Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 213: We Are The Champions (Ii)

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Chapter 213: We are the champions (II)

“At the same occasion, he saved commander Sheng Lingxin, who had just made use of the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood. For these two matters, he should have been rewarded a great amount of contribution points, but because the other leaders and I hadn’t been informed of this mission, it could finally just be accounted as a great achievement. Without receiving extra rewards for his heroism, he only gained the contribution points associated with the enemies he killed on the battlefield.

Next, during the joint mission involving your ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads, you should remember Long Haochen’s and Cai’er’s last attack. At that time, I’m afraid you didn’t see clearly what kind of enemy they were facing. As the commander of this mission, Long Haochen led everyone of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad to confront the following opponents: four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, as well as six eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers. Relying on the strength of their team they wiped them out on their own. But in the carriage guarded by these middle-ranked demons, there was something unexpected. After destroying the carriage’s guards a Bloodthirsty Beta of the seventh step, belonging to the Maxilias Clan, appeared. It was the true guardian of the Light Elemental Fairy you saw afterwards. With the support of their companions, the captain Long Haochen and sub-captain Cai’er, who made use of their most extraordinary abilities, managed to finally slay this Bloodthirsty Beta of the seventh step. But they also ended up gravely wounded.

After this mission, their team received an additional reward of 700 contribution points, but only for having killed the Bloodthirsty Beta, they already earned 1,000 contribution points. These are the main sources of their amount of contribution points over 2,000. At the same time, this development led to the fact they didn’t participate in the following missions. I believe that Long Haochen’s performance as commander of this mission could be rated as perfect. For having assumed the most dangerous role, and delivering the Light Elemental Fairy to the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ military, I believe as their leader that his companions and him should feel proud of themselves.”

Gao Yingjie’s voice was clear and steady. Hearing him, everyone from the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad unconsciously straightened their backs. That’s right, they had nothing to be ashamed of. These 2,000 plus contribution points were something they staked their own lives to bring back. They had a clear conscience towards the other squads.

Hearing Gao Yingjie’s report, Luc Xi’s expression gradually calmed down.

Recalling the scene they witnessed that day, the other members of the nine squads that originally felt somewhat unconvinced didn’t utter a single word. During that day’s battle, they didn’t encounter any too powerful opponents, so they didn’t expect that the 1st Demon Hunt Squad would actually have faced such a powerful enemy.

Gao Yingjie’s look swept over the other Demon Hunt Squads’ members, “Pertaining to Luc Xi’s second question, I can only say this. The contribution points of the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad are equally distributed. Each of them has 360 contribution points, and this includes Han Yu, who focuses and healing and support. Thus, if Han Yu’s contribution points were counted as well, their team would have a total of 2,520 contribution points.”

Having said this, he bowed one more time to the six auxiliary hall masters before returning to his own seat without prior consultation.

After listening to his reply to Luc Xi’s second point of contestation, even the six secondary hall masters couldn’t help but feel moved. An equal division of the team’s contribution points. If this appeared in a veteran Demon Hunt Squad, no one would find it strange, but the 1st soldier grade Demon hunt Squad was newly formed and still participating in the team competition. Including the retainer knight to their equal splitting, was this something anyone would do?

That’s right, the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad gained their final position as champion with a very close margin, but as a honest soldier, there was no point Luc Xi could call it into question any longer.

A great change appeared in Luc Xi’s expression. Slowly standing up, he bowed slightly, “Thank you for Leader Gao’s explanation. We feel convinced of our defeat. I give my congratulations to the 1st Demon Hunt Squad for ending up as the final champion, on behalf of my 4th Demon Hunt Squad.”

After having stayed calm during all this time of questioning, Long Haochen hurried to stand up. But now he could clearly not be described as calm anymore, “Thank you, Captain Luc Xi. We are fellow comrades who joined a Demon Hunt Squad, and fellow soldiers, companions. I wish that in the future, I will have the chance to work with you during other joint missions.”

Coming next, was an awarding ceremony, during which, except from Han Yu, everyone of the 1st soldier grade Demon hunt Squad gained a total of 1,000 contribution points. But afterwards, without need for Long Haochen to say anything, everyone took the initiative to give 142 of these contribution points to Han Yu, following the same rule of equal division as before. So far the contribution points reaped by the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad had already reached an amount of 8,520, which was extremely close to the threshold of the 10,000.

One must know that during their journey, Chen Ying’er relied on her outstanding innate talent as the owner of the Body of Chaos, and finally broke through to the fifth step. By now, the only things the 1st Demon Hunt Squad lacked to boost their grade were contribution points.

Holy City covered an enormous space wherein the Demon Hunt Squads’ mission tower occupied an important area.

The vicinity was surrounded by a lot of greenery. It was a special and secluded place. Even the leading characters of the Alliance wouldn’t find it easy to enter, if they weren’t affiliated with it.

This was the home of the Demon Hunt Squads.

Behind a cluster of trees and bushes, several little two-storied buildings could be found. White-colored and simple of design, each of these little houses had their own banner painted on their doors. Additionally there were some other signs portraying the individuality of their owners.

Every two-storied house was encircled by a large garden, which extended over at least 500 square meters. Plants were spread all around, and a little road was paved with bluestone. On this beautiful spring day one couldn’t help but feel exceptionally comfortable in this place.

