “Should be my turn. I don’t have drugs, but I have my strength. I am the one who inherited the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, and my bloodline is among the most powerful of the Warrior Temple. My great-grandfather used to be a Berserker Warrior of the ninth step, before dying at the hands of the demons. My grandfather was the previous head of the Warrior Temple, also at the ninth step, but he also died, at the hands of the fifth demon god. And my father died together with my great-grandfather on the battlefield. In our family, I am the only successor left.”

Hearing her words, everyone immediately had a serious expression. Her great-grandfather, grandfather, and father all died at the hands of the demons. It was no wonder that Wang Yuanyuan had such a behaviour when opposing demons, fighting as if her life depended of it. Her bloodline had been almost completely wiped out! And although her usual expression was apathetic, the slaughtering intent she gave off wasn’t concealed at all.

“I admire the seniors of the Demon God Slayers, and my goal for life is to be like them. This lady plans to slaughter her way to the demon’s side. Let me give you a warning, this lady doesn’t like men, and will not let herself have any entanglement on the emotional aspect. Except from killing all the demons, I have no other objective.”

Having said so much already, she shot a faint glance at Sima Xian who was still in a state of excitement.

Having heard her words, Sima Xian was startled, the excitement he had from learning about the Innate Talent Sharing weakening quite a bit. Wrinkling his brows, he rapidly came back to his normal state.

“Sis Yuanyuan, there’s no problem about the fact you don’t like men. You still have me, and I don’t like guys either.” Chen Ying’er laughed happily, “All of you have already met my grandmother, secondary head of the Spiritual Temple, summoner at the rank of Spiritual Emperor, Sanshui. My grandfather is in the same fashion the chief of the Spiritual Temple. They insist on marrying me to Yang Wenzhao, so I chose to run away. But I didn’t expect my luck to be so good in the Demon Hunt Selection; I actually summoned a magical beast of the eighth step during the preliminaries. It was so intimidating that no one dared to confront me, and you know what happened afterwards. Let me tell you a secret: Yang Wenzhao is the grandson of Alliance Chief Yang Haohan. He is also someone you have already met in the past: he occupies the post of chief of our Temple Alliance, and is the possessor of the Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy, the Divine Knight of Defense and Strategy.”

Although everyone guessed earlier that Chen Ying’er’s background wasn’t ordinary, her words left them secretly astonished. The Spiritual Temple was the most mysterious of the six, but she was unexpectedly the granddaughter of its chief.

Lin Xin asked with some curiosity, “But how could that thing with your Creature Summoning Gate happen? That’s a summoning magic of the eighth step!”

Chen Ying’er replied, somewhat helpless, “My innate internal energy is rather odd, I am unable to use the numerous other kinds of summoning spells. My grandfather said that I was born with the innate talent of the Body of Chaos. My current situation is unusual because the Body of Chaos comes with important indeterminacy. Before I reach the seventh step, any summoning spell will be a great challenge for me to learn. But if I grow to the seventh step, cultivating the mysteries of chaos, I will instantly become able to use every summoning spell accessible to my step. Reportedly, demons are quite afraid of the people of my kind, so in case they learn of the appearance of a summoner possessing the Body of Chaos, they are bound to send numerous powerhouses to kill him off. Which is why my grandparents insist on connecting me with Yang Wenzhao by marriage. Hmpf, I’m not afraid though. I don’t need Yang Wenzhao to protect me, neither do I need to ask for my grandfather’s or my grandmother’s help.”

A physique causing great worry to the demons? Although they didn’t know what could worry the demons like that, this Body of Chaos was still incomparable to the Scion of Light and the Saint Daughter of Samsara, quite lacking in comparison. But in their little team of seven, they already had three existences of highly special physique.

After Chen Ying’er finished introducing herself, Wang Yuanyuan revealed a bitter smile, “I believe that if we can survive until the day we get that title, we won’t be called a team of misfits anymore…”

On the next morning, the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads’ leaders issued an order for all the members of the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads to pack up for traveling, preparing their return to Holy City.

Their return, scheduled for the time after the three months of tests, was shifted to an earlier date because of the great demon armies’ retreat. As a whole, those tests were successful, and the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads came back completely intact. They contributed well to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, and obtained ample approval from the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ military as well as the Assassin Temple.

But their time as youths couldn’t be wasted. Without an actual gain they naturally wouldn’t stay there for so long. The end of this time’s tests also signified the start of those ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squad’s real journey. Their most ultimate goal were the Demon God Slayers, who appeared on the continent 300 years ago.

Sheng Lingxin and Lan Yanyu personally sent the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads off.

Looking at the girl standing next to Long Haochen, Lan Yanyu’s eyes were already moist. Due to the aftereffects of her husband’s use of the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood, their relationship with their daughter finally improved with great difficulty. But having to part with each other once again, as her mother, one could imagine her current pain.

Sheng Lingxin also stood there, looking at their daughter with warm feelings, slightly pursing his lips. He already recovered all his memories, and the ones of his daughter coming to visit him a few times had left a particularly deep impression on him.

The other members of the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad already followed Gao Yingjie to get on the carriage, so only Long Haochen and Cai’er remained.

“Uncle Sheng, aunt Lan, take care of yourselves.” Long Haochen respectfully bowed before Sheng Lingxin and Lan Yanyu, not with a knight salute but with the bow of someone of the younger generation.

Facing this youth who previously staked his life with him, Sheng Lingxin crossed the distance with large strides, opened up his arms, and gave him a big hug.

“Haochen, thank you.”

These few words were full of emotions. Sheng Lingxin was very clear about the reason for these changes that happened with their daughter. If not for his help, their daughter wouldn’t possibly have opened up like that.

Despite the fact that their time of contact was short, Long Haochen had already conquered Sheng Lingxin with his actions. Could they possibly be fussy when they had this kindhearted and forgiving youth and owner of the physique of the Scion of Light as their daughter’s partner? Yes, they were still young, but so what?

Sheng Lingxin firmly believed that no matter when, Long Haochen would strive to do his best and spare no efforts, to protect their daughter.

Lan Yanyu followed Sheng Lingxin. At the time she hugged Long Haochen, Lan Yanyu’s wistful gaze fell on Cai’er. With a shivering voice, choking with emotions, she asked tentatively, “Cai’er, mommy… Can mommy hug you?”

Cai’er’s face remained as blank as before, but with his sharp senses, Long Haochen saw clearly that her body shivered slightly. She was clearly not as undisturbed as she pretended to be.

“Yeah.” Cai’er gave her a detached reply.

Immediately, Lan Yanyu’s tears were flowing down. Taking a step forward, she suddenly threw herself at her daughter, crying loudly and bitterly.

It was also at that time that Cai’er felt as if something shattered in her heart, as she finally broke the chains that had been restricting her for so long. An indescribable energy burst forth from deep inside her, and on her forehead, a vague flash of black symbols appeared.


Under Long Haochen’s and Sheng Lingxin’s attentive watch, the bamboo cane in Cai’er’s hand fell to the ground. Incorporeal grey streams of air suddenly burst out from her body and her two dull and emotionless eyes suddenly took on a deep black color, as if countless rays of dark light illuminated them.

Somewhat sluggish, Cai’er loosened her mother’s one sided embrace. Slowly raising her hands, she herself took the initiative to lightly hug her mother. Her originally pure black world was gradually dyed in various colors. Though this process was slow, each color became more and more distinct in her eyes.

That’s right, just at the split second Cai’er accepted her mother’s embrace the last chains that had been restricting her Spiritual Stove of Samsara finally broke, and she ultimately obtained the real power of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara. At this very moment, Cai’er had recovered her eyesight.

From this moment onwards, she was no longer just a blind girl, but the real Saint Daughter of Samsara who already overcame the loss of her five senses.

The nearby images were distinct, and as Cai’er was embracing her mother, she could see everything surrounding her. She looked at ‘him’ and at her father. And the expression in Cai’er’s eyes became foolish. After the last traces of her former coldness disappeared, her eyes finally became moist.

“Mo… Mother…”


Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 211: Recuperation! Cai’Er’S Stove Of Samsara!

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