Each of the bannered little houses was affiliated with a Demon Hunt Squad, and unless their Demon Hunt Squad was disbanded, this was going to remain their home forever. Therefore, in the heart of the city’s central district the house of the Demon God Slayers, that they had already been using for more than 300 years, could be found.

Having succeeded to pass their final test, the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads naturally also obtained their own respective houses.

At this moment, the seven members of the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad were gathered at the lounge on the first floor of their new home.

The little house had two floors. On the first one was a circular lounge of over six meters in diameter, a kitchen with an almost 30 meters wide radius, as well as three bedrooms. On the second floor were five bedrooms, each bedroom comprising an individual bathroom, and a 30 square meters large balcony.

Aside from these two floors, the little house also possessed a wide basement with a wine cellar exclusive to their team. As some servants were sweeping this place regularly, the magnificent wine could be admired.

Throwing herself onto a soft white sofa made of dermis, Chen Ying’er declared in satisfaction, “This place is really so comfortable!”

But Lin Xin reacted bitterly, “Yes it can be called comfortable, but it’s also expensive in terms of contribution points! The first year costs 1,000 contribution points, and after that, it will even cost a thousand more per year. Aren’t we just being robbed by the Alliance?”

Gao Yingjie replied with a smile, “These contribution points are not for a rent, but are the necessary expenses for your Demon Hunt Squad to be maintained. And it is at the same time a method to incite all the Demon Hunt Squads to complete missions. Otherwise, if the members of a Demon Hunt Squad decided collectively to live a comfortable life without work, why would the Alliance let them borrow their natural resources for free?”

At Gao Yingjie’s side was Shi Xiaoxiao, who sat together with Chen Ying’er, looking at everything in this lounge full of envy. Due to her special circumstances, she was also allowed to reside in this area. In the central district, a residence area was assigned to the orphans, whose parents belonged to Demon Hunt Squads but died in battle.

Sima Xian said with a sigh, “Originally, I thought that 8,000 contribution points were pretty good, but now, I see that it is still far from being enough.”

Gao Yingjie said, “This is the last meeting I will attend with you. My mission is now over, and from today onwards, I will not be your leader anymore. After I leave, I will not have any occasion to come to this area of the city. Tell me your thoughts, Haochen.”

Having been called out by Gao Yingjie, Long Haochen stood up, asking in response, “Captain, can’t you lead us for a little longer?” These days of contact led everyone to hold Gao Yingjie in great esteem, as he spared no efforts to guide them. Because of his presence, the 1st Demon Hunt Squad avoided quite a few detours.

Gao Yingjie smiled in reaction, “Feasts are not lacking under heavens. If I stay with you, I will instead restrict your growth. Tell me your thoughts, I won’t stay here for so long.”

Long Haochen nodded to him, “Leader, there are now two possible routes open to us. At the present time, we all already reached the fifth step, and are only lacking about 1,000 contribution points to reach a total amount of 10,000. If we decide to tread this path, our first choice should be to do our utmost to gather the missing contribution points before raising our grade.”

Lin Xin’s face looked bitter, “But if we do so, we will become completely penniless. To rise the grade of a Demon Hunt Squad, 10,000 contribution points have to be spent. But accomplishing missions is not the only possible option. We can even sell a few pills or other sorts of things.”

Long Haochen continued, “As for the second path, it would be to accept a new mission, making use of the contribution points we already earned to increase our strength. With this option, we could try to make a profit by completing missions, without being too impatient to rise to the general grade.”

Gao Yingjie nodded his head, “Very good, your thinking is quite profound. Which of these paths would you be prone to choose?”

Long Haochen replied with a smile, “This will depend on the last directions you’d give us. What I would like to know is this: if we advance to general grade Demon Hunt Squad, what advantages would we gain?”

Hearing this question, Gao Yingjie immediately laughed, “I didn’t expect that the little youngster you are has such a crafty side. But still, your question is very appropriate. Telling you about it should not be a violation of the rules.

Compared to the soldier grade Demon Hunt Squads, the advantages of the general grade Demon Hunt Squads lie in a few aspects. First of all, the missions they can accept become harder, and as the degree of difficulty rises, the contribution points obtained will naturally be higher. The next point is about the bounds of the transaction center. Demon Hunt Squads of general grade can go to the second floor, and there, they will even have the possibility to find equipment of the legendary tier. They will also be able to make exchanges with other Demon Hunt Squads of the same grade. The third point is that after you rise to the rank of general grade Demon Hunt Squad, if you work together with other Demon Hunt Squads of lower grade, your team will obtain a bigger proportion of the contribution points while splitting them up. Of course, the premise is that you agree to complete a mission jointly with Demon Hunt Squads of lower grade. And the last point is also the most important one. After rising to the general grade, the Alliance won’t take these 10,000 contribution points for free. They will also give you the privilege of choosing a secret skill per person, aside from the retainer knight, and it is a privilege that you can pass to others.

For example, if all of you choose to pass this privilege to Haochen, he will get to choose six secret skills. Of course, there’s a restriction on the secret skills you can choose. Some of the special and uncommon secret skills surpassing the usual ones for your current step won’t be included.”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 213: We Are The Champions (Ii)

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